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White House: Trump's 'S.O.B.' Comments Are Patriotic

9/25/2017 11:43 AM PDT

Donald Trump was defending the honor of the American flag when he called for NFL owners to fire any "son of a bitch" who doesn't stand during the national anthem ... this according to the White House press secretary. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just fired back at reporters during a White House press briefing -- where she was asked if Trump's 'S.O.B.' comments crossed the line. 

"It's always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag," Sanders said. 

"This isn't about the president being against anyone. This is about the president and Americans being for something."

Lebron James: Hey Trump Voters ... You Messed Up

9/25/2017 10:55 AM PDT
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LeBron James says people who voted for Donald Trump made a mistake -- but it's okay, because even LeBron makes mistakes, too. 

The NBA superstar spoke with reporters at Cavs media day and refused to say Trump's name -- or even call him the President. Bron repeatedly referred to him as "that guy."

James accused "that guy" of using sports to try and divide the country -- and he says he'll do everything in his power to fight back. 

Then he dropped this ... 

"If you voted for him or not, you may have made a mistake, and that's okay."

"If you voted for him, it's okay. I mean I've done things for my kids and realized I shouldn't have given my daughter that many damn Skittles. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. She won't go to sleep now."

Forget the rainbow, taste the shade!!!!

Colin Kaepernick Surfaces After NFL Protests Smiling & Jacked

9/25/2017 10:27 AM PDT

Colin Kaepernick doesn't seem to be phased by President Trump calling him a "son of a bitch" -- he surfaced in NYC on Monday on his way to the gym ... and he looks ready to play. 

Kaepernick smiled when asked how he felt about the scores of NFL players who took a knee on Sunday following the national anthem protest he started last year -- but the smile faded when he was asked about Trump's newest comments

The ex-49ers quarterback was decked out in gym gear -- wearing a shirt that says "dope" -- and looked like he's put on some serious muscle mass since last season. 

There were questions about his weight and if he's actually training to get back into the league. He definitely looks the part here. 

Kaep was with his girlfriend, Nessa -- one of the biggest radio personalities in the country. 

NBA's Bradley Beal Shreds Donald Trump 'You're a Clown!!'

9/25/2017 9:39 AM PDT
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Wizards star Bradley Beal just went off on Donald Trump ... trashing POTUS in a big way ... and essentially teasing more protests when the NBA season starts. 

Beal used the mic at Wizards media day to call Trump a "clown" and voice his displeasure with everything the President is doing ... from race issues to Puerto Rico to Twitter. 

"I disagree with what he's doing. I disagree with his thoughts. Hopefully as a nation we can come together better and really see things through the perspective of the people really going through it."

The NBA season begins on Oct. 17 -- and with several prominent NBA players from LeBron to KD to Steph to Beal speaking out against Trump, it'll be interesting to see if they demonstrate against him during games. 

Anthony Weiner Going to Prison for 21 Months

9/25/2017 7:48 AM PDT
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Anthony Weiner learned his fate ... he's going to federal lockup for just under 2 years.

The ex U.S. Congressman was sentenced in Manhattan for transferring obscene material to a minor. Prosecutors had recommended a 27-month sentence, and the judge could have given him as much as 10 years ... so the 21 months might be the best possible outcome for Weiner.

However, the judge admonished him repeatedly during sentencing. He said Weiner "has a disease that involves sexual compulsivity; some call it a sex addiction." Weiner wept openly in court during the hearing.

Weiner pled guilty in May to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. In court today, the judge said Weiner still has a chance to contribute to society if he continues getting treatment for his illness.

He will have to register as a sex offender once he gets out, and he'll be under supervised released. He'll also be under a computer Internet monitoring program.

Weiner has to surrender by Nov. 6 to enter prison.

Dave Winfield Encourages MLB Nat'l Anthem Protests

9/25/2017 9:26 AM PDT

Seems MLB legend Dave Winfield wants to see MORE baseball players following Bruce Maxwell's lead when it comes to national anthem protests. 

FYI, Maxwell became MLB's first kneeler this weekend -- with the Oakland A's catcher demonstrating during the national anthem in the wake of Donald Trump's "son of a bitch" comments

So, when we saw Winfield at LAX, we asked for his thoughts. 

"It's a new era -- new causes, new objections to the way things are ... it's a protest we should listen to," Winfield told TMZ Sports.

Winfield added this message for the kneelers -- "Nothing changes overnight. Keep doing what you're doing."

Marshawn Lynch Growls at TMZ Photog ... Scares Crap Out Of Him

9/25/2017 7:38 AM PDT

Marshawn Lynch went full Beast Mode on a TMZ Photog this weekend -- GROWLING at our guy ... and it was hilarious!! 

It all went down on Saturday in D.C. -- when our camera guy saw the Oakland Raiders RB and asked him about Donald Trump slamming players like him who have demonstrated during the national anthem. 

Lynch decided (correctly) that it would be funny to mess with our photog ... and menacingly stomped toward him ... snarling loudly as he got close.

Our guy was so scared, he shut down the camera and almost fell backwards -- Marshawn burst into laughter!!!

The whole thing is pretty funny. Especially after the last time he messed with us

Beast Mode, 2. TMZ, 0.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Breaks with NASCAR Owners ... Approves NFL Protests

9/25/2017 6:43 AM PDT
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Not all NASCAR people are siding with Trump -- with Dale Earnhardt Jr. throwing his support behind NFL protesters ... despite several NASCAR owners bashing them. 

After POTUS said NFL owners should fire any "son of a bitch" who takes a knee, two of the most powerful men in NASCAR gave major stamps of approval. 

Richard Petty said, "Anybody that don’t stand up for that ought to be out of the country. Period."

Team owner Richard Childress was asked what he would do if any of his staffers protested the anthem -- "Get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over."

But Earnhardt -- hands down the most popular NASCAR driver of the last 10 years -- sees things differently ... and weighed in Monday morning with a quote from John F. Kennedy

"All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests," Dale Jr. tweeted. 

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

As for Trump, POTUS praised the NASCAR community early Monday morning. 

"So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won't put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag - they said it loud and clear!"

Concert for Charlottesville Headliners Perform and Kneel in Defiance of Trump's Words

9/25/2017 7:12 AM PDT

Pharrell Williams, Dave Matthews and Stevie Wonder took a firm stand against President Trump by kneeling during the Charlottesville benefit concert.

Pharrell performed with The Roots at Sunday night's  "A Concert for Charlottesville" ... and made his feelings clear on Trump's "son of a bitch" comment about NFL player protests of the National Anthem.

Matthews, who organized and headlined the show for his hometown, performed with Stevie. When he came onstage, Dave took his hand and they took a knee together. Stevie explained, as he did in NYC on Saturday, why he chose to get down on both knees.

Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande and Coldplay also performed at the event benefiting victims of the violence in Charlottesville. 

Tom Brady I Certainly Disagree with Trump ... 'Just Divisive'

9/25/2017 6:12 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady is speaking out against his good friend, Donald Trump -- saying his comments blasting NFL players who protest are "just divisive" and he disagrees with everything POTUS said. 

The Patriots QB appeared on WEEI's "Kirk & Callahan" on Monday and was asked to weigh in on Trump, considering he once had a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker.

"Yeah, I mean, I certainly disagree with what he said and, you know, thought it was just divisive," Brady said.

He's clearly referring to comments Trump made on Friday night where Trump encouraged NFL owners to fire any "son of a bitch" player who takes a knee.

Brady locked arms in solidarity with his teammates before the Pats vs. Texans game on Sunday -- and explained, "I just want to support my teammates and -- I always thought, I'm never one that says 'Oh, that's wrong,' or 'that's right,' ... but I do believe in what I believe in, and I believe in bringing people together and respect and love and trust, and those are the values that my parents instilled in me."

"I've been blessed to be in a locker room with guys from all over the United States over the course of my career ... I mean, I think one thing about football is it brings so many guys together."

"Guys that you would never have the opportunity to be around. Whether it was in college, and all the way into the pros. And we're all different. And we're all unique. And you know, that's what makes us all so special."

George Lopez Blasts NFL's 'Arm-Locking' Protest ... Just Take a Knee!

9/25/2017 5:58 AM PDT

George Lopez is all about NFL players taking a knee to protest -- but he thinks the locking arms thing is stupid.

The comedian was leaving TAO in L.A. on Sunday when he was asked if it was out of line for players to take a knee after President Donald Trump condemned the action.

"Not at all," Lopez said ... "That's part of the Constitution. That's part of freedom of expression."

Lopez continued ... "Now, locking hands? That's different. That's more Rockettes. Taking a knee is [good]."

George also referenced Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan -- who locked arms with players before the Ravens game on Sunday -- and called the action "invalid" since he reportedly donated $1 mil to the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump Giving Robert Kraft the Bird on TV?!!

9/24/2017 3:41 PM PDT

Donald Trump is no master of subtlety ... 'cause it DEFINITELY looks like he just gave New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft the finger on national television.

A reporter asked Trump Sunday what he made of his friend, Kraft, releasing a statement that was -- in no shortage of words -- clearly anti-Trump, at least in this case. Trump said he thinks Kraft's ideas are disrespectful to the country ... then wiped his brow with his middle finger. 

Kraft released a statement Sunday saying he was "deeply disappointed" by the tone of Trump's comments earlier this week -- ya know, how owners should fire the "sons of bitches" who kneel in protest, and that fans should boycott the NFL if players keep doing it.

Trump also said he hadn't been tuning in to the actual games Sunday ... even though he was tweeting about NFL-National Anthem related matters all day.

Tom Brady Locks Arms for National Anthem ... Trump Approves

9/24/2017 11:51 AM PDT

Tom Brady seems to be on the fence about showing respect for his country but also being united with his teammates against Trump -- so he's doing both ... and the Prez is down.

Tom was seen locking arms with a teammate Sunday during the National Anthem before his game against the Texans ... but he also had his right hand over his heart. 

The dynamic is interesting -- lots of NFL teams reacted during their Sunday games to Trump's comments about players kneeling and how owners and coaches should fire anyone doing it ... some knelt, some dodged, others linked up in solidarity. Tom chose the latter.

Here's the kicker ... Trump just commented on the arm locking, and he seems to prefer it as opposed to kneeling. The question -- did he do it just because Tom got involved?

The Patriots' fans, on the other hand, didn't take too kindly to the perceived protest of the National Anthem. 

Another installment in the Trump/Brady saga ... more to come, we're sure.

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