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Jay Z Beyonce About to Pop? No Problem, Mon!

6/9/2017 3:46 PM PDT

Jay Z is jamming all the way down in Jamaica, and ya gotta wonder if pregnant Beyonce is waiting in vain ... back in L.A.

If ya missed the references -- Jay was spotted Friday in Kingston, where he was recording new music with Damien Marley ... in Bob Marley's legendary Tuff Gong Studio. 

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By most calendars, Bey should be within days of having the twins. Remember, Mathew Knowles recently told us she was "more than 2 weeks" away from popping -- and that was 3 weeks ago! So ... tick, tick, tick.

But Jay being a solid 6 hours away by private jet must mean the coast is clear ... for today, anyway.

Bottom line? Don't worry about a thing ...

Bill Cosby Courted Disaster By Forcing Gay Issue in Sexual Assault Trial

6/9/2017 6:43 AM PDT

Bill Cosby arrived to the courthouse Friday with comedian Joe Torry by his side, oblivious to the fact he dodged a fatal bullet courtesy of his own lawyers.

Cosby's attorneys had filed legal docs asking the judge to allow them to introduce evidence accuser Andrea Constand was gay. He bizarrely wanted to show the jury she deceived him ... suggesting he would not have had sex with her if he knew she was gay.

The prosecution claimed it was "victim shaming" and also violates Pennsylvania law which prohibits the use of evidence involving an alleged victim's sexual past.

The judge denied the defense motion, and unless we're missing something, the admission could have nailed Cosby's coffin shut.

Andrea Constand told cops she had a boyfriend when she was 14 and had sexual contact with a man when she was in her late 20's. That said, if she wasn't into guys, the prosecution could have destroyed Cosby's argument she consented to sexual contact with the comedian.

Day 5 of the trial focuses on Cosby's own words, where he said in deposition he would give women quaaludes to dull their senses when it came to consent.

Halle Berry Here's Proof I'm Not Pregnant

6/9/2017 6:02 AM PDT

Halle Berry couldn't stomach rumors she was pregnant, so she let her stomach do the talking to prove she's not.

The 50-year-old actress was leaving Cecconi's restaurant in WeHo Thursday night ... baring just enough to throw shade on everyone who jumped to conclusions based on photos taken a few days ago.

As we reported, we confirmed Halle's not having another kid, but hey ... this is hard evidence.

Bill Cosby Comedy Pals Have His Back at Court

6/8/2017 7:56 AM PDT

Bill Cosby brought MORE celeb pals to court for day 4 of his sexual assault trial.

Cosby walked in with comedian Joe Torry and actor Lewis Dix Jr. Thursday, and the pals seemed very relaxed, even jovial -- despite serious allegations against Cosby.

Earlier this week, Cosby arrived at court locked arm-in-arm with Keshia Knight Pulliam ... and on Wednesday with another former co-star, Sheila Frazier.

As we reported, the person who hasn't been by his side yet is his wife, Camille Cosby -- something the jury has, no doubt, noticed.

Lady Gaga Orange You Glad To See Me?

6/8/2017 9:21 AM PDT

Lady Gaga knows how to stick out -- at events, concerts and now ... on her film set, where her orange hair was hard to miss.

The usually blonde Gaga went carrot top on the "A Star Is Born" set this week. The Bradley Cooper-directed film was shooting Wednesday in L.A. ... and the ginger look is something new for the remake.

Gaga's role was previously played by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand, neither of whom went red.

We looked ... Gaga's had orange hair before, so nothing new for her. Just a regular day at the office.

Joanna Krupa Rebound Queen ... Major PDA with New BF!

6/8/2017 7:36 AM PDT

Joanna Krupa's out with the old and in with the new ... and PDA's in full effect.

The ex-'Real Housewives' star was game to suck face with restauranteur Nico Santucci during dinner Wednesday at Craig's in WeHo. Of course, Joanna just recently separated from her hubby, Romain Zago ... and she's quickly flipped into single lady mode.

Joanna and Nico were seen holding hands and getting cozy while dining with friends.

We got them on their way out ... and she's obviously enjoying her new chapter. Nico, on the other hand, seems to be less showy. He slipped away in a separate car.

Bill Cosby Trial Wife Still No-Shows in Court

6/7/2017 1:52 PM PDT

Bill Cosby's wife was MIA from court for the 3rd consecutive day of his sexual assault trial, and it's standing out to the media ... and possibly the jury. 

We checked, and Bill and Camille Cosby haven't been photographed together in public since April 26, when they walked separately into an NYC office building.

While Cosby has shown up for his trial in PA with 2 former co-stars this week -- Keshia Knight Pulliam on Monday, and Sheila Frazier on Wednesday -- Camille no-showing could hurt her husband's defense.

Fact is, in sexual assault cases, attorneys typically want the spouse of the accused to publicly show support. There are reports Camille will eventually be in court, but first impressions matter ... especially with juries.

We reached out to Cosby's reps to see if there's a reason for Camille's absence, but no word back.

Prince Harry Good to the Last Drop

6/7/2017 9:31 AM PDT

Prince Harry's so damn beloved his suitors/subjects in Australia are getting more creative in their efforts to get his attention -- tea anyone? In the driving rain?

Harry's in Sydney for the Invictus Games launch event, and even a total downpour didn't stop women from flocking to see him with hot beverages and even cookies.

The dripping wet Prince still flashed his dashing smile through the storm. Even a 97-year-old woman busted out her umbrella to get a piece of Harry.

Rain or shine ... he's worth the trip.

Selena Gomez Braless in Her LBD Beware the Camera Flash

6/7/2017 7:25 AM PDT

Looks like the only support Selena Gomez is getting these days is from her bf, The Weeknd ... based on the braless shots of her leaving dinner in NYC.

They're in town for his shows at Barclays Canter, but did dinner Tuesday night at Carbone in the West Village. On the way out, the paps started snapping ... and the flashes turned her little black dress see-through. It's the curse of the LBD, really ... and Selena knows it well

Sometimes in showbiz, there's accidental exposure ... and then there's Bella Thorne.

Bill Cosby Enters Courthouse With Another Former Co-Star

6/7/2017 7:21 AM PDT

Bill Cosby got another show of support from a former co-star as he entered the courthouse for day 3 of his criminal sexual assault trial.

Cosby walked hand-in-hand with actress Sheila Frazier, who shared the screen with the famous defendant in the 1978 comedy, "California Suite."

Frazier, who also starred in the 1972 movie, "Super Fly," is married to the hairstylist for both Cosby and his wife, Camille.

Keshia Knight Pulliam walked into court arm-in-arm with Cosby on Monday.

Cosby's accuser, Andrea Constand, is back on the stand today where she'll be cross-examined by the comedian's lawyer.

Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Takes Stand in Sexual Assault Trial

6/6/2017 3:13 PM PDT

Andrea Constand repeatedly choked up as she testified Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004.

She told the jury Cosby had given her 3 blue pills to relax ... herbal, so he allegedly said. But Constand testified 30 minutes later she was slurring with blurred vision ... her legs rubbery.

She says she was so out of it she couldn't fight him.  

Constand testified for about an hour. During cross examination, Cosby's lawyers tried poking holes in Constand's story, pointing out inconsistencies in her story. The lawyers also confronted Constand, claiming she had 2 previous "sexual situations" with Cosby. She said they were merely suggested sexual situations.

Gloria Allred, who reps other women who claim they were also assaulted, looked on in the peanut gallery.

Hailey Baldwin Bikini Sunbathing ... With NBA Star

6/5/2017 10:22 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

NBA star Chandler Parsons continues to surround himself with some of the hottest women in Hollywood -- this time, he was out sunbathing in L.A. with model Hailey Baldwin

The two caught some rays at the pool at the Montage in Beverly Hills -- and we're told the poolside tourists couldn't take their eyes off 'em ... probably due to the fact he's 6'10" and she looks insane in a bikini. 

So, let's get to the point -- are they banging? Our sources say no -- they're just good friends who've known each other for a while and hang out when they're in the same city. 

Too bad ... for both of 'em. 

Bill Cosby Day 1 Sexual Assault Trial Keshia Knight Pulliam Shows Up for Support

6/5/2017 6:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Bill Cosby just showed up for his sexual assault trial, and he walked in arm-in-arm with his former 'Cosby' co-star, Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Cosby faces 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 at his home.

The judge has allowed one other alleged victim to testify because prosecutors want to show Cosby had an M.O.

The jury of 12 has 2 African-Americans.

If convicted he faces 30 years in prison.

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