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John Oliver White House Correspondents' Dinner is Frivolous

2/14/2017 7:16 AM PST

John Oliver thinks the reporters are missing the boat in a big way by boycotting the White House Correspondents' Dinner for 2 reasons ... it's unproductive, and the dinner itself is ridiculous.

We got Oliver outside of 30 Rock in NYC where hours earlier, his old boss, Jon Stewart, told our camera guy journos should attend since the dinner provides several scholarships.

Oliver's not going, but not because he's boycotting ... he essentially says the concept of the dinner is for reporters to feel important.

That said, he thinks there's a better way to handle President Trump than boycotting him.

Donald Trump I'm No Wedding Crasher!! Check the Guest List

2/14/2017 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0213_trump_bride_groom_@kerrytownsendDonald Trump isn't Vince Vaughn ... or Owen Wilson ... he's a guy with a legit wedding invite who showed up to honor a bride and groom he knows very well.

Newlyweds Carl Henry Lindner IV and Vanessa Jane Falk tell TMZ ... Vanessa's parents have been members at Mar-a-Lago for years, and her dad personally invited President Trump to their wedding last weekend. Trump told him he'd do his best to make an appearance ... if he was in town.

The couple says they didn't expect the prez to show, but lo and behold he was in town with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe ... who came along for the party, but only after they'd dealt with the North Korea crisis. We're told the world leaders rolled up in the presidential limo while the wedding party was taking pics. Great timing.

Carl and Vanessa say the prez hung out for about 30 minutes and even made a speech. 

Lindner's family used to be majority owner of the Chiquita banana brand, and his dad is co-CEO of American Financial Group -- so yeah ... they've got Trump-esque pockets too.


President Kennedy Smoking Deal on Cigar Box

2/14/2017 12:20 AM PST

0213-jfk-cigar-box-auction-photos-launchOne of President John F. Kennedy's prized possessions is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

It's a humidor given to JFK in 1962 by the 10th President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. The lid features a JFK engraving and the stogie company's seal on the bottom. It's one of 4 humidors Marcos gifted the prez.

According to Nate D. Sanders Auctions ... Jackie Kennedy gave this one to longtime Kennedy family employee Jack Spangenburg sometime after Kennedy's assassination in '63.

Bidding starts at $6,000 and can be placed online until February 23.


Patriots Hero James White Still Unsure On White House Visit

2/13/2017 3:30 PM PST

Patriots running back James White -- the guy who scored the winning TD in the Super Bowl -- says he still hasn't made up his mind about visiting Donald Trump at the White House. 

So far, 6 Patriots players have said they're boycotting the victory trip, mostly due to political reasons -- and last week, White said he was on the fence. 

When we saw him in NYC Monday we asked if he'd made a decision yet. He's still weighing his options. 

We even asked how he felt about Tony Gonzalez saying players should use the trip to express their concerns to Trump himself. White didn't sound convinced.

Jon Stewart Get Over Trump Tension, Media ... Correspondents' Dinner Worth the Trip

2/13/2017 2:05 PM PST

Jon Stewart's NEVER been confused for a Donald Trump supporter, but he strongly believes the media should show up for the President's first White House Correspondents' Dinner.

It's become a big thing -- some reporters are pulling out of the annual event due to Trump warring with multiple media outlets. Jon was grabbing a slice at Famous Original Ray's Pizza when we got his take on the potential boycott.

It's interesting because Jon hosted the WHCD back in '97, but he's also famously NOT down with Trump. He gave us one good reason why reporters should get over the tension and attend.

Jon also had a great piece of advice for Trump's handshake game, which looks to have improved with Canadian PM Trudeau ... by about 13 seconds over the Japanese PM.

Ivanka Trump Joins Justin Trudeau in Women's Fight

2/13/2017 11:16 AM PST

0213-ivanka-trudeau-ivanka-launch-GETTY-10Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined forces with First Daughter Ivanka Trump to do battle on behalf of women in business.

The 2 met at the White House to promote women in business. They both spoke to President Trump and female business executives.

Ivanka looked happy to sit next to JT, but then again, who wouldn't?

Tony Gonzalez White House Boycotts Are 'Silly'

2/13/2017 6:07 AM PST

Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, LeGarrette Blount and the rest of the Patriots boycotting their White House visit over Donald Trump are making a silly mistake ... so says Tony Gonzalez

With at least 6 members of the Super Bowl squad saying they refuse to meet President Trump -- we asked the future Hall of Famer what he would do in the same situation. 

"If they don't wanna go, that's their right," Tony said ... "For me, I think that's silly."

"If you've got a problem, go there and meet him! Say something! That's your opportunity to get your voice out there, to get heard."

"Tell him what's on your mind," he added ... "Maybe he'll listen."

Magic Johnson: I'm Not Staying at Trump Hotels Anymore

2/13/2017 8:10 AM PST

Magic Johnson is putting his money where his mouth is ... telling TMZ Sports he will NO LONGER stay at Trump Hotels. 

The NBA legend has been a regular at Trump Hotels for years -- especially in New York. But, when we saw him out earlier Monday, he was at ANOTHER high-end NYC spot.

When we asked if he was done with Trump Hotels -- he confirmed he's making the switch.

Johnson not only voted for Hillary Clinton but has come out STRONG against Trump ever since he was elected. Just last month, he said Trump needs to stop "acting like a dictator."

Oh, and good news for Charles Oakley -- Magic says he's definitely welcome at the Lakers games, despite the fact he's been banned from MSG.

Nick Cannon I Quit 'AGT' ... Screw 'Em for Thinking About Firing Me

2/13/2017 6:41 AM PST
Breaking News

0210-nick-cannon-tmz-03Nick Cannon doesn't see himself shooting the next season of "America's Got Talent" ... after NBC execs considered firing him over a racial joke he told in his comedy special.

TMZ broke the story ... NBC and 'AGT' honchos felt Nick had disparaged them and breached his contract by joking the network doesn't want him using the n-word, and insinuating it generally crushes his swagger while hosting 'AGT.' The special aired Friday night on Showtime.

That news pissed off Nick ... who now says he's loved hosting 'AGT' but "my soul won't allow me to be in business with corporations that attempt to frown on freedom of speech, censor artists, and question cultural choices." He also says he doesn't care about the millions they pay him.

He adds, "I can not see myself returning." He told Howard Stern last week that he'd sue if they ever fired him over a joke.

As we told you, NBC decided to let the whole joke slide, but Nick clearly isn't forgiving.

He ended his FB post with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King -- "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."


Donald Trump Putts Around with Japanese Prime Minister

2/12/2017 7:15 AM PST

0212-donald-trump-japan-prime-minister-golfing-FAMEFLYNET-01Donald Trump bonded with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the links.

The Prez and P.M. played a round of golf in Jupiter, Florida, near Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, aka The Winter White House.

It's interesting ... Trump told Harvey Levin a few months ago, he would do business on the golf course with world leaders because it's a place where you really get to know what makes the person tick.

SNL Kellyanne Conway's 'Fatal Attraction' on SNL

2/12/2017 6:43 AM PST

Kellyanne Conway did everything but boil a rabbit on "SNL" ... and it was brutal.

Kate McKinnon channeled her best Glenn Close in an epic "Fatal Attraction" spoof. You gotta see this ... it makes Alec Baldwin's Trump skits look like a love letter.

Plus, Melissa McCarthy returned in top form as Sean Spicer ... easily as hilarious as the first.

Senator Al Franken SNL's In My Past ... But These Trump Skits Are Gold!

2/12/2017 11:53 AM PST

Senator Al Franken says Saturday Night Live is as good as it's ever been with their Donald Trump skits -- and he should know ... as an original writer for the show.

We got the performer-turned-politician in D.C. Sunday, where he gave kudos for SNL's latest Trump spoofs, especially Melissa McCarthy's turn as Sean Spicer. The proof's in the numbers ... SNL had its highest ratings in 6 years as of this week. 

Al even touches on his old SNL role as self-help guru Stuart Smalley. Doesn't sound like he's interested in getting back into character anytime soon, though.

Meryl Streep Hits Trump Again 'Most Over-Berated Actress'

2/12/2017 8:04 AM PST

Meryl Streep took another shot at Donald Trump in a new speech defending LGBT rights ... and added a new title to her "over-rated" stature. 

Meryl delivered the anti-Trump remarks Saturday night in NYC at a gala for the Human Rights Campaign while receiving their National Ally for Equality Award.

You'll recall ... she also dissed Trump during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes in January, after which Trump called her "the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood" and a "Hillary flunky." 

Seems like Meryl's restarting the fire. Your move, Mr. President. 

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