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'Big Brother' GinaMarie

FIRED from Day Job

for Racist Comments

7/3/2013 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house -- she's been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb.

TMZ has learned ... East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator ... claiming they were shocked GZ could "display such acts of hate and racism."

As we previously reported, GinaMarie referred to welfare as "n**ger insurance" ... and the comments were captured on "Big Brother's" uncensored live Internet feed.

East Coast USA says GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years -- but insist, "We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past."

The pageant says, "We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants."

"In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal."

A rep for the organization tells us they are especially upset because they encouraged their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her ... thinking she would be a role model.

Chris Brown

Rear-Ending Miss Russia ...

NOT As Fun As It Sounds

6/27/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just learned that ole saying -- mess with Miss Russian L.A. ... get charged with hit-and-run. Or something like that.

Anyway, CB's screwed after a fender bender with the chick.


Miss USA Erin Brady

Gets Fishy

After Winning Crown

6/22/2013 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After winning the Miss USA crown Erin Brady did what any starving beauty queen would do -- EAT ... well, kinda.

Our beauty queen spies tell TMZ ... Erin keeps her body right and tight by eating healthy (like all the time) ... which is why the 25-year-old noshed on a beet salad and spicy tuna on crispy rice as her first post-pageant meal.

Gorging on a burger didn't even cross Erin's mind ... she's a sweet over salty person. But the one thing she is craving: a hot fudge sundae, with ALL the toppings ... but for now, that's just unrequited love.


Miss Utah


And She Kinda Nails It???

6/19/2013 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She already (kinda) redeemed herself for that infamous pageant flub -- so yesterday, we decided to pelt the beautiful Miss Utah with some brain-twisting riddles instead ... and she actually did pretty damn well.

21-year-old Marissa Powell had just touched down in L.A. for her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" -- and while she was at the airport, we asked her a bunch of questions to test her wits on the fly ... such as the classic "Who is buried in Grant's tomb?" and "What can you put in a bucket of water to make it lighter?"

She doesn't exactly get them right, but she doesn't exactly get them wrong either. Then again, she could probably say anything and we'd be happy.


Miss Utah

Chance For Redemption

After Epic Pageant Fail

6/18/2013 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After days of ridicule, Miss Utah finally had a chance to redeem herself on the "Today" show this AM -- and this time she answered the infamous pageant question WITH FLYING COLORS!!! For a beauty queen.  

Marissa Powell sat down with Matt Lauer and explained -- as TMZ previously reported -- that nerves got the best of her during Sunday night's Miss USA contest ... causing her to give one of the most confusing answers in pageant history.

Matt, being the saint he is, gave Marissa ONE MORE SHOT to get the question right ... see how she did this time. And remember folks she only had 48 hours, the Internet and a team of people to help her prepare.

Talk about pressure.


Caitlin Upton vs. Marissa Powell


6/18/2013 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0617_miss_usa_contestants_RatherHere’s Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007, Caitlin Upton at age 18 (left) … and Miss Utah USA, Marissa Powell (21) this past weekend (right) -- Both beauty queens famously bombed their responses to a pageant question.

So we gotta ask ...

Bumbling Miss Utah

I Zoned Out

During Miss USA Fail

6/17/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

061713_miss_utah_launchMiss Utah is beyond humiliated after her epic Q&A fail at the Miss USA pageant, and she's blaming her brain fart on a massive case of nerves ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Marissa Powell tell TMZ the beauty queen's mortified after babbling ... "we need to see how to create education better" while attempting to answer a question about salary inequality for women.

Marissa's now telling friends she botched the response because she was so anxious she spaced out during the question, and never really heard it.

Instead of asking the judge to repeat the question ... Marissa decided to fake an answer, but got more and more flustered as she tried to improvise.

Takes you back to high school, right?

Or maybe to 2007 with the South Carolina, and such as ...

Miss Utah

It Could Be Worse ...

Right, Miss SC Teen USA?

6/17/2013 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Utah Marissa Powell put on a clinic at the Miss USA pageant Sunday night -- but did she snatch the bumbling-stumbling crown from former Miss South Carolina Teen USA?

Time for a dumb-off ... enjoy!


Miss Utah

Epic Meltdown

Wants to 'Create Education Better'

6/17/2013 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!

061713_miss_utah_launchMiss Utah is now in the beauty pageant Hall of Fame -- not because she won Miss USA, but because she bumbled through a cringe-inducing (and hysterical) 30 second answer that included the phrase, "create education better."

Judge Nene Leakes asked Marissa Powell about women in the workplace and equal pay -- which sent 21-year-old Miss Utah into a tailspin of a reply.

She starts out kinda strong, saying ... "I think we can relate this back to education, and how we are continuing to try to strive to ... " -- and then the fail begins.

Pretty sure you can see the smoke coming out of her ears as the implosion begins.

She's really pretty though.


Porn Star Beauty Queen


In Underage Booze Case

4/22/2013 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Melissa King
-- the chick formerly known as Miss Delaware Teen USA until she resigned in the wake of a porn scandal -- is officially on probation ... after copping a plea in her underage alcohol  case.

The 19-year-old disgraced beauty queen plead guilty in a Maryland court to one count of possession of alcohol while under the age of 21 ... stemming from an incident last summer when cops found a bottle of Captain Morgan in her truck.

As part of the deal, King was sentenced to 1 year of unsupervised probation -- meaning if she stays out of trouble for the next 365 days, she stays out of jail.

Fun Fact -- King's lawyer told the court Melissa plans to go to college.

We have a feeling she'll be very popular in college.

Miss Canada

Justin Bieber

Is a Douche!

3/29/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329_biniaz_videoTurns out Justin Bieber is not loved by all Canadians -- in fact ... the hottest woman North of the Border, Miss Canada herself, thinks the Biebs is "a bit of a douche."

Sahar Biniaz, the reigning Miss Universe Canada, told our photog last night that she once tried to get a picture with Bieber ... but he blew her off!!!

Biniaz isn't even willing to let bygones be bygones ... saying she doesn't even want the pic anymore.

Watch the clip ... Biniaz cracks a short joke at JB's expense. Little guy can't catch a break these days.

Miss Delaware Teen USA

Offered $250,000

Porn Contract

2/27/2013 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She might have lost her crown ... but former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has just been offered a pretty sweet back-up plan ... $250,000 to promote a hardcore porn site.

As we reported, 18-year-old King resigned yesterday after a porno surfaced that allegedly featured King doing the dirty ... just months before she won the title last November.

Now, porn giant wants to compensate her for the unfortunate situation -- offering to crown King the first ever "Miss YouPorn" and pay her $250,000 to tour the world promoting the website.

Funny enough, YouPorn's offer -- which was submitted to King yesterday -- doesn't mention having sex on camera in exchange for the fee. Not a bad deal.

It's unclear if King plans to accept her new crown.

Miss Delaware Teen USA


After Porn Surfaces

2/26/2013 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has officially given up her crown today ... after a porn surfaced on the Internet that allegedly features the 18-year-old beauty queen.

A rep for the Miss Teen USA pageant just released a statement, claiming, "I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King’s attorney."

King reportedly denies it's her in the hardcore sex footage -- but the girl in the video looks and sounds EXACTLY like King.

In the vid -- shot some time in June 2012 -- the girl addresses the camera, claiming she turned 18 a couple months beforehand in March, which is King's birth month. The girl also describes her favorite sex position ... before the actual sex begins.

King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November ... four months after the sex footage was shot.

A rep for the pageant tells us, they have already reached out to the first runner-up Hailey Lawler in order to replace King.

Walks like a duck, talks like a duck ... resigns like a duck.

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