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Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife Torrei Down to Babysit His New Kid, IF ...

5/16/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kevin Hart's first wife, Torrei, is excited about the comedian expanding his brood, even though it's gonna mean she has to pay back a debt ... in the babysitting department.

Kevin and his new wife, Eniko, just announced they're expecting their first kid, a baby boy. Torrei says it was huge news in her house ... because her 2 kids are pumped to be older siblings. 

Torrei is also a true believer in keeping things positive in this modern family she, Kevin and Eniko have going. That being said ... Torrei still has her limits, and says there's one part of watching the newborn that does NOT excite her. 

She might have to outsource.

Ex-WWE Star Cameron I'm Not Racist! I'm Just Attracted to White Guys!

5/15/2017 4:22 PM PDT

Ex-WWE star Cameron -- real name Ariane Andrew -- says she's being UNFAIRLY labeled a racist because she only dates white men ... telling TMZ Sports, "We all have a preference."

Andrew -- who's black -- came under fire over the weekend after telling our photog she doesn't date black guys and thinks mixed raced couples make "beautiful babies."

But Andrew says just because she's attracted to white guys doesn't make her a racist -- "It's a preference thing."

Andrew says she's definitely open to dating men of all races ... "If you're dope, you're dope."

Abby Wambach Marries Christian Mom Blogger

5/15/2017 12:22 PM PDT
Breaking News

Abby Wambach and Christian mom blogger Glennon Doyle Melton got hitched Sunday ... and the retired USA soccer star rocked a flashy red jacket down the aisle!!

The couple made their marriage public Monday morning with pics from the ceremony ... showing off Wambach's sharp red and white outfit and the writer's silver dress.

Wambach and Melton started dating last November after both divorced their previous partners ... and announced their engagement in February.

To make things official, Wambach posted a shot in a custom hoodie labeling her "Christian Mommy Blogger's Wife."


Diana Taurasi Marries Former WNBA Teammate Day Before Season Opener

5/15/2017 7:53 AM PDT
Breaking News

WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi tied the knot with ex-teammate Penny Taylor this weekend ... less than 24 hours before Diana hit the court for the Phoenix Mercury's season opener.

Taurasi and Taylor won 3 WNBA championships together with PHX ... before Taylor retired in 2016 to become the team's director of player development.

The 2009 MVP scored just 3 points in the Mercury's 68-58 loss to the Dallas Wings ... but Taurasi says that didn't take away from her special weekend, telling reporters "It's going to be one of those days we'll remember for the rest of our lives."

Taurasi is one of the biggest names in women's basketball, but kept her relationship with Taylor out of the public eye until discussing the wedding after Sunday's game.


Kylie Jenner I'm Travis Scott's Only Mamacita

5/14/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott aren't just enjoying each other's company or having a casual relationship -- they're the real deal now, as in ... exclusivo.

Sources close to the couple tell us they've been inseparable since Coachella and have decided to do the committed relationship thing. We're told she's been spending a lot of time with him in his hometown of Houston -- including a party after the Rockets' game Thursday night.

In fact, it's serious enough they're not just partying together, but Kylie's actually met his family.

They've been all over the country together -- getting some quality time in Miami ... celebrating Travis' birthday in NYC ... plus L.A and H-town. We're told through it all it's been nothing but good vibes and zero drama. Translation: Honeymoon stage.

Even Tyga was there ... once upon a time.

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Kourtney Kardashian I'm Done, Scott ... Be a Grown-up About It

5/13/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian's hammering the final nail in her relationship with Scott Disick -- and the only thing up in the air is how he handles the news.

Our Kourtney source tells us she's done treating Scott like a baby and worrying how he'll react to her every move. We're told she's telling friends -- she cares for and respects the father of her children, but romantically ... it's just over.

We're told Scott's jealousy is the reason she wouldn't post anything on social media about who she's dating. She's aware it's triggered him into drinking and partying binges before.

But she and Younes Bendjima were recently photographed in Bev Hills -- and she believes Scott's friends see her out, and report back to him. As we reported, Scott's off the wagon and friends say he needs rehab. As for him partying with blondies ... we're told it's a front.

Our Kourt sources say she's determined to live life on her terms, and Scott will just have to get onboard.

Scott Disick Drowning in Alcohol Needs Rehab, Friends Say

5/11/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Scott Disick's hitting the bottle HARD again and his friends think he's so far gone the only solution is rehab.

Our Scott sources tell us he's been in a downward spiral since learning baby mama Kourtney Kardashian is banging 23-year-old model Younes Bendjima.

Scott's been trying for a long time to resurrect his relationship with Kourtney. As we reported, he feels betrayed because he says she's been dangling a carrot that she'd get back with him if he stopped drinking -- which he did. When he found out about the model, he lost it. Scott hit up TAO on Cinco de Mayo and he was at The Peppermint Club Monday night.

On the surface it seems Scott's just fine ... because he's been hooking up with 19-year-old Ella Ross, but his friends say it's just a get-back relationship ... getting back at Kourtney.

We're told his house has been a non-stop, alcohol-fueled party for weeks ... a party he sometime takes to the clubs.

We broke the story, Scott is starring in a home-flipping pilot executive produced by Kris Jenner. As for how his drinking mixes with shooting a show, his friends say he's been doing that for years.

Jodie Sweetin's Ex-Fiance Dodges State Prison ... Gets 4 Months in County Jail

5/9/2017 10:56 AM PDT

Jodie Sweetin's ex-fiance is going to do time for gun possession, but it won't be hard time in state prison ... as long as he doesn't screw up again.

Justin Hodak entered a no contest plea on Friday and got a suspended sentence of 6 years and 8 months. The judge said he'll only have to serve 120 days in L.A. County Jail, and he's getting credit for 56 days already served. In addition, he must complete a 52 week domestic violence course, and stay away from Jodie for 5 years.

If Hodak messes up any of that, he could get slapped with that 6 years and 8 months. Talk about motivation to keep your nose clean.

As we reported, Hodak was busted after he violated the restraining order Jodie has against him.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner She Puts a Spring In My Step

5/9/2017 7:42 AM PDT

Joe Jonas and "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner are so that couple ... y'know the type ... so freakin' happy they're floating on air.

They were skipping through the streets of downtown Manhattan Monday looking like they were having the time of their lives together ... and making everyone around them feel like their lives are crap. 

The couple hooked up last fall, and it's clearly serious since Sophie's wearing Joe's "Overthrow" hoodie.

Sorry, 'GOT' fans ... the gear is NOT a subtle hint for season 7, it's just Joe's boxing gym.

Joanna Krupa Flaunts Hot Bod ... Now with More Singleness

5/8/2017 6:12 PM PDT

Joanna Krupa's playing the post-breakup hotness game like a pro.

She was out in Bev Hills showing off a lot of cleavage, and even more of her ridiculously hot legs ... just hours after reports came out she's separating from her husband.

She did lunch with a table full of friends. There was champagne on the table -- so maybe the gathering was more celebratory than somber. The ex 'Real Housewives' star and husband Romain Zago reportedly separated in December.

If looking good is the best revenge, Zago just got punched in the throat.

Then again, this is just what Joanna does

Olympian Tom Daley Marries Oscar Winning Screenwriter ... at English 'Castle'

5/8/2017 9:29 AM PDT
Breaking News

Big weekend for British medal winning Olympic diver Tom Daley -- who married Hollywood power player Dustin Lance Black at a lavish ceremony at a "castle" in England. 

FYI, DLB is a very big deal -- he won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for "Milk" and also wrote Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" starring Leonardo DiCaprio

The two have been dating for years and got engaged in 2015. 

Daley revealed the two tied the knot on May 6th at Bovey Castle in England in front of 120 people. 

The castle isn't really a castle -- no royal people live there -- but it's still pretty awesome. 


Amber Rose Licking Future Was Just for Biz ... Blac Chyna Knows That

5/8/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are still BFFs ... despite Amber crawling into the lap of, and licking the face of, Chyna's ex-bf, Future.

Amber is the lead chick in the rapper's "Mask Off" vid -- hot stuff that required them to get REALLY close. Considering BC and Future had a nasty breakup about 18 months back ... you'd think the sexy scenes might rub Amber's pal the wrong way.

But if there's one thing Chyna understands, it's money -- and she knows that's why Amber shot the video, not to take a shot at her. We're told Future's team reached out to get Amber for the role, and with 'Mask' being the hottest track out now ... she couldn't turn it down.

Our sources say BC's got her hands full right now with Rob Kardashian and baby Dream ... so, she's not sweatin' Future.

Besides, tattoo removal would be her more pressing issue.

Karrueche Tran Ready for Courtroom Face-off with Chris Brown Over Death Threats

5/7/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Karrueche Tran will do what Rihanna would not -- testify that Chris Brown brutalized her ... and she's not scared at all.

We're told Karrueche has no fear about testifying that Chris allegedly kicked her down a flight of stairs, punched her in the stomach, threatened to shoot her and made other death threats ... this according to multiple sources connected to Chris' ex.

The actress has been dogging Chris for more than 2 months trying to serve him, but he successfully dodged the process server ... until Thursday night when he was hit with legal docs after his BD party.

Our sources say one of Karrueche's motivations is to inspire other women similarly situated to come forward and confront people who brutalize them.  

We're told this has been a long process for Karrueche ... the alleged abuse started a long time ago but she built up her confidence to finally put an end to it, especially after the alleged recent death threats.

You'll recall, Rihanna almost immediately had a change of heart after Chris brutally beat her and did not want to cooperate with authorities. Chris copped a plea and she was never called to testify.

We reached out to Karrueche and her camp and they refused comment.

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