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Ex-Auburn RB Booked for Child Porn ... Allegedly Filmed Boy in Bathroom Stall

12/28/2017 10:02 AM PST
Breaking News

Former Auburn football star Brad Lester has been arrested on a felony child pornography charge in Gwinnett County, Georgia ... after allegedly using his cellphone to record a boy in the bathroom stall of a restaurant.

Lester was booked last Thursday ... and is still sitting in jail without bond, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Brad's lawyer filed a motion for him to be released on Tuesday. 

Specifics surrounding the incident -- including the restaurant's name and boy's age -- are still unknown ... as there's a Georgia law that prevents the release of records involving alleged child victims.

Lester, 32, was a stud RB for AU from 2004-2008 -- scoring 19 TDs and rushing for 1689 yards. He briefly played for the CFL after going undrafted ... and later founded a sports training company for youth athletes.

He's also a former substitute teacher with the Gwinnett County public schools system.

Floyd Mayweather Freaky XXX Trip ... To Hustler Store!

12/20/2017 6:27 AM PST

Whips and chains and handcuffs ... OH MY!!!

Floyd Mayweather took his entire TMT entourage to the famous Hustler store in Hollywood early Wednesday morning ... and made a "Supermarket Sweep"-style run through the adult toys section. 

Freaky Floyd hit up the fetish wall. He grabbed a leather whip and cracked it a little bit. He perused all the fun restraint devices ... and he did it all with a bevy of lovely ladies in tow. 

Also, his bodyguards were there, too! 

Maybe Floyd was doing some Xmas shopping -- but forget "nice" ... he's all about the naughty!

Lil Wayne Gettin' It In At 2018 AVN Awards

12/18/2017 5:48 PM PST
Breaking News

Lollipops all around for the biggest names in porn -- Lil Wayne's coming to the 2018 AVN Awards!  

Porn's version of the Oscars announced Monday they've nailed down Wayne as the musical guest for the January event. It's going down at The Joint (naturally) inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. 

Porn stars Angela White and Harli Lotts will host. 

Wayne's following Waka Flocka Flame and Flo Rida, who've performed at the 33rd and 34th AVNs. He calls the gig a "bucket list" moment.

Yup. Sometimes ya just gotta say bucket. 

Tupac's Outlawz Member Objects to Penis Pic Sale ... Don't Be So Thirsty!

12/8/2017 12:50 AM PST

Tupac in his prime might've been down to have a pic of his junk out in the public -- but not a 46-year-old Pac had he survived ... which is just one reason his pal doesn't want it sold. 

We spoke to Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean about Pac's ex-GF attempting to sell an old photo of his frank and beans -- and while he says he understands the possible reason behind it ... he doesn't approve.

Sounds like E.D.I.'s making a case for good old-fashioned respect -- which he doesn't believe this ex has much if she's seriously trying to hawk Pac's photo

As for whether the man himself would be flattered ... E says age changes everything. 

Larry Nassar Ex-Team USA Doc Gets 60 Years In Prison

12/7/2017 9:23 AM PST
Breaking News

Dr. Larry Nassar is probably going to die in prison -- the disgraced former Team USA gymnastics doc just got 60 YEARS in his child porn case. 

The 54-year-old was just sentenced by a judge in Michigan -- after being convicted of having more than 37,000 child porn images in his possession. 

Prosecutors say they found the images on computer hard drives while investigating the sexual assault claims against him. 

Of course, besides the child porn ... Nassar also sexually assaulted more than 100 female athletes while working with Team USA gymnastics and Michigan State University. 

His victims include some of the most famous gymnasts in the world -- from McKayla Maroney to Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman. 

Nassar will be sentenced in that case in January. 

Adios, dirtbag ... 

Tupac Fully Exposed By Ex Selling Junk Pic!!!

12/6/2017 1:00 AM PST

If ya want some California love from Tupac Shakur, it's about to go on sale -- a full frontal shot of the rap legend dropping trou. 

The photo was taken in the middle of a 1990 house party in Marin County. We're told Pac would frequently try to shock his pals by exposing his twig, berries and the vast surrounding shrubbery. Hey, it was a much different time.

This particular night ... we're told Pac's gf at the time threatened to snap a photo if he didn't cover up. Of course, he didn't back down, and the d**k pic was born. 

We're told the ex wants to privately sell it for $7,500. A rock 'n' roll auction house is accepting offers, but if she can't get the asking price, the woman plans to let it go to the highest bidder.

There are other party pics she's planning to sell, but Tupac's fully clothed. Save your scratch for the big show ... we ain't mad at cha.  

Model Carmen Ortega Move Over, Farrah I'm the New Sex Cam Queen!!!

12/3/2017 12:30 AM PST

Sorry, Farrah Abraham ... you're old news in the sex cam biz. Blame Carmen Ortega.

CamSoda -- the folks behind the live porn show -- replaced Farrah with the model who we're told promises to be way more XXX than the "Teen Mom" star. How much more? Thirsty fans who pony up some coin will control the level on her vibrator.

Pretty intense considering this will be Carmen's first ever nude show ... which is slated to go down on December 15 at 10 PM ET. There's gonna be a short, free preview but fans gotta pay to watch more.

The shows have been insanely popular. As we reported ... Farrah's first show was such a hit, servers crashed because they couldn't handle the traffic. Farrah's Halloween encore promised even more viewers ... but she bailed.

And from the look of things, Carmen's gonna be quite the load ... for those servers. 

Rep. Joe Barton Apologizes for Sending Junk Pics And Sexting Woman

11/22/2017 10:39 AM PST
Breaking News

Texas Congressman Joe Barton sent nudes and illicit text messages to a woman, and he's apologizing for the graphic image first revealed by a Twitter user.

Barton, a Republican, sent the nude photo showing his penis. The Twitter user censored the image, and also revealed a sext that reads, "I want u soo bad. Right now."

Barton now says, "While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women. Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended."

He adds, "I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down."

The Twitter user who posted the naked shot and graphic text claims to also have several videos of Barton masturbating -- and tagged the Twitter accounts of President Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz. It's unclear if the tweeter is the woman to whom Barton admits sending the photos -- but the person claims he/she is being "harassed" by Barton.

Representative Barton has served in the House for 32 years. He recently announced a re-election bid, but now tells the Texas Tribune he's reconsidering.

Farrah Abraham Here's a Big Black Friday Deal for Ya!!

11/18/2017 12:30 AM PST

Farrah Abraham's ass is going bargain basement, as in $1, for the biggest shopping day of the year. 

Farrah made 2 live appearances on the porn site, CamSoda, this year. She delivered on the first, but pissed off fans the second time when she backed out of the anal scene she promised to do.

The site had to offer refunds, but some marketing genius came up with a plan to recoup the dough. CamSoda will hawk all the videos Farrah's done with them -- streaming or download -- for $1.

That's right, you can now call her "1 Buck Butt!" Just for Black Friday, though. 


Rob Gronkowski He'd Be The Perfect Porn Star ... Says Actual Porn Star

11/13/2017 12:20 AM PST

Good news Gronk, the star of such classics as "Dynamic Booty 5" and "Bubble Butt Bonanza" says you have a future in the skin biz ... and she's being totally serious.

TMZ Sports talked to Richelle Ryan -- star on over 200 adult movies -- who happens to be a hardcore football fan ... in addition to the other hardcore stuff she's into. 

So, naturally, we asked which NFL player would make the best horizontal All-Pro -- and that's when she gave Rob G the XXX stamp of approval.

Don't rule it out Gronk, when the star of "Baby Got Boobs 8" gives you career advice you take it ...

William H. Macy Wahlberg Should be Proud of Porn Role ... In 'Boogie Nights'

11/3/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Mark Wahlberg doesn't need God's forgiveness for playing a porn star in "Boogie Nights" because there's nothing wrong with porn ... so says William H. Macy.

Wahlberg, a devout Catholic, said in a Chicago Tribune interview this week that his Dirk Diggler role was up there on his list of poor career choices. It's a pretty far out statement considering the role turned Wahlberg from rapper to Hollywood A-lister.

Macy played Wahlberg's co-star Little Bill in the '97 film and when we got him at LAX Thursday he praised Wahlberg's work in the film ... as did a random dude in the airport security line.

Macy stopped short of calling "Boogie Nights" his favorite flick, but sounds like he thinks Walhberg nailed the role.

Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Brother Bruce Busted for Child Porn ... After Bragging about Attack

11/2/2017 12:30 AM PDT

The brother of Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock bragged about being related to him after the attack ... and that's how he got busted for child porn. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the day after Stephen Paddock slaughtered 58 people, his brother Bruce bragged to folks at the assisted living facility, where he was staying, that Stephen was his brother.

We're told someone on the staff checked Bruce's file at the facility and, sure enough, Stephen Paddock was listed as Bruce's emergency contact. The staffer called the LAPD, assuming cops would be interested in speaking to Bruce.

Sources say as cops and the FBI started digging for info on Bruce, an active search warrant in a child porn case popped up  ... leading to his arrest after cops pinpointed his location.

TMZ broke the story ... Bruce maniacally evaded arrest from cops for years -- from changing his appearance to setting up booby traps.

Farrah Abraham Bails on Backdoor Porn Site Offers Refunds

10/31/2017 11:20 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham didn't go through with the anal she'd promised to do during her live CamSoda porn show Monday night and now the porn site is reimbursing everyone who watched.

It's unclear why Farrah bailed on the backdoor. Instead she didn't take off her lingerie, promoted her sex toy line and talked about her displeasure with MTV, who she says fired her earlier in the day for being an adult performer.

Either way, CamSoda wasn't happy and tells TMZ they were forced to go through with reimbursements since Farrah's porn show "created unfulfilled expectations."

The company also took a shot at MTV saying it was "reprehensible that she would lose her job because of a webcam performance." Farrah blasted MTV herself, saying it lost its biggest talent because of "women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behavior..."

Even though #Viacom fired me today they couldn’t help but to exploit myself & my daughter for their promotional gain- Viacom let me go because as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private ! Even though I have successfully been to gentlemen’s clubs appearances they filmed and Viacom filmed me at the AVN’s & Viacom shows and glorifies showing couples having sex on their network but as stated today “my brands press out shines the Teen mom Viacom press”- Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behaviors against a professional hard working, honest mother. I’m proud of myself not giving in to be sex shamed by Viacom network, Proud to not have a network take away financial opportunities for my goals, proud to be an Advocate for a healthy sex life, safe sex, teen pregnancy prevention and so much more while I run companies in different feilds and scale them. Cheers to basically winning against hurtful disgusting executives who do way more in their personal lives then what I could ever be judged for-I will never be broken by hateful wrong people and if everyone else is brained washed, on drugs, pills, scheming thinking their at the top of their power trips I WISH to always be apart- I give this chapter of my life to GOD & all of his glory & to justice in court. If God’s for you who dare be against you. I look forward to writing my first business book and sharing all of these life changing experiences in detail , from scheming producers & executives to jealous celebrities ,what to do to over come , not be shattered & stay true to the free world we live in ! #USA #AMERICA Get out there a keep being you! Your much better then all the politics & the people at the top who could never be at the top if it wasn’t for you! #godisgood

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