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Kim Richards

Best Friend Will Sue

Over Dog Attack [Gruesome Photos]

11/7/2014 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1107_richards_dog_injuries_launch_4 A woman Kim Richards calls her "second mother" will sue Kim for the dog bites she suffered from Kim's pit bull. The gruesome pics of the injuries make it clear ... she'll be gunning for lots of money.

Kay Rozario says she was in Kim's bedroom in March when she reached over the bed and Kingsley attacked her, biting through her hand all the way to the bone. The dog also went for her face but she blocked it with her arm, which was also injured.

Rozario tells TMZ ... Kim's first reaction was, "Please don't tell anyone.  I'll lose my show."

Paramedics came and wanted to call animal control, but Rozario talked them out of it and said Kim would handle it.

Rozario tells us Kim has refused to pay any of her medical bills. So she'll file a lawsuit next week.

As we reported, the dog has attacked 4 people.

Kim Richards calls Rozario's version of events "vehemently not true," and strongly insinuates Rozario knew the dog was in the room and prone to bite. Kim said the same thing about her niece Alexia.

Kyle Richards

I Don't Want

Kim's Pit Bull Destroyed

11/7/2014 11:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Richards is an animal lover and a very forgiving woman ... which is why she does NOT want the pit bull put down that viciously attacked her daughter.

As TMZ first reported, Kyle's 18-year-old daughter suffered a slew of injuries -- requiring 2 surgeries -- courtesy of Kim's pit bull, Kingsley.

Kyle has made it CLEAR to friends and family ... destroying Kingsley is not an option. She knows the dog is extremely important to Kim, who is struggling with ongoing addiction problems and really has no one else.

That said ... we're told Kyle thinks it would be a good idea if Kim realized she can't really control the dog and it would be best to give it to someone who has better control over the animal.

Kingsley has been a problem -- he's bitten 4 people ...  3 at Kim's home. He's also aggressive toward other animals.


Miley Cyrus

I Got My Pet Pig Hookup

From King of Fake Teeth

11/7/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Miley Cyrus
's business deal with the king of fake buckteeth really helped her bring home the bacon -- as in her pet piglet Bubba Sue. 

TMZ has learned the micro pig Miley's been showing off in pics since August ... was a gift from her business partners at Billy Bob Products -- the company that just started cranking out those ridiculously popular Miley Bob fake teeth for $11.99 a pop. 

Billy Bob founder Jonah White tells us he and his wife reached out to Miley back in August ... after her dog Floyd died, and set up a backstage meeting in St. Louis. He says that's when they surprised her with Bubba Sue -- complete with a birth certificate.  

Around the same time ... Jonah and Miley also hammered out their business deal. Sources close to the negotiations tell us Miley is getting a 50/50 split of the profits from her line of fake teeth.

Sweet deal, sweet pig.


Kim Richards


11/6/2014 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards says her niece is to blame for the pit bull attack that left her hospitalized ... and she's not saying definitively she's getting rid of her dog that has attacked 4 people.

Kim claims she told Alexia to leave Kingsley alone in the bedroom ... but her niece Alexia entered anyway -- and that's when the pit bull went on the attack. 

Richards says the dog has gotten very protective recently because very few people visit ... she's alone in the house most of the time. She says she gives everyone fair warning, "the dog should not be bothered."

Now get this ... Kim says, "The second I realized Alexia had been bitten on the finger leaving a puncture mark on her thumb, I immediately called my sister Kyle and took her to the nearest emergency room." 

We're told the "puncture" is actually a bite right down to the bone, requiring 2 surgeries.

As for the fate of the dog -- who has now bitten 3 people in Kim's house and another on the set of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Kim says, "At this point I am looking at options to what the next step is for Kingsley. As many of you can relate, he is my best friend. This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us, but the safety of my family always comes first."

We've learned Alexia was just released from the hospital, but one thing is very clear ... this was a serious bite.

Kyle Richards

Dog Trainer Says

Kim's An Unfit Pit Bull Owner

11/6/2014 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-kyle-david-kim-facebook-instagramKyle Richard's sister Kim is an unfit dog owner and her pit bull should be taken away from her immediately ... so says the guy who tried to train the dog and almost got a piece taken out of him.

David Utter says Kim ignored both his warnings and the warnings of Bravo producers from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... warnings that the pit bull should be muzzled at all times.

David says Kim played with fire ... allowing Kingsley to run free around the house without any restraint ... putting guests in great peril.

The trainer is indignant that 3 people were bite victims ... all inside Kim's house. And David says the 3 strikes law should apply here.

He's not advocating that Kingsley be destroyed, but he thinks the dog should be immediately taken away from Kim. Thing is ... the Dept. of Animal Services will only get involved if Kyle's family complains about the most recent attack against her daughter ... and that's unlikely.


Kim Richards' Pit Bull

Animal Control Won't Do ANYTHING

Unless Victim Complains

11/6/2014 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Richards Pit Bull AttackKim Richards pit bull is vicious and dangerous, with a history of biting people -- and Animal Services KNOWS about it -- yet the most recent attack this weekend against Kyle Richard's daughter will not even be investigated unless the victim or a family member complains.

TMZ broke the story ... 18-year-old Alexia was in Kim's L.A. area home Saturday when the animal attacked without warning, biting her so badly she needed 2 surgeries.

Turns out the dog is no stranger to the L.A. Dept. of Animal Services ... the agency went to Kim's house after the dog attacked another person over the summer. Officials warned Kim to keep the dog under control but took no further action.

Well clearly the dog was not under control. But Animal Services tells us ... they will not take further action unless they get a complaint from the victim or her family.  That's tricky, because that would mean Alexia, Kyle or other members of their brood would have to blow the whistle on Kim. 

And get this ... we're told of a third attack that occurred in March.  One of Kim's friend was sitting on Kim's bed and the dog bit through her arm to the bone.  Paramedics were called to treat the victim.

And there's a 4th incident involving a trainer who was bit.

To top it off we're told the dog has been extremely aggressive toward other animals.

IF someone comes forward and makes a formal complaint, Animal Services will hold a hearing to determine if the pit bull should stay under Kim's care, or if it should be destroyed.


Kyle Richards'

Daughter Viciously Attacked

By Kim Richards' Pit Bull

11/6/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Richards Daughter Bit DogKyle Richards' daughter was the victim of a vicious pit bull attack ... a dog owned by Kyle's own sister Kim, and the damage was so severe it required multiple surgeries.

We're told 18-year-old Alexia Umansky spent the weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, twice going under the knife.

The attack occurred early Saturday at Kim's L.A. area home. Kyle, Alexia and other members of their family had been inside the house for a while ... when the dog went into attack mode out of nowhere.

The dog bit Alexia numerous times, but the worst was on her right hand ... where it bit through her thumb right to the bone.

1105-kim-kingsley-swipe-instag-01The pit bull has a history of biting. It attacked its trainer on an episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... and it's also been very aggressive toward other dogs.

Kim is still keeping the animal at her home ... as the Dept. of Animal Control was never called. We're told they wanted to keep the incident "private."

We reached out to Kim and Kyle ... so far, no word back.


Cancelled UTOPIA Show

Farm Animals Can Stay

Humans, Keep Off the Grass

11/5/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Utopia Cancelled
The brown cow can answer how now ... and the answer is AWESOME, because he's not getting kicked off the ranch featured on Utopia ... but their human counterparts are not so lucky.

The show -- a year-long experiment where people would live on the ranch and create their own rules of life -- was cancelled after 2 months.  The humans were told to leave, but the owners of Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA gave the farm animals a reprieve ... they're all allowed to stay.

The animals became the real stars of the show ... the chickens, the cows, and especially the baby calf named Ca$h.

The ranch is in the 30 Mile Zone, where ranch scenes are shot for TV shows and movies, so the animals may be coming to a big or small screen soon.


Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen


Plea For Help

11/1/2014 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:00 AM PST -- The dog has been returned home to its family. Biggs says the woman who put the dog in her car found out Jason was the owner after someone pointed her to their public cry for help.
Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen are on a feverish hunt for their adorable dog Gina ... who went missing Friday.

Gina somehow slipped away in the hilly Benedict Canyon area of L.A.  Someone who says they ID'd the pooch told the couple someone put Gina in a car and drove off.

The dog was last seen in her Halloween costume -- Victor/Victoria.  Gina wasn't wearing a collar, but she is microchipped.

If you have any info, contact them on Twitter.


Ray J and Princess Love

Surprise!! We're Back Together

... For Now, At least

10/17/2014 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Princess Love Ray J Back Together
Princess Love claims she and Ray J are making peace purely for the sake of their dogs -- but during TMZ Live ... it looked like there was more than co-parenting going on between the alleged exes. 

Princess was talking to us about her sex tape, the break up with Ray J, and their dogs reuniting ... when suddenly Ray popped up on camera. In a robe! At 11 in the morning!!

Remember, Ray and Princess Love said he moved out recently after their split, so ... what's the deal?

Watch the clip and make the call for yourself -- but what went down makes us think they're either back together ... or never really broke up.

Ray J's Dog

Boogati Back with His Bottom Bitch

After Battling Depression

10/17/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J Dog BoogatiRay J and Princess Love have declared a truce in their bitter breakup and custody battle -- all for the sake of their children puppies.

Princess Love tells TMZ their pet Maltese, Boogati, is now back at home ... reunited with their 3 other dogs. She says Ray J showed mercy because he thought Boogati was depressed.

As we reported ... Ray J took Boogati with him when he broke up with Princess Love and moved out. She claimed the other dogs were constantly crying -- especially Coco ... because she missed the Boog man.

Apparently the feelings were mutual, since we're told Boogati wasn't eating -- but Princess says all the pups are good now ... and claims she'll let Ray visit with them whenever he wants.


Shaquille O'Neal

Even My Fish Are Diesel Now!!

10/16/2014 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


We know Shaquille O'Neal rolls big, and now his pet fish do too -- in a massive $50,000 aquarium he had custom built into a freakin' big rig truck! Yeah, tropical fish can be badass.

Shaq posted a pic of his giant self yesterday next to his new baby -- a 3,000 pound tank complete with the Superman logo (a Shaq fave). It's framed by the cab of a tractor trailer ... which would dwarf any other fish tank owner.

The hosts of the Animal Planet show "Tanked" -- Wayde King and Brett Raymer -- designed and built the saltwater pad which houses dozens of exotic species like Miniature Groupers, Clown Triggers, Mappa Puffers, and even Dragon Eels!  

Wayde and Brett told us it was one of the most unique projects they've ever worked on -- especially because hey had to load in the Dragon Eels ... which they called "a bit aggressive."

Feeding time is gonna be interesting.

Ebola Crisis

Dogs and Cats

Not At Risk

10/14/2014 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dogs and cats are NOT capable of contracting Ebola ... and are NOT screened on flights to the U.S. from Africa because there's no evidence they can develop the disease ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Centers for Disease Control ... there is NO evidence dogs and cats can either develop or transmit Ebola ... therefore, there's no reason for airlines to either screen or quarantine them.

Several airlines tell us  ... they don't control screening.  It's determined by the CDC and various health departments.   

Bentley, the dog owned by the Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola, has been quarantined by Dallas Animal Services ... and that set off a panic. Based on what we're told, the pooch is not at risk.



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