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Obama on Bill Cosby

'Women + Drugs + Sex - Consent = Rape'

7/15/2015 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

President Obama was just asked about the allegations surrounding Bill Cosby -- and without directly calling him a rapist, came awfully close. 

"If you give a woman ... or a man for that matter ... a drug and then have sex with that person without consent ... that’s rape."

"And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape."

Obama was asked if he would revoke Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom -- which he received in 2002 -- Obama said there was no precedent for that ... adding, "We don't have a mechanism."

The comment insinuates the White House has at least looked into the matter. 

Obama said as a policy, he doesn't like to comment about specifics regarding cases where there might still be criminal or civil issues involved. 

Donald Trump

El Chapo's Nobody Special

Lots of Death Threats

7/15/2015 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
has received a slew of death threats since announcing his candidacy for President ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Trump tell TMZ, the recent threat by El Chapo's son has not changed the drill for the candidate's security team. We're told they have received numerous death threats since the announcement.

We're told Trump's security has been formidable from the beginning. As one source put it, "We're not sparing any costs and Mr. Trump's security is the best money can buy."

Trump is not getting any extra protection from the feds in the wake of the Chapo threat. But we're told federal and local law enforcement is investigating the Chapo threat as well as others and is in touch with Trump's security team.


NBA's Doc Rivers

Watch Your Ass, Trump

... El Chapo's No Joke!

7/15/2015 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Clippers honcho Doc Rivers has some friendly advice for his pal Donald Trump -- STOP SCREWING WITH MEXICAN DRUG LORD EL CHAPO!!!!

FYI -- Rivers and Trump have been friends for years ... and we shot footage of the two of them leaving a business meeting together in Beverly Hills earlier this year. 

So, with the news of El Chapo threatening Donald Trump for calling the escaped drug lord "everything that's wrong with Mexico" ... Rivers says D.T. better watch his back!!! 

BTW, we also asked Rivers about reports that his daughter Callie Rivers was the main person who got DeAndre Jordan to back out of his Mavs deal and stay with the Clippers. 

Doc calls B.S. on the whole thing --  and tells us the REAL reason Jordan decided to stick around.

Check out the clip. 

Donald Trump

Macy's Takes it In the Shorts

...Over Firing

7/13/2015 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Macy's is paying the price for sacking Donald Trump, because we've learned thousands of customers are cutting up their Macy's credit card in protest.

Sources connected to the department store tell TMZ, Macy's has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago.

We're told the store has been "inundated with complaints" from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration.

Our sources say thousands of customers have vowed never to shop at Macy's again and many of them say they're cutting up their Macy's credit card to make a statement.

We're told the complaints have come in various ways, including phone, Facebook and email. A Macy's spokesperson would only say, "Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action." 

Donald Trump

Calls in FBI

Over Death Threat Involving El Chapo

7/13/2015 9:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713-donald-trump-el-chapo-getty-AP-01Donald Trump tells TMZ he is contacting the FBI to investigate threats just made by a man claiming to be the son of escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo

Trump is reacting to a tweet reportedly made by El Chapo's son, in which he blasts Trump for saying El Chapo is "everything that's wrong with Mexico."

The tweet was written in Spanish, with the rough English translation, "Keep f***ing around and I'm gonna make you swallow your bitch words you f***ing whitey milks***tter (that's a homophobic slur)." 

Trump tells TMZ he's not backing down, saying, "I'm fighting for much more than myself. I'm fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals." He adds, "You can't be intimidated. It's too important." 

David Letterman

Un-Retires to Roast Trump

With Martin & Short

7/11/2015 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman must have been sitting at home licking his chops over all the material Donald Trump was providing -- so, he came out of retirement!

Well, for one night anyway ... Letterman joined Steve Martin and Martin Short on stage during their show in San Antonio last night -- and he came armed with a timely Top 10: "Interesting facts about Donald Trump."

Y'know how #2 was frequently better than #1 with Dave's Top 10s? Not this time ... make sure you watch to the end.


Donald Trump

NBC Needs to Worry ...

About 'Lying' Brian Williams

7/11/2015 8:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump must be fed up with getting bashed in the media ... because he lashed out with a pot shot of his own ... at his ex-biz partner NBC, and its embattled news anchor Brian Williams.

Trump fielded a lot of questions about his Mexican immigrants comments during a Friday news conference in L.A. -- but really went off when the subject of NBC dumping him came up ... Trump went for the jugular.

Check out the video ... we doubt the Donald and Williams will be sitting down for a campaign trail one-on-one after this.

We also asked Trump if proud Republican Caitlyn Jenner would have a role at the party's convention -- interesting response.

Mickey Rourke

I Got a Plan for Ya, Trump

Bring Your Wallet!

7/10/2015 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump can count on Mickey Rourke's vote -- that is if Mickey doesn't impale himself on a handgun first.

Yeah, Rourke doesn't talk politics often, but when he does -- holy crap! A bunch of photogs asked him about, well actually ... nothing at all Trump-related, but he still decided to tee off on the Donald.

Like it or not ... in at least one poll, Trump is leading the Republican race, so there's that.

Mickey thinks Trump really can fix America's immigration problem, but it's gonna cost him. Check out his advice. Oh, and if Rourke looks dramatically different in this clip, it's only because ... he looks dramatically different.

Bev Hills, man.

Vicente Fox

Donald Trump

Es Un Idiota!

7/9/2015 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicente Fox has a lot to say about Donald Trump ... and none of it is good. 

The former President of Mexico -- who is also quite the successful business man -- unloaded on The Donald Wednesday night as he left The Palm in L.A.

Fox went all in against Trump and his recent comments about Mexico, telling our photog (in Spanish), "He's acted like an idiot ... I don't know how he's made so much money, he doesn't deserve it."

The ex-Presidente might not like it, but the fact is ... despite the controversey, Trump is a strong 2nd in the polls among Republican candidates for U.S. prez.

Fox had more to say, including a suggestion on what Trump SHOULD do with his riches.

Donald Trump

I'll Sue Celeb Chef Jose Andres Too ...

For Pulling Out of D.C. Hotel

7/8/2015 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0708_donald_trump_jose-andres_tmz_gettyDonald Trump's got a big problema with the celeb chef who was going to help him open his fancy new hotel in Washington, D.C. -- Jose Andres is yanking his planned flagship restaurant.

The famed chef and Spanish immigrant announced he's cutting ties with the new Trump International Hotel due to Donald's now infamous comments about Mexican immigrants.

Andres said Trump's remarks "make it impossible for my company and I to move forward." Andres -- who recently became a U.S. citizen -- was planning to open his flagship restaurant in the hotel.

Donald Trump Jr. immediately threatened legal action against Andres ... pointing out that he signed a 10-year lease, and due to an exclusivity cause he can't open a restaurant anywhere else in D.C.

Trump already sued Univision for $500 million after it backed out of the Miss USA deal.

We actually got Jose last week in D.C. -- and although he played coy with us, something was clearly cooking.

Team USA's Ashlyn Harris

Obama Has a Crush On Carli Lloyd!

7/8/2015 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The entire country is OBSESSED with Carli Lloyd ... including the President ... so says Team USA's Ashlyn Harris who tells us the squad thinks POTUS has a little crush on #10. 

Ashlyn -- one of the goalkeepers on the US team -- was at LAX when she told us one of the coolest post-World Cup moments was when the gang got a call from President Obama. 

Harris says POTUS congratulated the team and officially invited them to the White House -- but says afterward, the ladies thought Obama seemed a little smitten with the Queen of the Hat Trick

Hey, can't blame the guy ... GO USA! 

George Lopez

There Are Enough Racists

For Donald Trump to Win

7/7/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez is taking a stand against Donald Trump -- and asking all Latinos to boycott him -- but also admits Trump's "punking" all the other Republican candidates, and might even win.

Lopez blasted Trump Monday afternoon in Bev Hills ... telling us he's personally done with Trump -- he won't golf at his courses anymore, and wouldn't even consider replacing him on "Celebrity Apprentice" because he's not taking Trump's leftovers. 

Watch, George clearly ain't voting Trump, but acknowledges there are plenty of people who will -- and even warns Donald ... Jeb isn't the Bush he needs to worry about. 

Fidel Castro

I’ll Come Out Of Hiding …

For A Cheese Convention

7/6/2015 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_fidel_castro_say_cheese_launchPut the rumors to rest, Fidel Castro is still alive and kicking … and all it took to get the 88-year-old dictator out of hiding was some putrefied dairy.

Castro spoke for 4 hours in Guatao, Cuba -- a little about U.S. relations,  but mostly about rotten milk with 19 other cheese connoisseurs. It was his first public appearance in over 3 months ... and, for the time being anyway, put those persistent death rumors to rest.

Nothing like stinky cheese to get El Jefe back in the limelight.

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