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Wiz Khalifa

Amber Has Our Son Living in Filth

Here's Proof [PHOTOS]

2/19/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose Custody BattleWiz Khalifa will offer photo evidence Amber Rose's home is too dirty and unsafe for their toddler -- which is why Wiz wants to change their custody agreement.

TMZ broke the story ... Wiz is gearing up to demand an increase in the amount of time he gets with their 1-year-old son Sebastian -- and we're told these photos will be part of his case.

One of the images shows dog poop strewn across a backyard patio. As we told you one of the complaints from Wiz's camp is Amber's dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian's face.

Other pics include a knife left out on a counter top and loose garbage in the yard. 

Amber hasn't responded to calls for comment. She's been kinda busy ... much like Wiz.

Pam to Rick

Get Your Daughters and Dog

Out of My House!

2/17/2015 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Pam Anderson is on a tear, ordering her husband's daughters and their dog to get the hell out of her house ... this according to sources close to Rick Salomon

As we reported, Pam filed for divorce last week, and it's not the first time. She filed for divorce in July but then withdrew the petition. And she was married to Salomon in 2007 but got it annulled 2 months later.

We're told Rick is working in Vegas and Pam called him Monday and demanded that his 2 daughters -- ages 18 and 16 -- get out immediately. She also wanted Bumblebee the Rottweiler removed STAT.

Rick begged Pam to give them a week or 2 until they could find a new place, but she refused.

The daughters, Hunter and Tyson, are from a previous marriage to E.G. Daily

Pam's rep had no comment.



Jennifer Lopez Sued

Casper's Dog Is Terrorizing Me

... Says Neighbor

2/13/2015 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0213_dog_injury_launchJennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are officially reuniting in court -- the woman who was bitten by one of Casper's dogs is suing both of them ... and her injuries are pretty graphic.

In the lawsuit, Andrea Ashley -- one of JLo's neighbors -- says she was getting out of her car back in December ... when Smart's boxer named Bear mauled her left arm and hand ... leaving her with broken bones and cuts. She's included photos of her bloodied limb in the suit.

Ashley says, right after the attack ... Casper walked out of JLo's house wearing only pajama bottoms and came over to apologize. That's interesting because Casper and Jennifer had broken up several months before the attack. As we reported ... J.Lo's people told us the dogs were only at her house for a visit with her kids. Apparently, Casper was visiting too. 

Ashley says this wasn't the first attack -- Bear also escaped through a hole in JLo's fence and attempted to attack her in April. She says only her gardener saved her from getting mauled that time.

In the docs, Ashley says Casper called her, apologized, and offered to pay all of her medical bills. As for why she's suing Lopez ... Ashley says Jennifer bears some responsibility because the dog is escaping through her fence.

Further, she says Bear has remained at Jennifer's home since Jan. 8 ... and she's afraid he could get out again. Animal Control told us Bear was quarantined at Casper's home since the attack. 


Cesar Millan

Sued Over Pit Bull Attack

Dog Didn't Make Grade in School

2/5/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Cesar Millan Sued Dog AttackCesar Millan is being sued for allowing an unsuspecting dog owner to adopt a vicious pit bull that tore into a guest.  

Alison Bitney -- yes it's ironic -- claims she was at a friend's house minding her own business when Gus the pit bull went nuts, biting her arm which caused permanent numbness in her hand. 

Bitney, a nurse, says she was horrified to learn the dog had a checkered past. It ripped into its trainer's breast and arm back in 2013 in a 20 minute attack. The dog was impounded, only to be saved when a judge signed off and allowed Cesar to train the pooch. 

Cesar trained the dog alright, but Bitney says not nearly enough. She claims the dog graduated prematurely and went to live with a guy who had no experience handling dangerous animals. 

Bitney claims to have some firepower behind her argument because she says even the director of Millan's Dog Psychology Center admitted the dog needed another 18 months of rehab. 

Jen Woodard, VP of the DPC, tells TMZ ... Cesar wasn't Gus' trainer at the facility -- but she adds, "Gus was removed from the DPC against the strong advice and objection of his trainer, before his rehabilitation was completed." Woodard says that was the owner's decision. 

As for Gus' current status ... Bitney says a L.A. County judge has already ordered his destruction.

Matthew McConaughey

Ranch Draws Fire

Over Trapped Deer Kills

2/4/2015 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF



12:15 PM PT -- Matt's rep got back to TMZ and said he hasn't owned the ranch since 2011. The website to the ranch, however, still lists Matt as "co-owner." And Matt's nephew Madison went on TMZ Live and said, "My Uncle Matthew, the hunting part is part of the ranch, but he is more with the cattle. That's where his passion is."


Matthew McConaughey has a side business ... letting people onto his property to hunt caged-in animals, and it has enraged animal rights activists.

Matt owns a ranch in Mertzon, Texas with his brother Mike. The ranch breeds and sells horses and cows. The ranch also offers whitetail deer hunting ... where people can come to hunt deer that can't run away.

Hunters can actually stay on the property during the hunting trip ... there is food, a tavern, and other amenities.  

As for the hunt ... people can go out during the day and shoot the deer. Someone connected with the ranch tells TMZ there are 22,000 acres for the animals to roam, but animal rights groups claim the deer hang by the feeding area, which makes them easy targets.


The ranch touts the fact that in 2007 they "high fenced" the area so the deer couldn't escape.  

Some Facebook postings in the last 24 hours are caustic:


-- "We just lost all respect for you ... This is NOT HUNTING ... This is disgusting behavior for human beings!"

-- "NO MORE support for you Matthew in anything and everything you do."

We reached out to Matt's rep ... so far no word back. But the actor's nephew, Madison McConaughey -- the ranch cattle manager -- tells TMZ they've had death threats from people who don't understand the nature of what they do. He says, "People are disgusted with us but we're disgusted with them."

Madison adds, people who come there do so for the "hunting experience" and he says "We're proud of what we do."

Another ranch manager tells us, "No meat goes to waste after the hunts. It helps feed our families." 


Stolen Bev Hills Pooch

Hilary Duff & Celeb Posse Scour City

1/30/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
Dog Stolen Beverly Hills Store
Hollywood's all about who you know ... even for dogs, because Hilary Duff, Lance Bass, George Lopez and others are tearing up the town to find a Beverly Hills icon -- who happens to have 4 legs. 

Owner Julia Cohen says her pooch -- Charlie -- was stolen Wednesday, and when the news hit social media ... stars like Duff spent all night driving around on the hunt. Others like Lea Michele searched on foot.  

Julia says her little guy's a fixture outside Switch -- her popular BH boutique -- and security footage shows he was stolen by a pregnant woman. 

The reward for Charlie is currently $5,000 and growing. If you have info. on him please contact Switch at (310) 860-1650.



Pulls Super Bowl Spot

Over Puppy Cruelty Backlash

1/27/2015 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
012715_go_daddy_launchDanica Patrick loses again ... this time, is PULLING their Super Bowl ad featuring the NASCAR driver over OUTRAGE from animal lovers. 

The commercial -- called "Lost Dog" -- shows a puppy that falls out of a truck ... and then overcomes all odds to find its way back home.  

Problem is, when the little guy returns home ... he finds out the owner used GoDaddy to set up a website to sell the dog to a new owner.  

Needless to say, people are PISSED -- with some animal rights groups saying the commercial supports puppy mills and other "inhumane breeding" practices. PETA went nuts over it ... saying, "anyone who sells a dog online is a callous jerk."

GoDaddy's CEO Blake Irving got the message loud and clear ... and tweeted, "What should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it."

GoDaddy says it will still use it's 30 second Super Bowl slot (after all, they paid $4 mil for it) ... though so far, it's unclear what will run in its place.

Puppy Bowl XI

We're Prepared ...

For a MAJOR Crapshoot

1/25/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Puppy Bowl Poop
Only one team of dogs will win the eleventh annual Puppy Bowl ... but they'll all have to poop at some point -- and Animal Planet has their cute butts covered.

This year's event will feature 85 pups, 21 kittens and 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats (the cheerleaders) -- and producers prepared by purchasing 315 poop bags ... as well 1,200 puppy pads.  

The animals will also have their own personal assistants -- 65 puppy escorts and 50 volunteers -- plus they've got a whole lot of food on deck.

Halftime performer Katty Furry got the real celebrity treatment though ... her outfit was crafted by a famous pet designer whose made expensive outfits for Paris Hilton and other celebs. They also extended an invite to Katy Perry to their pre-game party.

This game WILL feature deflated balls. Neutering ... what are you gonna do?

Jennifer Lopez

Casper's Dog Escapes ...

Attacks Neighbor

1/22/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Dog Attacks
Casper Smart's dog escaped from Jennifer Lopez's house and bit one of her neighbors ... leaving the woman with a broken hand.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Smart's boxer, named Bear was at JLo's home outside Los Angeles back in December ... when he got loose and clamped down on the neighbor's hand and arm. 

Since the attack, Bear has been quarantined at Casper's nearby Woodland Hills home. Authorities are still trying to determine if the dog poses a danger to others. 

0121-jlo-casper-smart-dogs-INSTAGRAM-03We're told both of Casper's boxers still spend a lot of time at JLo's house ... since her kids love the dogs. It's unclear if JLo or Casper were at the house when the attack happened, but Animal Control gave Casper a citation for an unleashed dog ... since he's the owner. 

We've reached out to Casper, but haven't heard back yet.


Natural History Museum Grouses

You Glittered Our Dino!

1/20/2015 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
was stopped by security over the weekend at L.A.'s Natural History Museum for unwittingly making off with a dinosaur.
Our dino-sources tell us ... Kesha was at the museum Saturday for a wedding. On her way out she went to the gift store with her assistant and admired a faux T-Rex. She held the 3-ft tall critter in her hand and walked out of the store.

On her way to the car security stopped them and asked them what was up with the prehistoric beast. Each said they thought the other paid and apologized for the misunderstanding. Kesha forked over the dinosaur and left.

Problem is ... it was covered in glitter, so it had to endure a dino-wash ... not sure you can resell that.

And that wasn't Kesha's only problem. She posed on top of a Triceratops which was on display in the museum and got heat from archaeologists and others who felt it showed a lack of respect.

And that's a Raptor.



Coast Guard Pissed

The Gag Over Anus is Heinous

1/18/2015 8:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
011815_workoholics_launchThe Coast Guard is fuming over this week's episode of "Workaholics" ... claiming a scene depicting their men forcing a dog to lick the butthole of a faux seaman has deeply offended their ranks.

In case you missed it ... "Dorm Daze" featured a scene involving actors playing Coast Guardians angrily pouring soda into the fanny of Anders Holm's character. Then they let a dog go to town.

C.G. officials fired off a letter to Viacom execs calling it reprehensible to portray military officers in such a degrading way ... and they weren't happy about the fake Guard members lining up for a porno scene.

The letter reads, "Sexual assault is a crime. It's not humorous and it's not funny," adding, "Sexual assault is a breach of our Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty that each member of the U.S. Cost Guard promises to live by."

We reached out to a rep for Workaholics.  So far, no word back.


Marnie the Dog

REJECTS World Dog Awards Invite

I'm Too Famous, Bitches!

1/17/2015 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Marnie The Dog World Dog AwardsOne of the most famous animals on Instagram was noticeably absent this week from the "World Dog Awards" -- and it's all because the pooch had no interest in being just a seat filler.

Sources close to Marnie the Dog tell us the adorable pooch was invited to the show, but owners of the pet -- which has over 900K followers -- turned down the invite.

We're told Marnie wasn't happy she wasn't offered a marquee role. Besides, the pooch is busy filming in Seattle with some big time Internet celebs.

She'll never eat kibble in that town again.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Our Dogs Are a Little Pee Shy

1/10/2015 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
011015_chrissy_tiegen_launchJohn Legend and Chrissy Teigen's dogs were a little pissed Friday at LAX ... but they had problems showing it.

The famous couple stopped at the bushes for some doggie relief following their flight ... and the flashing from the cameras knocked the pooches off kilter.

One of their pups eventually gets the job done -- but the other required more cover.

Speaking of pee pee ... check out TMZ PP ... it's even more fun than watching dogs urinate!

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