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Stormy Daniels Busted at Strip Club for Motorboatin' Undercover Cop

7/12/2018 3:43 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels was arrested Wednesday night over an incident at a strip club, and it sounds like she got nailed in an undercover operation.

Stormy was performing at Sirens ... a Columbus, Ohio strip club. She was arrested for allowing a patron to touch her in violation of Ohio law. According to the law, only family members can touch a nude or semi-nude dancer. 

That patron was actually Columbus PD's Officer Mary Prather. According to police docs, Stormy put both hands on Officer Prather's butt and breasts ... and then put her breasts in the cop's face. 

In other words ... Stormy was done in by motorboating.

She was booked and released early Thursday morning on a $6,000 bond. 

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, concedes the patrons did indeed touch his client but he describes it as a "non-sexual way."

Avenatti went on ... "This was a complete setup ... it's absurd that law enforcement resources are being spent to conduct a sting operation." He went on to allege it was a politically motivated arrest.

For the record ... motorboating is kinda Stormy's thing onstage. We got video of her stripping earlier this year in Florida and patrons were all up in her chest, although, touching laws might be more lax there than in Columbus.

The Jonas Brothers Crash Mary Carey's Wedding in Cuba

7/9/2018 10:00 AM PDT

Hear the one about the Jonas Bros -- formerly of purity ring fame -- running into a porn star at the altar? Well, you're about to, 'cause Mary Carey's Cuban wedding got super random.

The ex-porn star and Dr. Joseph Brownfield had their wedding celebration in Havana and, while partying at a restaurant called La Guarida ... in walked Nick and Kevin Jonas!

Turns out all 3 Jo Bros have been in Cuba too, and just happened to be dining in a separate part of the restaurant. Kev and Nick posed for this shot with the happy couple. Joe abstained.

We're told Nick and Kevin weren't there long, and managed to dodge any wedding singer duties.

You'll recall, Mary and the good doc got hitched in L.A. a couple weeks back, but had the ceremony and reception in Havana. Great timing.

Mary Carey Mazel Tov (Again)!!! Hanging Up Her Porn/Stripper Heels

7/1/2018 12:30 AM PDT

That's all folks -- famed porn star Mary Carey is off the pole and off the cheesy faux leather couch, after tying the knot with her new doctor husband.

Carey got hitched to Dr. Joseph Brownfield, an ER doc, Wednesday at the Bev Hills Courthouse. Last time we saw her, she told our camera guy ... once she put on her wedding band, she wouldn't be taking off her clothes for anyone but for the good doc. So, all porn and strip club gigs are off the table now.

As of May, Carey was still hitched to her previous husband, electrician Mario Monge. She asked the judge to finalize that divorce ASAP, so she and Brownfield could move forward with their nuptials.

The marriage doesn't mean Mary's done partying altogether. Dr. and Mrs. Brownfield are planning a July wedding in Cuba. We'd put good money on a table dance or 2 in Havana. 

Ron Jeremy Sued for Sexual Assault & Battery ... In Washington State

6/27/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Ron Jeremy is being called out again for allegedly committing sexual assault on a woman in Washington State, only this time he's going to civil court ... TMZ has learned.

The former porn star just got slapped with a lawsuit stemming from an alleged incident in September 2017 -- the same one for which he was criminally investigated earlier this year. 

We broke the story ... the Tacoma City Attorney's Office declined to file charges against Jeremy after a woman claimed he'd sexually assaulted her at a radio promotional event where she was modeling for the station. It's unclear why prosecutors rejected the case.

Now, that same woman -- who only goes by K.B. in her suit -- is suing Jeremy for what she claims was sexual assault and battery ... and the details are quite graphic.

According to the docs, K.B. claims Jeremy assaulted her 4 times on the day in question. First, K.B. says she agreed to let Jeremy to sign her breasts -- but instead, she says he pulled down her shirt, reached under her bra and "violently groped" her breast.

She goes on to say he then squeezed her butt during a selfie, sucked on the back of her neck and pushed his finger inside her through her underwear ... allegedly asking, "Did that give you goosebumps?"

K.B. also says Jeremy's handler tried stepping in to stop him, adding Jeremy allegedly replied with, "I'll be done in a sec." She says the final assault occurred as she tried leaving, when Jeremy allegedly pulled down her shirt again and sucked on her exposed nipple.

The woman claims she's suffered PTSD since then, and even attributes a miscarriage she had to the alleged assaults. She suing for damages.

We reached out to Ron for comment ... no word back yet.

Farrah Abraham Arrest Clothing Line Still Has Her Back ... For Now, Anyway

6/16/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham's dodging one big bullet, financially, after her allegedly drunken arrest because a clothing company is standing by their woman.

Farrah's been a major supporter of the Jessica Rich Collection of women's wear. The company's namesake owner tells TMZ ... the brand will continue to back Abraham despite her barking "Go f*** yourself" to police officers during the arrest early Wednesday morning.

Still, it sounds like Jessica -- who's also worked with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian -- is putting Farrah on a short leash. She told us, "moving forward I highly suggest any celebrity in any light regardless of any situation should always try to conduct themselves in the best possible light."

TMZ broke the story ... Farrah was arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly striking a hotel security guard after she was asked to leave The Beverly Hills Hotel. 

The ex-"Teen Mom" and porn star repeatedly laid into cops before she was hauled away.

Although Jessica's giving her a pass this time around -- Farrah might wanna consider walking the straight and narrow ... or risk losing some cash.

Farrah Abraham I Was Targeted 'Cause I'm Famous

6/14/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham says she's the real victim in her Bev Hills arrest, claiming hotel guests pissed her off and hotel staffers tried to toss her out ... purely because she's a celebrity.

We talked to Farrah shortly after her release from jail Wednesday, and she thinks it's clear people had it out for her Tuesday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She's vague on exactly who targeted her -- except to say it was a male hotel guest butting into her convo with a friend -- but says calling 911 was definitely over the top.  

Police have a different story. As we've reported ... Farrah was arrested for allegedly striking a hotel security guard after he tried getting her to leave the premises. Cops say she'd been arguing with other guests.

She also told the arresting officers, "go f*** yourself" multiple times ... so that never helps.

Farrah Abraham Finally Out of Jail Already Pleading the 5th

6/13/2018 1:57 PM PDT

Farrah Abraham was just released from jail after her late night bust in Bev Hills, and it looks like she learned a lesson from her arrest ... she's no longer mouthing off.

Farrah was swarmed by photographers and reporters outside the BHPD moments after her release. We're told she was cited for battery and trespassing, and did not have to post bail. She's facing misdemeanors.

The ex-'Teen Mom' star is still rocking the summery 2-piece she was wearing when she got arrested at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

TMZ broke the story ... Farrah was arrested after allegedly striking and pulling the ear of a hotel security guard. We're told she'd been arguing with other guests, and when security asked her to leave ... she got belligerent

Farrah's rep tells us, "This situation has been blown out of proportion, Farrah has not been charged and was released this afternoon. A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing. Farrah is the hardest working individual I know and sets very high standards of herself."

She continues, "Farrah is a powerhouse and was having a business meeting in the hotel where the alleged incident happened. She is a very sweet and ambitious young woman who has been portrayed in a biased light on a reality TV show for many years."

Farrah Abraham Taunted Bev Hills Cops... 'Go F**k Yourself!!!'

6/13/2018 11:16 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham lit into the cops who arrested her at The Beverly Hills Hotel, but her tone changed dramatically when they hauled her off in a police cruiser -- and it's all on video.

The former 'Teen Mom' and 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star got belligerent while sitting outside the hotel talking to police. In this video, obtained by TMZ, she repeatedly yells, "Go f**k yourself" to the officers surrounding her.

Farrah's combative tirade continued when one officer took her wallet. She insisted she hadn't struck or injured anyone at the hotel ... so there was no need to arrest her. Obviously, cops didn't buy that and hauled her away, and that's when she turned on the waterworks ... sobbing and yelling, "I'm not resisting!"

We broke the story ... Abraham was arrested for allegedly striking a hotel security guard after he asked her to leave because she'd gotten into an altercation with some guests. Officers noted she appeared intoxicated.

Farrah was booked at 1:48 AM for battery and trespassing. As of now, she's still being held on $500 bail.

Farrah Abraham Arrested for Fighting At the Beverly Hills Hotel

6/13/2018 4:52 AM PDT

8:57 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us Farrah got physical with the security guard after he'd asked her to leave when she got into a verbal altercation with some guests. Cops say the man reported she hit him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed his head as he tried preventing her from reentering the hotel. Officers noted Farrah displayed signs of intoxication during their investigation. The guard suffered minor injures and didn't go to the hospital. 

7:13 AM PT -- Farrah was booked at 1:48 AM PT ... she's being held on $500 bail.

Farrah Abraham got busted at The Beverly Hills Hotel for fighting with an employee ... TMZ has learned.

The ex-'Teen Mom' and sometimes porn star was at the schmancy hotel Tuesday night and, according to law enforcement sources, she got into an argument with a male employee ... a hotel security guard. We're told things got heated, she was asked to leave and refused ... and that's when she allegedly struck the guard. 

Not shockingly, we're told alcohol might be involved. A source tells us Farrah was heard playing the "I'm a celebrity" card -- yelling things like ... you should know who I am.

Well, the police know now. We're told she's being booked for battery and trespassing.

Kanye West Nude Chicks Make My Shoes Famous

6/13/2018 6:55 AM PDT

Do these new Kanye West shoes make me look naked?

That's not the actual tagline for Kanye's new Yeezys, but it coulda been. The Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellows dropped over the weekend and, just in case you didn't notice 'em, he decided to have models -- most buck naked in just their Supermoons -- strike various poses.

This time the Clermont twins, and some porn stars ... including Lela Star did the honors. 

You'll recall Kanye used a similar tactic earlier this year for the Yeezy Season 6 campaign -- using famous friends and some of these same models to pose as Kim clones.

You can say a lot of things about Ye, but you can't say he doesn't know how to push a product.

Stormy Daniels Ex-Attorney Strikes Back You Ordered Me to Do Dirty Work!!!

6/7/2018 5:06 PM PDT
Breaking News

Stormy Daniels has another war on her hands -- now her ex-attorney's suing her for claiming he was a "puppet" who colluded with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.

Keith Davidson responded to Stormy's lawsuit with one of his own. As we reported, Stormy claims Davidson, her attorney when she signed the $130k hush agreement, was in cahoots with Trump's legal team.

But in new docs Davidson says Stormy and her team contacted him "seemingly hundreds of times" in late 2016 to smooth things out with Cohen. He claims Stormy was concerned Trump would sue her for breaking the hush agreement when she started making deals -- presumably to cash in on her alleged sexual encounter with the President-elect.

He denies teaming up with Cohen, and, in fact, claims he illegally recorded their conversations. 

As for his countersuit -- he's going after Stormy and her new legal gun, Michael Avenatti. He calls out Avenatti's tweet, "Davidson should have been charged after his arrest for extortion." Davidson says he's never been busted for extortion ... so, he's suing Avenatti and Stormy for defamation.

And for good measure, he's suing Cohen too ... for invasion of privacy.

In other words -- SUE EVERYBODY!

Drake's Alleged Baby Mama Gets $100k Offer to Tell Her Story ... And Possibly Show Her Ass

6/3/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Sophie Brussaux has just learned the answer to the Shakespearean question ... "What's in a name?"

Pusha T's Drake diss track includes Sophie's name ... and it got the attention of a company that wants to do business with her.

CamSoda fired off a letter to Sophie in which the adult webcam co. offers her up to $100,000 to do a 1-hour Q&A session on its platform ... broadcast live to its "millions of fans around the world."

According to the offer, Sophie would be able to explain her side of things related to the Drake drama, field fans' questions ... and "should you so choose, showcase your famous derriere (to really show Drake what he's missing out on)."

CamSoda points out the money would go a long way toward providing for her son ... whom she allegedly had with Drake.

We're told CamSoda sent Sophie the letter Wednesday night, but has yet to hear back.

We broke the story ... Drake's been financially supporting Sophie and her son, Adonis, since she gave birth.

Still ... $100k for an hour of work is nothing to sneeze at.

Drake Potential Baby Mama One Of Many ... Who Claimed Paternity

6/1/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Drake has been hit with numerous claims of paternity and there has never been a "credible claim" until now, but the baby's looks raise doubts ... sources connected to Drake tell TMZ.

Our sources say a bunch of women over the years have made such claims ... women he says never had sex with him. Other women who have had sex with him have pressed such a claim, and we're told he has a pat answer ... if there's proof he's the dad, he will fully support the child. Our sources say none of the prior claims have proven true.

As for Sophie Brussaux ... Drake's people initially scoffed at her claim, saying "This woman has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States."

Drake and his people held that position until well after her baby was born, causing Sophie to call him a "deadbeat ass dad." Our sources say something changed Drake's mind and he came to believe he could well be the father, even without a DNA test. TMZ broke the story ... he's paying her support.

The sources say the reason a DNA test hasn't been performed to this point is because he's traveling all the time, and she's mostly overseas. They say they've been told they have to be in somewhat close proximity for the DNA test, but insist it will happen.

Two Drake sources still question if he's the dad, saying the child has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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