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Cesar Millan Get a Dog, Trump!!! It'll Soften Your Image, Immigration Policy

6/19/2018 1:49 PM PDT

Cesar Millan's sad about what's happening in America -- with immigrant families being torn apart -- but believes there could be a way to fix it ... get President Trump a dog!!

We got the famed pup whisperer at LAX Tuesday, and he went to bat for all of the immigrants in the U.S. ... pointing out how he "jumped the border" himself years ago, and is now a tax-paying citizen who contributes to the country.

His message to the Prez doesn't stop there, because he suggests a canine companion is what Trump needs to soften his spirit, become more human ... and stop separating kids from their parents.

As for what kind of dog he thinks Trump should get -- Cesar's had a breed in mind for the job, and he's sticking with it.

Loki The Sphynx 'The Grumpiest Cat' Dies Unexpectedly After Dental Cleaning

6/6/2018 1:47 PM PDT
Breaking News

Loki the Sphynx, who raked in some 79k followers on Instagram after being dubbed "The Grumpiest Cat in the World," is dead.

Loki died unexpectedly Tuesday night, according to his owner, Sara Kjelsvig. The feline had gone in for a routine dental cleaning at his vet earlier in the day and, while in recovery, staff noticed an increase in his breathing. Loki didn't make through the night and the vet suspects he had a preexisting heart condition they didn't know about which led to his death.

Loki, not to be be confused with the furrier "Grumpy Cat," was a male sphynx cat. The breed is hairless so wrinkles in their skin are super visible, which helped attribute to his famous title. He went viral after a photo of him wearing a rainbow fur coat surfaced.

Loki was 8 ... so, 48 in cat years. RIP.

Delta Air Lines Dead Dog's Owner Calls Case 'Suspicious'

6/5/2018 1:00 PM PDT

Delta Air Lines refused to hand over the dog that had been dead for hours, according to its owner and now a legal battle's brewing over what the Pomeranian's owner calls the airline's "suspicious" activity.

Michael Dellegrazie, Alejandro's owner, and his lawyer, Evan Oshan, tell us Delta wanted to keep the dog's carcass to do its own necropsy ... while Michael wanted Alejandro returned immediately in order to get his own testing done to determine what happened. 

As we reported, Alejandro died in Detroit last week after traveling in the cargo hold of a flight.

Oshan says he had to get involved and claims the airline was very uncooperative once he arrived in Detroit, and he had to go to cops to force Delta to hand over the dog ... which by law, is Dellegrazie's personal property.

Delta tells us any delay in returning the dog was due to Oshan not meeting in a previously agreed-upon spot. Delta also says it offered to pay to have an independent necropsy performed right after the death, but they were turned down by the owner. 

Oshan says once they finally got Alejandro's body back, they also uncovered a wet, bloody blanket ... with no explanation. Delta allegedly told them the dog had vomited, but the lawyer points out the airline didn't retain any of the vomit to help determine the cause of death.

As we reported, Delta claims it didn't force Alejandro to be stored in cargo -- saying it was his owner's choice -- and the dog died in Detroit in the process of being transferred to a connecting flight.

Lionel Messi Poses with Goats While Saying He's Not the G.O.A.T.

6/4/2018 3:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

This is interesting ... Lionel Messi posing with a live goat for a photo shoot -- while explaining that he doesn't consider himself the greatest soccer player alive. 

"I don't consider myself the best," Messi tells Paper ... "I think I am just another player."

Yeah, right.

As Paper points out, Messi has one of the most impressive resumes in pro sports. 

"He has helped his team, FC Barcelona, win 32 trophies -- including nine Spanish Liga titles and four in the Champions League. He led the Argentine national team to the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and brought them victory at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in 2005."

He's also got 5 Ballon d'Or awards, 5 Golden Shoes and holds the Guinness World Record for the most goals officially scored in a season (50 in the 2011-12 La Liga season).

But sure ... just a regular player.

"On the field, we are all the same when the game begins," Messi adds.

Messi also talked about everything from his upbringing in Argentina to his charity work with UNICEF in the full PAPER x Sports article. 

No word on who had to clean up after the goats.

Delta Air Lines Another Dog Dies

6/2/2018 10:54 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Another dog took off on a commercial airliner and when the plane landed ... it was dead. 

Alejandro the Pomeranian was in the cargo hold of a Delta Air Lines jet that originated in Phoenix and was supposed to land in New Jersey with a stopover in Detroit. When the plane landed in the Motor City, we're told the 8-year-old Pom was alive ... but it was discovered he'd died during the process of transferring him to the connecting flight.

So far the cause of death has not been determined. Delta tells TMZ it's conducting a thorough investigation to find out what occurred to ensure it doesn't happen again. The airline says it's working with Alejandro's family to support them and has offered a free necropsy to have Alejandro evaluated. 

The dog was owned by a unmarried couple that was relocating to New York.

The lawyer for the family, Evan Oshan, tells us ... from what he knows Delta has been pushing people to put their dogs in the cargo hold rather than the cabin, presumably because there are so many service dogs on board these days the passenger areas resemble a kennel.

Delta, however, tells us it did not push the passengers to store their dog in cargo ... it was their choice.

Oshan knows something about dogs dying on planes ... he repped the family whose 10-month-old French bulldog, Kokito, died in an overhead bin on United

United Airlines Strikes Settlement in Dead Dog Case

5/24/2018 9:17 AM PDT

United Airlines has settled with the family whose 10-month-old French bulldog, Kokito, died in an overhead bin ... TMZ has learned.

Although they've reached a settlement with the Robledo family, the amount of dough United is paying is confidential ... according to the family's attorney, Evan Oshan.

As we first reported, the family threatened to sue after a flight attendant allegedly ordered Catalina Robledo to put Kokito in the overheard compartment. After 2 hours of barking, Kokito died of suffocation.

The dog's death threw United into another PR crisis ... less than a year after it settled with Dr. David Dao, who was violently dragged off a flight.

United implemented new pet carrier policies after Kokito's death.

Liam Hemsworth Good Genes, Mate!!! Mom & Dad Are Shredded

5/17/2018 7:33 AM PDT

Liam Hemsworth gets his good looks and physique from his mama ... and his daddy, clearly!

The youngest Hemsworth bro was out hiking Wednesday with his parents -- looks like they were in the Malibu Hills -- and even though he lovingly referred to them as "oldies" ... their bods are totally camera-ready.

This pic bodes well for Chris and Liam's futures -- their dad, Craig, is completely yoked, and mom Leonie looks like she's ready to run a marathon. Even the family dogs look fit!  

With genes this strong ... the whole family's winning.

Floyd Mayweather Buys Designer Shoes ... For His Dog

5/10/2018 8:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

File Under: "You know you have wayyyyy too much money when ..."

Thursday's insane display of wealth comes courtesy of Floyd Mayweather -- who took some time on his ridiculously expensive annual vacation around the world to buy his dog some designer kicks. 

Floyd claims the shoes are "red bottoms" -- though, we haven't been able to find actual Louboutin dog shoes yet. 

Either way, who buys dog shoes? 

Floyd's always been good to his pets -- flying them on private jets and making sure they only drink water out of crystal glasses

Must be nice ... 

United Airlines Facing Imminent Lawsuit ... Over Suffocated Dog

5/3/2018 12:30 AM PDT

The dog that died of suffocation on a United Airlines flight is about to be the centerpiece of a looming lawsuit and possible criminal charges ... according to the grieving family's attorney.  

The lawyer for the Robledo family, Evan Oshan, tells TMZ United has yet to adequately answer questions about Kokito's death. The dog suffocated in an overhead bin after a flight attendant ordered the dog's owner to stash it up there. The dog barked persistently ... but no one came to its rescue.

Oshan says United's moves thus far have been nothing but face-saving -- and the airline has not provided the family with what they want ... the ID of the person responsible for killing their pet. Oshan has been demanding the flight attendant's name. 

He thinks the evidence thus far in the active investigation(s) will lead to criminal charges -- animal cruelty -- and he says a civil case is also forthcoming. Buckle up, folks ... turbulence ahead.

United Airlines Dog in Overhead Bin Died of Suffocation

5/2/2018 12:47 PM PDT

Kokito, the French bulldog placed in the overhead bin of a United Airlines flight, died of suffocation ... TMZ has learned.

According to results of Kokito's necropsy, conducted at Cornell University, the 9-month-old puppy was the victim of the decreased oxygen levels in the overhead compartment. Stress combined with the animal's narrow airway -- which is common in the breed -- were also factors.

You'll recall Kokito's owner had the 20-pound dog in a carrier at her feet, but a flight attendant on the flight from Houston to NYC insisted the carrier be place in the overhead bin. Witnesses said Kokito was barking for a long time.

Prosecutors in NY and Texas are looking into the dog's death as a possible criminal matter, which is why the experts at Cornell were called on to conduct the necropsy.

United just announced it will resume allowing certain dog breeds in the cabin during flights. It had suspended that while flight crews went through mandatory "compassion training."

Interestingly, French bulldogs remain on the airline's no-fly list due to "concern for higher adverse health risks."

IG Model Deyana Mounira Owner Urged His Dog to Hump Me ... This Vid Proves It!!!

4/28/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Instagram model Deyana Mounira says she's the victim of a dog s*** lawsuit because she did nothing sexual to Hef, the dog, and claims this video proves Hef's owner actually sexually harassed HER.

TMZ broke the story ... Deyana was sued by Tony Toutouni, who owns the Russian royal terrier and claimed she sexually aroused his pooch by playing with the dog's genitals. The video posted on social media, by Deyana and Tony, had music over it -- but she's given us the clip with just the natural sound, and it's very revealing.

Deyana claims the man you hear saying things like, "just move your ass and let him just sniff it," and "f*** her" ... is actually Tony. She claims there was no professional photographer -- as Tony claimed in his lawsuit -- and he was the only one taking pics.

She claims Tony harassed her verbally and sexually during the shoot -- and also groped her while trying to get her into his room.

As for why she posted the video -- Deyana says she tried to make a joke out of it first, because she feared Tony would post it somewhere else before her.

She says, "I want the entertainment industry and the public in general to be aware of people like Tony who want to use you in every way they can including, but not limited to, sexual and inappropriate acts."

Tony's attorneys at Pirnia Law Group tell us, "No matter what took place in the photo shoot between Ms. Mounira and HEF, and no matter who instigated what exactly, the main takeaway is that upon leaving the shoot Ms. Mounira was explicitly told NOT to post any videos of HEF as it reflects poorly on my client who is a public figure."

They added, "If she was bothered by the actions of HEF or my client, why was she smiling and laughing in the video? Why did she stay at the shoot for hours after it was over?"

Tony's team would not comment on Deyana's claim he sexually harassed her.

Eric Bellinger Even My Goats Keep it Gucci!! (Yes, We Said Goats)

4/27/2018 9:16 AM PDT

Singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger just outdid everyone who dresses their kid in designer duds by dressing up his pet goats in Gucci ... horn-to-toe!

Eric, who's written hits for Usher, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, was on his way to the Gucci store Thursday when we spotted him on Rodeo Drive. He told us he was taking his pets because Gucci staffers didn't believe he had 2 goats that needed t-shirt fittings -- $1800 worth at that!

Gucci tees start around $480, which means even his goats won't wear entry level Gucci. Eric topped off the outfits with multi-colored tape on their horns to match the tees, of course.

It gets even more unbelievable when Bellinger, a yoga enthusiast, starts talking about WHY he has a pair of goats in the first place. Dude's clearly an animal lover.

Instagram Model Sued She Sexually Assaulted My Dog!!!

4/26/2018 2:15 PM PDT

Hef was sexually assaulted during a photo shoot with a hot bikini model, TMZ has learned ... and we should say ... Hef is a dog.

The model's name is Deyana Mounira, and 2 weeks ago she showed up for a photo shoot at the home of a guy named Tony Toutouni ... who says he's "Instagram famous." Dude does have 1.5 million followers. Anyway, during the photo shoot ... Tony says Deyana started playing around with his dog, Hef.

According to the lawsuit, Tony's filed against Deyana ... Hef stands about 5' when on his hind legs, while Deyana goes about 5'6". As Tony puts it, Deyana "began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him."

Tony says Hef was totally into it, and started mounting and thrusting and "even appeared to place his front legs on [her] buttocks."

In the suit, filed by attorney Ardy Pirnia, Tony says he told Deyana and the photog he did NOT want the footage on the Internet ... and they agreed. However, the video and photos showed up on her IG a couple days later.

Gotta say, the video's pretty damning, although it's hard to tell who's the aggressor. Tony later posted the video himself, but added the caption, "I can't believe this Thirsty girl used my dog to gain followers."

Tony is suing Deyana for fraud and infliction of emotional distress (on Tony, not Hef). Good luck proving it, but he wants her to fork over $1.5 million in damages.

As for Hef ... based on a pic posted this week, seems like he's recovered. Bow wow wow.

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