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Guess Who This Fringed Girl Turned Into!

1/16/2017 7:52 PM PST


Before this brunette babe was getting tangled up in Hollywood, she was just another wispy little woman in Nashua, New Hampshire. Can you guess who she is?

Margot Robbie A Little Frizz, Weight ... Meet Hollywood's Tonya Harding

1/16/2017 6:57 AM PST

0113_margot_robbie_tonya_launchWe didn't think she could pull it off ... but Margot Robbie is shaping up to look A LOT like Tonya Harding.

Paps got Margot on the set of the new film, "I, Tonya," and unlike the video we got last week when she hit the ice ... Margot bears a striking resemblance to Tonya.

Amazing what some hair styling and poundage can do ... plus those '90s jeans work wonders.

Batman vs. Superman The Battle Goes On ... Line Via Costume Auction!!

1/16/2017 12:30 AM PST

0113-batman-vs-superman-auction-photos-launchIt's time for fans to decide once and for all who tops in the DC superhero world ... by bidding on vintage Batman and Superman movie costumes.

Michael Keaton's Batsuit from the 1992 sequel "Batman Returns" and Christopher Reeve's iconic Superman costume from the eponymous 1978 film are both on the auction block. Check out the pics ... there's even an up-close shot of the original tag still intact and labeled for Reeve.

The Man of Steel "muscle tunic" has a slight edge with bidding starting at $40k ... bidding starts at $35k for the Batsuit. Fanboys and girls can bid online at Nate D. Sanders Auctions 'till January 26.

Fun fact -- Reeve refused to wear an extra muscle suit under his costume, and instead trained with famed bodybuilder and Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse to bulk up. 

Ferg-Face in 'Clarissa Explains It All' 'Memba Him?!

1/16/2017 12:00 AM PST

0112-jason-zimbler-ferguson-clarissa-explains-it-all-now-photos-launchJason Zimbler is best known for playing the twerpy little brother Ferguson -- opposite his on-screen sister Melissa Joan Hart -- in the '90s kid show "Clarissa Explains It All." Guess what he looks like now!

Donald Trump Inauguration No Prez-Elect ... For Dress Rehearsal

1/15/2017 11:54 AM PST

0115-Trump-Inauguration-Rehearsal-Gallery-Launch-GETTY-0102Donald Trump's dress rehearsal for his inauguration went off without a hitch ... without Donald Trump.

Military band members assumed the role for the President-elect and the future First Lady, as well as for Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. They did the whole shebang ... the parade, the swearing-in ... all of it.

It's a long-running tradition that the Prez-elect is not front and center for the rehearsal -- Obama didn't show ... neither did George W. Bush

How's this for news. Trump followed convention! 


Brad Pitt He's Back

1/15/2017 10:15 AM PST

0115-brad-pitt-ROCK4EB-event-gallery-launch-GETTY-01Brad Pitt is following suit with Kim Kardashian and returning to his normal life again in the middle of his divorce from Angelina Jolie

Brad resurfaced Saturday at the 4th annual Rock4EB! charity concert in Malibu, where Sting and Chris Cornell headlined, Zach Galifianakis emceed ... and tons of other celebs showed up to raise awareness for kids with the skin disease epidermolysis bullosa. 

Some of those stars included Courtney Cox, David Spade, Charlie Hunnam, Kaley Cuoco and Rami Malek

As for Brad, it looks like he was circulating, taking pics with friends and some of the afflicted children and maybe most important ... being his old self again. 

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

1/15/2017 7:24 AM PST


Don't let the long face fool you as you put your star spotting skills to the test and try to figure out Hollywood's hottest leading lady hiding in this scrambled snap!

Mike McCarthy's Daughter Green Bae Packer

1/14/2017 12:35 AM PST

0111-alex-noel-sexy-hot-instagram-photos-launchMike McCarthy's team is hot ... his daughter is hotter.

Meet 25-year-old Alex Noel McCarthy -- whose father is the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. 

She's an actress living in L.A. She's a pretty big Cheesehead. And she likes beer.

Still wanna root for the Cowboys this weekend???

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

1/14/2017 12:00 AM PST

0111_frigin_launchDid ju-no that there are some super sneaky changes hiding in these two Michael Cera snaps? Snoop around and see if you can spot the subtle differences in the almost identical khaki candids.

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth You Forgot Purple

1/13/2017 10:50 AM PST

0113-miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-flaming-lips-party-photos-launchMiley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth were like a walking rainbow Thursday night as they headed into the Flaming Lips album release party, and only one color was MIA. 

Red? Check. Pink? Check. But no purple.

BTW ... Liam turns 27 Friday, so those hangover earrings she's wearing were likely just a premonition.

Kim & Kanye 'Old School' Pics Shot At Kanye's Post-Hospital Hideout

1/13/2017 8:56 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0113-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-rick-rubin-house-launchKim Kardashian and Kanye West weren't just trying to look "middle class" in a photo set Kim recently released -- the shots are real and capture a challenging time for the family. 

Sources close to the couple confirm the pics were taken at music producer Rick Rubin's Malibu home. We're told Rick offered the pad up to Kanye post-hospitalization as a place to escape and get his mind right.

Our sources say he stayed at the sparsely furnished home on and off for a few weeks after he was discharged. Kim and the kids would stay there regularly as well.

Kim took a lot of heat on social media for the pics. Some people thought they were just trying to look "poor" -- but we're told the pics were simply captured during a crucial moment in their lives. 

Guess Who This Tube Top Tot Turned Into!

1/13/2017 12:20 AM PST


Before this bubbly baby found her sense of style, she was just another giggly gal rockin' a onesie in New York City. Can you guess who she is?

Alessandra Ambrosio Diving in Headfirst, Butt ...

1/12/2017 8:50 AM PST

0112-alessandra-ambrosio-bikini-launch-3Alessandra Ambrosio's soaking up summer in Brazil ... or at least her buns are.

The VS supermodel's purple bikini did its best to hang on in the surf of the resort town Florianópolis.

We'd say this is the best body surfing contest ever, but Alessandra has no competition.

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