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Brandon Marshall Calls Out Antonio Brown I'll Bet My Porsche I'm Better Than You!

7/28/2016 6:40 AM PDT
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This could get awesome!!! 

Now that Ryan Fitzpatrick has reportedly re-signed with the Jets, Brandon Marshall is getting all sorts of cocky ... betting HIS PORSCHE that he'll have more receiving yards this year than Antonio Brown

The NY Jets wide receiver took to social media to issue a very expensive challenge to his Pittsburgh Steelers rival. 

"If you have more receiving yards than me, I'll give you the Porsche ... if I have more recieving yards than you, then you gotta give me the Rolls-Royce."

So far, no response from Antonio ... but you can't imagine he's gonna back down from this! 

Game on!

Dear God ; thank you

A photo posted by Antonio Brown (@ab) on


Pittsburgh Police We're Arresting Ex-Steelers RB ... For Graffiti

6/27/2016 11:24 AM PDT
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0627-baron-batch-GETTY-01The Pittsburgh PD just announced an arrest warrant has been issued for a former Steelers running back -- whose alleged graffiti exploits have made him the Banksy of the Steel City.

The player is ex-RB Baron Batch -- a 2011 draft pick who was cut in 2013.

Cops say the 28-year-old has been tagging all over the city -- and caused more than $16,000 in damage after hitting the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, the Hot Metal Bridge and the Mon Wharf Parking lot.

0627_Baron-Batch_street_ARt_footerHe's been hit with 30 counts of criminal mischief. 

Officials say, "The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Graffiti Unit will serve the warrant within the next few days and officially arrest Batch."

Steelers GM Martavis Bryant At 'Crossroads In Life' ... After Drug Suspension

3/14/2016 12:07 PM PDT
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0314-martavis-bryant-GETTY-01The Pittsburgh Steelers are "disappointed" in wide receiver Martavis Bryant -- who's been suspended for at least one year after failing a drug test -- and say the 24-year-old is at a crossroads in his life. 

Bryant just announced that he would be dropping his appeal of the suspension and begin to serve his punishment immediately -- and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert says the guy needs to take the time for some serious self reflection. 

"We are very disappointed that Martavis Bryant has put himself in this current situation of being suspended by the League," Colbert says. 

"He is at a crossroads of his professional life, and he needs to understand significant changes need to occur in his professional life if he wants to regain his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler."

"We are hopeful that Martavis will take the necessary steps to develop the discipline in his personal life to become a successful player and a good teammate."

Bryant had previously missed 4 games in the 2015 season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. He went to rehab and worked with famed NBA coach John Lucas ... but was unable to stay on the wagon. 

James Harrison I Don't Want My Kids to Be Privileged Buttholes

3/3/2016 10:01 AM PST

Steelers linebacker James Harrison says there's a damn good reason he's strict with his kids -- he doesn't want them growing up to be privileged buttholes. 

Harrison appeared on the "Steve Harvey Show" to talk about his famous parenting choices -- specifically his decision to not allow his kids to accept participation trophies in sports. 

Harrison says he knows his kids have a privileged life -- but doesn't want them to be spoiled. Instead, he says he wants them to appreciate hard work and dedication. 

That's when Steve dropped the money line -- "Privileged kids man ... if you don't teach them early, they grow up to be privileged buttholes."

Harrison agreed. 

NFL's Le'Veon Bell If I Was Healthy Steelers Would Be In Super Bowl

2/5/2016 7:37 AM PST

They says it's better to be lucky then good ... and that's exactly what the Broncos are according to Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell ... who says it'd be his team in San Fran if he'd never gotten hurt.

Bell's been out with a knee injury since November and when we saw him at the Madden party at Super Bowl 50 we had to know ... would things have been different if he was 100%? 

Check out the clip -- Bell seems confident that had he and other Steelers been able to give it a go,  it would have been them trying to stop Cam and the gang ... and NOT the Broncos. 

Next year guys ... next year.  

Antonio Brown's Dad My Son Didn't Fake Injury 'It's Not In His Character'

1/11/2016 12:40 PM PST

0111_antonio_brown_gettyPacman Jones can hold on to that Oscar ... or Grammy ... 'cause Antonio Brown's father insists his son is NO ACTOR ... and didn't fake hurt after taking that shot from Vontaze Burfict

TMZ Sports spoke with Eddie Brown who tells us he has already checked in with the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver to make sure he's okay after taking a shot to the head during Saturday's playoff game. 

"He is doing well. I talked to him but I didn't go into detail. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. That was my biggest concern as a father and parent."

We asked what he thought about Pacman accusing his son of faking hurt -- and Eddie told us the thought of Antonio bluffing an injury is simply unfathomable.

"It's not in his character. I don't have to defend him because you can just look at his track record. Check his and then check the track record of the ones accusing him ...  he's taken big hits before and he's gone right back to the huddle."

We also asked if he thought Burfict should be punished by the league for the hit:

"I don't set the rules, My thing is the hit happened and I'm just glad my son is okay and he is going to be playing Sunday. The team who did the hit will be at home watching."

Michael Keaton My Steelers Are Toast!

1/11/2016 12:25 AM PST

Michael Keaton should've been celebrating after his Pittsburgh Steelers yanked the Bengals' beating hearts out of their chests -- but, NO ... instead he was pissed about Antonio Brown's concussion.

We got Batman/Birdman leaving dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica this weekend, and the only thing on his mind was Vontaze Burfict's illegal hit on the Steeler's superstar receiver in the closing minutes of that wild playoff game.

Superfan Keaton's reaction to Brown's injury? Check out his prognosis ... it ain't pretty.

NFL's Antonio Brown Screens 'Concussion' For HS Football Team

12/23/2015 12:45 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1223-main-anonio-brown-tmz-01Pittsburgh Steelers superstar Antonio Brown had an early Xmas gift for a local high school football team -- taking the entire squad to a screening of "Concussion" ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Brown hooked up the kids at Clairton High School in Pennsylvania -- a team he's essentially adopted since joining the Steelers. 

Clairton head coach Wayne Wade tells us ... Brown organized a bus to take the players to a nearby theater and treated the kids to a night at the movies. 

1223-sub-anonio-brown-tmz-01Wayne says Brown is always doing cool stuff for the high school -- "A couple years ago he paid for the whole team to go to Dave N Busters after the season."

So, why Clairton?? 

"He loves the whole small town, small team, small program thing. We are the winningest program in Pennsylvania, piled up 66 wins in a row (Pennsylvania record), won state championships."

Plus, Wayne played Arena League football with Antonio's dad. 

So, what did we learn today ... people actually ARE going to see movies other than 'Star Wars.'


Pittsburgh Steelers Worst Xmas Carolers Ever? Maybe.

12/22/2015 7:41 AM PST

The Pittsburgh Steelers TRIED to sing a fun football themed Christmas carol for their fans this week ... what ensued was maybe the worst vocal performance of all time. 

It's so bad, it's good. 

Merry Xmas everyone! 

Pittsburgh Steelers The Team That Slays (Pheasant) Together ... Stays Together

11/24/2015 12:41 PM PST

1124-steelers-hunting-main-INSTAGRAM-01The Pittsburgh Steelers know just how to take a break from the violent game of the NFL ... shoot things in the face together.

A group of guys led by former Steeler and avid bird hunter Brett Keisel ... took a team bonding trip to pheasant hunt recently, complete with dogs, guns and camo.

Cam Heyward, David DeCastro, Cody Wallace, Matt Spaeth, and James Harrison all participated ... and by the looks of the pictures Harrison posted to his Instagram ... they could have just scared the damn things to death.

Aim true, fellas.


Snoop Dogg Gambles On Steelers ... Pay Me, Bitches!

11/9/2015 7:27 AM PST

Snoop Dogg was pretty fired up after the Steelers game this weekend -- not just because his team won, but he also made $500 off a West Coast rapper who bet on the Raiders. 

Snoop made the 2-to-1 wager with Mac Shawn 100 -- telling the guy he was SO confident Pittsburgh would stomp the Silver and Black, he agreed to pay Mac Shawn $1,000 on a $500 bet.

The game came down to the wire, but the Steelers won ... and after the game, the two rappers engaged in some super stoney smack talk. 

So, what's Snopp gonna do with the victory money? Well, he is on the way to Denver ... 


James Harrison I'll Bust Your Ass On a Boat ... For $900

11/3/2015 9:11 AM PST

1103-james-harrison-getty-02Do you have disposable income ... and a penchant for pain??

Great news ... Pittsburgh Steelers stud linebacker James Harrison wants to kick your ass in a crazy workout routine ON A BOAT ... if you've got roughly $900 to spend. 

Harrison is a featured guest on the 2016 Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise -- which sets sail from Miami to Mexico in February ... and allows guests to rub elbows with a bunch of past and present Steelers. 

The cheapest room goes for $499 (plus $129 + $65 for fees and gratuity) ... but for an extra $199, you can join a cruise workout class led by Harrison himself. 

"James will share his personal workout routine, diet & nutrition secrets," the description reads -- and if you follow James on Instagram, you know he's an absolute MONSTER in the gym. 

Don't feel like working out on vacation? There's always the Gronk cruise ... 

NFL Targets Weed Group You Marijuanafied Our Steelers Logo

10/16/2015 12:45 AM PDT

1015-nfl-weed-club-logo-steelers-TMZ-GETTY-Composite-01You can't turn the Steelers logo into a bunch of marijuana leaves ... or else you'll face the wrath of the NFL ... so says a pot group in Pittsburgh that just got lit up with a nasty legal threat. 

The bud beef is all over the logo for the Pittsburgh chapter of NORML -- a massive nonprofit group dedicated to legalizing weed.  

They've been using a logo similar to the famous Steelers design for years -- with the asteroids swapped out with red, yellow and blue ganja leaves.  

Problem is ... some square at the NFL caught wind of the logo and fired off a cease and desist -- warning the group to 86 the design .. or else! (Guess that paranoia was justified this time). 

Turns out ... the people at NORML are more smokers than fighters and told us they're backing down and plan to change the logo ASAP because they don't want a war with the NFL.

Two NORML honchos, Patrick Nightingale and Jason Cole, tell TMZ Sports they're already coming up with a Pittsburgh-themed replacement logo -- "Maybe Andrew Carnegie holding some weed."


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