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Jimmy Butler Embraces Sixers GM Elton Brand At Minneapolis Airport

11/12/2018 10:39 AM PST

Jimmy Butler was personally greeted by his new Sixers GM, Elton Brand, and a private jet on his way outta Minnesota on Monday ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

The ex-Timberwolves forward was just shipped to Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade that sent Dario Saric and Robert Covington to Minnesota ... and Brand clearly couldn't wait to meet his newest superstar.

The Sixers are in Miami to play the Heat Monday night ... but we're told the guys are going straight to Philly. Butler's expected to suit up for the Sixers on Wednesday against the Orlando Magic.

It's Brand's first huge trade in his new position as general manager after his own 17-year NBA career ... and judging by the pics, he's happy with the results.

Kendall Jenner Rebounding with Ben Simmons After 76ers Game

11/3/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons -- Round 2?!?!?

Sure seems like it, because the two got together for some private 1-on-1 time after the 76ers played the Clippers in Philadelphia this week ... and we've got the video. 

Remember, Kendall and Ben broke things off in September after she was spotted kissing Anwar Hadid in a nightclub ... despite being in a relationship with Simmons for months. 

It appeared the two had moved on -- until Thursday night, when Kendall showed up at Ben's game at Wells Fargo Center. Witnesses say Kendall had a private suite and tons of security. 

After the game, security cleared an exit route for her, so she could slyly meet up with Simmons in the player parking lot after the game without anyone seeing. 

But, there were fans who could catch the action from up above in the arena -- and you can see in the video Ben was waiting for Kendall with a super clean sprinter van -- and only he and Kendall get inside. 

So, the question ... reconciling? Thinking about reconciling? Or, just one fun night in Philly?

All in all, Simmons had a pretty good Thursday night -- the 76ers beat the Clippers 122 to 113.  

Meek Mill Wins $50k Trick Shot Bet ... Pay Up 76ers Owner

10/16/2018 2:52 PM PDT
Breaking News

Meek Mill can't lose these days ... first he gets his freedom back, then he squashes beef with Drake, and now he's winning a cool $50k by making a crazy over-the-shoulder, half-court hoops trick shot.

Meek was hanging out with his pal, Michael Rubin -- owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and one of MM's strongest allies when he was inside -- when the two men decided to have a little friendly wager.

Friendly, meaning $50k ... according to Meek.

Meek had 25 tries to make an over-the-shoulder, half-court heave ... and with about 9 tries left, he nailed it.

Listen, the NBA season kicks off Tuesday night and, while we think it's dope someone other than those guys are getting paid for basketball, this whole thing reminds of one very sobering fact.

We are SO not rich.

Kendall Jenner Look How Friendly My Dog Is!!! Out with Pooch Right Before Alleged Bite

8/6/2018 8:17 AM PDT

Here's Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons and her Doberman Pinscher just out grabbing a quick bite, right before things allegedly went south with a little girl.

TMZ broke the story, Kendall's pup allegedly nipped at the girl Sunday morning at Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles. Someone at the deli called 911, but police didn't respond because there were no serious injuries.

You can see the dog seemed pretty friendly with another customer as Kendall and Ben arrived.

Sources connected to Kendall tell us she stayed at the deli until she confirmed the little girl was okay. Animal control was informed of the incident, but no action's been taken.

Ben Simmons Rages with Bob Kraft & Meek Mill ... at Vegas Nightclub

7/23/2018 3:21 PM PDT

Ben Simmons was with rich company for his birthday in Vegas over the weekend ... partying with a squad worth nearly $10 BILLION combined ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

The NBA Rookie of the Year kicked off his 22nd year with ragers at both Drai's and TAO nightclubs in Vegas on Saturday ... livin' it up with Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin (net worth: 3 billion), Patriots owner Robert Kraft (6 billion) and Meek Mill (okay, he's not a billionaire, but he's rich).

FYI -- all these guys played a huge role in the #FreeMeek campaign ... so it's great to see them all hangin' out together after the rapper's release.

We're told the gang rolled together to Drai's to support Meek's performance ... and judging by our vid from TAO that same night, all eyes were on the Philly Clout Gang.

Only question left -- who got Simmons the best bday present??

Joel Embiid I'm Winning MVP Next Season

6/26/2018 6:44 AM PDT

Joel Embiid says his next career goal is to win NBA MVP next season ... and he's already got a plan on how he'll celebrate! 

The Philadelphia 76ers superstar was leaving Catch in L.A. after the NBA Awards -- hours after it was revealed Embiid will grace the cover of the upcoming NBA Live 19 video game.

What's interesting is ... the guy he's replacing is James Harden -- who just won NBA MVP after being the cover guy for NBA Live for the 2018 version of the game. 

So, seems like a natural next step for Embiid, right? 

Kendall Jenner Back with Ben Simmons ... Let's Party!!

6/22/2018 6:18 AM PDT

Ben Simmons is pulling a Khloe Kardashian -- getting back together with his significant other after she sucked face with another person!

Just weeks after Kendall Jenner was spotted making out with Anwar Hadid, she seems to be fully back with the 6'10" Simmons ... because the 2 partied in Hollywood on Thursday until 2 in the morning!!

Check out this video of the couple (?) leaving Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip right around closing time and driving off in the same SUV. 

One thing we also noticed ... 21-year-old Ben gave a stiff-arm to the rose lady who was hoping the NBA star would reach into his pockets to impress Kendall after the club. 

No luck this time -- too soon?

Joel Embiid Message to Ladies: Taste the Process!

6/16/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Is Rihanna missing out by not dating Joel Embiid? He seems to think so. 

The following is a direct quote: 

"I don't want to talk about Rihanna but, you know, I feel like every girl in the world should, you know, taste the process and see what the process is like."

Gotta love a man with confidence. 

Remember, Embiid tried to shoot his shot at Rihanna back in the day, but it didn't quite work out for the young NBA star. 

So, when we saw him out in Bev Hills the other day, we asked him about it -- and he made it clear he's moving on ... to EVERY OTHER WOMAN ON EARTH!

"Every girl in the world is missing out. You know you got to taste the process, you gotta see what the process is like."

Who's hungry?

Tinashe Done Dating Basketball Players ... After Ben Simmons

6/14/2018 6:02 AM PDT

Ben Simmons not only ruined his chances at a reconciliation with Tinashe ... he also blew it for EVERY OTHER PRO BALLER -- because the singer tells TMZ Sports she's 100% done with athletes. 

The "Faded Love" singer was leaving Delilah in West Hollywood after hitting the club on Wednesday night -- and, after all the drama with Ben, we asked her what she's looking for NEXT in a man. 

"Not to be an idiot," she told us ... noting that she finds a LOT of idiots in this town. 

And when we asked if that meant no more ballers, she responded ... "Oh yeah. That's 100."

For the record, Tinashe recently dropped a ton of new music with big stars like Future, Offset, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana ... so who needs NBA stars when you've got rappers? 

Joel Embiid Bryan Colangelo Is A 'Great Guy' ... I Wish Him Luck

6/8/2018 7:37 AM PDT

Joel Embiid refuses to trash ex-Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo ... telling TMZ Sports the disgraced exec is a "great guy" ... despite the burner account scandal. 

"He was a great guy. He did a great job for us, so I wish him luck," Embiid told us in Beverly Hills on Thursday night. 

Shocking response since Embiid is one of the 76ers players who was targeted by the burner account tweets that Colangelo's wife claims she posted. 

In fact, we asked Joel if he REALLY believes Bryan had nothing to do with the burner accounts and if he thinks Barbara Bottini truly acted alone

"I have no idea," Embiid said ... "I'm sure there was an investigation for a reason. But if it was his wife, there's nothing you can do about it."

Embiid didn't seem concerned about the future of the 76ers -- in fact, he told us the Colangelo drama won't slow down "the Process."

"The Process is never starting over and it's never going to be over. There's a process for everything. It takes a lot to get where you wanna go and that's the process."'

"So, it's never gonna be over, it's never gonna restart."

Bryan Colangelo Throws Wife Under the Bus ... In New Statement

6/7/2018 9:48 AM PDT
Breaking News

Bryan Colangelo isn't even PRETENDING to defend his wife -- he's dumping ALL of the blame on her ... with no shame. 

Colangelo resigned as President of Basketball Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers -- after a private investigation firm found his wife was the person behind several Twitter accounts that published damaging and private info about 76ers players. 

Now, Bryan is breaking his silence ... and continuing to dump all blame on his wife, Barbara Bottini

"While I am grateful that the independent investigation conducted by the 76ers has confirmed that I had no knowledge of or involvement in the Twitter activity conducted by my wife, I vigorously dispute the allegation that my conduct was in any way reckless."

"At no point did I ever purposefully or directly share any sensitive, non-public, club-related information with her."

"Her actions were a seriously misguided effort to publicly defend and support me, and while I recognize how inappropriate these actions were, she acted independently and without my knowledge or consent."

Bryan also says his wife was a bad leaker, at that ... 

"Further, the content she shared was filled with inaccuracies and conjecture which in no way represent my own views or opinions. While this was obviously a mistake, we are a family and we will work through this together."

"Although I am not directly responsible for the actions, I regret this incident occurred and understand that it has become a distraction for the team. Therefore, the organization and I have mutually agreed to part ways."

Bryan Colangelo Quits 76ers Wife Fesses Up to Burner Accounts

6/7/2018 9:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

The process is over for Bryan Colangelo ... the Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations has resigned after an investigation revealed his WIFE was behind several Twitter accounts that had trashed 76ers players and leaked private info. 

But there's a major twist ... investigators say Bryan's wife tried to delete and hide key pieces of info on her phone before turning it over to be examined.

"The Philadelphia 76ers organization has accepted the resignation of President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo, effective immediately," the team said in a statement. 

Colangelo has been in hot water ever since The Ringer published a story connecting him to several Twitter accounts that had trashed various 76ers players -- including Joel Embiid, Markelle Fultz and former players Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor

The 76ers hired the firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP to investigate -- and the results showed Bryan's wife was the culprit.  

"We do not believe that Mr. Colangelo established the Twitter accounts or posted content on those accounts," the firm said in a statement. 

"The evidence supports the conclusion that Ms. Barbara Bottini, Mr. Colangelo’s wife, established the Twitter accounts and posted content on those accounts. When interviewed, Ms. Bottini admitted establishing and operating the accounts. Forensic evidence corroborates her admissions."

As a result of the investigation, the team said, "It has become clear Bryan’s relationship with our team and his ability to lead the 76ers moving forward has been compromised."

But get this ... investigators say Colangelo's wife IMPEDED the investigation by deleting the contents of her iPhone prior to surrendering the device for forensic review. 

Still, Bryan is not blameless, according to investigators ... "Our investigation revealed substantial evidence that Mr. Colangelo was the source of sensitive, non-public, club-related information contained in certain posts to the Twitter accounts."

"We believe that Mr. Colangelo was careless and in some instances reckless in failing to properly safeguard sensitive, non-public, club-related information in communications with individuals outside the 76ers organization."

The organization says the search to replace Bryan begins now ... 

Allen Iverson Out at BIG3 ... No Time for Coaching Gig

6/6/2018 2:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Allen Iverson is leaving Ice Cube's BIG3 league -- at least for now -- claiming he's got too much other stuff going on and no time to fulfill his duties as the coach of 3's Company.

"I have informed the @thebig3 that I will not coach this year and they support me in this decision," The Answer said on Wednesday.

"However, do know that this does not end my association or support of the league and I will attend games this season whenever able."

A.I. was suspended as a player/coach last season when he failed to show up to a game because he was on a gambling binge

But, A.I. says there's no bad blood with the league ... and he's "forever grateful" for the opportunity.

"I wish the league the players, coaches and fans continued success this and every season that follows."

Iverson will be replaced as coach by former L.A. Lakers star Michael Cooper. 

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