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Puppy Bowl XI

We're Prepared ...

For a MAJOR Crapshoot

1/25/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Puppy Bowl Poop
Only one team of dogs will win the eleventh annual Puppy Bowl ... but they'll all have to poop at some point -- and Animal Planet has their cute butts covered.

This year's event will feature 85 pups, 21 kittens and 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats (the cheerleaders) -- and producers prepared by purchasing 315 poop bags ... as well 1,200 puppy pads.  

The animals will also have their own personal assistants -- 65 puppy escorts and 50 volunteers -- plus they've got a whole lot of food on deck.

Halftime performer Katty Furry got the real celebrity treatment though ... her outfit was crafted by a famous pet designer whose made expensive outfits for Paris Hilton and other celebs. They also extended an invite to Katy Perry to their pre-game party.

This game WILL feature deflated balls. Neutering ... what are you gonna do?

Jennifer Lopez

Casper's Dog Escapes ...

Attacks Neighbor

1/22/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Dog Attacks
Casper Smart's dog escaped from Jennifer Lopez's house and bit one of her neighbors ... leaving the woman with a broken hand.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Smart's boxer, named Bear was at JLo's home outside Los Angeles back in December ... when he got loose and clamped down on the neighbor's hand and arm. 

Since the attack, Bear has been quarantined at Casper's nearby Woodland Hills home. Authorities are still trying to determine if the dog poses a danger to others. 

0121-jlo-casper-smart-dogs-INSTAGRAM-03We're told both of Casper's boxers still spend a lot of time at JLo's house ... since her kids love the dogs. It's unclear if JLo or Casper were at the house when the attack happened, but Animal Control gave Casper a citation for an unleashed dog ... since he's the owner. 

We've reached out to Casper, but haven't heard back yet.


Natural History Museum Grouses

You Glittered Our Dino!

1/20/2015 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
was stopped by security over the weekend at L.A.'s Natural History Museum for unwittingly making off with a dinosaur.
Our dino-sources tell us ... Kesha was at the museum Saturday for a wedding. On her way out she went to the gift store with her assistant and admired a faux T-Rex. She held the 3-ft tall critter in her hand and walked out of the store.

On her way to the car security stopped them and asked them what was up with the prehistoric beast. Each said they thought the other paid and apologized for the misunderstanding. Kesha forked over the dinosaur and left.

Problem is ... it was covered in glitter, so it had to endure a dino-wash ... not sure you can resell that.

And that wasn't Kesha's only problem. She posed on top of a Triceratops which was on display in the museum and got heat from archaeologists and others who felt it showed a lack of respect.

And that's a Raptor.



Coast Guard Pissed

The Gag Over Anus is Heinous

1/18/2015 8:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
011815_workoholics_launchThe Coast Guard is fuming over this week's episode of "Workaholics" ... claiming a scene depicting their men forcing a dog to lick the butthole of a faux seaman has deeply offended their ranks.

In case you missed it ... "Dorm Daze" featured a scene involving actors playing Coast Guardians angrily pouring soda into the fanny of Anders Holm's character. Then they let a dog go to town.

C.G. officials fired off a letter to Viacom execs calling it reprehensible to portray military officers in such a degrading way ... and they weren't happy about the fake Guard members lining up for a porno scene.

The letter reads, "Sexual assault is a crime. It's not humorous and it's not funny," adding, "Sexual assault is a breach of our Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty that each member of the U.S. Cost Guard promises to live by."

We reached out to a rep for Workaholics.  So far, no word back.


Marnie the Dog

REJECTS World Dog Awards Invite

I'm Too Famous, Bitches!

1/17/2015 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Marnie The Dog World Dog AwardsOne of the most famous animals on Instagram was noticeably absent this week from the "World Dog Awards" -- and it's all because the pooch had no interest in being just a seat filler.

Sources close to Marnie the Dog tell us the adorable pooch was invited to the show, but owners of the pet -- which has over 900K followers -- turned down the invite.

We're told Marnie wasn't happy she wasn't offered a marquee role. Besides, the pooch is busy filming in Seattle with some big time Internet celebs.

She'll never eat kibble in that town again.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Our Dogs Are a Little Pee Shy

1/10/2015 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
011015_chrissy_tiegen_launchJohn Legend and Chrissy Teigen's dogs were a little pissed Friday at LAX ... but they had problems showing it.

The famous couple stopped at the bushes for some doggie relief following their flight ... and the flashing from the cameras knocked the pooches off kilter.

One of their pups eventually gets the job done -- but the other required more cover.

Speaking of pee pee ... check out TMZ PP ... it's even more fun than watching dogs urinate!

Paris Hilton

Drops $25K for One Pound of Dog

1/7/2015 12:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Paris Hilton
 goes big when she goes small, dropping $25K on 2 dogs.

Paris just nabbed 2 perky Pomeranians and accompanying bling at Betty's Teacup Yorkies in Canada ... then presented one to mommy Kathy Hilton as a 35th Anniversary gift. 


How much dog does 25K get you? We're told Paris' 3-months-old pooch weighs in at 6 oz. while Kathy's 6-month-old pom weighs 12 oz.

You may recall ... Paris dropped $13K for another pom in September. 

$40K for less than 2 pounds of dog. Jeez.


Mickey Rourke

My Dog Will Live Forever

1/7/2015 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Mickey Rourke Dog Tattoo
Mickey Rourke will never forget his deceased dog, even if he wants to ... because its nickname is now emblazoned on his arm.

Rourke paid homage to his four-legged buddy Jaws at a New York tattoo parlor Sunday night ... where the actor sat for 2 hours as the artist inscribed the dog's nickname, "Guapo Siempre" -- handsome forever -- on Mickey's arm. 

It appears the Chihuahua went to dog heaven in the last few months. Mickey was emotional during the session, showing the tattoo artist pics of Jaws and telling stories about the tiny pooch. 

The ink set Mickey back around $400, plus a big tip. 

You may recall ... Mickey lost Loki, another chihuahua, a few years back, and it really broke him up.



Sarah Palin

Trig Stood on Our Dog ...

But At Least He Didn't Eat It

1/4/2015 7:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
0104-sarah-palin-peta-tmz-01Sarah Palin is biting back at critics who blasted her for the Facebook pic of her son standing on the family dog ...  and taking a shot at the dog-eating Prez in the process.

Palin took to Facebook Saturday, targeting PETA for bashing her ... calling the org hypocrites that only give passes to celebs who have helped them.

She muses, "Did you go as crazy when your heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime, Barack Obama, revealed he actually enjoyed eating dead dog meat?" True story, Google it. 

Palin accused the org. of celeb worshiping ... then adding they treat doggie Jill better than many people treat human beings.

A rep for PETA tells us, "Palin's Facebook response shows us that she knows PETA about as well as she knows geography."


Sarah Palin

Blasted for Pic of Trig

Standing on a Dog

1/2/2015 9:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0102-sbs-palin-son-on-dog-facebook-01Sarah Palin thought photos of her six-year-old son Trig using a dog as a "stepping stone" were inspirational, and they did inspire -- Palin's own followers to rip her for animal cruelty.

Palin posted the pics on New Year's Day showing Trig standing over the sink ... using the family dog to boost him up so he could do dishes.

Palin wrote, "Determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for ‘up!’, found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone."

While some of her loyal followers defended the photos, others called the pics "cruel" and a form of animal cruelty.

The photos remain up and Palin has yet to respond to the criticism.

Chris Brown

Doing Couples Stuff ...

It's a Bitch

12/27/2014 6:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1227-chris-brown-karrueche-dog-christmas-AKMGSI-01Chris Brown may be out of the dog house with Karrueche Tran ... but now he's stuck dragging her new pooch everywhere -- meaning he's officially back to boyfriend duties.

The on-again/off-again couple hit up Nike Town in Beverly Hills on Friday while parading the dog Chris apparently bought her for Christmas -- but did not flash any new rocks.

Remember, on Christmas Karrueche posted what looked like an engagement ring -- but that's highly unlikely since it was on the wrong hand in the Insta pic (which she's now deleted)-- AND she didn't flaunt it for cameras yesterday. 

So, the only remaining question -- who picks up the poop?


Chris Pratt

Pays Tribute to Lil Sebastian

At 'Parks and Rec' Party

12/16/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video
Chris Pratt Lil Sebastian Tribute
Chris Pratt gave an emotional performance Saturday at the wrap party for "Parks and Recreation" ... all to pay tribute to one of Pawnee's finest treasures -- Lil Sebastian.

There was no hologram horse -- but Pratt belted out the Mouse Rat song "5,000 Candles in the Wind" with Ron freaking Swanson playing the guitar ... and just like you'd expect, it was awesome!

Everyone in attendance was stoked -- and since the show finished filming it's final season this week ... it will probably be the last time anyone hears it in person.

Treat yo self ... and watch the video.


Zooey Deschanel Sued

You Broke My Horse

... Now Pony Up!

12/10/2014 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Zooey Deschanel is being sued over a horse ... of course, of course ... by a woman who claims the actress rode the animal so damn hard, she broke him ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

The "New Girl" actress is a hardcore equestrian -- competing in events all the time -- and allegedly "leased" a show horse to ride for $13k back in 2013. 

In the suit, the woman who owns the horse, Patty Parker, claims Deschanel signed a horse contract ... promising not to overwork the stallion (named Literati) with restrictions that included "no more than 3 jumping lessons per week."

But Patty says ... when Deschanel returned the horse ... it was a shell of its former self -- "injured and unusable." Sad. 

In her suit, Patty says Literati needed serious medical attention -- and claims it's on Zooey to foot the massive veterinary bills.

We reached out to Zooey for comment. Did we get a call back? Neigh.


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