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Bow Wow Went Too Far 'Pimping' Melania ... Says Pal Sincere Show

3/16/2017 3:03 PM PDT

One of Bow Wow's friends is breaking ranks, speaking out against him for threatening to pimp out Melania Trump.

We got Sincere Show, a former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star, Wednesday night at Nightingale Plaza, and he summed it up this way ... "Trump trippin' but Bow Wow trippin' too."

You'll recall ... Bow Wow came out strong in support of Snoop Dogg after Trump took a shot at Snoop for his controversial "Lavender" video. But Sincere says there's a line in any beef, and Bow Wow definitely crossed it with the Melania tweet


Facebook & Twitter Pakistan Wants Help Finding Anti-Islamic Pakistanis

3/16/2017 3:29 PM PDT

0316_pakistan-facebook-twitter-compositeFacebook and Twitter will start ratting out Pakistani citizens who post anti-Islamic comments if -- and that's a big IF -- Pakistan gets its way.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told AP Thursday a Pakistani official in their Washington, D.C. embassy approached both social media giants about tracking down Pakistanis -- at home or abroad -- who make blasphemous statements online.

Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws -- violators can be put to death for bashing Islam.

As for whether Facebook and Twitter will play ball -- FB says, "We disclose information about accounts solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty or other formal request may be required for international requests."

Translation: If it happens, it won't be anytime soon.

Twitter had no comment.

Donald Trump III Secret Service Investigated For Selfies with Prez's Grandson

3/16/2017 1:40 PM PDT
Breaking News

0316-donald-trump-junior-and-son-getty-5President Trump's grandson was allegedly photographed while he slept by Secret Service agents tasked with protecting him.

The agents were reportedly riding in a motorcade last weekend with Donald Trump Jr.'s 8-year-old son when the incident went down. Donald III was asleep in the vehicle, and the agents allegedly shot selfies with him in the background.

According to Mother Jones, which broke the story, Don III woke up, "freaked out" and later told his parents about the incident. DT Jr. then reported it to the Secret Service, which launched an investigation. 

A Secret Service spokesman says, "The US Secret Service is aware of a matter involving two of our agents and one of our protectees. Our Office of Professional Responsibility will always thoroughly review a matter to determine the facts and to ensure proper, long-standing protocols and procedures are followed."


McDonald's Hold the Hate ... Attack On Trump Was Hack Job

3/16/2017 8:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

0316-donald-trump-mcdonlads-tmz-01update_graphic_red_bar3:48 PST -- A rep for Mc D's tells us they've determined the hack was from an outside source and not from within the corporation.update_grey_gray_barDonald Trump can safely order Big Macs again -- McDonalds' vicious Twitter attack against him was the work of hackers ... according to the burger giant.

Micky D's verified account tweeted Thursday morning, "You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands."

It was posted for at least 30 minutes before McDonald's deleted it and said Twitter confirmed the company's account was compromised. McDonald's says it's now investigating.

Bottom line: No McDonald's beef with Trump ... although he does enjoy their burgers.

Matthew Perry I Kicked Justin Trudeau's Ass And That Made Him PM!!!

3/16/2017 9:44 AM PDT

0316-matthew-perry-justin-trudeau-tmz-getty-01Matthew Perry once beat up Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau ... and he thinks it pushed the guy into politics.

Matt was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday, and he told the story of how he and his buddy beat up a 3rd grade Justin for "excelling in a sport."

It's pretty funny -- Justin's dad was the PM at the time and didn't have security around his boy. Jimmy rightly points out nobody could get away with that around Barron Trump.

Even crazier ... Matt doesn't think Justin would be where he is today without that pounding.

Yes, Chandler beat up this stud ... could that BE any more wrong?


John McCain: I'm Pickin' Arizona to Win Tourney ('Cause I Wanna Get Re-Elected)

3/16/2017 7:08 AM PDT

It's time for John McCain's Guide to the NCAA Tourney!!!

He's picking Arizona to win it all, and why??? Because he's not an idiot!!

In fact, our guy asked if most politicians should pick teams from their home state to win.

"It depends on whether you wanna be re-elected or not!"

Note: McCain says he actually picked AGAINST U of A last year (and still got re-elected) ... so he's probably kidding. Plus, they're really good this year.

Good luck!

Ivanka Trump, Justin Trudeau Together Again On Broadway!!!

3/16/2017 6:28 AM PDT

0316-ivanka-trump-justin-trudeau-broadway-GETTY-02Ivanka Trump had a fun night with Canadian Prime Minister and bae of the True North, Justin Trudeau.

Ivanka and Justin hit up "Come From Away" on Broadway Wednesday night. They arrived in separate cars, but in the same motorcade.

We hear it's a good show. Eyes on the stage, right?


Jesse Williams Trump's a 'Pig'

3/16/2017 6:57 AM PDT

Jesse Williams had some words for Donald Trump ... none flattering.

We got the "Grey's Anatomy" star and civil rights activist heading into "The Daily Show" Wednesday in NYC, and asked how Trump was doing.

Dude makes it clear where he stands.

Remember ... Jesse's the guy who won BET's Humanitarian Award last year and rocked the house with his words.

'Making History' Star Adam Pally 'I'd Have to Kill Trump or Hitler' ... If Time Travel Existed

3/16/2017 6:52 AM PDT

"Making History" star Adam Pally not only lumped Donald Trump in the Adolf Hitler bucket ... he said if he had the chance to go back in time he'd kill one of them.

Adam was strolling on Broadway in NYC Wednesday and we asked him about going back in time.

Adam gives a visceral and pretty stunning reaction, but then walks it back a bit.

Snoop ... seems you've got company.

Common Defends Snoop's Trump Vid ... That's Hip-Hop!!

3/16/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Common insists Snoop Dogg pulling a fake gun on a clown Trump is the kind of thing hip-hop artists have done for years, and rightfully so ... he says.  

The politically active rapper was leaving his gym in L.A. when he came out strong in support of Snoop's freedom of expression ... saying the "Lavender" music video merely follows in some very famous footsteps. He's got examples too.

Ted Cruz likely won't agree with Common's assessment, but we're guessing T.I. totally will.


As for Snoop's take on all the controversy ... 

A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Donald Trump Drops Hillary Burn at Rally ... Crowd Goes Wild!

3/15/2017 6:13 PM PDT
Breaking News

President Trump played his greatest hit in Nashville -- a Hillary Clinton slam that got the crowd fired up.

Trump was discussing the block of his second travel order by a federal judge in Hawaii when he set himself up for a gender joke ... with a presidential twist.

The "lock her up!" chants weren't far behind.

Elizabeth Banks Wherever Hillary Runs, I Will Follow ... And Vote for Her

3/16/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Elizabeth Banks was one of Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters last year, and sounds like she's ready to mount up again if Hill stumps for mayor in NYC.

Our photog asked the actress/director at LAX what she thought of Hillary seriously considering a run for that office. Tougher question than ya think because many HRC loyalists could view the position as a major downgrade from the White House.

Eliizabeth pondered for a bit, before sharing her true feelings about another Clinton candidacy.

Bow Wow Drags Melania into Snoop-Trump Beef ... We'll Pimp Her Out!

3/15/2017 2:02 PM PDT
Breaking News

0315_bow_wow_melania_donald_tmzBow Wow just upped the ante in the war between Snoop Dogg and the prez by threatening to pimp out Melania Trump.

Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, tweeted President Trump ... "Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us."

T.I. got in the mix with direct insults at Trump, but this is a serious increase in hostilities.

Mafia rules do not apply for Bow Wow. 

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