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Red Sox OF Rusney Castillo

Drops $85k ...

To Pimp Out $84k Porsche

1/25/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

012315_rusney_castillo_porsche_launch_v3Red Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo only came over from Cuba a few months ago, but he's already BALLIN' OUT like an American ... dropping $85,000 to trick out his $84,000 Porsche!!!

Castillo took his 2014 Avorza Porsche 911 Turbo to Alex Vega and the guys at the Auto Firm in Miami with the following marching orders -- MAKE IT AWESOME!

So what do you get for all that money? Vega says he and his crew took the entire car apart piece by piece to paint it "Snow White" ... then added detailing in red and black, Castillo's favorite colors.

Vega gutted the interior as well to put in red and black leather seats. Watch the video though for the highlight ... a custom grill with Castillo's #38 in lights. There's even a #38 light that shines on the road when he opens the doors.

Castillo signed with the Sox last year for $72.5 million ... so he's not struggling to make payments.


Rolls-Royce vs. Royce Rizzy

High End Car Company Sues

... That's Our Name!!

1/24/2015 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rolls Royce Rizzy Name LawsuitIn the hip-hop world, you don't steal another MC's name ... even if MC stands for motor car -- which is exactly what Rolls-Royce claims a rapper named Rolls Royce Rizzy has done.

According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- the legendary car company says Rizzy advertises and sells "Team Rolls Royce" shirts on his website ... and they want him to stop ASAP. 

Rolls-Royce claims they've sent R.R.R. multiple cease and desist letters to no avail ... and since he's continued to wear the shirts in pics on social media they've been forced to file suit. 

Rizzy tells us he dropped the "Rolls" from his name at least a year and a half ago and he's no longer selling the shirts ... just wearing it. He also claims he's never gotten a letter from Rolls.

Jermaine Dupri -- the head of Rizzy's label -- tells us he personally made sure the name change happened before putting him out as an artist ... adding,"I know how business works."

'OLTL' Actor Brandon Buddy

Ex Soap Star Sudsin' ...

Busted For DWI

1/20/2015 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon Budd Arrested For DWI
Former "One Life To Live" star Brandon Buddy's already made a few bad choices in real life this year -- which is kinda written all over his face in this mug shot -- he got busted for DWI in Texas.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops were alerted on Sunday when a seemingly intoxicated Buddy -- covered in scratches -- was seen taking off in his car after grabbing beer at an Austin gas station.

After being stopped, an allegedly semi-conscious Buddy was evaluated at a nearby hospital and arrested for DWI.

Buddy's also being investigated for possessing dangerous drugs. Cops say they found prescription meds in his car on Jan. 4th.

He's still in jail for the DWI.



Legendary Saddle Auctioned Off

... Rakes In $104k!

1/20/2015 8:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120-sea-biscuit-saddle-01The saddle that was strapped to Seabiscuit's back when the legendary horse won his very last race in 1940 has just sold at auction for more than $100,000 ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

It's the saddle ridden by jockey Red Pollard at the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap -- one of the most dramatic races in Seabiscuit's career. After losing the race several times before, Seabiscuit dug deep and emerged victorious in what would be his very last race. 

In fact, the race was featured in the 2003 Disney movie about the thoroughbred.  

According to Lelands, the company behind the auction, the final sale price was $104,260.06. 

So far, the identity of the buyer has not been released. 

Bravo Star Geneva Thomas

Justice is Fare

In Cabbie-Stiffing Case

1/18/2015 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-geneva-thomas-bravo-01"Blood, Sweat and Heels" cast member Geneva Thomas will shell out $18 the next time she jumps in a cab ... because her penalty is keeping her nose clean for the next 6 months ... OR ELSE!

We broke the story ... Thomas was busted back in September after cops said she skipped out on an $18 cab fare.  Now a deal has been struck ... if she stays out of trouble until July ... the case will go away ... as if it never happened.

Another advantage of Uber.

Lindsay Lohan

I'm the Queen of Car Crashes

So I'm Selling Insurance!

1/18/2015 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Esurance Commercial

Lindsay Lohan got a new gig and this one makes you hit your head it's so obvious ... she's becoming a TV pitchwoman for car insurance. 

We've learned Lindsay is shooting a commercial for Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, which gives you online or telephonic rate quotes.  

We're told Lindsay is shooting the commercial in Long Beach and we're guessing it might just run during the Super Bowl.  

Lindsay knows plenty about insurance, because she's made a slew of claims. You'll recall back in 2007 she drove up a median and was arrested for DUI. Later that year she was arrested again after a wild ride on PCH where she allegedly took several dudes hostage. She was busted for DUI ... unclear if there was car damage. 

In 2010 she hit a baby stroller in West Hollywood.

In 2012 Lindsay hit a car outside a club. And later that year she slammed into an 18 wheeler on PCH, claiming her brakes failed. Still later in 2012 she struck a man outside the Dream hotel in NYC.  

Gotta say ... Esurance must be great, because if they take care of Lindsay you'll surely be in good hands.


'Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo

I Got Smashed By a Car in a Crosswalk

1/16/2015 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ramona Rizzo Hit And RunOne of the "Mob Wives" got whacked -- Ramona Rizzo was hit by a car while walking in NYC, and the perp fled the scene.

TMZ has learned NYPD is investigating the incident -- Rizzo says she was crossing Fifth Ave and 55th St. on Tuesday night when she was hit. Her rep says RR suffered bruises and internal bleeding.

An ambulance took her to a hospital ... where she got treatment for a couple of days.

As for the culprit, the rep says Rizzo believes the suspect is Asian ... and was driving a Smart Car.

Brad Pitt

Vanity Plate Fake Out Fools Photog

... TMZ TV

1/14/2015 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Our intrepid cameraman -- and host of TMZ Parallel Parking -- hit the jackpot when he spotted an SUV sporting the license plate “B Pitt." So, does Brad Pitt really roll around with such douchey vanity plates? Watch and see!

Hint: C'mon ... do you really need one?

Brad Pitt

Has a 'B PITT' License Plate

... Or Does He?

1/13/2015 6:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

011315_brad_pitt_launchBrad Pitt wants everyone to recognize him on the road, which is why he has the license plate, "B PITT" ... yes, it's ridiculous, but our photog Charlie bought it hook, line and sinker.

Here are the clues Charlie:

1.  Brad probably doesn't shop at the Gelson's in Marina del Rey.  
2.  Pitt famously rides around town on a motorcycle wearing a helmet, which he keeps on for cover even after he dismounts. So red-flagging his identity on a license plate is highly improbable. 
3.  There's no reason for Brad to tool around town with a walkie talkie.
4.  Come on Charlie, it's not Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt aside  ... it's fun watching people park their cars. 


Floyd Mayweather's Rides


... Not Counting the Jet

1/5/2015 5:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most people can't afford one Bugatti supercar, worth around $2 million -- Floyd Mayweather has THREE. 

The boxing champ just showed off his insane car collection -- comprised of some of the most rare and expensive cars in the world. 

Here's the checklist with approximate market values ...

Bugatti Veyron -- $2 million

Bugatti Veyron -- $2 million 
Bugatti Grand Sport -- $2 million 
Ferrari 458 Spider -- $250k
Ferrari 458 Spider -- $250k 
Lamborghini Aventador -- $400k 
Porsche 911 Turbo S $180k 
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano -- $300k 

Grand total ... $7.3 MILLION. 

And unlike Justin Bieber, Mayweather has his own private jet ... and they don't exactly come cheap.

FYI -- Mayweather has reportedly made more than $400 MILLION in his career ... and clearly, he ain't afraid to spend it.


Jordin Sparks

Swanky New Jeep

Cures Break-Up Blues

12/30/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jordin Sparks sent a clear message to her ex, Jason Derulo -- take your Beemer and shove it ... 'cause I just bought my OWN new wheels. new 4X4 to help get over the rocky split.

Last Christmas -- when they were still banging -- Derulo santa'd up and gave Sparks a flashy BMW ... complete with bows. But Jordin just went out and scooped up a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited for her 25th b-day.

And just to make sure everyone got the diss -- she also deleted Derulo's gift her from Instagram. She's said in interviews she would give it back.   

The only remaining question: what does she do with all those big ass bows?


Paul Walker's Dad

Crash Driver's Family

Owes Us Almost Two Million Bucks

12/30/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker Dad Suing Roger Rodas

Paul Walker
's dad says Roger Rodas' family is holding $1.8 mil worth of his son's exotic car collection ... and he's demanding the cars or cash immediately. 

Paul Walker III filed legal docs claiming the estate of Rodas -- who was driving the Porsche Carrera GT when he and Walker died -- is in possession of numerous vehicles belonging to his son.

In the docs, he says the cars were all fully or partially owned by Paul. Of course, Roger and Paul co-owned Always Evolving ... a performance and racing shop.

For what it's worth, Rodas' family already rejected the claim -- so it looks like a judge will have to sort this one out.


Justin Bieber

Private Jet Poser ...

He Doesn't Own It

12/29/2014 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1226-bieber-priavte-jet-INSTAGRAM-01Justin Bieber's membership in the private jet club has been revoked -- his baller plane he posted on Instagram Christmas day was all for show, but technically ... NOT a lie.

TMZ has learned the jet Bieber posed on is a G4 -- which is for sale -- but was not purchased by JB. Sources with direct knowledge of the aircraft tell us Justin merely chartered it for a Christmas flight from Canada to NYC. In other words ... just a really expensive Uber.

Justin captioned the pic ... "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful" -- prompting many to believe he'd just made the biggest purchase of his life. Not so ... though it's true that it was new to him, and the 22-seat ride is undeniably beautiful.

We were always skeptical ... since Justin's reportedly worth about $200 mil -- and a brand new G could run up to $60 million. Even for Bieber, that would be a huge hit.

Biebs pulled this back in April too -- posing with a Bugatti (it was Birdman's) ... and a yacht (it belonged to a FL family).

1229-justin-bieber-yacht-SUB-INSTAGRAM-01The good news? We're told the 1996 G4 is still on the market for just under $6 mil -- if you've got it like that.

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