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Miss Universe Girls Awkward Golfing ... In High Heels

1/14/2015 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They have many talents ... golf is not one of them. 

The top contestants in the Miss Universe pageant spent a day on the links with Donald Trump at his new course at the Trump National Doral in Florida ... and futilely attempted to smack around a few balls in high heels. 

There were swings. There were misses. There was a strong gust of wind that almost created a Marilyn Monroe moment.  All in all ... pretty solid video captured by the Miami Herald

There was also a pretty epic high 5 fail ... when the Golf Channel's Charlie Rymer tried to give some dap to Miss Israel.

Ex-Miss NY USA Getting Screwed on ... And Not the Good Way

12/15/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Beauty Queen Match.ComTwo-time NY beauty queen Meaghan Jarensky isn't herself these days because someone stole her identity, and set up a fake dating profile -- now she needs to help her nail the ID thief.

Jarensky says the suspect used her pics and info to open the fake account -- but the site won't tell her who's behind the phony profile without a court order. She's filed legal docs to get that ball rolling. 

The former Miss NY USA 2005 and Mrs. NY America 2010 says she's ready to take down the creep who's defaming her online ... once the court gives her the go ahead.

She also wants peace and to end world hunger ... we presume.


Mary Ann Mobley Ex-Miss America Dies from Breast Cancer

12/9/2014 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News
1209_Mary-Ann-Mobley-gettyMary Ann Mobley -- one of the first Miss America winners to make it big in show business -- died on Tuesday in Beverly Hills after a long battle with breast cancer.

Mobley won the 1959 Miss America pageant before breaking into Hollywood. She appeared in several big movies in the '60s ... including "Girl Happy" and "Harum Scarum" with Elvis Presley

In 1967, Mary Ann married actor and TV host Gary Collins ... who passed away in 2012.

She went on to star in tons of TV shows through the '70s and '80s -- among them ... "Love, American Style," "Fantasy Island," "Diff'rent Strokes," and "Hotel."

Mobley was also famous for her humanitarian work with children in Cambodia, Ethiopia, and the Sudan.

Mary Ann's family says she will buried next week in her native Mississippi. She was 75.


Miss USA Nia Sanchez STREET TAEKWONDO This Is How I Fight Off Creepers

10/20/2014 6:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA has a helluva way to deal with creepy weirdos who try to get too touchy-feely with her -- SHE BEATS THEIR ASSES!! 

Turns out Nia Sanchez -- the reigning Miss USA -- happens to be a 4th degree black belt in taekwondo ... who trained for more than 10 years!!

And when we saw her out leaving Cipriani Wall Street in NY this weekend -- she demonstrated how she uses her training when some guys try to get a little too close.  She's kind of a bad ass. 

Don't worry, the guy in the video isn't one of the creepers Nia's talking about, he happens to be her good friend.

But check out the clip -- it's clear he knows she could totally break his arm ... if she wanted to.

Miss USA Nia Sanchez Learns Name of Nevada Capital ... Even Finds It On a Map

7/17/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Miss USA Nia Sanchez ... who famously couldn't name the capital city of Nevada -- even though she competed as Miss Nevada -- paid her first official visit Wednesday to, um, that place.

The brunette beauty traveled to Carson City to meet with Mayor Bob Crowell … who diplomatically neglected to mention Nia's faux pas.

Sanchez caught some heat for competing in Miss NV, even though she grew up in Cali -- classic carpetbaggery -- and she only made matters worse when she wasn't able to name Nevada's capital.

Sources close to Nia tell us … she purposely made Carson City her first stop on her Nevada apology homecoming tour … since winning the Miss USA crown last month. 


Miss USA Pageant Invites Ex-Miss Delaware ... Come to the Hot Side!

7/3/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Miss America says she's too old, but the Delaware beauty queen who got stripped of her title is about to get a shot at another crown -- with the Donald Trump owned Miss USA pageant.

The people over at Miss USA -- the one with hotter contestants, generally -- tell TMZ they're inviting 
Amanda Longacre to enter their competition for the Delaware crown later this year.

You probably heard ... Amanda was dethroned as Miss Delaware for the Miss America org last month for being too old for their competition ... she turns an ancient 25 in October.

Reps for Miss USA tell us Amanda came on their radar because angry pageant fans have bombarded them with emails and phone calls -- incorrectly thinking they took Longacre's crown. Miss USA's website now has a message urging fans to bitch at the real villain ... Miss America.


For the record -- Miss USA contestants can be up to 27, so Amanda's good to go in that department.

No word yet on if she'll take another run at the crown.

Miss USA Nia Sanchez Clueless On Home State Capital Fuels 'Carpetbagging' Buzz

6/16/2014 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Nia Sanchez is only going to anger pageant fanatics more with this video ... because during a simple radio interview this morning, she couldn't even name the capital of her supposed "home state."

First, some background -- Sanchez won Miss USA after being Miss Nevada, but really she lived most of her life in California and even competed in Miss California three times ... losing each time. 

So this morning on "The Todd Show" on 95.5 WPLJ in NYC ... Sanchez completely whiffed when asked about the capital of Nevada ... and possibly also insulted Carson Daly.

Neither is cool.

Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez Hot Bod ... and Killer Instincts

6/9/2014 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Miss USA 2014 Nia SanchezMiss USA 2014 is a total knockout.

Turns out 24-year-old Nia Sanchez -- who won the title over the weekend -- can put you in a coma if you cross the line uninvited ... cause she has a fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do (see below). 

During the competition, Sanchez brought up her martial arts training twice during interviews, which she began practicing when she was 8.  

Sparring partners ... take a number. 


Miss Dominican Republic Manny Ramirez Broke My Heart

3/17/2014 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Manny Ramirez should be ASHAMED of himself ... not just because he cheated and destroyed his baseball career ... but because he made Miss Dominican Republic REALLY SAD!!!

Miss D.M. Bobbi Dean was leaving the Queen of the Universe Pageant in L.A. this weekend when we asked how she felt when the Dominican-born baseball star was busted for performance enhancing drugs.

"I like to think of our people as very honest," Dean said ... "it was a little disappointing to find out that he wasn't as honest as we would've hoped."
Still, Miss Dominican Republic says she's still confident that players from the D.M. are still WAY BETTER than players in Cuba ... even without the 'roids.

Miss Indonesia I've Got a Secret ... TUCKED Away

3/5/2014 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's every guy's fantasy -- running into a hot beauty pageant chick like Miss Indonesia -- followed by every most guys' nightmare ... watching that chick cross her legs and talk about a "tuck."

Probably a good time to brush up on some Indonesia stuff.


Venezuelan Soap Star MURDERED Daughter Survives Vicious Attack

1/7/2014 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News
0107-monica-spear-miss-venezuela-gettyA Venezuelan soap star and her ex-husband were shot to death by a roving band of highway robbers -- but amazingly ... police say the couple's young daughter survived the attack.

Monica Spear -- Miss Venezuela 2004 -- and Henry Thomas Berry were shot and killed after their car broke down near the town of Puerto Cabello in Venezuela.

Police say the family was waiting for a tow truck when the bandits showed up. Spear and Berry locked themselves and their 5-year-old daughter inside the car ... but police say the robbers opened fire, killing them and injuring the girl -- who's hospitalized with a bullet wound to her leg.

The family lived in the U.S., but were on vacation when they were attacked.

Venezuela has one of the world's highest murder rates. According to news reports, violent crime is so bad ... even residents are afraid to venture out at night.


Miss Universe Hopeful Recruiter Wanted Oral Sex for Modeling Jobs

11/27/2013 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The Miss Universe Organization is rife with sexual predators and deviants who prey on unsuspecting young women ... so says a pageant hopeful who claims a recruiter tried to dupe her into sex in a parking lot.

Ashleigh Blake filed a suit today against MUO over her run-in with a guy she claims promised to land her modeling jobs and magazine covers. In the lawsuit ... Blake says she met him in his car in a Starbucks parking lot ... where he explained the terms of an "oral" contract (her double entendre, not ours). 

Specifically ... Blake claims he wanted oral sex in exchange for fast-tracking her to the top of the modeling world.

In the docs, Blake says she burst into tears and ran from the car. She says she went to the cops ... and was told she couldn't file criminal charges because the recruiter didn't force her to perform the sex act.

So ... she's suing the Miss Universe Organization ... claiming it knowingly hires "scam artists" who lure naive women with false promises of modeling contracts and fame. 

Blake's looking for at least $200K in damages.

We've reached out to the Miss Universe people ... but haven't heard back.

Miss Universe Staying Put In Moscow

8/20/2013 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The Miss Universe Organization believes the show must go on in Moscow ... and it doesn't matter that the Russian government is gay-hostile.

A rep from the MUO tells us the new, anti-gay law violates the core values of the organization ... nevertheless, they want to stay put in Moscow.  They say they're hoping to change Russian minds.  Good luck with that.

Here's the rub.  If some of the women competing are lesbians, they better keep it to themselves, because they could end up in the pokey if they play their hand publicly.

The decision to stay in Moscow isn't sitting well with everyone.  A petition on is trying to pressure the MUO to move out of Moscow.

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