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Richard Simmons The Paps Didn't Get the Shots With Some Help from Cops

4/21/2017 5:59 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Richard Simmons was playing with the paparazzi Thursday, with a lot of help from the LAPD.

TMZ broke the story, Simmons returned home after spending 3 days in the hospital for gastrointestinal issues.

As Richard sat in his garage waiting for cops, a photog got a pic that partially shows his face, which we haven't seen in 3 years ... except for one Bigfoot-like image last summer.

Sources who have been around Richard all tell us he's fine ... he's got a bum knee and often walks with a cane but mentally he's "all there" and is just sick of maintaining the "Richard Simmons persona."

So Thursday late afternoon ... Richard was returning home, didn't want to be seen and knew paparazzi were at his gate. So he and his housekeeper called the LAPD and apparently made things sound urgent enough that at least 4 cops showed up and ended up forming a human shield, allowing a blanket-covered Simmons to slink into his home without anyone snapping his mug.

We're told Richard was laughing about it as cops arrived, meeting him in his garage ... out of view of the paps.

Beyonce Super Pregnant But You Have to Look Fast

4/19/2017 6:49 AM PDT

Beyonce is super pregnant, but you gotta have quick eyes to know, because she's definitely not posin' for the paps.

Bey was leaving Beauty & Essex Tuesday in L.A., and made a quick exit to her SUV in under 5 seconds -- while her security scrambled trying to shield the queen.

As you know, Bey is having twins and bailed on Coachella per doctor's orders. But clearly she's not bedridden.

Looks like she's rockin' her "Lemonade" braids again. Then again ... it was all such a blur.

Chanel West Coast Free Rap Show for Paps ... Her Future is Bright!!

4/7/2017 9:31 AM PDT

Chanel West Coast ignored angry drivers beeping their horns behind her to show off her live rap skills ... and it was worth it.

We got the rapper leaving Catch in WeHo Thursday night ... but before she took off she made her driver/hype man fire up her new track -- which turned out to be a remix of Future's "Mask Off."

If this turns out to be a new rap battle ... it's clear Chanel's willing to throw down anytime.

David Spade & Naya Rivera Don't Believe What You See in the Pool

4/5/2017 6:57 AM PDT

David Spade's addressing those hot pics of him and Naya Rivera with his take on the old saying ... don't believe your lying eyes.

David was leaving Craig's Tuesday night, and the question everyone was asking him -- "Where's Naya?" Makes sense ... after the world saw him getting really cozy last week with Naya in their hotel pool in Hawaii.

He tried his best to blow it off, but we know Spade's Casanova history ... so, nice try, Dave.

We ain't buyin' it.

Lisa Marie Presley Claims Estranged Hubby Called Paparazzi To Look Like Doting Dad

4/4/2017 10:38 AM PDT

Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband arranged for paparazzi to make him look like a doting dad ... so claim people connected to Lisa Marie.  

Michael Lockwood was photographed at a flea market Sunday with their twin girls. Sources connected with Lisa Marie tell us Lisa Marie is convinced this was a setup ... that paparazzi didn't just happen to find him. She believes he called them to make it appear he's an involved dad ... something she believes is fiction.

The kids are currently living with their grandma, Priscilla Presley, while the Dept. of Children and Family Services investigates allegations Michael had inappropriate pictures on his computer. Lisa Marie was struggling with substance abuse issues so Priscilla is now the day-to-day guardian.

Lisa Marie filed for divorce last June and asked for sole legal and physical custody. Michael responded by saying he wanted joint custody. For now, he gets monitored visits.

We reached out to Michael's lawyer ... so far, no word back.

Kim Kardashian Attacked or Not in Bev Hills

4/3/2017 6:42 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian may or may not have been accosted Sunday night ... you be the judge.

Kim was leaving Mr Chow in Bev Hills when a guy in shades and a backpack seemed to make contact with her, and she looked stunned.

The question is ... was he just a passerby who got swallowed up in the paparazzi crush or a goofball who wanted to mess with her?

Kim tweeted, "A random guy walks near me & almost bumped into me but he hit the parking meter. Not attacked me. Hope he's ok!"

A bodyguard apparently felt differently and gave the dude a stern warning.

A-Rod & J Lo Mind Your Manners ... Get a Leather-Clad Rear View!

4/3/2017 6:58 AM PDT

A-Rod was J Lo's perfect gentleman during a dinner date -- holding doors open for her -- and was instantly rewarded as he watched from behind.

The couple grabbed dinner Sunday night at Il Mulino in the West Village, where Jenny poured herself into a leather outfit for the evening.

Guaranteed, A-Rod didn't see a single thing on the menu.

J Lo Ma, Meet Alex

4/2/2017 3:23 PM PDT

Jennifer Lopez is making a big relationship move with A-Rod ... introducing him to mom.

The new couple went out Sunday in NYC hand-in-hand -- with J Lo's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez (yes, really), tagging along for the sight-seeing. 

A-Rod seemed to leave a good impression on mama bear -- we know she's gotta like his last name -- and don't forget ... Jen already hit it off with Alex's sis.

It's pretty obvious now -- he has J Lo's love.

The Weeknd to Selena Gomez Get Off Me, Girl ... Paps Are Watching

3/29/2017 7:29 AM PDT

The Weeknd was all about Selena Gomez's public cuddling ... until he noticed paparazzi watching.

Paps got the couple Tuesday showing some extreme PDA while strolling around Buenos Aires before Abel's gig later this week.

He seems down with her clinging onto him ... but watch what happens when he sees the camera guy across the street.

Back to basics ... hand-holding 101.

Dave Chappelle Muscles His Way Through Star-Studded Concert

3/21/2017 6:56 AM PDT

Dave Chappelle flexed his biceps in front of some huge stars at his Monday night concert.

Kanye, Kendall Jenner, Don Cheadle and Stevie Wonder were all front and center to watch Dave perform at The Peppermint Club.

On his way out Dave used his muscles to help a pap who ate it hard on the sidewalk.

BTW ... Dave's 2 new stand-up specials dropped on Netflix Tuesday. Soooo ... go peep that. 

Ben Affleck Hey, Paps ... Do I Have to Take the 405 to the 101?

3/19/2017 3:34 PM PDT

Ben Affleck was just like every other Los Angeleno Sunday trying to get around the L.A. Marathon, so of course ... he asked the paparazzi for directions.

The actor was out with his kids in the Pacific Palisades, when he realized he'd have to cross San Vicente Blvd. to head south ... but couldn't, 'cause it's part of the race course.

Who needs GPS when you've got eager paps standing by, and the exchange between them and Ben couldn't be more of a Southern Californian moment. 

Ben, what are YEWW doing here? 

Kathy Hilton So Sorry, Jen Aniston For Pregnancy Tweets

3/16/2017 10:16 AM PDT
Exclusive 360 Video

Kathy Hilton has some words of regret for falsely impregnating Jennifer Aniston.

Kim Richards and Kathy were out Wednesday night at Craig's with Kyle Richards and Kris Jenner ... along with a sea of paps.

Kathy -- who turned 58 and was out celebrating her birthday -- eats crow after her cake for the Jen tweet.

Kim also gives us her take on Ben's recent rehab stint. You'll recall ... she's completed rehab herself a time or two.

Louis Tomlinson He Punched Me, a Girl, in the Face ... Alleged Victim Claims

3/8/2017 1:15 PM PST

Louis Tomlinson did more than scrap with a paparazzo -- he also slugged the female witness square in the eye ... according to her.

Ana Becerra gave her side of the airport brawl, claiming she became a victim when Louis' gf went on the attack. She claims Louis jumped in to break things up, and she was shocked when he popped her in the face.

Becerra showed her injuries, allegedly from the fight and says she's planning to sue based on one simple principle -- men shouldn't hit women.

We broke the story ... Louis got into it with a paparazzo who was shooting the 1Der's gf, and then fought off Becerra -- who admits she too was shooting video with her phone.

Louis was arrested for battery and his case is in the hands of the L.A. City Attorney

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