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O.J. Simpson's Son Out Shopping As Dad Gets Parole

7/20/2017 3:39 PM PDT

Justin Simpson didn't seem as transfixed about his father's parole news as the rest of America ... and had very little reaction to the fact he'll be getting out of prison soon.

O.J.'s 28-year-old son was leaving Walmart in St. Petersburg, Florida when a photog asked him about the parole board's decision ... which happened about 90 minutes before this was shot. He smiled for a moment, but mostly hid his emotions as he got into his Tesla.

Justin and his sister, Sydney, are reportedly realtors now. It's unclear what their relationship is with O.J. now. Interestingly, Simpson said during the hearing he'd most likely be moving to Florida once he gets out of prison.

You'll recall ... Sydney and Justin were asleep in their mother Nicole's condo when she and Ron Goldman were murdered.

Ex-Con/Model Jeremy Meeks Rolls with GF and Hired Muscle

7/15/2017 7:19 AM PDT

Jeremy Meeks was strolling WeHo with his heiress/model girlfriend Chloe Green, and he's probably got more bodyguards than any ex-con in America.

Jeremy and Chloe -- daughter of a billionaire and former "Made in Chelsea" star -- were leaving Catch restaurant Friday night when one of the bodyguards just wasn't having it with our photog.

Meeks was silent as he held Chloe's hand. As you know, he's filed for legal separation from his wife of 8 years. He listed the date of separation as June 24th, 4 days before he was spotted making out with Chloe on a yacht.

George Lucas Scolds Autograph Seekers ... This is Why I'm Rich and You're Not

7/14/2017 10:28 AM PDT

George Lucas has some harsh advice for autograph seekers and compared the ones he saw Friday in NYC to beggars on a street corner.

The "Star Wars" creator was immediately peeved when a few people looking for his John Hancock -- not true fans in his opinion -- approached him. Instead of blowing them off, George lectured 'em on how to make an honest living ... in the movie industry.

The 'graphers didn't back down and it turned into a back-and-forth between a billionaire and a dude hustling to make a few hundred bucks.

Looks like this is George's new mission. He dropped similar pearls of wisdom last month in L.A., making it clear he's derailing the autograph gravy train.

DeMario Jackson Free and Clear ... And Partying with Hot Chicks

6/24/2017 12:43 PM PDT

DeMario Jackson's livin' easy now that Warner Bros. cleared him of sexual assault on "Bachelor in Paradise" ... and the handful of hot women with him probably helps too.

DeMario hit up Avenue in L.A. for a night out with several ladies Friday night. He didn't answer any questions ... but his smile said a lot. Questionable t-shirt choice though.

We broke the story ... Warner Bros. concluded their investigation of Jackson's 'BiP' scandal with Corinne Olympios and found no sexual assault occurred. Still, DeMario says he won't return to the show.

Looks like he's got better things going on now anyway.

DeMario Jackson Begs 'BiP' Fans ... Don't Bash Corinne

6/15/2017 8:01 AM PDT

DeMario Jackson doesn't want anyone hating on Corinne Olympios for what went down in the pool between them ... leading to "Bachelor in Paradise" production shutting down.

Jackson was leaving a gym in L.A. when he was asked if he was any closer to obtaining the pool footage he believes will clear him of wrongdoing. He's tight-lipped about that ... but opens up about Corinne and any backlash from their sexual encounter.

DeMario makes it clear -- people shouldn't be taking sides, and definitely shouldn't slander Corinne. He also seems very confident ... there's no reason to paint him as the bad guy.

Derek Fisher Breaks Silence After DUI Crash 'Glad No One Was Hurt'

6/5/2017 1:38 PM PDT

Derek Fisher says he's grateful no one was seriously injured in his DUI crash over the weekend -- and is adamant the situation will NEVER happen again. 

The ex-NBA star was leaving Leo & Lily restaurant in L.A. with his girlfriend, Gloria Govan -- more than 24 hours after the SUV he was driving crashed and flipped on the 101 Freeway around 3 AM. 

Fisher -- who was arrested for DUI -- was walking without a limp or a scratch (same with Gloria) and said he was grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Scott Disick Bombarded with Girl Q's After Returning from Cannes

6/3/2017 7:15 AM PDT

Scott Disick had a rough landing when a photog gave him the 3rd degree minutes after he touched down in L.A.

Scott arrived at LAX Friday looking the worse for wear ... in no mood to answer questions. He was asked about all the girls, Kourtney Kardashian in particular, and rehab ... among other things.

After Scott's escapades in Cannes, he's got problems on the home front. As we reported, Kourtney wants a sobriety check before he sees the kids, and the Kardashian fam has cut him off.

Al Gore Trump's Paris Climate Pullout 'Reckless, Indefensible'

6/2/2017 6:41 AM PDT

Al Gore vows Planet Earth will be cleaned up with or without Donald Trump.

The former Veep landed at LAX Thursday and quickly excoriated the Prez for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, calling the decision "reckless" and "indefensible."

Gore then doubled down and said Trump is now irrelevant and the snowball is already rolling down the hill at high velocity and can't be stopped.

It seems the strategy now is to wall off the White House and get things done from outside. 

Charlie Sheen Meet My New GF On a 'Dark Day'

6/2/2017 7:51 AM PDT

Charlie Sheen's beaming with pride and feeling miserable at the same time ... courtesy of his new, smoking hot gf and President Trump.

We got Charlie heading into Giorgio Baldi Thursday in Santa Monica to celebrate his daughter's 12th birthday. He paused to launch into the day's burning topics -- Kathy Griffin and the Paris Climate Agreement pullout -- but showed his manners by first introducing us to Jules, his new lady friend.

Things got serious though when we asked if Kathy deserved to be fired from CNN -- and got even darker when he talked Trump and the environment.

Safe to say, Charlie's down in the dumps ... for Planet Earth.

Larry King Ted Turner Wouldn't Have Fired Kathy ... Let It Go, CNN!!

6/1/2017 11:17 AM PDT

Larry King's not down with everyone piling on Kathy Griffin for her Trump beheading photo fiasco ... especially his old bosses at CNN.

Larry, formerly Mr. CNN, took the network to task Thursday at LAX. He admits his friend Kathy's photo was in "terrible taste" ... but believes it didn't rise to the level of a fireable offense.

He believes her apology should've been enough for CNN to let it go. It's also very clear Larry's pining for the old days at CNN when someone else had the reins.

Sorry, Jeff Zucker.

Tyler Shields Stands by Beheaded, Bloody Trump Art

6/1/2017 6:30 AM PDT

Tyler Shields is not flinching from critics who have condemned his photo shoot with Kathy Griffin.

Shields emerged from hiding for a late-night ice cream run at Gelson's supermarket in L.A., and made it clear he would not apologize. He says artists need balls ... they have to stand by their work even if they face a torrent of criticism.

Tyler made it clear there may be more down the pike ... he will not censor himself in future photo shoots.

James Corden Practically Perfect In Every Way ... As Mary Poppins!!!

6/1/2017 8:21 AM PDT

James Corden did the most British thing ever -- besides high tea with the Queen -- when he dressed up as Mary Poppins and paraded across a London street singing her greatest hits.

Corden's late night show is shooting a few episodes across the pond to air next week. He has a recurring sketch called Crosswalk the Musical where he dresses up and sings in the middle of crosswalks. He's done it before with "Beauty and the Beast."

No detail was left out for James' Mary Poppins bit ... Julie Andrews would be proud.

'Bachelor' Star Lauren Bushnell I'm Returning Ben's Engagement Ring!

5/31/2017 10:34 AM PDT

Lauren Bushnell is traveling light these days ... as in, without the engagement ring Ben Higgins proposed with on "The Bachelor." 

Lauren was at LAX Tuesday night and said she's planning to return the ice, although she hasn't yet. The couple announced their split 2 weeks ago.

Interestingly, she's not saying never when it comes to possibly working things out with Ben. As for a future stint on "The Bachelorette" ... Lauren's not ruling that out either. 

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