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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Memorial Day Weekend Wedding ... Report Claims

11/30/2017 2:55 PM PST
Breaking News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are giving friends and family an extra day to recover from their wedding because they're reportedly tying the knot over Memorial Day Weekend. 

The wedding date is set for Saturday, May 26 ... according to one British tabloid. That would work out perfectly not only for their American guests, but also the Brits. That Monday is a Bank Holiday in the UK.

As we reported, they're getting hitched at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle outside of London.

If you're a Royal fam fan ... plan your holiday accordingly.

Anthony Scaramucci Reconciles with Wife ... Divorce Dropped

11/30/2017 2:50 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Anthony Scaramucci and his wife are giving marriage another try ... Deidre Ball has dropped her divorce petition.

Scaramucci tells TMZ they are "absolutely" back together.  He says they are back living under the same roof.

You'll recall, Deidre, his wife of 3 years, filed to end the marriage last July. There were reports she was fed up with his D.C. ambitions. There were also rumblings of infidelity.

Ball filed when she was almost ready to give birth. They had a son in late July.

If D.C. was the reason for the split, that shouldn't be a worry anymore. 

Jennifer Lopez Hey, Yankees ... Hire A-Rod As Manager!!

11/30/2017 11:47 AM PST
Breaking News

Listen up, Hank Steinbrenner ... Jennifer Lopez says she's got the PERFECT candidate for the next New York Yankees manager ... her BF, Alex Rodriguez!!

The Yanks have been interviewing managerial candidates since they let Joe Girardi go last month. A-Rod -- who's been linked to the gig -- has publicly said he ain't really interested in the job.

But looks like things done changed ... 'cause J Lo just fired the ex-Bombers' hat into the ring ... saying, "It couldn’t be clearer...#arodforyankeesmanager" ... along with a link to an article titled, "The Best and Only Choice for Yankess Manager is obvious..." on Instagram.

Your move, Mr. Steinbrenner ... and don't make J Lo mad.

Meghan Markle No Royal Fast Pass To UK Citizenship

11/30/2017 9:28 AM PST

No doubt it's good to be the Prince's fiancée, but Meghan Markle still won't get special treatment when it comes to becoming a citizen in the United Kingdom ... TMZ has learned.

Prince Harry's betrothed announced she intends to apply to be a legal Brit -- a process that can take up to 5 years for commoners. You'd think Meghan could get on some kinda Royal fam fast track, but Kensington Palace tells us no dice. 

Official word is Meghan will have to go through the process like any "normal" subject of the crown.

Don't panic ... this won't delay the wedding, but here's how it could have an impact. Presumably, Queen Elizabeth will bestow a title on Harry and Meghan on their wedding day -- just like William and Kate got on theirs. It's still unclear if Meghan would be allowed to use her title before she's a UK citizen.

Now, let's talk royal babies. If the newlyweds have one before Meghan gets citizenship, the kid would automatically be a dual citizen in the UK and the U.S.!! Fingers crossed, America.

Johnny Manziel Off Hook In Dom. Violence Case

11/30/2017 8:43 AM PST
Breaking News

Johnny Manziel is finally free and clear of his domestic violence charge in Texas ... almost 2 years after the alleged assault went down.

Manziel's then-GF, Colleen Crowley, told cops JM hit her several times after a day of boozin' in January 2016. He was indicted for misdemeanor assault. 

JM struck a deal with prosecutors in Dallas last December ... agreeing to take an anger management course and keep his nose clean -- in addition to other terms -- in exchange for having the charge dropped.

In court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the Dallas District Attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case ... and he signed off.

Johnny Football and Crowley split after the incident ... and he's now engaged to be married to Bre Tiesi.

Britney Spears Courtside PDA ... at Lakers vs. Warriors

11/30/2017 7:56 AM PST

Britney Spears -- lookin' smokin' hot -- was the real MVP of Lakers vs. Warriors on Wednesday ... smooching the night away with 23-year-old BF Sam Asghari courtside at Staples Center.

The Dubs and Lakeshow had an epic OT battle ... but it's pretty obvious Britney and Sam were more into their own 1-on-1 matchup -- while her 2 boys watched the action on the court.

Tons of other huge celebs were in attendance -- including Will Ferrell, Diddy, Jack Nicholson (of course) and proud papa LaVar Ball.

The Lakers lost ... but Lonzo Ball actually knocked down some shots!! 

Moral victory?

Bieber & Selena The Blonde Leading the Blonde

11/30/2017 7:35 AM PST

Justin Bieber and his newly blonde girlfriend, Selena Gomez, seemed to be sticking to their follicle roots by going on a quick date after church.

The Biebs and Selena hit up the Montage hotel in Bev Hills Wednesday after attending the Hillsong Church, where services are held inside the hotel.

Selena scurried inside when she saw photogs and Bieber followed shortly thereafter.

The pair have become the faces of Hillsong, although other celebs also attend, including Kourtney Kardashian, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Hailey Baldwin.

Jocelyn Wildenstein & Boyfriend Free to Hang Out Again, But ...

11/29/2017 11:31 AM PST

The so-called Catwoman, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and her boyfriend are free to get on the same elevator, cook and hang out again ... but one false move and they're back to square one.

TMZ broke the story ... Jocelyn and her boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, were both arrested for assault earlier this month after a physical altercation while cooking dinner. They were ordered to stay away from each other even though they live in the same building.

But the Manhattan District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ... Jocelyn and Lloyd's case will be tossed and their charges expunged IF they can keep their noses clean for 6 months. We're also told they don't have to stay away from each other anymore, but it's crystal clear -- no more fights, or else.

We suggest ordering takeout. 

Gwen Stefani Full Body Pat-Down at LAX

11/29/2017 7:41 AM PST

Gwen Stefani was hauling ass and avoiding questions about haters hating on BF Blake Shelton's Sexiest Man of the Year title, but it didn't matter because TSA eventually put the brakes on her hustle.

Gwen was just like everyone else who traveled Tuesday ... trying to get through security at LAX, only she became one of the unlucky few who got a FULL pat-down and was wanded after her full body scan.

She was given the once/twice/thrice over for a full 90 seconds before she was allowed to go on her merry way.

Jennifer Hudson Doing What's Best for Her Son With Otunga Out of House

11/29/2017 12:50 AM PST

Jennifer Hudson agreed to let David Otunga see their son again, but only because he's out of her house and no longer a physical threat to her ... according to sources connected to the singer.

The sources say Jennifer dropped the restraining order keeping Otunga away from 8-year-old David Jr., purely in the child's best interest. Although Jennifer's restraining order docs say, "I am now living in fear for my physical and emotional safety and that of my son" -- we're told she was referring to emotional scarring David Jr. would suffer if he saw his father threaten his mother.

She never accused Otunga of physically threatening their child. As we reported, Otunga's been removed from their home, and as a result, we're told Jennifer's satisfied as the emotional risk to their son is no longer present.

As for who's been the child's primary caregiver -- our Jennifer sources say she's always made mothering her top priority, even while working to support the family.

When she first went to London a year ago to shoot 'The Voice' ... she not only brought Otunga and David Jr., but she also paid Otunga's mom to tutor her grandson. She did the same during her 6-month Broadway run in "The Color Purple."

On the issue of custody going forward -- as we reported, David Jr. is with his father right now while Jennifer works in London. However, sources on her side stress David hasn't won anything. The judge hasn't ruled on custody yet, and neither parent's been deemed "primary" caregiver.

We're told Jennifer will continue making decisions based on what's best for her son.

Oakland Raiders Sued By Sean Smith Accuser You Made Him a Living Weapon!!!

11/28/2017 4:24 PM PST

The Oakland Raiders' "aggressive strength and agility training programs" turned CB Sean Smith into an attacking machine ... so claims the man alleging Sean brutally attacked him.

Christopher Woods is suing the Raiders and Smith after he says the NFL star brutally attacked him on July 4 ... and Sean's "size, strength and certain offensive techniques" was his weapon.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Sean was charged with felony assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury. But in new docs, we now know what led to the alleged assault.

Woods says he was out with Sean and his sister, Rayna, whom Woods had been dating for about 2 years. Woods says Sean was pounding shots of tequila ... and ultimately became violent after getting into a heated argument with his GF.

Woods says, out of nowhere and without provocation, Sean slugged him in the head and knocked him unconscious. Sean left but later returned violently and repeatedly stomped on Woods' face ... fracturing it in 5 different places and causing brain damage.

Woods says he suffered hematomas to the left and right side of his head and required a metal plate and screws to repair the facial fractures

Woods is suing for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Sean and the Raiders, so far no word back.

Shakira & Gerard Pique Smiles Don't Lie ... What Break Up?!?

11/28/2017 2:38 PM PST

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are effectively shutting down rumors they've split by taking a very toothy joyride together.

The FC Barcelona fútbol star was behind the wheel with Shakira riding shotgun Tuesday on his home team's turf. The smiles on their faces fly directly in the face of reports that the couple -- who've been together for 6 years -- were on the outs.

From this vantage point, seems the parents of 2 boys are rock solid.

Sorry, Suzy Cortez ... this ride is closed until further notice.

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Just Wanna Be With Each Other ... Prove It at Karaoke

11/28/2017 2:07 PM PST

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are still going strong ... so much so, they're belting out sappy Enrique Iglesias love songs together in public.

The formerly on-again, off-again couple spent part of Thanksgiving weekend doing duets during drag queen karaoke in Provincetown, MA. Evan and Emma belted out Enrique's "Be With You" during their night out at Governor Bradford Restaurant.

Emma was also on the mic for Sir Mix-a-Lot's classic -- you know the one -- but with a different partner. We're told they were hanging out with friends.

This is a return to the scene of their reunion exactly a year ago, when they were spotted kissing during a coffee-run. Emma was wearing what looked like engagement ring #2 from Peters earlier this year.

Soooo ... congrats on, at the very least, staying together for a year.

American Horror Story Thanksgiving 🔪🦃🍸

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