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'Chili Peppers' Drummer


'Plug In and Play'

10/20/2014 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has one MAJOR piece of advice for Katy Perry when it comes to playing the Super Bowl halftime show this year -- don't do what they did. 

Of course, Smith is referring to the RHCP performance at the Super Bowl last year ... where the band pre-recorded it's performance (everything but the vocals) ... and pretended to play their instruments along with the music. 

At the time, Flea said if he could do the whole thing over again ... he would do it the SAME WAY -- because he still felt like he was able to bring the "spirit of who we are to the people" despite the fact their instruments weren't plugged in. 

But it seems Chad feels a bit differently -- even though he says he felt like it was still a "performance" -- he's advising Katy to "plug in and play" when she takes the stage. 

Check out the clip -- Smith praises Perry as a pretty good performer ... but when it comes to the greatest Super Bowl halftime performance of all time, there's only one person who comes to mind.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer

I'm Disgusted the CIA Allegedly Used Our Music

To Torture a Man!

4/12/2014 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
041214_chad_smith_launchRed Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith almost threw up in a Malibu parking lot Saturday ... after learning the CIA allegedly used his band's music during a suspected terrorist interrogation.

Chad was leaving Coogies when our photog asked for his opinion on a recent news report saying RHCP music was used during a CIA interrogation in 2002.

According to Al Jazeera ... the report says Abu Zubaydah was shackled by his wrists to the ceiling of a secret prison site and forced to listen to one of their songs on a loop -- among other torture methods.  No word on which song.

The 52-year old rocker is pissed at the feds -- and he's not shy about it.

Someone's gonna get audited this year.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer

Death Threats

After Wiping Ass With Brazilian Soccer Jersey

11/8/2013 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1:00 PM PT --  Chad just apologized about the incident on Twitter, saying, "I want to apologize for my inappropriate antics at the drum clinic,my joke about team rivalries went too far. Flamenco [sic] fans...I'm sorry."


Red Hot Chili Peppers
 drummer Chad Smith might leave Brazil with some extra scar tissue ... 'cause a ton of fans in the country want him dead after he desecrated the jersey of the most popular club team in South America.

Chad made a big mistake Sunday afternoon in Belo Horizonte during a drum clinic when he was gifted a Flamengo soccer club jersey -- and shoved it down the back of his pants, as if to say he wipes his ass with it.

The crowd immediately boo'ed the crap out of Chad ... and one unruly fan even threw something at his HEAD! 

RHCP already performed a few shows since the debacle ... but a big group of fans are just catching wind of what happened ... and now they're vowing to raise hell at tomorrow's RHCP concert in Rio.

One angry Flamengo fan wrote a death threat in the comments section of the YouTube page where the video was posted -- saying, "Will arrive in Rio de Janeiro you will die motherf***er."

Another said, "the fans of Flamengo wants to kill you, are already planning to invade his show to throw rocks at you."

Before you judge the grammar -- it ain't their fault ... it seems Google still has some kinks to work out with the translation software.

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