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Jason Mraz Home Depot Car Crash

1/18/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0115_jason_mraz_tmz-2Jason Mraz got in a serious accident after a driver sped through a red light and crashed into him.

The other driver t-boned Jason's car and then spun 90 degrees, striking another car. 

Jason complained of neck pain but didn't go to the hospital. The female passenger in his car had more serious neck pain and was taken by ambulance to Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside.   

Jason had just left Home Depot when he got hit. 


MLB Star Alexei Ramirez New Team, New Swag Drops $65k To Pimp BMW

1/17/2016 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0115-main-alexei-ramirez-tmz-01MLB star Alexei Ramirez wants to make an impression in his new town not by hitting home runs ... but by hitting the streets in a ridiculously sick custom ride ... with a crazy set of wheels.

We spoke to Alex Vega down at the Auto Firm in Miami, who tells TMZ Sports Ramirez felt he had to upgrade his whip since he just inked a new deal with the San Diego Padres ... so he stopped on in.

Vega says the Auto Firm gurus went to work on Alexei's ride ... adding an Avorza exhaust system, custom red & black interior, plus Av11 forged 24" wheels to his 2016 BMW X6 M ... final price tag ... $65k.

Craziest thing about the (kinda) new ride? The rims make the car look like the wheels are spinning IN REVERSE which Vega says "will trip you out when you see it." 

Check out the video ... and be tripped out.

French Montana Here's A New BMW, Lil Bro!

1/15/2016 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most younger siblings get old hand-me-downs, but French Montana just gave his little brother Zack a brand spanking new BMW 7 series.  

The car came fully loaded with a motion controlled dashboard ... volume on the car's stereo is controlled by moving your hand. There's video above in case you need a visual.

It wasn't even Zack's birthday. He's the prez of French's Coke Boys Entertainment, and we're told French wants his team to look fly. 

In case you're wondering ... $150k. 


Shaq's Son INSANE 16TH BDAY Lambos, Rappers, Candy

1/13/2016 8:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0113-shaq-son-lambo-instagram-01IT'S GOOD TO BE AN O'NEAL ... just ask Shaq's son who had a CRAZY 16th birthday party in L.A. Saturday night ... complete with exotic cars, famous rappers and an unreal dessert spread. 

Sources connected to Shareef O'Neal tell us roughly 400 PEOPLE came out to the party -- where Reef was presented with two cars ... a blue Lamborghini and a pimped out Jeep (unclear if he gets to keep both cars forever). 

0113-sub-shaq-son-lambo-instagram-01But the party (thrown by his mom Shaunie O'Neal) was off the chain ... with a performance from rap superstar Post Malone and celebrity guests that included Diddy's sons Christian and Quincy Combs. 

As for the desserts ... we're told there was a massive "candy bar" -- a bar that served crazy amounts of candy and the guests loved it. 

BTW, Shareef is not just some do-nothing celebrity kid -- the guy is a high school basketball STUD who's already being recruited by some of the best programs in the country. 

Happy Birthday mini-diesel! 

Titans' Kendall Wright Baby Mama's Car Repo'd ... After Child Support Demand

1/11/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0108_Kendall-Wright_komccoyTennessee Titans star Kendall Wright has serious off-season headaches ... his baby mama is taking him to court for child support, and thinks he's getting revenge by repossessing her car.

In court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Kortney Michelle Owens-Rader says she has a 5-month-old baby boy with Wright named Kendall Jr. -- and the Titans leading receiver agreed in December to pay her $2,100/month in child support, starting in 2016. 

The docs make it seem like everything's cool between Kortney and Kendall, but sources close to her say that's not the case. We're told Wright had been "taking care" of Kortney -- a singer signed to Floyd Mayweather's record label -- but nothing was on paper.


Cut to last week when, according to our sources, Kortney's 2014 Cadillac XTS -- a gift from Wright in happier times -- was repossessed. We're told Kortney thinks Wright stopped making payments because he was pissed she took him to court.

This probably won't get better ... they're due back in court in a couple of months. We've reached out to Wright's reps, but nothing back yet. 


'RHOC' Star Gretchen Rossi Forget Orange ... My Range Rover's a Lemon!

1/9/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0108_GRETCHEN-ROSSI_TMZ'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Gretchen Rossi claims her Range Rover has been a dud from the get-go, but the car company still won't take it back ... so she's suing.

According to a new lawsuit, Rossi plunked down $111k for a brand new Range Rover in 2012, and says she drove all of 200 miles before some big problems surfaced ... problems with acceleration, the battery, fuses, and a smoking tail pipe.

She went back to the dealer in November for an idling problem, and this time she was told the vehicle was out of warranty, which she says was especially galling because she had been there 3 times before for the exact same problem.

Fed up, Rossi claims she tried to exercise her rights under the Lemon Law by returning the vehicle to the dealer, but she was shut down. She says the dealership offered to fix the problem for free, but only if she gave up her rights under the Lemon Law.  

Rossi told them to take a hike, which will probably be her new mode of transportation, and she's filed suit.



Marshawn Lynch I'm Swaggin Out My Jeep For Charity

12/30/2015 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1230_lynch_car_launchMarshawn Lynch is sidelined with an injury, but his Beast Mode brand is rolling like never before ... and it's all for a good cause.

Lynch teamed with McLoughlin Jeep in Oregon to create 24 limited edition "Beast Mode" vehicles for sale at the dealership ... with part of the proceeds benefiting Marshawn's charity -- Family 1st Foundation.

We spoke to Christopher Bevans -- who runs Beast Mode -- and he tells us each Jeep will "truly be one of a kind” ... patterned after Marshawn's own personal style.

Of course Lynch copped one for himself ... and it's tricked out with $100k worth of customization including premium leather, a high end paint job and an "insane" sound system.

BTW, if you're wondering how much Lynch's custom ride set him back ... it was the low, low price of ON DA HOUSE.

Check out the pics.

Gilbert Arenas' Son Boys On the Hood

12/29/2015 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Arenas is fun to some ... dangerous to others.

Hibachi took the kids out riding in his Polaris Slingshot and it looks like his son Alijah is on the hood, holding on for dear life.

Gilbert posted the video but then deleted it ... which makes us think someone raised some safety issues about an 8-year-old gripping the hood of a moving vehicle.

Watch and judge for yourself.

NBA's Jeff Adrien Charged with Felony In Alleged Valet Car Theft

12/28/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223-jeff-adrien-instagram-01The ex-NBA player who allegedly jacked a car from a hotel valet in Hollywood and then went on a joyride has been charged with a felony ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We broke the story ... Jeff Adrien was arrested for allegedly taking a sweet 2015 Mercedes S550 from a hotel valet on Dec. 7th without permission from the actual owner.  


Adrien allegedly drove the car around town ... before eventually returning it to the hotel. He was arrested a short time later when the owner discovered what happened. 

Adrien's rep had previously told us the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding and it would all be cleared up.  

But now, we've learned that ain't exactly the case ... 'cause prosecutors have hit the 29-year-old with one count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent -- a felony.

If convicted, Adrien faces up to 3 years behind bars. The case is due back in court on Dec. 30th. 

'The Profit' Star Marcus Lemonis' Company Targeted in Trailer Trash Lawsuit

12/27/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211_Marcus-Lemonis_gettyCNBC star Marcus Lemonis' company has been sued by an RV company that claims he tried to buy the business and when he was rebuffed he tried to sabotage it.

Lemonis, who's show "The Profit" tries to rehab struggling businesses, is CEO of a company called Camping World, which made a bid to swallow up another company called RV Sales.  

The suit claims to Lemonis' chagrin, RV Sales had no interest in selling, and that's when RV alleges Lemonis went on the attack.  RV claims it got a shipment of damaged vehicles and out of the blue Lemonis called and again offered to take all RV's problems off its hands by buying the business.  In short, RV is accusing Lemonis of causing the damage to the vehicles to get the upper hand.

RV claims Lemonis didn't stop there ... he pulled other stunts to strong arm RV into selling to Camping World.  

Lemonis tells us the suit is bogus and RV Sales has made outlandish allegations before to cover up their horrible business decisions. 

MLB Stars Going Customizing Crazy ... For The Xmas Season

12/24/2015 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_christmas_cars_launchYou might not think the MLB is the swaggiest league around ... but it turns out the hardball heroes are going custom car crazy for the holidays ... and TMZ Sports has pics of the jaw dropping rides.

We spoke with Alex Vega ... the dude behind south Florida's premiere customizing spot, The Auto Firm ... and he says the yuletide season has his spot JUMPING with baseball players looking to upgrade.

New York Yankees SS Starlin Castro brought his S50 AMG in and totally flipped it ... adding a full carbon fiber body kit, Avorza 22 inch Av37 forge wheels and all white custom leather interior.

Pablo Sandoval of the Boston Red Sox wasn't outdone by his Yankees rival ... adding a wide body kit, Avorza red and black leather and a custom exhaust system ... all setting him back $65k.

But the craziest job title went to Mariners RF Nelson Cruz... who dropped $40k on his Polaris slingshot ... adding a custom glow-in-the-dark paint job, a new sound system and 38 inch forged wheels.

Check out the pics ... and kids, work on your curveballs.

Teresa Giudice $90k Welcome Home Car Broke, Really?

12/23/2015 7:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223-teresa-giudice-tmz-inf-01Teresa Giudice got more than a welcome home from her family ... a $90k Lexus was lying in wait in her driveway.

It's interesting ... Teresa and Joe were scraping money together just before she went in to pay the $400k in restitution.  

We're told Bravo did not buy the car for her. We called around and we're told Joe was shopping for a Lexus from a New Jersey dealership specializing in luxury cars.

What's very clear ... the Giudices have already made some rich deals to capitalize on her release from prison.


Soccer Star Dickson Nwakaeme Here Comes The Ride ... Drops $65k On Custom Car For Wedding

12/22/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nigerian soccer star Dickson Nwakaeme is jumping the broom in style ... spending more than $65k to turn his Range Rover into a swag-dripping matrimony machine.

TMZ Sports spoke with Alex Vega ... the customizing guru down at the Auto Firm in Miami ... and he tells us Dickson wanted to sup up his ride for his upcoming wedding ... so he brought it in for a little makeover.

Vega says they ditched the something borrowed and something blue, instead electing to just go with the new ... a new Luma wide body kit, new custom Avorza AV 45 wheels and new white and black Avorza leather throughout the SUV.

Final price tag ... $65k (plus whatever it takes to get the ride back to freakin' Nigeria).

Congrats, Dickson ... we're sure white was totally appropriate for a huge international soccer star.

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