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Jose Fernandez Crash Boat Driver Was Boozed Up ... Officials Say

10/26/2016 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0926-jose-fernandez-GETTY-03The boat crash that killed Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and 2 other men is now a homicide investigation -- as officials believe the person who was driving the boat was boozed up. 

TMZ Sports has obtained the search warrant affidavit into the Sept. 25th incident -- in which investigators say all three bodies pulled from the water "had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from them."

Investigators also say the crash scene is consistent with a high speed collision -- and the "recklessness" of the driver "was exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol."

Investigators have not named the person they believe was driving the boat -- but whoever it was is now suspected of Boating Under the Influence and Vessel Homicide. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Fernandez had been partying at the American Social waterfront bar shortly before the crash. Officials say they found a receipt for alcohol from the bar in the pocket of one of the victims and it was time and date stamped showing the purchase was made during the early morning hours of Sept. 25th. 

The Miami Herald reports that most of Jose's friends suspect the MLB star was driving because it was his boat, he was the most experienced driver and had just met one of the other passengers. 

Investigators say they are currently looking into GPS devices from the boat to help get info about the rate of speed at the time of the crash. They also want the engines which have black boxes. 

As for toxicology -- the tests are complete but the results have not been released yet.


Bobby Shmurda 7 Year Sentence Is a Screw Job! My Lawyer Forced Me

10/19/2016 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1019-bobby-shmurda-twitter-02Bobby Shmurda's desperate attempt to get out of his plea deal fell on deaf ears ... as a judge sentenced him to 7 years in prison for gun possession charges.

The rapper was in court Wednesday and in a last-ditch effort ... told the judge he was forced to take the plea, and tried to withdraw it. He even turned to his lawyer in open court and said he wanted to fire him.

Judge wasn't having it, and stuck with the plea deal Bobby had agreed to last monthwhich he says he took to help his friend ... days before he was to stand trial.

Bobby's already been behind bars for 21 months, so at least he'll get credit for that.

Model Katie May's Death Coroner Finds ... Chiropractor Did It

10/19/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-katie-may-INSTAGRAM-01Playboy model Katie May died from a simple visit to a chiropractor for an adjustment, which ultimately left her with a fatal tear to an artery in her neck ... according to the L.A. County Coroner.

TMZ obtained a copy of Katie's death certificate, and it clears up a huge mystery surrounding her sudden death in February. The document says she died when a blunt force injury tore her left vertebral artery, and cut off blood flow to her brain. 

It also says the injury was sustained during a "neck manipulation by chiropractor." Her death is listed as accidental.

As TMZ first reported, Katie -- known as the "Queen of Snapchat" -- had taken a nasty fall during a photo shoot. She thought she had a pinched nerve and went to an L.A. chiropractor on Friday. She suffered a stroke on Monday, and remained on life support until Thursday.

Katie's family is aware of the coroner's findings. They would not comment on whether they or her estate would pursue legal action.


Ed Hardy's Christian Audigier Sorry, Kids ... I Left My Sperm Behind!!!

10/19/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018_Christian-Audigier-tmzEd Hardy's late, great designer, Christian Audigier, left his $250 million fortune to his wife and 4 kids ... but if any kids are born from the sperm he left behind, they also get a piece of the pie.

Yes, sperm is front and center in the the legal docs filed with the court. Nathalie Sorensen, Christian's widow, has dibs on the sperm and can "use however she sees fit."

Nathalie was Christian's longtime GF and married him on his death bed.

Here's the rub. If Nathalie uses the sperm to have kids, they will get the same share of the estate as Christian's living children, which means with each baby they get less.

Nathalie hasn't said whether she'll grow the fam, so for now the sperm sits in a freezer at a cryobank, and his children worry.

Ice Cube Tupac's a Hall of Famer! Rock and Roll Be Damned

10/18/2016 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice Cube isn't concerned about Tupac getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and thinks hip-hop superstars should have their HOF anyway.

It was announced Tuesday ... Tupac is on the list of nominees for next year's ceremony. So, we asked Cube -- who got into the Hall earlier this year -- if he thinks 'Pac will get the nod on his first try.

Check out the vid ... Cube also dropped a few quick pearls about Donald Trump and the rash of sexual misconduct allegations. He said a lot with just 4 words.

UFC's Josh Samman Died from 'Probable Drug Overdose' ... Medical Examiner Says

10/18/2016 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-josh-samman-gettyUFC fighter Josh Samman's official cause of death has been listed as "probable drug overdose" ... this according to the Broward County Medical Examiner. 

Samman and his roommate Troy Kirkingburg -- an MMA ring announcer -- were discovered in a Florida apartment on September 30th.

Kirkingburg was pronounced dead at the scene. Samman was hospitalized for several days but ultimately passed away on October 5th

The Medical Examiner says an autopsy was conducted on Kirkingburg and showed that he died from a massive accidental drug overdose. 

We're told he tested positive for Xanax, cocaine, heroin, and ethanol (alcohol).

His official cause of death is being listed as "multi-drug toxicity."

Regarding Samman ... the M.E. tells us, "We do not have any specimen on Mr. Samman due to the length of his hospitalization."

"His cause of death is probable drug overdose based on the circumstances and hospital drug screen that was positive for drugs, but we could not confirm this as they only hold specimens for three days."

Jim Carrey Late GF Penned Suicide Notes Long Before Death

10/18/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-jim-carrey-cathriona-white-tmz-instagramJim Carrey's late girlfriend wrote multiple suicide notes during their relationship years before she actually killed herself.

Sources tell us investigators uncovered several notes after Cathriona White's death in which she suggested she was going to commit suicide, but didn't. The first was in October 2012 -- a month after her father died and 2 months into dating Jim. She wrote about not fitting in this world and being "too messed up for anyone to really love." She also said she loved Carrey and apologized to him.

The second one -- written right after their May 2013 breakup -- accuses Carrey of giving her STDs and blames him for her suicidal thoughts. She wrote "my blood is on your hands" and "you pulled the trigger on me." Again, she did not kill herself.

1018-cathriona-white-suicide-letters-2012-2013-TMZ-LAUNCH-02Cathriona and Jim got back together as a couple 18 months later. They had a romantic date in Malibu, just 9 days before her fatal OD in Sept 2015.

1017_jim_carrey_cathriona-white_dinner_splash-2The notes could be crucial in the wrongful death suits filed against Carrey by Cat's estranged husband and mother. On one hand ... it's clear she was upset about STDs in 2013. On the other hand, she got back together with Jim in 2014. It also seems she was troubled and distraught about several things besides Jim ... including the 3rd anniversary of her father's death.

The final suicide notes, found near Cat's body, mention heartbreak ... but not STDs. She said in one of the notes to Jim "You are my family" and left him in charge of her burial and estate. She did not in either note mention her estranged husband or mother.


MLB's Giancarlo Stanton Graffiti Tribute to Jose Fernandez ... In Brazil

10/18/2016 7:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even on vacation, Miami Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton can't stop thinking about his teammate Jose Fernandez ... and paid tribute to the late pitcher with some graffiti art in Brazil. 

Stanton -- along with teammate A.J. Ramos and L.A. Angels pitcher Ricky Nolasco -- teamed up with street artist Tito Na Rua and transformed a wall in Rio to a colorful memorial to "Nino."

1018-giancarlo-stanton-jose-fernandez-memorial-tribute-INSTAGRAM-02All three players signed their names and jersey numbers on the art which features the word, "Saudades" ... which is a Brazilian saying that loosely translates to "a feeling of longing."

Fernandez died in a boating accident in Miami last month -- he was only 24. 

Shawty Lo Pills Found at Time of Death ... Body Reeked of Booze

10/17/2016 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-Shawty-Lo-gettyShawty Lo died of blunt force trauma -- but he had painkillers on him when he died, and smelled of alcohol ... TMZ has learned.

The rapper's autopsy report reveals Shawty suffered the blunt force injuries to the head when he was ejected from his vehicle in a car crash last month. The Fulton County Medical Examiner also found a prescription bottle on him labeled "Promethazine" ... which was actually filled with Percocet and Vicodin.

The medical examiner goes on to say Shawty's body bag emitted a strong smell of alcohol when opened ... but the official toxicology results are not in yet.

Here's another doozy ... the medical examiner says 2 females were in the car with Shawty at the time of the crash, and asked cops on scene if they could take a bunch of cash out of his pockets. The cops allegedly let 'em do it ... leaving behind around $16. 


Dennis Byrd Crash No Obvious Signs Other Driver Was Drunk ... Or Texting

10/17/2016 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1017-dennis-byrd-GETTY-02There were no obvious signs the 17-year-old driver who crashed into NY Jets legend Dennis Byrd was drunk or texting at the time of the fatal crash ... law enforcement tells TMZ Sports

50-year-old Byrd was killed when a Ford Explorer slammed into his Hummer H2 at 11:16 AM in Oklahoma on Saturday. 

Cops say the driver of the Ford was a 17-year-old boy -- who had a 12-year-old passenger. Both boys were hospitalized in stable condition. 

Investigators believe the 17-year-old veered across his lane and into oncoming traffic -- colliding with Byrd's car ... and killing him. 

So, why did the car veer in the first place? 

Cops tell TMZ Sports there was nothing at the scene to lead police to believe the 17-year-old was drunk. However, blood was drawn and is being tested to see if there was anything in his system. 

We asked if the driver could have been distracted by his phone at the time of the crash -- we were told, "The driver's phone was off when officers arrived."

Cops are still investigating. 


Tyson Gay Father, Son Duo Arrested ... In Daughter's Murder

10/17/2016 6:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


A father and his son have been arrested in connection with the death of Tyson Gay's 15-year-old daughter ... after officials say they were in a shootout with a 21-year-old man when a stray bullet struck the young girl. 

The U.S. Olympic sprinter's daughter, Trinity, was killed early Sunday morning when she was hit in the neck outside the Cook Out restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky around 4 AM. 

The father, son duo is  38-year-old Chazerae Taylor and his 19-year-old son D’Markeo -- who cops say were in a shootout with 21-year-old D'Vonta Middlebrooks.

The Taylors have been arrested and charged with wanton endangerment. Middlebrooks was hit with the same charge PLUS a weapons charge. 

Cops say they are still actively investigating the incident. 

Minnesota Vikings' Anthony Barr Secret To Our Dominant Defense? We're Gettin' Help From PRINCE!!

10/17/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vikings star Anthony Barr says Minnesota's M.V.P. may NOT be on the field ... it might be the big guy above ... ya know, Prince!!

TMZ Sports ran into Barr last week at LAX ... and had to ask him whether he thought the undefeated Vikings were getting outside help from the late pop icon and Minnesota native.

Barr -- who says the Vikings dominant defense could go down in history as the best of all-time -- gives a great answer.

The Vikings didn't play this weekend ... so A.B. also breaks down his plans for his mini vacay in L.A.

Check out the clip!

'Pretty Little Liars' Director W Hotel Insists ... We Didn't Kill Your Husband

10/17/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013--Norman-Buckley-gettyThe W Hotel couldn't possibly have known "Pretty Little Liars" director Norman Buckley's husband would kill himself when it denied Buckley access to his room ... according to new legal docs.

The W says Buckley put its Hollywood hotel staff in a damned if you do, damned if you don't dilemma. Buckley wanted to deliver meds for PTSD and paranoia to his husband, Davyd Whaley. The hotel says letting him in would have violated Whaley's explicit request for privacy. 

According to docs, the hotel says it had no malicious intent when it denied Buckley. 

TMZ broke the story ... Buckley sued the W for wrongful death, alleging the hotel blocking him stopped him from rescuing his husband from suicide.

The hotel is asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

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