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Chris Pratt

Pays Tribute to Lil Sebastian

At 'Parks and Rec' Party

12/16/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Chris Pratt Lil Sebastian Tribute
Chris Pratt gave an emotional performance Saturday at the wrap party for "Parks and Recreation" ... all to pay tribute to one of Pawnee's finest treasures -- Lil Sebastian.

There was no hologram horse -- but Pratt belted out the Mouse Rat song "5,000 Candles in the Wind" with Ron freaking Swanson playing the guitar ... and just like you'd expect, it was awesome!

Everyone in attendance was stoked -- and since the show finished filming it's final season this week ... it will probably be the last time anyone hears it in person.

Treat yo self ... and watch the video.


Zooey Deschanel Sued

You Broke My Horse

... Now Pony Up!

12/10/2014 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zooey Deschanel is being sued over a horse ... of course, of course ... by a woman who claims the actress rode the animal so damn hard, she broke him ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

The "New Girl" actress is a hardcore equestrian -- competing in events all the time -- and allegedly "leased" a show horse to ride for $13k back in 2013. 

In the suit, the woman who owns the horse, Patty Parker, claims Deschanel signed a horse contract ... promising not to overwork the stallion (named Literati) with restrictions that included "no more than 3 jumping lessons per week."

But Patty says ... when Deschanel returned the horse ... it was a shell of its former self -- "injured and unusable." Sad. 

In her suit, Patty says Literati needed serious medical attention -- and claims it's on Zooey to foot the massive veterinary bills.

We reached out to Zooey for comment. Did we get a call back? Neigh.


Madisen Beaty

My Ex-BF Crossed the Line in Bed

... And Abused My Dog

12/8/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204-madisen-beaty-beverly-dog-instagramActress Madisen Beaty says she fears for her life after her violent ex-boyfriend beat her up during rough sex and terrorized her dog.

Beaty -- who stars on "The Fosters" and also appeared in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- got a restraining order against ex-bf Cameron Brown. In court docs, she says Brown severely abused her and damaged her stuff by:

 -- repeatedly punching her in the face during rough sex
 -- choking her with a seat belt
 -- throwing a broken cabinet door at her
 -- tossing her cell phone "down the block" 

Madisen also says in the docs ... Brown threw her white standard poodle named Beverly around her apartment -- and drove recklessly while Beverly was unsecured in a backseat. She says the pooch got tossed around the vehicle.

If that wasn't bad enough, Madisen says Brown repeatedly called her an "overdramatic actress" who "cried way too easily" and that he "enjoyed" hitting her in the face.

The judge ordered Brown to stay 100 yards away from Madisen and her poodle.


Boomer Esiason

Oversees Kitten Bowl Draft

[Ryan Fitzcatrick Falls to #3]

12/2/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Clawvin Johnson" era has officially begun ... and NFL great Boomer Esiason was on hand to deliver the news, presiding over the 2015 Kitten Bowl Draft. 

The Hallmark Channel has rounded up a new crop of cats for Kitten Bowl II -- set to air on Feb. 1 (the same day as the Super Bowl) ... and in his official role as Commish, Boomer welcomed the newbies. 

So, how'd it go down? Johnson went #1 ... followed by studs like "Cat Stafford" and "Ryan Fitzcatrick."

Don't worry, there's about 40 billion more cat puns stuffed inside this clip. It's Ameowzing. 

Watch the video -- If you're allergic to cute, you're going to die. 

Justin Bieber

Dad Allegedly Hurled Dog

Off 2nd Story Balcony

12/1/2014 11:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1201_justin_bieber_dog_launchJustin Bieber's dad flew into an angry rage and threw the dog he and Justin adopted off a second story balcony ... so claims the dog trainer who now has the pooch.

Justin and Jeremy Bieber bought Karma, an American Bulldog, a year ago, and it was rough from the beginning. Karma was living at Jeremy's Canada home, but the animal needed training. It bit Justin's little bro Jaxon, which sent Jeremy into nuclear mode.

Trainer Trevor Dvernichuk tells TMZ ... Jeremy grabbed the dog and hurled him off the balcony into a snow bank. Trevor says Jeremy then told him to take the dog and not to bring it back until it was socialized.

Fast forward to this weekend. Trevor still has Karma ... it appears it was pretty much abandoned by Jeremy and Justin. But Jeremy pitched a fit after Trevor started telling people that the dog was flat out abandoned. Jeremy now says Trevor stole the dog and he's getting the cops involved.

Trevor originally told us ... he's concerned about the dog's welfare because of what Jeremy did, but he doesn't want to get in trouble with the law so now that he knows Jeremy wants the dog back he's willing to return it. However, on TMZ Live stated lawyers will be getting involved and he may want some money for his services and the care of the animal.


Vet to the Stars

Dogs Go Missing

After Home Burglary

11/23/2014 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123-dr-sue-downing-dogs-tmz-01Dr. Sue Downing -- who cares for a bunch of dogs owned by celebs including Betty White, Katherine McPhee, Mark Harmon and Benicio del Toro -- has very personal dog problems of her own.  Her home was hit by burglars Friday and her seriously-ill dogs are now gone.

It's a weird burglary ... nothing was missing except 2 of her 3 dogs ... a 13-year-old pom named Penny and a 3-year-old terrier named Spice. She's not positive if the thieves took the dogs, or if the criminals left the gate open and they escaped.

The doctor tells us Penny was taking medication for a heart condition and Spice was born with a birth defect that causes her to limp.

Downing filed a police report ... and the LAPD Pacific Division is on the hunt.

Kim Richards

Removes Pit Bull From Home

... Temporarily

11/16/2014 12:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

111614_kim_richards_launchKim Richards finally played her hand on the fate of her pit bull ... and it sounds like she's trying to keep it.

Kyle Richard's sis was at the Grove Saturday when our photog asked about her dog, which has now bitten 4 people ... most recently Kyle's 18-year-old daughter Alexia.

It takes a little reading between the lines, but it sounds like she's saying she sent the dog to a professional so it won't continue attacking people.  That means when the trainer thinks the dog is socialized she'll take it back.

The question ... who would go to Kim's house hoping the dog had turned over a new leaf?

Once bit ...


Richard Simmons

Beloved Dog's Death

Triggered Emotional Crisis

11/14/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Simmons Dog DiedThe death of Richard Simmons' dog played an important part in the depression that has turned him into a shut-in ... a dog he considered his child.

TMZ broke the story ... Richard hasn't been seen in public for almost 11 months ... and the trigger was a looming knee replacement which shut Richard down professionally and socially. 

Sources close to Richard tell us his Dalmatian Hattie died within days of his last public sighting back in January. Richard took the dog with him when he was out and about in L.A. and would often brag about her in his exercise classes.

Richard -- who never had kids of his own -- treated Hattie like a child. Richard had several Dalmatians and Hattie was the last survivor.  

Richard had a deep bond with the dog, who was 17 when she died ... and it destroyed him.

The knee was the trigger, but the dog was the emotional tug that contributed to Richard's life paralysis.


Kyle Richards

Not Pleased with Kim, Doggone It!

11/13/2014 5:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Richards made it as clear as she can without saying anything ... she's none too pleased the dog that attacked her daughter has not been removed from her sister's home.

Kyle was chatty as she left Craig's in West Hollywood Wednesday night ... telling our photog her daughter Alexia will hopefully regain full movement of her hand after the attack by Kim Richards' pit bull.

But when our guy asked about keeping the dog in the family ... her tone immediately changed. It's not just what she says, but how she says it.

As TMZ first reported ... Kyle does not want her sister's pit bull destroyed, but she does feel it's a good idea if Kim finds the pup a new home.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Some Tails Just Gotta Be Told

11/13/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you like Arnold Schwarzenegger -- you're gonna LOVE our world premiere big deal thingy with ... his dog! Yeah, Arnie's doggy actually spilled a lot of secrets!

He basically talks to us more than his owner. Easier to understand too.

Nick Carter

Battling Kenny G's Wife

Over Trashed Beach House

11/12/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1111_nick_carter_malibu_mansion_before_damage_launchKenny G's ex-wife is at war with Nick Carter ... claiming he trashed her Malibu beach house ... leaving it littered with dog and cat poop.

The "Backstreet Boys" singer rented the home from Lyndie Benson in the super-exclusive Malibu Cove Colony for the very reasonable price of $17K/mo. plus a $35K security deposit.

Sources close to Benson claim Nick left the place a wreck ... flooding the house by overloading the septic tank, and letting his pets crap and pee everywhere.

Carter's calling BS ... he's furious she only returned around $1,700 of the security, so he's suing to get the balance.

Carter says the house was a mess when he got it ... stained carpets, leaky toilets and a broken A/C.

Carter -- who by the way lists his income at over $1M a year -- is suing for the balance.


Kyle Richards

Daughter Alexia Worse for Wear

After Dog Bite

11/10/2014 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Richards and her daughter Alexia Umansky were out and about Monday ... the first time the 18-year-old has been seen in public since she was viciously attacked by her aunt's pit bull.

Kyle and Alexia went inside the James Kendall Salon in Bev Hills and had little to say about the dog bite that required 2 surgeries.  

Our photog mistakenly asked Alexia if she was mad at "your friend" ... obviously Kim Richards is her aunt, but close enough ... sorta.

They were also mum on whether the dog should be destroyed.

Johnny Weir

I Got the Dog and Faberge Egg

... My Ex Gets Squat

11/10/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1108-johnny-weir-victor-voronov-tmz-01Johnny Weir's ex believes the judge in his divorce case screwed the pooch ... because Johnny has been awarded full custody of their tiny little dog.

And there's more in the bad news department for Victor Voronov ... he doesn't get to keep the $20,000 Faberge egg that was a big bone of contention in their nasty divorce.  

We found out Johnny and Victor quietly went to court late last week and the judge laid down the law over some precious items. The Japanese Chin, Tema, was the biggest source of heartache. Victor sobbed back in March, as he watched Weir scoop Tema up and remove her from their home.
The judge also gave Johnny's lawyer permission to sell their wedding rings and the pricey egg to cover legal fees.

Johnny threw a crying fit over the egg -- which led to a 6-hour standoff at their storage facility.

Victor also got shut down in his attempt to get more spousal support, so all he gets is a grand a month.

Why do we think this fight's not over?


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