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Tomi Lahren Flynn's Guilt No Biggie for Trump ... No Smoking Gun

12/2/2017 2:08 PM PST

Tomi Lahren doesn't think President Trump has anything to fear despite his former national security adviser pleading guilty to lying to the FBI ... so she says he can just keep on making America great again.

We got the Fox News contributor at LAX Saturday and asked if Trump should be nervous about Michael Flynn deciding to turn state's evidence in his plea deal. She says no way, because if there was a smoking gun ... we'd already know.

Tomi's confidence seems to echo Trump's, who claimed earlier Saturday he fired Flynn because of his lying and said there's nothing to hide.

Lahren then steered the topic to something she and her fellow conservatives seem to care more about. Hint -- it doesn't involve Mueller's investigation ... or Russia.

JFK Oil Painting Sells for Over $162k ... Trump's Art Goes for Much Less

12/2/2017 11:19 AM PST

There's officially a winner in the presidential art auction showdown between John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump -- it's JFK ... by a landslide.

Kennedy's original oil painting from 1955 sold at Heritage Auctions' Americana & Political Memorabilia auction Saturday for a whopping $162,500. As we reported ... it's signed by JFK and hung in Robert F. Kennedy's Hickory Hill home for years.

Trump's artwork -- a detailed doodle of the NYC skyline -- didn't spark as much frenzied bidding as Kennedy's ... but still sold for a respectable $20,000. Trump's drawing was donated to a charity in 2005.

Heritage Auctions director Tom Slater says art done by U.S. presidents is in high demand these days among collectors ... so the 2 high bidders have to be feeling pretty good about their score.

But maybe one more than the other.

Al Sharpton Protest is Bigger than Meek Mill ... And He Knows It

12/2/2017 6:57 AM PST

Rev. Al Sharpton gave our photog a debrief on his prison meeting with Meek Mill, and it's clear the rapper's incarceration has changed his life.

Sharpton was leaving NBC Friday night when he told us Meek is staying strong behind bars and knows the protests to free him are about more than one individual ... it's part of a civil rights movement which Meek is going to join when he's free.

The good Reverend thinks it's absurd that Meek got 2 to 4 years for poppin' a wheely... something for which he was never even charged. 

As for Judge Genece Brinkley who sentenced Meek, Al thinks she's totally biased and should know better, especially because she's black. 

Weird Al Hey Fox News ... Stop Calling Franken by My Name!!!

12/2/2017 7:11 AM PST

Weird Al is pissed off that people are associating his name with a pervert.

We got Al Friday leaving Bristol Farms in WeHo and he seems miffed Fox News Channel has been referring to Franken as Weird Al.  He says he does not want to be confused with a pervert.

Weird Al tweeted, "If you really feel compelled to insult Franken, Sharpton, Gore, Roker, or Pacino ... PLEASE CHOOSE A DIFFERENT NICKNAME."

Al makes it clear ... he's copyrighted his name so everyone lay off. 

Congressman Andre Carson Jay-Z for Prez!!!

12/1/2017 9:31 AM PST

Jay-Z should give Donald Trump a run for his money in 2020 ... so says Congressman Andre Carson.

We got the distinguished gentleman from Indiana in D.C. Thursday, and asked him if he enjoyed Hova's 4:44 tour stop at the Capital One Arena. Carson gushed about the show ... and then took his praise one HUGE step further.

Check it out ... Rep. Carson -- who grew up in a similar environment to Jay-Z -- gives a shout out to Diddy, Damon Dash and Master P ... before anointing Hova a viable candidate for the White House.

Carson for Veep?

Anthony Scaramucci Reconciles with Wife ... Divorce Dropped

11/30/2017 2:50 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Anthony Scaramucci and his wife are giving marriage another try ... Deidre Ball has dropped her divorce petition.

Scaramucci tells TMZ they are "absolutely" back together.  He says they are back living under the same roof.

You'll recall, Deidre, his wife of 3 years, filed to end the marriage last July. There were reports she was fed up with his D.C. ambitions. There were also rumblings of infidelity.

Ball filed when she was almost ready to give birth. They had a son in late July.

If D.C. was the reason for the split, that shouldn't be a worry anymore. 

Killer Mike Kaep Is Person of the Year ... NOT Trump!

11/30/2017 11:11 AM PST

Donald Trump is NOT Time magazine's Person of the Year ... the honor should go to Colin Kaepernick -- that's according to rap star Killer Mike, who says Kaep's a leader and Trump's an "entertainer."

We got Mike out in ATL ... and he told TMZ Sports he gets why Trump's in the running ... but at the same time, POTUS can't hold a candle to Colin.

"We like entertainers. Donald Trump is a successful entrepreneur but essentially he's an entertainer."

Mike says Kaep's an entertainer too in the sense that he's a pro athlete ... but the QB's used his platform to do A LOT more.

"I'm very, very proud of Colin Kaepernick and the stance he's taken. The man's essentially given up his career to bring social awareness to the fact that agents of the state -- police officers -- are killing citizens."

So, the award should be CK all day.

Not that Trump gives a damn.

Al Franken Getting Handsy with Zendaya On a Billboard, Anyway

11/30/2017 11:00 AM PST

Al Franken's infamous groping photo briefly co-starred with Zendaya on a movie billboard ... in the name of art. Street art.

The cropped image of Franken reaching his hands out -- over Leeann Tweeden breasts in the original image -- showed up Thursday morning on an L.A. billboard for Zendaya's upcoming movie, "The Greatest Showman."  You can see ... the end result was just creepy.

Street artist Sabo took credit for the job ... showing a before and after of his "art" on Twitter.

The billboard, just off the 405 freeway, was Franken-free again by 10:20 AM Thursday. We're sure Zendaya's glad to be flying solo again.

Nat'l Christmas Tree Lighting Trump's First Is Gonna Be Huuuge And Pricier Than Obama's

11/30/2017 12:50 AM PST

Donald Trump's first National Christmas Tree Lighting is gonna be bigger than Barack Obama's last one -- at least when it comes to the amount taxpayer's gotta spend for it.

Federal docs outlining the government's expenses for this year's tree lighting outside the White House show the total tab will come to $128,424.

That includes $11,452 on the sound system, another $11,972 on ballistic glass to protect the Prez and fam ... and $105,000 for general event management services. 

The glass will probably look something like this one from George W. Bush's 2007 lighting.

BTW, the expenses don't include the 40-50 foot tall evergreen, which is usually donated, and is different from the 20-footer Melania and Barron got last week to go inside the White House. 

We know you're dying to know -- the expenses for Obama's last tree lighting ran $101,421 and did NOT include a new bulletproof glass purchase. 

Rishard Matthews I'm Backin' Kaep ... On My Cleats!!

11/29/2017 11:43 AM PST
Breaking News

Colin Kaepernick ain't on an NFL roster, but he'll be taking the field against the Texans this Sunday ... courtesy of Tennessee Titans star Rishard Matthews' cleats!!

The 28-year-old receiver revealed his custom kicks for the NFL's "My Cause, My Cleats" campaign this weekend ... which allows players to wear any creative design supporting a charity of their choice on their cleats during the game.

Matthews explained his decision to support Kaep's Know Your Rights Camp ... saying "I don't have a foundation so I have chosen to support my brother (Colin Kaepernick's) foundation."

"He has paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to bring true everyday issues to light."

Ivanka's Jewelry Company Sued You Took Our Jewelry and Stiffed Us!!!

11/29/2017 10:54 AM PST

Nov. 30 2017 -- A rep for Ivanka's brand adds the licensing deal with Madison Avenue Diamonds was terminated by the Ivanka Trump brand last december.

3:39 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the Ivanka Trump brand tells TMZ, "Madison Avenue Diamonds is owned by a separate party and was a typical licensing deal. This matter involving an independent third party has absolutely nothing to do with the Ivanka Trump brand. In fact, the defendant in question owes the brand a significant amount of money."Ivanka Trump's jewelry company is being sued for skipping out on its bills.

Raselli Franco, an Italian jeweler who manufactures and sells fine jewelry to retailers, claims he sold Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry $56,833 in bling. Ivanka's company agreed to pay in 4 installments, but he says they have not paid $21,222.

Franco says he gave Ivanka's company an extension to pay the bill but got zilch.

Ivanka's company began paying a year ago but missed several payment deadlines.

We reached out to Ivanka's rep ... so far no word back.

Al Franken See, They Still Love Me!!!

11/28/2017 11:36 AM PST

Al Franken's still Mr. Popular in D.C. ... at least to a group of students eager to take a picture with the Senator.

We got Sen. Franken on Capitol Hill Tuesday looking to be in good spirits as he posed for a photo with some happy students from Virginia. His smile faded away, though, as we tried to ask him questions about allegations against him ... and got rebuffed by one of his aides.

As we've reported ... 3 women have accused Franken of groping their butts during photo ops, which led Marco Rubio to dish out some advice on how to avoid that problem.

For the record, Franken was much less handsy in this photo op.

Washington D.C.'s a strange(r) place right now.

Marco Rubio How Not to Grab Ass Posing for Pics Ya Listening, Al Franken?!

11/28/2017 7:24 AM PST

Marco Rubio's dishing advice on how politicians should properly pose for pictures ... that's how bad it's also gotten in D.C.

We got the Senator at Reagan National Airport where we bring up allegations from 3 different women claiming Senator Al Franken grabbed their asses while posing for pictures.

Check it out ... Marco's advice seems like common sense, but common sense isn't so common these days. As for any swift action in D.C., Marco says it's all gotta play out first.

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