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Cesar Millan Dog & Pig Method 'Just Plain Dumb' ... Claims Veteran Trainer

3/14/2016 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0314-cesar-millan-pig-dog-NAT-GEO-01Cesar Millan was "dumb and irresponsible" when he put that unleashed dog and pig in the same kennel, and the woman who blew the whistle is adamant ... Cesar should be charged.

TMZ spoke with the woman, a veteran dog trainer with 20 years experience, and she believes Cesar used the pig as bait, instead of slowly integrating the animals together. She claims the proper protocol would have been first putting the pig and dog in pens next to one another, and THEN together on leash.

As we previously reported, Cesar says the pig and dog are fine and now get along -- but the anonymous dog trainer thinks he's downplaying the severity of the pig's injury.

She says Cesar and Nat Geo should be held accountable for what she calls a ratings ploy. She wants him charged for animal cruelty, and wants the pig off his property, and his practices monitored moving forward.

Cesar maintains his methods are sound.

Cesar Millan Bulldog Owner Testifies ... Get Off the Dog Whisperer's Back!

3/12/2016 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who hired Cesar Millan to break her dog's aggressive attitude toward pigs ... is ripping critics of his techniques, and the officials now investigating Millan.

Sandy owns Simon -- the French bulldog/terrier mix that bit and bloodied a pig during one of Millan's training sessions on "Cesar 911." In a video testimonial, she insists Millan is a lifesaver ... because Simon's aggression was threatening her other animals.

As for the injured pig ... Sandy thinks people have blown the injury way out of proportion.

TMZ broke the story ... Animal Control officers went to Millan's training facility to investigate multiple viewers complained about animal cruelty. No decision's been made on whether Cesar will be charged.

Watch Sandy's passionate explanation of Cesar's methods and end result. He might want to put her on retainer if this case moves forward.

Just sayin' ...

Cesar Millan That Dog Would Be Dead If It Wasn't For Me

3/11/2016 2:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0310-cesar-millan-tmz-9Cesar Millan is adamant he saved Simon the bulldog's life -- even if it meant a little pig blood was spilled in the process.  

Millan tells TMZ Simon hadn't shown any signs of aggression toward the pig prior to being taken off his leash ... so he thought it would be safe. However, Simon attacked, biting and ripping the pig's ear. 

Millan says it's not the first time he's brought an aggressive dog face-to-face with an animal with which it had a rocky past. In fact, he says the strategy's been very successful and in the end ... worked for Simon too.

Cesar tells us he spoke with investigators Friday and is working to set up a time for them to view the pig. 

As for his haters ... he says the end goal was to save Simon from being euthanized, and bringing him in the pig's pen did exactly that. 

'Legally Blonde' Chihuahua Dies

3/11/2016 10:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0311-legally-blonde-dog-dead-INSTAGRAM-01Moonie, the dog who shared the big screen with Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde" has died.

Reese just broke the ruff news ... posting a pic of her and Moonie, who played Bruiser Woods. She said, "I will never forget all the days we spent together ... I'm sure his tail is wagging in the sky."

Moonie was a rescued chihuahua before landing the "Legally Blonde" gig ... and was good pals with Gidget, the Taco Bell dog.

He was 18.



Cesar Millan The Pig's Okay ... Now It Walks the Dog

3/11/2016 6:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0310-cesar-millan-tmz-01Cesar Millan insists the pig that was bitten by an over aggressive dog during a training session ... is totally fine now, and video from his show proves it.

TMZ broke the story ... Animal Control went to Cesar's training center to investigate an incident shown on "Cesar 911." He was trying to train a French bulldog with a penchant for attacking its owner's pot-bellied pigs -- but the dog ended up biting a pig's ear

Nat Geo, which airs the show, says Cesar created a "safe and controlled environment" to rehabilitate aggressive dogs. It stresses he took precautions before "making initial corrections and removing the leash." And although the dog attacked it says the pig was tended to immediately, healed and showed "no lasting signs of distress."

Video shows Cesar putting the dog and the pig back together the next day ... and the pig actually walks its attacker.

It's unclear if the clip is enough to clear Cesar from animal cruelty charges, but Nat Geo seems to be saying ... since the dog was cured, the end justifies the means.


Cesar Millan Officials Investigating Possible Animal Cruelty

3/10/2016 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0310_Cops-at-Cesars-Dog-Psychology-Center_WMCesar Millan is under investigation for possible animal cruelty ... and officials are currently at his dog psychology center ... TMZ has learned.

L.A. County Animal Control tells us their major case unit, along with the sheriff, are currently at Millan's dog training center in Santa Clarita, CA after numerous complaints flooded in when Millan's show, "Cesar 911," showcased a dog attacking and injuring a pig during a training session.

0310_Cops-at-Cesars-Dog-Psychology-Center_WM-3We're told officials want to question Millan about the pig's current location and well-being.

We're told after investigators have questioned Cesar and employees ... they'll present their findings to the D.A.

Cops are on scene ... but so far have not made contact with Cesar.

Story developing ...

Salma Hayek Furious Cops Sided with Neighbor In Dog's Death

3/1/2016 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301_salma-hayek_dog_instagramSalma Hayek was outraged when cops told her they would not take action against the neighbor who shot and killed her dog ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... police in Yelm, Washington closed out their investigation into the death of Salma's beloved 9-year-old dog Mozart, after concluding the dog had trespassed on the neighbor's property and was trying to attack his dogs. The neighbor shot Mozart with a pellet gun to scare him off.

Cops tell us Salma couldn't believe cops were letting her neighbor skate, insisting her dogs NEVER trespassed on the guy's land.  

Here's Salma's problem. Her caretaker is the one who walked the dogs everyday, and she fessed up to cops the dogs routinely moseyed onto the neighbor's property and got into it with his dogs.

It's unclear if Salma plans to press the issue, but we do know when cops first met with her after Mozart died, her lawyer was present.

Salma was determined to get to the bottom of Mozart's death ... we're told she had a necropsy performed.

Salma Hayek Cops Say Neighbor Had Right to Shoot Dog

2/29/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0228-salma-hayek-dog-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Salma Hayek's beloved dog was shot and killed by a neighbor, TMZ has learned, and cops have closed the case because the dog was trespassing on his property.

As we reported, Salma's 9-year-old dog, Mozart, was found dead last week at her Washington state ranch.

Cops launched an investigation and tell us Salma's neighbor confessed to shooting the dog, but there were extenuating circumstances. The neighbor told police he was sick of her dogs coming onto his property and attacking his dogs, which he says happened every time Salma's caretaker took the pets for a walk. 

The neighbor told cops... several of Salma's dogs were in his garage on the day in question ... and he used a pellet gun to scare the animals away. The neighbor said he had no intention of killing any of the animals and cops also believe the pellet gun ordinarily would not be lethal.

Police have closed the investigation since the dogs were on the neighbors property.  

Wiz Khalifa New BFF is Young, Wild and Free ... Furry Too!

2/19/2016 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0219-wiz-khalifa-puppy-SD-BULLIES-01Wiz Khalifa is all about bullies -- he's expanding his fur fam with a rare mini English Bulldog named Max.

A rep for SD Bullies -- a popular Bulldog rescuer and breeder -- tells us Wiz hit them up to find a little bro for his 3-year-old Bulldog, Vincent.

Max just met Wiz and he's already living the high life. The 12-week-old pup was privately chauffeured on Thursday from San Diego to L.A.

SD Bullies wouldn't say how much Wiz shelled out, but rare, exotic breeds are their specialty. Translation: Max did NOT come cheap. We're told a similar dog could fetch $10-20k.



Justin Bieber I'm Adopting Another Primate ... Monkey Org Goes Ape

2/19/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0218-justin-bieber-primate-sanctuary-TMZ-01Justin Bieber has been called "foolish" and "irresponsible" by a monkey protection organization that is indignant over his vow to adopt another pet primate.

Bieber now says "monkeys are awesome" and he wants another one, with this proviso ... "Just gotta make sure I got a house and it stays in the f***ing house ... I'm not gonna bring him to Germany."

The Deutschland reference ... in 2013 he took his monkey, Mally, to Germany where customs officials confiscated it after Bieber didn't have the proper documents. He never tried retrieving it.

Now the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance is lashing out, warning Biebs getting another primate "will prove dangerous to both you and your monkey, as well as irresponsible when it comes to your public following."

The org pleads, "Please do not repeat this foolish endeavor."

NAPSA wants the word out that monkeys carry disease and turn hostile when owners try to domesticate them, telling Bieber, "It is simply not possible to fulfill the unique needs of your monkey within a private home."

And that says it all. 



Joanna Krupa Crying Wolf for REAL in the Hollywood Hills!

2/15/2016 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joanna Krupa wants so badly to save an animal she thinks is part wolf ... she's willing to sit face-to-face with it ... in the wild. 

Krupa tells TMZ she first saw the creature in the Hollywood Hills more than a week ago. She thinks it's part wolf, part dog and noticed it was bleeding -- so she started feeding it daily.

Her plan is to gain the animal's trust and then capture it and take it to a vet for treatment, but that won't be easy. She says dog rescue people have seen her video and think it could be up to 70% wolf ... which would also make it more dangerous to approach.

If it turns out to be domesticated, Joanna says she might adopt it or help it find a safe home through Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Ventura.

Do NOT try this in your own backyard.


YouTube Star Rhett McLaughlin I Got a New 'Poo ... and It's Adorable!

2/14/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_rhett_puppy_Wylder’s-Holistic-Pet-CenterRhett McLaughlin -- one half of the famous YouTube duo Rhett and Link -- just expanded his family ... by a couple of pounds.

Rhett and his wife Jessie got a maltipoo pup named Lola from Wylder's Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Studio City, CA.

Sources at Wylder's tell us Jessie came in last week by herself at first, but immediately fell in love with Lola and called Rhett to get over there with their sons, STAT -- and sealed the deal on the spot.

We're told the fam dropped nearly a grand on toys and girly outfits for Lola. They also made a donation to the store's rescue efforts.


Lauren Conrad Sued She's a Dognapper!

2/4/2016 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-lauren-conrad-tmz-01"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad is guilty of jacking 2 surfing dogs for use on her website ... according to a new lawsuit.

Okay, LC didn't walk off with the actual pups -- Incredible Features Inc. says she merely stole 2 photos of the athletic pets, and slapped them up on her website. 

As lawsuits go, it's a pretty entertaining read. IFI says, "In the dog eat dog world of online content ... Lauren Conrad, a sophisticated website operator, is cognizant of the value of high-quality photography." IFI says it owns the images that are now on her site.

0204_lauren_conrad_dog_subThe suit points out Lauren's site isn't a blog but a "commercial enterprise through which Conrad shills her Kohl's clothing line amongst other things." 

Kohl's cheap shot aside -- IFI wants Lauren to take down the images, and it wants any profits she earned on the dogs' backs. We've reached out to LC ... no word back yet.

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