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Eniko Hart You Dog, You!

9/18/2017 6:11 AM PDT

Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko, took her Dobie to the animal hospital Sunday night in L.A., in the wake of the sexually explicit video showing her husband in a provocative situation.

Eniko hasn't been seen since Kevin posted a video apologizing to his pregnant wife and kids for getting himself in such a "situation."

She's wearing her wedding ring ... in fact, in the photo she may be making a point of it.

TMZ broke the story, Kevin says someone has tried extorting him for 7 figures over the video, which shows Kevin cozying up to a woman. The tape also shows a naked man in a bedroom who definitely looks like him.

As we first reported, the extortion demand actually reached 8 figures at one point but the extortionist lowered it back down to 7.

'The Blacklist' Producer Find My Lost Dog ... Act in My New George Lopez Movie

9/16/2017 1:45 PM PDT

3:00 PM PT -- A woman in Oceanside found Carnahan's dog Sunday after seeing his flyer, but we're told she turned down the role in his movie. Calling all amateur actors -- a producer for "The Blacklist" lost his pup ... and he's offering you your big break alongside George Lopez if you can find it.

Hollywood producer Joe Carnahan -- who's worked on flicks like "The Grey," "The A-Team," and "Smokin' Aces"  -- is searching for a lost pit bull/chihuahua mix, Junior, who he rescued last year and had recently gotten adopted by a family in Oceanside, CA.

We're told things weren't working out for that family after about a week, and Joe's family was planning on picking up the dog today. Thing is ... Junior got out of the family's house and is now lost. But Joe's got a creative reward for anyone who can find him.

Joe put out a flyer describing Junior as well as the reward -- $500 cash ... and an extra role in his new movie "El Chicano" with stars like Lopez, Kate Del Castillo and Aimee Garcia

Anyone who finds the dog or has info about its whereabouts can email Bust out the dog whistles ... this pooch is worth every second of screen time. 

Hemingway Home Cats Won't Starve Post-Hurricane Irma On 4-Week Supply Of Chow!

9/13/2017 12:30 AM PDT

The Hemingway Home cats are making it out better than some humans post-Hurricane Irma because there's enough food to feed all 55 of them for the next 4 weeks.

We spoke with a Hemingway Home employee who told us the place picked up 300 lbs of cat food before Irma hit. Normally the kitties go through about 80 lbs a week, so there's plenty of grub to get them through the next month.

Key West, where the famed home sits, suffered less damage than some of the other Keys and Caribbean islands, but there's still no electricity, cell service or Internet. They finally got access to running water on Tuesday, but only for 2 hours and it had to be boiled.

We're told several employees who evacuated plan to pick up more food for the cats on their way back, so the house stays fully supplied. As for the human caretakers, they're stocked on food too so no one's going hungry.

Lisa Vanderpump Sued for Not Gettin' Giggy with It!!!

9/12/2017 5:54 PM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump got a company specializing in high fashion for dogs to outfit her precious Pom Giggy, but she turned her back when it came to payment ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Fifi & Romeo, a luxury dog boutique, claims in the new suit obtained by TMZ, they struck a deal with Lisa to dress Giggy for some high-profile events and photo shoots. The deal was this ... F&R would dress Giggy to the nines at no cost but Lisa would promote the company on Instagram and TV appearances.

Giggy was stylin' for sure, on TV, on red carpets and big animal events. F&R claims Lisa stopped showing love ... refusing to give credit where they say credit was richly due.

BTW ... F&R is top of the line ... it designed Bruiser's outfit in "Legally Blonde."

F&R now claims fraud, and they want an unspecified amount of money to make it right.

Hemingway House The Kitties Are OK Irma Spares Key West

9/10/2017 5:20 PM PDT

The cats who call the Hemingway House in Key West home are all safe and accounted for after the bulk of Hurricane Irma spared the island city ... TMZ has learned.

Staff members that work at the Hemingway House tell us all 55 cats -- and the people who stayed behind to care for them -- are a-okay at the property ... which itself is still standing and suffered no major structural damage.

We're told all 10 Hemingway occupants, including manager Jacque Sands, lucked out big time since Irma left significantly less destruction than in the other Keys. Sources tell us while there are a few trees down on the estate, everything else at the house appears to be fine.

The Hemingway House also avoided major flooding. A source at the National Weather Service tells us Key West only saw a water surge of about 3 feet as opposed to the 15-20 feet anticipated throughout the Keys as Irma approached. We're told Key West was in the eye wall -- the strongest part of the hurricane -- for 2 hours. Water has begun to recede as Irma moves north.

As a result, those at the house are not currently inundated by water unlike Miami -- but are staying inside until winds die down.

As for those 6-toed cats ... talk about nine lives, huh? 

Richard Branson Necker Island Devastated by Irma

9/10/2017 1:48 PM PDT

Richard Branson's private Caribbean island was virtually decimated by Hurricane Irma ... and TMZ has learned there were some animal casualties. 

TMZ obtained these photos, which vividly show the power of the storm on Necker Island. The main house was all but destroyed and some of the surrounding structures are gone. 

As we reported, Branson and his crew weathered the storm from a basement and they all survived. 

Branson had an awesome menagerie of exotic animals on the property and we're told a number of them didn't make it through the hurricane ... but many did. We're told 250 flamingos are going strong, as are 60 lemurs. 

We're told all of the parrots and toucans also survived. Our Necker Island sources say Branson converted his wine cellar into an animal hospital and shelter for the injured, weak and scared.

Branson shared some photos and video of the wreckage himself Sunday, and it only confirms the damage to his home. 

He says he's now mobilizing aid efforts in Puerto Rico.

Richard Branson Necker Island Torn Apart by Irma Some Exotic Animals MIA

9/7/2017 6:28 AM PDT

9:42 AM -- Richard says he's never seen anything like Hurricane Irma. He adds, "Necker and the whole area have been completely and utterly devastated. We are still assessing the damage, but whole houses and trees have disappeared. Outside of the bunker, bathroom and bedroom doors and windows have flown 40 feet away. I'm speaking these words from a satellite phone that is just about working, but all other communications is down."

Richard Branson's menagerie of exotic animals are not all accounted for after Hurricane Irma tore through Branson's Necker Island ... TMZ has learned.

As we reported, Branson proudly assembled an awesome array of animals, including lemurs, flamingos, gigantic tortoises and exotic birds, among others.

We're told the lemurs were herded into guest rooms on the island and the parrots and tortoises were caged and stored in some of the structures. A number of structures on the island were either heavily damaged or destroyed, and people are now searching through the rubble, trying to find all the animals.

As for the flamingos -- and there are hundreds -- there was nothing Branson or his people could do ... they were left by the small lake to fend for themselves. As we reported, flamingos try to protect themselves in the midst of a hurricane by forming a line and taking turns buffering the others. With a storm as strong as Irma, however, that may have been a futile effort.

The good news ... Branson, his family and his team have all been accounted for and are safe.

Richard Branson Exotic Animals on Necker Island In Irma's Path

9/6/2017 1:18 PM PDT

As Hurricane Irma pounds the Caribbean and people flee or take cover, there are hundreds of animals that are less protected ... but the good news is that many know how to fend for themselves.

Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island is home to a variety of exotic animals, including more than 80 lemurs, hundreds of flamingos -- including a blind one, Miss Lucky -- red foot tortoises, exotic birds and almost extinct Anegada iguanas.

The animals are well cared for by Branson's staff, but there's only so much that can be done. Branson and his staff have remained on Necker to weather Irma, but many of the animals simply do the best they can to find shelter. An official for Necker tells TMZ, "The animals are safe," but she would not elaborate.

In past hurricanes, such as Hawaii's Hurricane Iniki in 1992, flamingos were known to form lines and take turns buffering the others from the winds, and most survived as a result.

Hurricane Harvey Rescues Go to the Dogs & an Armadillo!

8/31/2017 2:42 PM PDT

Several 4-legged victims of Hurricane Harvey are now safe and sound -- and we got this video of rescuers scooping up stranded pups and one lost armadillo.

The 'dillo in this clip was stuck on a small patch of land in a flooded Houston neighborhood Thursday ... when he was captured by PETA's crew and returned to safety.

We're told the team arrived Tuesday night, and has been working 'round the clock to find pets that were most likely left behind when families had to flee for their lives.

So far PETA's seen dogs in flooded yards, and some left crated inside homes. The Humane Society of the United States also has its people patrolling, and found several cats inside homes. 

Hurricane Harvey Animal Owners Live with Pets To Comfort Them

8/30/2017 3:21 PM PDT

Lisa Rogers is living in a leaky trailer on top of a hill so she can give comfort to one of her beloved rescue horses.

Lisa runs Amazing Grace Acres Equine Rescue & Rehab. Among her brood ... 12 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 mule, 1 pony, 1 potbellied pig, 22 cats and 3 dogs. All of the animals are with her as she tries to figure out her next move.

A significant portion of the rescue effort is now being devoted to saving and caring for displaced animals.

The photo below is Billy Hutson from Austin who came to Houston to help rescue animals.  

Hurricane Harvey No Tortoise Left Behind

8/30/2017 11:36 AM PDT

Rescue efforts in Houston are in full swing ... and, no, people aren't forgetting the 4-legged victims.

This tortoise was rescued Wednesday on a tugboat by Aaron Jayjack during historic flooding in the city. He looks a bit discombobulated ... albeit safely aboard and secure.

As we reported ... Harvey will have an enormous impact on pets as they become displaced and separated from their homes and owners. 

This big guy might be a shell of his former self after the storm ... but at least he isn't turnt up in the water.

Hurricane Harvey Pets Suffer Significant Emotional Impact

8/30/2017 12:50 AM PDT

As much as people are suffering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, pets are going through it just as bad ... according to one expert.

Professional pet sitter and veterinary nurse Diana Carreon says animals process displacement and trauma the same as humans. She explains how the emotional impact of Harvey can impact pets ... from withdrawal to aggressiveness.

Diana also says animals can suffer PTSD in ways similar to humans, and their recovery process varies wildly. She also says the only cure for certain, significant trauma may be meds. 

Derrick Rose Drops $4,600 On Adorable New Puppy

8/24/2017 6:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Cleveland Cavs star Derrick Rose just got a brand new family member -- he's adorable, he's furry and he ain't cheap! 

TMZ Sports has learned Derrick and GF, Alaina Anderson, brought home a 10-week-old Chocolate Goldendoodle puppy this week from Murphy's Doodles, a high-end breeder in Florida.

We're told ... the couple dropped $4,600 for the pooch -- which they immediately brought out to their home in Beverly Hills. 

So far, we're told the dog doesn't have a name -- but they're workin' on it! 


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