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Tina Knowles Backs That Thang Up On Jamie Foxx ... What Should He Do?

10/21/2014 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna see Jamie Foxx sweat? Tina Knowles put him in a serious bind by putting her ass dangerously close to his crotch while dancing last night.

Mama Knowles jumped on stage during Jamie's performance at the Angel Ball in NYC Monday night -- and decided to back, back, back it on up ... right into Awkwardville.

And that's when Jamie starts sweating. His options:
- Totally go for it and give Beyonce's mom the ride dance of her life 
- Politely back away because that's Jay Z's mother-in-law.

And, of course, he doesn't wanna hurt Tina's feelings either, so ... watch to see how Jamie handled it.

As for Tina -- just blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

Chris Paul & Blake Griffin HILARIOUS ROOKIE HAZING In Vegas Nightclub

10/20/2014 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News
Seems the L.A. Clippers are over that whole Donald Sterling thing -- because the team hit up a Vegas nightclub together Saturday night ... and even (playfully) hazed one of their rookies right on the dance floor. 

It all went down at Tao in the Venetian -- where Chris Paul was the "celebrity host." But CP3 didn't come alone ... he was joined by teammates Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Big Baby Davis and more. 

There were bottles, there were hot ladies ... and there was a moment where the guys forced rookie C.J. Wilcox to get on the dance floor and turn up while the team cheered him on. 

Not exactly Miami Dolphins-style hazing. 

At one point, Big Baby grabbed the mic and led the crowd in a rendition of his single, "Big Baby Gon Turn It Up" ... and everyone loved it. 

It's clear these guys really like each other off the court -- question is ... will their close-knit bond translate to wins ON the court?  Stay tuned ...


Justin Bieber Beware Lil Twist is Back

10/17/2014 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber knows trouble and apparently likes it ... because he's back with Lil Twist.

Biebs and Twist made a turbulent exit from Playhouse in Hollywood Thursday night. There's good reason why Bieber was behind the wheel ... Twist has already racked up a DUI arrest while driving one of Justin's cars.

Justin's people almost strong-armed the singer into cutting ties with Twist after a series of incidents ... including Twist speeding on an L.A. Freeway which ended with someone getting killed -- when a photog was struck by a passing motorist.  

Now Twist is bragging on his Instagram, "Just like... that we're bak."

Justin Bieber Homecoming Party Busted Up by Cops

10/15/2014 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Justin Bieber Police Party
Justin Bieber
just got back to the U.S.A. and he's already got police pounding on his front door -- for throwing one of his trademark Beverly Hills all-nighters.

According to law enforcement sources ... Bev Hills P.D. went to Bieber's condo TWICE last night to deal with noise complaints. The first visit was shortly after 11 P.M. ... but when officers arrived they didn't hear anything, so they left without knocking.

The second time -- around 12:40 A.M. -- there was noise ... we're told around 30-40 people were milling around Bieber's balcony. Cops knocked on the door, and spoke directly to Justin ... reminding him his neighbors could make a citizen's arrest if the noise continued, but Justin was cooperative and agreed to break up the party.

As we first told you ... JB was supposed to be out of this building at the end of September, but he's been traveling around Europe for several weeks ... and hasn't found a new pad yet.

Enjoy him while you can, Beverly Hills.


Nick Cannon Snowed In!! On the Vegas Strip

10/15/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon is all heart broken over his divorce from Mariah Carey -- and by heart broken we mean partying his face off in Vegas. He celebrated his birthday by nearly getting overwhelmed by a pack of snow bunnies. Watch ... it will make sense.

See, divorce is hard for Nick … not to like.

Nick Cannon Victim of Hot Girl Avalanche

10/13/2014 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon
was caught inside a giant avalanche in Las Vegas this weekend ... but there was no snow.

Cannon is clearly enjoying the single life ... and proved it by spinning a 2-hour set at Drai's Sunday night -- capped off by a bunch of hot chicks filling up every nook and cranny of his DJ booth.

Nick was seen chatting it up with various girls throughout the night when he wasn't behind the turntables ... and it seems like the name Mariah is starting to become an afterthought.

Especially since that giant tattoo is gone.

'Pitch Perfect' Cast Reunites on Bourbon Street For 'Moulin Rouge' Wedding Party

10/11/2014 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow reunited with a bunch of their "Pitch Perfect" costars Friday in New Orleans ... all for a pretty awesome "Moulin Rouge" themed wedding party.

Anna and Brittany hung out at Lucky Pierre's for their friend Courtney Barnes' pre-wedding bash with Kelley Jakle and CJ Perry -- more famously known as WWE Diva Lana -- as well as a few Trebles.

We're told the group rented out the Bourbon Street joint for $7K and dined on gumbo.

Unclear if they did any mermaid dancing.

Justin Bieber You Can Dance and Drink But NO PHOTOS Please !!!

10/9/2014 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber looked like he was having a good time and dancing with a group of girls ... but that came to a quick end when he got on the mic and lobbied for everyone to stop shooting him.

Bieber was in a bar in Rome ... and he looked like just a regular guy drinking a few beers and trying to mack on some chicks.

You see a bunch of people taking photos of Bieber ... nothing overly aggressive but lots of flashes.

At a point, it clearly bothered Biebs ... you see him grab the mic and ask people around him to stop filming him and just have fun ... he refers to the group of guys as "groupies."

No one was harmed in this shoot.


V. Stiviano DENIED at Hollywood Hot Spot

10/7/2014 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Watch and listen carefully to this clip and you'll hear the timer expire on V. Stiviano's 15 minutes of fame. 

Donald Sterling's BFF did her best Saturday night to get into Hollywood hot spot 1Oak, but security wasn't having it. She tried phoning a friend, but that didn't seem to work either.

Maybe the staff just didn't recognize her without her trademark visor -- but V. should clearly stick to places where she's V.I.P. ... like Sterling's house.


Lil Kim Pisses Off Gay VIPs

10/6/2014 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Lil Kim Gay

Lil Kim is in danger of losing a huge portion of her fanbase ... after stiffing a large group of gay fans who paid big money to meet her over the weekend.

All the rapper had to do to score a fat $23,000 payday Saturday was mingle with 100 high-paying fans, then do a quick show to help celebrate the club's 5th anniversary.

Not a bad gig, right?

But The Manor claims she showed up late and skipped out on the scheduled meet and greet ... and now they're on the hook for refunds they had to shell out to the VIP fans.

Kim, who's fattened her wallet in recent years by almost exclusively playing gay clubs ... claims it's the promoter's fault because she was never told about the meet-and-greet. See flyer below.

The Manor's attorney Howard King tells us they plan to sue Kim ... but he says she already got her comeuppance ... because concertgoers booed her when she left the club.


Justin Bieber One Night in Paris ... with Paris While Selena Flies Home

10/2/2014 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
1002-paris-hilton-MAIN-instagram-01Justin Bieber didn't miss a beat when Selena Gomez flew home -- he kept the Paree party rolling with none other than Paris Hilton.

Justin hit up the VIP Room in Paris last night ... where Hilton was doing her DJ thing. The club's owner posed for pics with JB and P.

Of course, while Justin was listening to Paris' set at the club ... gf Selena was sitting in a first class seat jetting back to L.A. on the same flight as Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

So ... Kardashians, Jenners, Hiltons -- is there anyone Bieber didn't hang with in Paris?

Oh, right ... Miranda Kerr. As far as we know, anyway.


Boxer Andre Berto CHICK FIGHT AT BDAY PARTY 'That S**t Was Nuts!'

10/1/2014 6:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two hot, young chicks strapped on boxing gloves ... in bikinis ... and went at it INSIDE a Miami nightclub to celebrate Andre Berto's 31st bday ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

The 2-time welterweight champ turnt all way up Mokia Lounge in Miami Beach recently -- alongside big stars like MLB pitcher Aroldis Chapman and fellow boxer Adrien Broner.

The scene was crazy ... huge bottle of champagne, scantily clad women, fancy cake -- and Berto tells TMZ Sports the whole thing was "epic!"

"We partied all night! That s**t was nuts!"

Happy bday! 


Jagged Edge Tossed Out of Nightclub Party For Jermaine Dupri [UPDATE]

9/30/2014 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
0930-jagged-edge-atlpics-n-copyJagged Edge got bounced from Jermaine Dupri's birthday bash at a swanky Atlanta club ... because the guys refused to ditch their ball caps at the door. 

Gold Room host Kenny Burns tells TMZ ... the R&B group showed up under-dressed -- hoodies and caps -- for the exclusive event. Owner Alex Gidewon tried to compromise -- since it was Jermaine's party ... agreeing to let the guys in IF they lost the hats. 

We're told when Jagged Edge refused, they got the boot -- which pissed off Jermaine BIG time ... and the guys started cussing out security. Eventually they all got the heave ho.

JD tells us he and his crew, including Jagged Edge, were in the club for 35 minutes -- without any problems -- before management ever complained. He feels the club was very disrespectful.

The club seems willing to forgive and forget with Jermaine ... but we're told Jagged Edge has been banned from the Gold Room.

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