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Vanessa Hudgens

My Ass is Small

But I Twerk Like It's Big

9/25/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's good for the Miley is good for Vanessa Hudgens -- and GREAT for us to watch ... because the former Disney star opened up her own twerking clinic last night.

Vanessa performed with her new girl group YLA at Bootsy Bellows -- doing some singing, some dancing ... and then tried like Hell to shake her ass right out of her booty shorts.

Here's the thing ... Miley Cyrus caught major flack for displaying a lack of back during her VMA twerkfest. Does Vanessa's ass action deserve the same ... or does it get a pass?


Justin Bieber

Kicks Lil Za, Lil Twist Out

After Jewelry Heist

9/24/2013 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
11:43 AM PDT:  Justin Instagrammed a few minutes ago, "Don't listen to em.  I still got all my jewelry."  Here's the deal.  Justin is lying to cover for his "friends."  A half hour later, he took the comment down.  Let us assure you ... the theft happened, and he kicked the Lils out of the house.

Justin Bieber has finally had it ... TMZ has learned Lil Twist and Lil Za are both persona non grata at his Calabasas mansion after expensive jewelry went missing.

Sources connected to the Biebs tell TMZ ... Justin was furious earlier this month when he discovered the jewelry and other items were nowhere to be found.  Twist and Za had both been staying at the house and they had thrown several parties in Justin's absence.

We're told Justin had no idea who stole the items, but blamed Twist and Za because it was on their watch.  He ordered them out and our sources say both of them are PISSED.

We're told Justin has finally seen the light that he's gotta change ... or else.  Justin just performed in Singapore (above) and actually showed up 15 minutes early, but not before he gave 30 tickets to kids from a local orphanage.  

Our sources say Justin is privately saying he knows he's been on a bad path, and it seems at least for now he's moving in the right direction.


Khloe Kardashian

Hits the Clubs

9/24/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Khloe Kardashian went clubbing last night ... and a security guard went clubbing too ... clubbing photogs.

Sources inside Tru nightclub in Hollywood tell TMZ ... Khloe was hanging out with The Game and a few of his friends.  We're told she did not drink alcohol the entire evening.

Khloe left the club at around 2:30 AM, and as she beat a hasty retreat a security guard went a little nutzo on our camera guy ... pushing him to the ground.

Even though Khloe hit the clubs -- sans Lamar -- sources connected to K.K. tell us she has not given up on her marriage.  She's trying to figure out how to convince Lamar to seek help ... something he's been unwilling to do.  BTW ... she was wearing her wedding ring.

As for Lamar -- we're told his drug problem is worse than ever.

Ravens Coach Rips Players

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

9/23/2013 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Jacoby Jones and Bryant McKinnie better like milk bones -- their coach just made it clear that they're in his doghouse for the party bus brawl that went down early this morning.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh addressed the incident during a news conference ... saying the fight was, "Not something we wanna be known for. Not something those guys wanna be known for."

Harbaugh said all the players involved were at practice today, and they all got chewed out. Coach says he told them, "What do you wanna be known for? You wanna be known as a football player or you wanna be known for that?

He added, "Nothing good happens after midnight."

That depends on your perspective. As we told you ... there was at least one stripper on the bus.

Baltimore Ravens Brawl

Jacoby Jones Injured

9/23/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was hurt early this morning after a brawl erupted on a party bus filled with his Ravens teammates ... TMZ has learned.

It happened after a night of partying in Washington D.C. celebrating Bryant McKinnie's birthday.

Sources at the scene tell us ... at about 3 AM, as people were leaving Opera Ultra Lounge, people on the bus began fighting.  In addition to teammates, we're told at least one stripper was on board.

One eyewitness tells us he saw a bottle being swung at Jacoby Jones -- it connected with his head and hurt him.  We're told an ambulance was called "for a bleeding male" but he was not taken to the hospital.

Our sources say a stripper named Sweet Pea is the one who hit Jacoby with a gigantic Ace of Spades bottle and this may have triggered the brawl.  We're told the bottle smashed over his head and he was "bleeding everywhere."

We're told Jacoby's friends tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea but Bryant McKinnie tried to stop him, and a fight broke out between the friend and Bryant.

FYI ... Jacoby is currently injured and hasn't played since week 1.

Police responded to the scene but no arrests were made.  We're told there was evidence of an assault but no one cooperated with cops.


R. Kelly Pool Party

Urine Trouble Now

9/23/2013 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
A famous Las Vegas pool party must have a very relaxed no-pee policy ... because R. Kelly was invited to perform there over the weekend.

Wearing a Jesus piece that would make Flo Rida jealous, the "Ignition" singer (and alleged underage pee fanatic) dropped some tunes at the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday, and the crowd went bananas.

Of course the truth is, if you're going to piss in public ... there's pretty much no safer place than a Vegas pool. 

Everybody does it.

Jimmy Iovine

Throws BALLER Emmy/BD Party

9/22/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Jimmy Iovine threw the dopest party ever at his house in L.A. last night -- and here's the thing ... Oprah wasn't the big star there.

A star struck Oprah gushed that she got to meet Mick Jagger for the first time.  But it doesn't end there -- other guests included Diddy, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Brian Grazer, Dr. Dre and a bunch more.

By the way -- Jimmy wasn't playing a mix tape for background ... R. Kelly gave an impromptu performance ... and we believe Diddy did too.

The way it looks to us -- this was a combo party during Emmy weekend, but also a bash to celebrate the birthday of Liberty Ross .. who he's rumored to be banging.

Not on the list ... Rupert Sanders.


Ex-New England Patriots' Star

Parents Threaten To Sue

For Outing Hooligan Kids

9/20/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
A former star player for the New England Patriots has been threatened with a lawsuit by delusional parents who claim he's ruined the lives of their kids by exposing a drug/alcohol fueled party at his home.

Brian Holloway tells TMZ, "I blew way past furious" when he discovered several hundred teenagers broke into his vacation home outside Albany, NY over Labor Day weekend. 

The kids started tweeting and Instagramming madly inside, posting photos of what looked like a scene out of "Animal House."

Holloway went ballistic, created a website -- helpmesave300 -- and started posting pictures of the damage, as well as the tweets from some of the partygoers -- and those tweets ID'd the kids.

Holloway tells TMZ ... he's been told by the Sheriff's Dept. some of the parents are furious because their poor kids have now been exposed.  Some bitch that it will hurt their chances of getting into college.  Others whine their poor kiddies are being harassed at school.  And they actually have the audacity to threaten a lawsuit.

Holloway says there was plenty of evidence of drugs at the party, including crack and meth.  And, of course, a river of alcohol.

He says it's gonna cost $20 - $40k to repair the damage.

The parents should try and bottle their chutzpah and sell it.  They could make enough to pay for the damage.

Liam Hemsworth

He Likes to Party

... Hangin' with Mom'my

9/17/2013 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0917_liam_hemsworth_PCNHours after "officially" announcing his split from Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth hit the town with ANOTHER woman last night -- his mother.

Liam, along with breeder of blue-eyed, Australian demigods Leonie Hemsworth, was spotted leaving the famous Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip together.

Earlier in the day, reps for Miley and Liam announced their engagement is off ... but offered few details as to what caused the split.

Liam didn't seem too crushed over the breakup this weekend, when he was spittin' game to Mexican singer/actress/dimepiece Eiza González in a Vegas nightclub.

As for Liam's mom -- think she's upset about the split from Miley? Or relieved?

Discuss ...


RJ Mitte

My Mom's a Vegas PARTY Machine!!!

9/17/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
091613_rj_mitte_launch"Breaking Bad" star RJ Mitte isn't the least bit embarrassed that he celebrated his 21st bday in Vegas with his mom ... telling TMZ, "WE PARTIED HARD!!!!"

We broke the story ... Mitte -- who plays Walter White Jr. on the AMC show -- raged in Vegas with a bunch of hot chicks for his bday last month ... with his mom by his side.

But outside Cecconi's in West Hollywood this weekend, Mitte told us his mother's not just a huge party animal -- she also makes a SOLID wingman.

No one looks out for you like mom.


Snoop Lion


Wins Pound of Weed Off Mayweather Fight

9/16/2013 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Snoop Lion was flyin' pretty damn high after Floyd Mayweather beat up Canelo Alvarez this weekend -- 'cause he won a POUND OF WEED in a bet he made on the fight ... and he's got the pics to prove it.

Snoop showed off his winnings on Instagram -- toting the garbage bag full of ganja he says he won in a bet he made with a Mexican guy named Lui ... who stupidly picked Canelo to win.

This marks the first time Snoop will smoke Mexican weed since… well, maybe ever.

Despite being so high, he could barely keep his eyes open ... Snoop included a note with the pic:

"Thanks to the champ money may for winning me a pound from my mexican buddy Lui !! U r the pound for pound best! N I'm gonna smoke 2 dat !!! Hahahahahahahah."

Our weed sources tell us ... the average cost for a pound of weed (decent weed) will usually run about $4,000.

So how long will the weed last? Another weed source (we've got a lot of weed sources) tells us ... it would take a talented pot smoker roughly 4 months to puff through a pound of green singlehandedly. 

A third weed source (a lesser experienced weed source) tells us ... "There's NO WAY you can smoke a pound of weed in 4 months by yourself."

Hopefully, Snoop will be able to settle the debate once and for all ... as soon as he wakes up.


Soccer Star Ashley Cole

Cursed Out by Chick at Bar

'I Hope He Gets Raped!'

9/16/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!
091513_chelsea_soccer_launchPremier League soccer star Ashley Cole learned a valuable lesson at a Missouri bar -- possibly drunk American chicks don't give a crap about English soccer stars ... and TMZ has video of the epic ass-chewing she gave him.

It all went down when Cole's team, Chelsea FC, was in St. Louis for a match against Manchester City back in May. Ashley and a few teammates hit up a bar called Hair of the Dog. Witnesses tell us there was a small dispute with the bartender over how much the players tipped, but they left without incident.

But outside the bar things got heated when a woman offered the footballers a ride to their hotel -- and Cole refused to go ... thereby igniting the most vicious U.S.-British exchange since 1776.

Highlights from the angry American:

-- "My people don't give two s**ts about you."

-- "They (Cole and co.) don't even know how to tip!"

-- "I hope this stupid ass gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf**king sidewalk!"

She had much more to say -- and to their credit Cole and his mates kept relatively calm ... but you have to see the rant to do it justice.

Oh, insult to injury ... Chelsea lost to Man City, 4-3.

Lebron James

Marries High School Sweetheart

Beyonce Sings at After Party

9/15/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Lebron James tied the knot in California last night -- and instead of some crappy band "We Are Family" -- playing at the reception ... they got JAY Z and BEYONCE!!!!

The Miami Heat forward and his fiancee Savannah Brinson made things official during a ceremony in San Diego at the Grand Del Mar Hotel ... after dating 12 years.

According to reports -- the 28-year-old basketball player was joined by teammate Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union ... Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne ... as well as Jay Z and Beyonce, who performed "Crazy in Love" at the reception.

... and you thought the picture booth at your wedding was cool.

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