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'Pawn Stars' Chumlee Drops $11k on B-Day Bash LET'S POP CRISTAL!!!

9/7/2011 12:20 AM PDT

"Pawn Stars" badass Austin "Chumlee" Russell made one hell of a birthday negotiation at a nightclub this weekend -- You give me 40 bottles of Cristal ... I'll give you $11 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Chumlee rolled into Push nightclub in Tunica, Mississippi on Saturday night -- and decided he wanted to treat the entire place to some fancy champagne ... so he did.

Chum -- who was hanging with "Pawn Stars" bodyguard Antoine -- racked up a total bill of $9,558 ... and then dropped a $2,000 tip ... for a grand total of $11,558.

Wonder what the Old Man would say ...

Chumlee from 'Pawn Stars' I Paid to See a Samurai FIGHT a Tiger

8/11/2011 12:30 AM PDT
"Pawn Stars" badass Chumlee tells TMZ, he has ALWAYS wanted to see a samurai versus a tiger in a fight to the death -- so he did what any person would do in that situation ... he paid a tattoo artist to ink the violent scene on his leg.

According to Chum, he's already sat through three lengthy sessions at Show Room Tattoo in Vegas -- and he's still got about ten more hours of inkwork to go.
It should be completed soon -- but Chum's not looking forward to more needle-to-skin contact ... telling us, "To those who say it doesn't hurt to get tattoos, stop lying! Every time I go it hurts worse!!"

Tiny Pawn Shop to 'Pawn Stars' - We Own the Name!

7/11/2011 2:34 PM PDT
A Florida pawn shop is standing up -- David vs. Goliath style -- to the producers of the mega-hit "Pawn Stars," claiming it owns the name fair and square and they won't change it.

A&E Television Networks fired off a cease and desist letter to pawnbroker Frank Bishop last week -- claiming Bishop's use of the term "pawn star" constitutes fraud and trademark infringement, demanding he change the name stat.

But Bishop ain't budging, claiming in a strongly-worded letter he registered the term "Pawn Star" in 2006, 3 years before A&E entered the pawn world ... so they can take a hike.

Of course, everyone has a price -- and Bishop's lawyer, Jeffrey Kaufman, tells us, Frank would bow to A&E's demands in exchange for a large fee ... "If you want to take something, this is America. Write a check."

A rep for A&E Television Networks had no comment.

'Pawn Star' Half the Hoss He Used to Be

7/8/2011 2:30 AM PDT
Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison from "Pawn Stars" dropped over 100 POUNDS in less than five months, TMZ has learned -- all thanks to hard work ... and a little help from his doctor.

Hoss tells TMZ, he decided to get lap band surgery back in February -- after his doctor diagnosed him as a prediabetic.

According to Hoss, he's already lost 115 pounds, and continues to shed the weight -- working out with a trainer 5 days a week ALONG with participating in Krav Maga fighting classes.

Hoss' weight issues have been a topic on the show -- and Rick even built a gym in the pawn shop to encourage Hoss and Chumlee to drop the weight.

Glad to see it's working out.

'Pawn Stars' Guys Five Figures on Fireworks

7/4/2011 12:40 AM PDT
The guys from "Pawn Stars" love America more than anyone you know ... that is, If how much you love America is measured by how much money you spend on fireworks during Fourth of July weekend.

Corey Harrison and Chum Lee tell TMZ they are forking over $10,000 on a boatload of fireworks -- including roman candles and enormous bottle rockets. The pair plan on setting them off on Monday, somewhere in the Las Vegas desert.

The guys also plan to have a contest against each other to see who can shoot the shop's bowling ball mortar cannon the farthest.

Safety first, boys!

'Pawn Star' -- Bargain Deal for SICK Maserati

6/13/2011 3:00 AM PDT
Those "Pawn Stars" guys are BALLIN' ... because Chumlee just bought a BADASS Maserati -- and he used his haggling skills to knock a ton of cash off the sticker price!!!

TMZ spoke with Chum who tells us ... when he walked into the Vegas dealership Thursday, the guys wanted around $100k for the jet black whip. But Chum was able to drive off with the car for only $85,000.

The Old Man would be proud.

'Pawn Star' -- We Sold the Missile Guidance System!

5/6/2011 3:30 AM PDT
The "Pawn Stars" crew can finally wash their hands of that whole missile crisis -- because one of the stars of the show tells TMZ ... they finally sold the damn thing.

TMZ ran into Corey Harrison in New York City yesterday, where he told us they unloaded the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile guidance system (pictured below) ... but he didn't divulge who he sold it to ... or for how much.

As least the Pentagon doesn't have a reason to sniff around their shop anymore ... for now.

'Pawn Stars' Big Hoss -- Big Break In Battery Case

4/19/2011 6:00 AM PDT
Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison from the History Channel show "Pawn Stars" is one lucky guy -- TMZ has learned officials will NOT press charges against him over an altercation at a biker bar last month.

TMZ broke the story -- Harrison was arrested in Big Bear, CA for battery and resisting arrest after a drunken confrontation with a local biker. 

Now, officials at the San Bernardino County District Attorney's office tell us ... prosecutors have reviewed the Sheriff's report and decided there wasn't enough evidence to convict Harrison ... so they dropped the case.

Harrison tells TMZ, "I was always hopeful this would all work out positively in the end. Can't wait for the next snowboarding season so I can personally thank the sheriffs dept. for clearing this up!"

'Pawn Stars' Missile -- The Explosive Photo

3/22/2011 7:00 AM PDT
It's the missile guidance system thingy that launched a full-scale Federal investigation into "Pawn Stars" -- and now, TMZ has obtained a photo of its GREEN ORB OF DOOM.

Okay, we pretty much have no idea what we're looking at -- but we're told it's part of the guidance system used on an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile ... typically launched out of F-4 Phantom fighter jets.

TMZ broke the story ... the person who sold the parts to the "Pawn Stars" guys earlier this month claimed her father bought the parts LEGALLY at a military auction back in the '80s.

As far as we know, the government hasn't confiscated it yet -- but who cares ... look how shiny it is!

Big Hoss Arrest The Biker Standoff

3/22/2011 4:00 AM PDT
Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison nearly brawled with a bandana-sportin' biker guy on the night he was arrested in Big Bear this weekend ... and TMZ has obtained footage from inside the bar.

Harrison and the biker guy never came to blows -- but the footage shows the men in a heated verbal exchange inside of Murray's Saloon and Eatery late Sunday night after Corey had been doing some drinking. 

The owner of the bar tells us Corey and the biker got into a verbal argument over something motorcycle-related ... but just when things started to cool down and the two men shook hands ... tensions once again flared and the guys decided to continue their argument outside.

As we first reported -- a security guard called police fearing things would get violent ... and cops arrived before things could get ugly. However, Corey was taken to jail for allegedly pushing the security guard, and then nudging a cop. 

After Corey was released, we're told he returned to the bar and apologized to the owner for his behavior -- and bar employees helped dig his truck out of the snow.

Big Hoss from 'Pawn Stars' Arrested for Battery

3/21/2011 12:39 PM PDT
Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison -- the grandson on the History Channel show "Pawn Stars" -- was arrested last night after a bar fight in Big Bear, California ... TMZ has learned.

Cops arrested Harrison on suspicion of battery with serious bodily injury and resisting arrest -- both misdemeanors. Law enforcement sources tell us Harrison was arrested at the bar.

Harrison was released from custody at 8:00 AM this morning.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us cops were flagged down by a security guard at the bar after Harrison had gotten into a verbal dispute with another patron ... and the guard feared the dispute could have gotten violent. 

Cops tell us ... after officers arrived and spoke to both Harrison and the other guy, Corey pushed one of the security guards and slightly pushed an officer. 

Officials claim Harrison was held in custody for several hours because he was drunk -- and needed time to sober up before he could be released.

A lawyer for Harrison tells TMZ cops asked him to apologize for the verbal spat at the scene, but Corey felt he did nothing wrong and refused.

Harrison maintains he did not get physical with anyone.

Pentagon FURIOUS How Did TMZ Find Our Missile?

3/16/2011 10:00 AM PDT
The U.S. Air Force sent special agents to Vegas yesterday to grill the guys from "Pawn Stars" ... trying to find out how they got ahold of the sophisticated missile equipment the feds read about on

Sources connected to the situation tell us ... two members from the U.S. Air Force Special Investigations Unit rolled over to Gold and Silver Pawn yesterday wanting to check out the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile guidance system and missile parts the guys purchased just last week.

We're told the agents wanted to make sure the system was no longer active -- and pulled it apart to ensure it did not contain any important information. 

The agents also inquired about the woman who sold the missile guts to the "Pawn Stars" -- a woman who claims she inherited the stuff from her father.

The seller had maintained that her dad purchased the items at an official military auction during the '80s ... and we're told she had the proper court-approved paperwork specifying she could legally sell the parts.

Here's the best part -- we're told while the agents were inside the shop, they explained how they were initially put on the case after someone from the Pentagon called up wanting to know why they were out of the loop about a missile featured on

When called for comment, a rep from "Pawn Stars" confirmed agents from the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations did drop by the shop.

However, the rep insisted, "If the Air Force wants the missile back, we will gladly adhere to their request."


3/15/2011 8:00 AM PDT
Talk about going ballistic ... TMZ has learned the guys from "Pawn Stars" have purchased a guidance system for a missile often used on F-4 Phantom fighter planes!!!

Sources connected to the deal tell us Rick Harrison and his team made the deal for an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile last week ... along with the "front part" of the missile.

And before you freak out -- we're told the "front part" of the missile did NOT contain a live war head ... obviously.

Our source could not confirm how much cash Rick shelled out for the parts ... but we're guessing they don't come cheap.

So far, no word on the identity of the person who was running around Las Vegas with pieces to a missile ... but we're told the deal was "100% legal."

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