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Gilbert Arenas

Smashes Car With Cinder Block

To Get Revenge On Baby Mama

6/17/2015 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas took a cinder block and smashed the hell out of a Mercedes that his longtime GF Laura Govan had been driving ... and he claims the whole thing was revenge for Laura ruining his Netflix account. 

Sources connected to the situation tell us the incident went down in 2014 ... when Arenas was so upset, he decided to take his anger out on the luxury vehicle in the driveway of his home. 

Gilbert says he has a perfectly good explanation -- claiming Laura had thrown his computer in his pool and smashed 34 windows at his Calabasas home.  

Gilbert says, "I don't remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved, you piece of sh*t. u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters."

Arenas added, "here's my comment: I LIKE NETFLIX... speaking of Netflix has anybody seen #Champs with Tysons holyfield and Hopkins???"

Tyga & Kylie Jenner

Pulled Over

By the Happiest Cop on Earth

6/17/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_tyga_Pulled_over_TMZ_WMTyga got pulled over as he was taking his underage girlfriend Kylie Jenner to Disneyland, and the cops first question, "What's the rush?"

A CHP officer clocked Tyga going 82 on the freeway -- that's 17 MPH over the speed limit.   

The cop cut Tyga a big break, letting him off with a warning. But it wasn't all good news. Tyga got 2 citations ... one for tinted windows and the second for driving without plates. Both are fix-it tickets.

In their defense, they were rushing to the theme park to spend a day celebrating 2-year-old North West's birthday. Definitely certifiable.


The Rock

Jewish Folk Singer Gave Me a Deal ...

After I Smashed His Ride

6/15/2015 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0615-the-rock-accident-instagram-01Dwayne Johnson picked the perfect car to crash into on his way to work -- 'cause the owner believes in instant karma ... and refuses to take a cent from the movie star. 

The Rock copped to the accidental side-swipe in Massachusetts -- and we spoke to the victim ... who happens to a be a Jewish folk singer.

Audie Bridges told us he was more "mazel tov" than "oy vey" ... once he spotted The Rock checking out the damage. He says they chatted before exchanging info, and snapped a pic so Audie could brag to his friends. 

A few days later, he says Dwayne hit him up to see what the damage was ... but Audie told him he wasn't charging him since he did all the repairs himself. Plus, he thinks it's good karma.

Ahhh ... if I were a rich man.

Boxer Andre Berto

Floyd Flosses Too Hard

You Don't Need Those Cars, Bro

6/15/2015 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather is being called out for being TOO FLASHY ... but the hilarious part -- the guy calling him out was driving a Rolls Royce at the time. 

2-time welterweight champ Andre Berto was cruisin' around L.A. this weekend when we brought up Mayweather -- who's selling his ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo for $3.8 MILLION

"He got too many of 'em anyway," Berto said ... noting that he doesn't need to resort to that "extra s**t" that Floyd does to get attention.

... while sitting in the driver's seat of his $300k Rolls Royce. 

Ray J

Corvette Smashed at Dog Party!!

6/15/2015 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J made one hell of an entrance to his $30k dog party -- just as he pulled up, his friend's beautiful Corvette Stingray got smashed by an SUV ... and the video is hysterical and painful at the same time.

Check it out ... Ray J arrived in his Ferrari and his homie pulled up behind him in the 'Vette, and then came the big BANG -- the driver's door ... of the $80,000 machine ... was almost torn off by the passing SUV!

Warning: If you love sports cars, this might make you cry. On the other hand ... Ray J mugging with the tow truck driver as he removes the Corvette will make you laugh.

All this before Boogotti or one of his pals could even crap on the red carpet.

MC Supreme

Killed in PCH Accident ...

Same Spot as Jenner Crash

6/15/2015 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

crash-on-pch-splash-02'90s rapper MC Supreme was killed on the exact same stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway ... where Caitlyn Jenner had her fatal accident.

Supreme ... who's biggest hit was "Black in America" ... was sitting in a parked car on the shoulder of the highway early Saturday, overlooking the ocean in Malibu -- when an alleged drunk driver slammed into his car.

The rapper -- real name Dewayne Coleman -- was pronounced dead on the scene, while a female passenger in his car was taken to the hospital.

The tragedy comes 4 months after Jenner's crash. There's nothing particularly dangerous about that section of the road (nothing like Dead Man's Curve on Sunset) -- other than drivers getting distracted by the ocean views. 

Floyd Mayweather

I'm Selling My Ferrari Enzo

... For $3.8 MIL!

6/12/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_floyd_mayweather_ferrari_enzo_launch_2Floyd Mayweather is about to make even MORE money this year -- 'cause TMZ Sports has learned he's selling his ultra-rare Ferrari Enzo super car ... FOR $3.8 MILLION!!!

Mayweather only bought the car in January for $3.2 mil ... but after putting 194 miles on the whip, he decided it was time to swap it out for a brand new ride.

BTW -- the car's previous owner is the Shiekh of Abu Dhabi. 

We spoke with Floyd's exotic car dealer, Obi Okeke -- owner of Fusion Luxury Motors in L.A. -- who tells us Mayweather made it clear he wants to move fast on the deal and wants to use the profits to buy TWO other insane vehicles. 

Okeke says he's been sworn to secrecy about the other cars until Floyd takes possession of them -- but says, "They're extremely expensive and will shock everyone."

It's good to be rich. 

Danny Trejo

Some Old Lady

Crashed Into Me!

6/9/2015 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609-danny-trejo-car-accident-TMZ-01Danny Trejo emerged unscathed from a gnarly looking car crash Tuesday afternoon -- and he's blaming a little old lady for causing the wreck.   

Trejo tells TMZ he was driving in Chatsworth, just north of L.A., when a woman (he's guessing around 70 years old) made an illegal left turn in front of him. DT's sweet ride -- a Caddy El Dorado -- crashed into her car, and she ended up getting the worst of it.  

Trejo, who is 71-years-old himself ... says there's little damage to his car, but hers got torn up. More importantly to the "Machete Kills" star ... he says no one was injured, they exchanged info, and went about their way. 

Trejo was in such good spirits after the crash, he posed with paramedics and police. 



Kellan Lutz

Ultimate Prom Date ...

But No Prom King

6/8/2015 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608-kellan-lutz-akmgsiKellan Lutz is a giver ... and he gave one high school senior the "best night of her life" after he took her to prom over the weekend in New Jersey.

Lutz, 30, went all out. He picked up 18-year-old Brianna Siciliano in a Bentley, strapped on a boutonniere and even posed for those token awkward prom pics before heading over to the Monroe Township High School prom.  

The two reportedly struck up a friendship after Siciliano reached out to Kellan on social media because she was being bullied at school. Recently, her friends launched a social media campaign to get the "Bullseye" host to be her prom date.

It all worked out, since Kellan was in NY shooting a movie. 

They didn’t win prom king and queen, but looks like they had a blast. As for the almost 15 year age gap -- typical Hollywood couple.



Ronda Rousey

Signed Crappy Broken Car

... Gets $20k At Auction!!!

6/8/2015 7:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0605_ronda_rousey_car_launchRonda Rousey might be the greatest car salesperson EVER ... because she just sold her broken, beat up, dirty Honda Accord for roughly 4 TIMES it's actual value!!! 

The UFC superstar (along with her sponsor Armbar Nation) was auctioning off her '05 Accord on eBay -- a car that has a broken transmission, 156,000 miles and is filled with a bunch of Ronda's old crap. 

It also features a personal signed note from Ronda, thanking the car for its loyal service as she fought her way to the top of the fight game. 

The professionals say the car SHOULD be worth between $4k and $5k ... but it just sold to the highest bidder ... for $21,300!!!!

Ronda tells TMZ Sports, "I'll miss the worn in feeling you get from like a favorite pair of jeans or shoes you've had for years that molded to you perfectly."

So far, the identity of the buyer has not been revealed -- but Rousey has made it very clear, she hopes the new owner isn't just some crazy wack job


Dwight Howard

I'm No Longer Superman

... Call Me 'The Flash!'

6/7/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dwight Howard is putting his Superman alter ego on ice for a while and re-emerging as ANOTHER comic book bad ass, THE FLASH ... and he's starting the re-branding process with a new car. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Houston Rockets star has commissioned some heavy duty Flash-themed work on his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with the guys at 713 Motoring in Houston. 

We spoke with the owner, Ash, who tells us D12 has always been known to "superhero" his cars and usually went with a Superman theme.

"But when he came to the Rockets, he wanted a change ... he said he no longer wanted to be called Superman, he is now Flash out here in Houston."

Ash says the project will run around $65k -- and included everything from a custom paint job ... to a pimped out steering wheel ... and custom Flash logos on the wheels, hood, seats and gas cap. 

But the highlight ... Ash installed a custom lighting system which shines a Flash logo on the ground when Dwight opens a door. Pretty cool stuff. 

The Game

Jeep For Me ...

Surprise Jeep For You!!

6/7/2015 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The Game surprised his personal assistant LoLo with the ultimate birthday gift – a brand spanking new whip ... and her reaction takes the cake.

We're told the rapper shelled out $200k on two customized 2015 Jeep Wranglers ... souped up by R.D. Whittington at Scottsdale Sports Car Group. Game kept a red whip for himself, and gave his wingwoman a fully-loaded white one.

If the price sounds steep ... consider these upgrades: 22" monster tires, 50" LED light bars, and of course ... custom leather seats and interior.

As Game puts it ... hard work and loyalty should pay off.

No, he's not hiring -- but you definitely want him to know when it's your birthday. 



Rob Gronkowski

Gronks His Way

Out of Party Bus Tow Job

6/2/2015 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Two Boston tow truck operators didn't want to go down as the guys who hauled off Rob Gronkowski's party bus, so they let him off the hook ... and the Gronk couldn't have been happier.

Matthew from Todisco Towing tells TMZ Sports he was called to Howl at the Moon in Boston early Sunday morning to haul off a bus that was parked illegally in a private lot.

Despite the bus being adorned with a Body Armor logo (which Rob endorses) and his #87 ... Matthew claims he had no idea he was about to tow Gronk's ride.

Once the bus was up on the truck and ready to go, Matthew says several patrons began asking him, "Don't you know whose bus that is?"


Then, someone from Rob's entourage came out and promised to move it ... and Matthew decided, "I didn’t want to find out what the end result would be if I had towed the truck. You know Pats fans wouldn’t have that."

So Matthew let the truck down and that's when Gronk emerged -- super thankful for the reprieve -- and posed for a few pics.

Matthew was quick to tell us ... Gronk never asked anyone to stop or offered any kind of favor. Everyone involved was just acting out of the kindness of their hearts.

Not everyone was so lucky ... a few other cars did get towed that night.

Pays to be Gronk.

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