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YouTube Star Rhett McLaughlin I Got a New 'Poo ... and It's Adorable!

2/14/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_rhett_puppy_Wylder’s-Holistic-Pet-CenterRhett McLaughlin -- one half of the famous YouTube duo Rhett and Link -- just expanded his family ... by a couple of pounds.

Rhett and his wife Jessie got a maltipoo pup named Lola from Wylder's Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Studio City, CA.

Sources at Wylder's tell us Jessie came in last week by herself at first, but immediately fell in love with Lola and called Rhett to get over there with their sons, STAT -- and sealed the deal on the spot.

We're told the fam dropped nearly a grand on toys and girly outfits for Lola. They also made a donation to the store's rescue efforts.


Lauren Conrad Sued She's a Dognapper!

2/4/2016 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-lauren-conrad-tmz-01"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad is guilty of jacking 2 surfing dogs for use on her website ... according to a new lawsuit.

Okay, LC didn't walk off with the actual pups -- Incredible Features Inc. says she merely stole 2 photos of the athletic pets, and slapped them up on her website. 

As lawsuits go, it's a pretty entertaining read. IFI says, "In the dog eat dog world of online content ... Lauren Conrad, a sophisticated website operator, is cognizant of the value of high-quality photography." IFI says it owns the images that are now on her site.

0204_lauren_conrad_dog_subThe suit points out Lauren's site isn't a blog but a "commercial enterprise through which Conrad shills her Kohl's clothing line amongst other things." 

Kohl's cheap shot aside -- IFI wants Lauren to take down the images, and it wants any profits she earned on the dogs' backs. We've reached out to LC ... no word back yet.

Iman Back Walkin' the Dog After Bowie's Death

2/3/2016 9:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203-main-iman-getty-01David Bowie's wife Iman put on a brave face walking the family pooch Tuesday in NYC.

It's the first time Iman's been seen in public since Bowie passed away last month from cancer. She tooled around her Soho neighborhood and, gotta say ... she looks amazing.

Hard to believe she's 60 ... dog's cute too.


INXS Bassist My Neighbor Had Beef with My Boxer And Beat Me Up

1/21/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120-inxs-garry-gettyINXS bassist Garry Beers says he got his ass kicked by an angry neighbor who flew into a rage after Beers' boxer dared to step onto the neighbor's property ... so claims the musician. 

Beers says it went down in the San Fernando Valley when he was walking his boxer Evie and the dog slipped out of its collar onto Robert McGuigan's property. Beers says McGuigan went nuclear, repeatedly kicking him in the face while calling him a "motherf*****."

Beers says before the attack he had assured McGuigan Evie was friendly, but McGuigan's dog starting acting up and the situation exploded.

What's especially galling for Beers ... he says McGuigan is new to the neighborhood and is acting like a bully. In fact Beers says he and his wife saw McGuigan a few weeks later at a park and the neighbor threatened to "finish things."

Beers got a restraining order requiring McGuigan to stay 100 yards clear of him and his family.

BTW ... Beers also filed a lawsuit against McGuigan, saying he's in a new "supergroup" called Stadium and is unable to play or compose music since the beating. 

Miley Cyrus Liam's House Goes to the Dogs

1/19/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118_miley_liam_pets-tmz_instagramLiam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are shacking up, and Liam isn't getting one new roommate ... he's getting 5.

Miley moved into her former, and possibly current fiance's Malibu home last week and we've learned she brought her four dogs along.

They now have SIX DOGS between them ... not counting Miley's other pets.

The two aren't without help -- Liam has a couple of extra hands who live with him and they're all sharing in doggie responsibilities. 

Miley may be cashing in on a debt, because she watched one of Liam's dogs a couple months ago while he was away. 

Miley Cyrus ... Must Love Dogs.


SF 49ers Sued for Booting Service Dog and Owner

1/9/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The San Francisco 49ers booted a fan and his service dog from Levi's Stadium which made the fan have a seizure ... according to the lawsuit he's now filed against the team.

James Hilburn says he and his Alaskan malamute, Bear, had no problems entering the Niners-Cardinals game on November 29 -- the ticket taker let them in, no questions asked. In his suit, Hilburn says he suffers myoclonic dystonia ... which causes seizures. Bear is trained to alert him and people nearby when one is about to hit.

In the lawsuit, James says once he entered the staidum, police and security guards surrounded him and said Bear was not allowed to be there -- and the stressful situation triggered a seizure.

TMZ Sports obtained video Hilburn's friend shot, and you can hear Bear yelping a warning. Police and stadium staff attempted to get a shuttle to pick them up, but Hilburn declined. He did end up suffering, and had to be hospitalized, according to his lawyer Mark Thomas.

Hilburn wants the team to pay for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We reached out to the 49ers who told us they do not comment on pending litigation.


'Mike & Molly' Star I Lost a Show But Gained a Pup!!!

1/7/2016 10:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106-mike-molly-wylders-holistic-pet-center-01"Mike & Molly" star Billy Gardell will be an out of work actor when his show goes off the air soon ... but for Billy, it just means more free time to spend with puppies!

Gardell -- who plays Mike -- and his fam adopted a puppy this weekend from Wylder's Holistic Pet Center in Studio City, CA. Billy and his wife stopped by Sunday to just look but their son fell in love with a pup and they caved.

They named the cocker mix Buzz and dropped around a grand on the pooch and dog supplies.

CBS announced last month "Mike & Molly" has been cancelled after six seasons. The first episode of the last season aired Wednesday night.


Cosby Accuser Taking All Kinds O' Crap

1/5/2016 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-andrea-constand-dogs-bill-cosby-PCN-01Andrea Constand, the accuser in the first criminal case against Bill Cosby, was out walking her dogs in Toronto -- the first time she's been seen since Cosby's arrest last week.

The 42-year-old massage therapist and former Temple University employee first went to police in 2004 ... claiming she was drugged and assaulted by Cosby. He's now free on $1 million bail after getting charged with aggravated indecent assault.

Andrea's dealing with a lot of crap these days ... judging by the size of those poodles. 

Twerk Master Lexy Panterra Pays $1,500 a Pound for New Pooch

1/3/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1229-lexy-panterra-instagramLexy Panterra is so damn hot, but she needed a companion ... and the one she found cost her a fortune.

Panterra scooped up six-month-old Lila from Betty's Teacup Yorkies ... a frou frou dog shop that boasts Paris Hilton among its celeb clients. 

We're told Panterra spotted the dog on Instagram, fell in love, and forked over $4,500 for the three pound poodle. 

Panterra tells us she'd been thinking about getting a new dog since her old one died. And she's been itching for some company, since she's single and all. 

How's that possible?

Brandi Glanville Ugly Attack Against Lisa Vanderpump

12/24/2015 11:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1224_brandi_glanville_lisa_vanderpump_tmzBrandi Glanville is having an anger-fueled XMAS, basking in the glow of a death in Lisa Vanderpump's family and calling Lisa a "c***."

Lisa's dog Daddio, the father of Giggy, died last weekend and Lisa's been having a hard time.

Vanderpump rebounded Saturday night by rescuing 2 dogs that were on the brink of being killed at the Yulin festival and was celebrating the arrival of the pooches at her restaurant Pump in Bev Hills.  At around 9 PM, as she partied with Lance Bass and others, she got a grotesque text from Brandi.

The text read, "Merry Christmas vanderC*** and yes i am having my moment :) AND it's amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha."

Lisa, who passed her phone around to guests, tells us, "It's sad to have that much hatred in your heart especially at this time of year. Our lil Daddio meant the world to us. Anyway, happy Christmas."


Ray J My New Puppy Almost Died!! And It Cost Me A Fortune

12/13/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211-ray-j-puppy-tmz-01Ray J and Princess Love's time as puppy parents has been anything but easy ... their pooch almost died a week after they brought it home.

We're told the couple rushed Louie the Chihuahua to a NY animal hospital Thursday morning with a 105 degree fever. Louie had pneumonia and almost didn't make it through the night. Ray J dropped $6k on emergency treatment. 

1205-ray-j-chihuahua-tmz-01A worker at the pet store says the dog got a clean bill of health from a vet before the sale, and blames the illness on the stress of moving to a new home. 

Lucky for Ray J and the dog ... Louie's expected to make a full recovery.


Floyd Mayweather Rips Chrissy Teigen ... Back Off My Tiger!

12/9/2015 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Floyd Mayweather is ANGRY that Chrissy Teigen would dare insult his decision to get a pet tiger -- and now he's lashing out at the supermodel over it. 

After Mayweather revealed his new pet -- Teigen went to Twitter and wrote, "I'm okay with people having pet tigers because it increases their chances of being eaten by a tiger."

Well, Floyd no likey -- 'cause he just appeared on and fired off some not-so-subtle insults right back at her. 

"John Legend's wife said something? I've never had anything negative to say about John Legend. I really don't even know what his wife does."


And then the worst insult a supermodel can get -- "I never seen John Legend's wife in my life. And if I did I probably just don't remember it."

Ouch again. 

For the record, Mayweather promises he'll be responsible with his new pets -- "I'm not getting a tiger to let my tiger run around the city and bite people. We're trying to help save tigers."

Mandy Moore My Divorce Is Going to the Dogs ... and Cats Too

12/9/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208-mandy-moore-instagram-01Mandy Moore's divorce has hit a hiccup thanks to her house full of cats and dogs.

Mandy filed to divorce singer Ryan Adams back in January, and she just filed new docs saying they've been unable to agree on a settlement because Ryan won't pay spousal support, beyond splitting their mortgage. 

In the docs, she says Ryan earns $151k per month while she rakes in less than a quarter of that.

Her other issue ... their EIGHT pets -- 6 cats, 2 dogs -- that she says she's been taking care of on her own since they separated. Mandy says Ryan promised to take at least 2 of the cats, but didn't.

Translation: He p**sied out. 

Now Mandy wants Ryan to pay her $37k per month until they sort out the divorce terms -- and she's insisting he take 4 of the pets immediately. Sounds like someone's gonna be shoveling s**t.


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