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Casper Smart Smashes into Tree DESTROYS Luxury Whip!

12/8/2016 7:22 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1208-casper-smart-car-accident-INSTAGRAM-01Just when Casper Smart thought 2016 couldn't get worse -- he totaled his Mercedes sports car, but on the positive side ... he was able to walk away from the nasty wreck.

Casper smashed into a guardrail and a tree in Woodland Hills, CA around midnight ... according to cops. The collision smashed in the driver's side of the car and deployed his airbags. Police say there were no other vehicles involved ... it appears he just lost control, and alcohol was not a factor.

Jennifer Lopez's ex was not injured -- kudos to Mercedes -- and actually posted a pic of his baby with "#wasntmyfault." 

'Cause losing J Lo wasn't enough.

Desiigner Sued You Crashed Our Ferrari!! That'll Cost Ya $500k

12/6/2016 12:40 AM PST

1205-desiigner-tmzDesiigner had no business getting behind the wheel of a rented Ferrari, but since he wrecked it when he did, he needs to cough up some dough ... according to the rental company's lawsuit.

The rental company is suing the "Panda" rapper for destroying a 2014 Ferrari back in June. It had been rented by 2 of his friends, who are also named in the suit.

According to docs ... the friends gave Desiigner permission to drive the whip, and then he crashed it in NJ. The car's valued at $220k, but the company's suing for more than $500k because they say they're going to lose out on future rental money -- as in $1,599 per day.

The docs also included a cryptic tweet, supposedly from Desiigner, saying, "If you have a luxury car you better know how to drive." The rental company thinks it's a confession, but we checked and the account doesn't look like it belongs to Desiigner.

We reached out to Desiigner's rep, who tells us ... "This is the first that Desiigner or his team have heard about this lawsuit. The minute he has had a chance to consult with his attorney, his managers or his attorney will respond." 


50 Cent I'm Not a P.I.M.P. For Your Wraps and Rims!!

11/28/2016 3:26 PM PST

1128-50cent-tmz-350 Cent uses his image to plug a bunch of products -- vodka, headphones, etc -- but a few auto detailing companies used Fiddy, and he's pissed about it ... according to a new suit.

50's suing Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports and Forgiato for posting pics of him on social media to sell vehicle wraps and rims. The rapper fully admits hiring them to do work on his whips, but says he gave the companies clear instructions to NOT post any photos or images of him.

In the suit, he says Phenomenal Vinyl went ahead and did just that on Instagram, and even tagged him in the image ... making it seem like he was endorsing them. He's suing all 3 companies for using his trademarked name without permission -- and also for holding a set of rims hostage, so to speak.

50 says PV is holding his gear until he settles a $31k tab, which he's refusing to pay because he thinks they overcharged as retaliation.



Tyga Sued Pony Up That Ferrari Money, Bro

11/28/2016 9:24 AM PST

1128-tyga-tmzNo more repo tales for Tyga and Ferraris -- instead, he's getting sued over one ... that was also repo'd.

A guy named Alex Benedict is going after the rapper for failing to make his lease payments on a red 'rrari 488. In the docs, Benedict claims they agreed to a deal back in May but Tyga didn't pony up so he had the car repo'd TWICE.

The first time was Aug. 31, but Tyga struck another deal to get the car back (yes, really) and was supposed to return it Oct. 9. Benedict says Tyga failed to do that too, and the repo man went back to work on Nov. 8.

Benedict is suing to get at least $150k in damages. This might explain that umm ... birthday surprise.

We've reached out to Tyga, so far no word back.



Steve Francis Wearing $1 MILLION Necklace ... During DWI Arrest

11/21/2016 12:59 PM PST

1121_steve_francis_tmz-2Steve Francis was BALLIN' OUT during his drunk driving arrest -- claiming he was wearing a $1 MILLION chain when cops took him into custody ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

As we previously reported, the ex-NBA star was popped for DWI in Houston on Saturday night -- and allegedly threatened revenge on the arresting officers.

He was taken to a nearby police station where he was booked -- and while there, cops noted the "property" he had on him at the time ... which included a bunch of weed.

According to the police report, Francis' chain was a "yellow metallic necklace with 'M'" ... valued at $1,000,000. We're told the value was provided to the police by Francis himself.

1121-steve-francis-police-report-tear-out-TMZ-01Cops say he also had 21.92 grams of weed with paper rolls ... which seems a lot to most people but as one stoner in our office put it, "It wouldn't get Snoop out of bed in the morning."

The police report also lists Francis as 6'3", 220 lbs ... about 25 pounds heavier than his playing weight. 

BTW, Francis reportedly made more than $100 MILLION during his NBA career ... so yeah, he can afford a million dollar chain.

Slim Thug Rolls-Royce Trashed for iPhone ... But My Steak Was Lit!

11/16/2016 12:30 AM PST

1115-slim-thug-TMZ-01Slim Thug's dinner was rudely interrupted by cops serving bad news -- crooks rolled his Rolls-Royce in the restaurant parking lot.

Slim tells TMZ ... he was having a business meeting over dinner at a Houston's ... in Houston, when someone smashed one window on his 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith, and stole an iPhone. Cops tells us the whole caper was captured on security cameras, and the footage is key to their investigation.

Even though they only broke one window, it's a Rolls window. Slim says repairs will cost about $10k because the shattered glass messed up his leather and his paint job.

Silver linings? Insurance will cover the damage, and he enjoyed a delicious Hawaiian Rib-eye steak!

NBA's Jordan Clarkson Fiscally Responsible Stuntin' ... 'My Lambo Is Rented'

11/15/2016 8:00 AM PST

Lakers sharpshooter Jordan Clarkson is about to teach you how to stunt ... the non-MC Hammer Antoine Walker way ... tearing up the streets of L.A. in a ridiculous Lambo ... someone rented for him.

We got Jordan out in L.A. getting into an incredible Lamborghini ... and right off the bat we wanted to know when he copped the new ride.

Makes sense he'd be riding fly ... the kid signed a 5 year $50 million deal with the Purple & Gold earlier this year.

Jordan makes it clear to us ... the whip ain't his ... telling our camera guy someone rented it FOR HIM.

C'mon JC ... live a little man!! When has buying a quarter of a million dollar car ever hurt an athlete?!!

Amber Rose Tapped From Behind ... This is NOT How I Roll

11/14/2016 12:30 AM PST

Amber Rose's new Rolls-Royce is no longer in mint condition.

Amber's 3-week-old whip was rear-ended in Hollywood .... minimal damage but the first one always hurts.

CHP took a report and everyone went about their business.

As for the Audi driver ... never a good day when you rear-end a $371k car.


Playmate Ashley Mattingly Drunken Golf Cart Ride Charges Are In ... DUI and Hit & Run

11/13/2016 12:10 AM PST

1110-ashley-mattingly-TMZ-01Ashley Mattingly might wanna cut back on the weekend cruising ... she faces 4 charges for allegedly plowing her golf cart into 4 parked cars while she was hammered.  

The Orange County D.A. hit the former Playmate with 3 counts of driving under the influence -- including 1 for drugs -- and 1 additional count of hit-and-run with property damage -- all misdemeanors. It's also alleged that her BAC was at least .20%. 

TMZ broke the news of Ashley's arrest, but she has a different story of what went down ... including a strong drink defense of why she was wasted. She faces up to a year behind bars if convicted on all 4 counts.



Cubs' Pedro Strop Nightmare Car Customization ... Drops $30k To Fix Bad Job

11/7/2016 12:35 AM PST

MLB pitcher Pedro Strop can breathe a sigh of relief after a custom car job gone bad ... 'cause the Chicago Cubs reliever gave his car a complete $30,000 makeover.

Strop hit up Alex Vega at the Auto Firm to re-pimp his 2015 Infiniti QX80. We're told the original job -- from a friend's recommendation -- had a front grill made of chicken wire and rims that 'looked like boat propellers.'

But Vega worked his magic and completely stripped the car of its old look to give him a white satin, white pearl and glossy black detail to help forget about the old maroon mess.

Vega did a solid for sure ... but not for free (this is America) ... final price tag, $30k.


Chris Brown I'm Poppin' on My ATV Screw My Neighbors

11/2/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Chris Brown is a dumbass, wheely-poppin' ATV enthusiast -- not our words ... that's what his neighbors are saying. 

One of Brown's San Fernando Valley neighbors was so pissed she recorded him traversing one of the streets in the hood, and her commentary is hilarious.

Chris clearly knows she's shooting the video, because he shows off in grand fashion as he passes her.

It's not the first time a neighbor has recorded Chris on his ATV.  

Suffice it to say ... he won't be getting a lot of stop-by-for-Thanksgiving invites.


Pam Anderson Sexual Assault Warning Attacks Rideshare Drivers

11/2/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Pam Anderson is afraid of getting raped, and afraid you could be too if you use those popular rideshare apps.

Check out Pammy playing "The Driving Game" ... it's a game show-styled PSA she shot which strongly suggests drivers for rideshare apps -- like Uber or Lyft -- aren't properly vetted, and are committing sexual assaults at alarming rates.

There are few hard stats on the matter, but fact is ... some police departments, like Boston's, have issued warnings about such services after alleged sexual assaults. Other cities, like Austin, have flat-out banned Uber and Lyft for refusing to submit drivers for fingerprints.

Reps for both companies insist all their drivers go through background checks. Lyft's rep also said the PSA "misleads consumers about the many safety benefits of ridesharing."

Besides rigorous vetting of drivers ... Lyft points out its app allows passengers to share their ETA with loved ones, so they'll know where you are at all times during a ride.

21 Savage Drake & Meek Mill Are Both My Homies ... Only One Bought Me a Ferrari!

11/1/2016 10:55 AM PDT

21 Savage is rolling in style thanks to a birthday gift from Drake, but what the rapper did to earn such a baller ride is still a mystery ... and he likes it that way.

We got 21 outside an L.A. recording studio -- he pulled up in the 'rrari, so we asked if the whip was a sign he was going to sign with Drizzy's OVO label?

Savage is featured on Drake's track, "Sneakin'" ... and he's also on Meek Mill's "Offended" -- so maybe he's the chosen one ... the one who finally can squash the endless beef.

We wouldn't bet a Ferrari on it, based on 21's response. 


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