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Comedian Ricky Harris Fight Breaks Out During Funeral ... Sherri Shepherd Distraught

1/3/2017 2:54 PM PST
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Snoop Dogg's bodyguard had to take down a mourner who was flipping out during actor and comedian Ricky Harris' funeral.

Family and friends -- including Snoop and Sherri Shepherd -- gathered Tuesday in Long Beach, CA to honor Ricky, who died Dec. 26 ... reportedly from a heart attack. Sherri says some guy stood up in the middle of the service and started yelling ... until Snoop's security intervened.

Sherri posted a video outside the service and was clearly shaken up after the fight.

We're told police arrived, but all involved parties were gone ... so no arrests. 

'Bridalplasty' Contestant Death Certificate Released ... Cause of Death Not Obvious

1/3/2017 8:40 AM PST

Lisa Marie Naegle's death certificate is filed, but it doesn't make it clear how the "Bridalplasty" contestant died.

TMZ obtained a copy of Naegle's death certificate -- filed by the L.A. County Coroner -- and says the cause of death of has been "DEFFERED."

We broke the story ... Jackie Jerome Rogers was charged with her murder after confessing to cops. He allegedly smashed her in the head seven times with a hammer after they'd been out partying together.

Story developing ... 

Carrie Fisher Family Wants to Thank Heroic United Passengers

1/3/2017 1:00 AM PST

Carrie Fisher's family is on the hunt for the off-duty emergency workers who came to her aid on a United jet when her heart stopped.

Family sources tell us ... they believe 2 people on Carrie's flight deserve a big thank you for their valiant effort. Flight attendants jumped on the P.A. asking for medical professionals to come forward ... and they did.

We're told these 2 volunteers -- one of whom is a nurse -- "worked like crazy" to keep Carrie alive, despite the fact they couldn't get a pulse for more than 10 minutes. The family believes if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't have had a few extra days to say goodbye.

The family will contact United to see if they can locate the passengers.

George Michael He Footed Bill for My IVF Baby ... Woman Claims on TV

1/3/2017 7:10 AM PST

George Michael donated thousands of dollars so a stranger could have a baby ... according to the woman on the receiving end of his charitable effort.

Jo Maidment appeared on the UK's "This Morning" to share the secret she says she's kept for a long time ... George paid for her IVF treatment years ago.

After coming on the same show in 2010 to talk about how expensive IVF is ... she says an anonymous businessman called into the clinic to donate 15,000 pounds in her name.

Jo never knew who was behind the donation until after she gave birth to her first kid in 2012. She says she got flowers with a card ... from none other than George. 

D.L. Hughley Defends Debbie Reynolds Death Joke

1/3/2017 6:32 AM PST

D.L. Hughley wants everyone crying about his "insensitive" Debbie Reynolds joke to look at themselves first -- stomaching Donald Trump's proof America's not so sensitive.

We caught up with the comedian Monday in L.A. where we asked him about the backlash he got after cracking a joke about Debbie's death.

D.L. couldn't care less.

Chyna You Might Be Gone ... But These Back Taxes Never Die

1/2/2017 12:45 AM PST

WWE legend Chyna is getting hassled by the state of California from beyond the grave ... they say she owes tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes.

The California Franchise Tax Board just filed a claim against Chyna's estate, saying the late wrestler still owes the tax man nearly $19,000.

The Board claims Chyna owes money from 2010, '11, '12 and '14.  It's unclear how much dough remains in the estate.

Ben Franklin's theory has never been more certain  ... especially in Chyna's case. 

George Michael Boyfriend Says Singer Wanted to Kill Himself

1/1/2017 7:04 AM PST

1:23 PM PT -- George Michael's boyfriend, Fadi, issued a statement saying his Twitter account was hacked and he did not post the bizarre set of Tweets. He's since deleted his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

11:22 AM PT -- A spokesperson for George Michael issued a statement about the speculation over his death ... saying his family remains devastated, and does not wish to comment while the coroner's investigation is ongoing. They add ... his death is not considered suspicious. 

George Michael wanted to die and tried to kill himself numerous times ... so claims the boyfriend who found him dead.

Fadi Fawaz started bizarrely tweeting on New Year's Eve, saying "he tired numbers of time to kill himself many times ... and finally he managed."

He went on, "the only thing George wanted is to DIE."

It's unclear what prompted Fawaz, but it seems he was in a beef with another friend of Michael's who questioned whether Fawaz was really in a relationship with the singer. Fawaz tweeted, "not sure who that nasty close friend of George but i was in relationship with george michael till i found him dead in bed."

Fawaz has since deleted his Twitter.

'MASH' Star William Christopher Dead at 84

12/31/2016 5:25 PM PST
Breaking News

"MASH" star William Christopher -- who played Father John Mulcahy on the iconic show -- is the latest celebrity to die in 2016.

Christopher was part of one of the most spectacular ensembles ever on TV ... a cast which included Alan Alda, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit and Harry Morgan.

Christopher, who played a Catholic priest but was actually Methodist in real life, auditioned for the role but went off script with a rambling ad lib.  Producers loved it and hired him on one condition ... that he stay on script for the series.

He also had roles on "Gomer Pyle," "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Hogan's Heroes."

Christopher died at his Pasadena home from non-lung, small cell carcinoma.  He leaves behind a wife and 2 kids. 

He was 84.  RIP.

2016 ... almost over.

Celeb Deaths of 2016 Bigger Numbers, Bigger Celebs than Normal

12/31/2016 12:10 AM PST

So now you can judge for yourself ... was 2016 just an ordinary year when it came to celebrity deaths, or was something weird and dark spinning in the universe?

Check out just some of the RIPs ... and judge for yourself.

Debbie Reynolds' Son Describes Her Last Minutes

12/30/2016 5:01 PM PST

Debbie Reynolds' final wish was to join her daughter Carrie Fisher after death, so she went to sleep surrounded by family members and never woke up ... so says her son Todd in a new interview. 

Todd will appear on a special edition of 20/20 Friday in which he describes Debbie's last few minutes. He recounts the story he told us ... Debbie said she wanted to be with Carrie -- 15 minutes later fell asleep, suffered a stroke -- and just a few minutes after that, he says "she technically was gone."

TMZ broke the story, Todd and members of his family hope to plan a joint funeral for the mother and daughter ... and were spotted at Hollywood Forever Cemetery Thursday scoping a possible location.

Debbie passed Wednesday, just one day after Carrie.

George Michael Boyfriend Surfaces Outside Singer's Home

12/30/2016 7:56 AM PST

George Michael's boyfriend -- who found the singer's dead Christmas Day -- was spotted for the first time Thursday outside the home George passed away in. 

A somber looking Fadi Fawaz stepped out of the Oxfordshire home with a friend ... the sidewalk outside residence has served as an ever-growing memorial to the late singer since his death.

Fawaz took to Twitter the day after George died with a message that concluded with, "I will never stop missing you xx."

Michael's cause of death is still unknown

George Michael Autopsy Inconclusive

12/30/2016 6:55 AM PST

George Michael's death has become suddenly mysterious, because we've learned the autopsy was inconclusive as to cause of death.

Law enforcement says there will be further tests performed to pinpoint why Michael died on Christmas day, in his sleep. We were told earlier the medical examiner would perform toxicology tests.

Sources denied there was any evidence Michael OD'd, but it is interesting the autopsy showed no apparent reason why the singer passed.  

Law enforcement calls the death "unexplained but not suspicious."

Michael struggled with drug use for years.  He had also gained a tremendous amount of weight in the months leading up to his death.

Debbie Reynolds Singin' In The Gains Death Causes Spike In Sales, Searches

12/29/2016 3:30 PM PST

Debbie Reynolds' movies are back on top again in the wake of her death ... and numbers don't lie. 

Debbie's biggest films have jumped in the ranks on platforms like Amazon and iTunes, with her best known flick, "Singin' in the Rain," sitting pretty at #1 on Amazon's best sellers list as of Thursday.

The same movie was nowhere near that position as of Wednesday night. 

Other Debbie movies have climbed the ladder as well -- "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and a "Tammy and the Bachelor" triple feature pack are both among the top 4 best selling DVDs on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Debbie's films have suddenly been moved to iTunes' New and Noteworthy list since her passing ... even though the movies are at least 20 years old.

Carrie Fisher isn't being left out of the surge either. The film "Postcards from the Edge," based on her memoir about Debbie and Carrie's relationship, has also bumped up in iTunes' charts.

BTW ... a rep from YouTube also tells us any clips with "Singin' in the Rain" have shot up in searches by 1000% between Wednesday and Thursday. Yup, you read that right. 

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