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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 'Royal Love Story' Stars Go to Work ... Nailed It?

2/14/2018 4:04 PM PST

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have touched down in Canada to start production on a new Lifetime movie about their love affair -- or at least the actors playing them have.

The actors playing the couple in "Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story" were spotted Wednesday in downtown Vancouver, where they're shooting the film -- and ya gotta compare 'em to the real deal.

Parisa Fitz-Henley seems to be getting a green light on social media for her resemblance to Meghan. Murray Fraser, on the other hand, might not be getting double takes for the right reason. Good looking guy and all, but he's no Prince of Wales.

The movie's about the story of how Harry and Meghan fell for each other ... way back in 2016. 'Memba that?

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Plaid & Little Ponies In Scotland

2/13/2018 8:00 AM PST

Megan Markle is fitting in across the pond right down to her plaid when it comes to accompanying Prince Harry on royal duty.

The couple's in Edinburgh, Scotland Tuesday and shook hands with locals after being greeted by the Royal Regiment of Scotland's mascot, Cruachan. Cruachan's a Shetland pony and comes with its own handler, Pony Major Mark Wilkinson. 

They didn't engage with the tiny horse long before making small talk with folks outside Edinburgh Castle who showered Meghan with gifts and waved flags with the couple's mug on them.

Then again, it's never fun when someone shows up wearing the same thing.

Prince William & Kate Middleton W.T.H-E-Double Bandy Sticks ... Are You Two Playing??

1/30/2018 7:44 AM PST

Prince William and Kate Middleton slapped around some balls on the ice this week -- but don't call what they're doing hockey ... 'cause it ain't quite that.

The Prince and the Duchess of Cambridge were seen getting their bandy on Tuesday in Sweden, where they were on a Royal visit from the UK. While there, they were seen hanging with Stockholm team Hammarby IF and trying out the sport first-hand.

It's basically a European version of American hockey -- except they use balls instead of pucks ... apparently with the same slapshot techniques, though.

Kate and Will looked like pros out there ... and looked even better handing out hot chocolate to everyone, too.

Meghan Markle Wanted to Be Willy Wonka Before a Royal Princess

1/27/2018 12:50 AM PST

Meghan Markle's on her way to joining the Royal Family, but before that, she had her sights set on becoming queen ... of the lollipop biz.

According to docs obtained by TMZ ... Meghan and a friend filed trademark paperwork back in 2012 for the term "Lali" -- with the apparent intention of selling their own line of lollipops and drops.

It evidently never panned out, because a little more than 2 years later they abandoned their trademark application ... and haven't filed anything since.

Good news for Markle, though -- if she ever wants to revive the "Lali" pops ... Royal protocol won't get in her way.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wales of a Time!!!

1/18/2018 9:18 AM PST

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were late, but worth the wait for their first official visit to Wales.

The royal couple arrived at the iconic Cardiff Castle Thursday in the capital city of Wales, a pretty personal visit, of course -- he was born to the Prince and Princess of Wales. The overflowing crowd was all smiles when Harry and Meghan stepped out to greet their subjects.

Afterward, H&M headed inside the castle and joined a festival to celebrate Welsh culture.

It's the couple's third public appearance since announcing their engagement back in November. 

Queen Elizabeth Heavy Is My Crown!!! Roughs Up Family Jewels

1/15/2018 7:13 AM PST

Turns out Queen Elizabeth ain't so down with her crown, after all.

QE2 caused a bit of an uproar in the U.K. during her first sit-down interview with the BBC ... because she damn near bounced her crown. You gotta see her attempt to lift the crown, only to quickly drop it, saying ... "It weighs a ton."

The Queen makes it seem like she hasn't seen her crown in years and, in fact, couldn't tell the front from the back. Can ya blame HRH?

Family jewels can be confusing ... and heavy. 

Prince William Quick! Pass The Royal Scalpel!

1/10/2018 11:30 AM PST

No, you're not watching an episode of "Royal ER" starring Prince William ... dude actually scrubbed up and joined surgeons in the operating room of a cancer hospital in London.

The future King of England sat in on a robotic surgery at Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea. The hospital was one of the first in London to use the technology on cancerous tumors, and since Wills followed in his late mom footsteps as the president of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, he got to see the bot firsthand Wednesday at work.

Warning, some of the pics of the surgery are graphic, but Wills handled it like a pro.

Meghan Markle Bro's Fiancee Arrested For Alleged NYE Assault

1/5/2018 5:46 PM PST

Meghan Markle's not the only one in her family planning a wedding -- but her half-brother's might be on hold after his fiancee got busted for assaulting him.

Darlene Blount was arrested in Oregon Sunday night -- just before midnight, actually -- after what cops describe as a booze-fueled altercation. Blount was booked for 4th degree assault about 4 hours into 2018. Happy new year!

Darlene is engaged to Thomas Markle, Meghan's half-brother. They have the same father, but don't appear to be close anymore. Thomas told the Daily Mail -- which first reported the arrest -- he hasn't seen Meghan since 2011 when she moved to take her role in "Suits."

We're guessing this probably hurts Thomas and Darlene's shot at a royal wedding invitation. Just a guess.  

Meghan Markle She Can Still Have a Side Hustle

1/3/2018 9:44 AM PST

Meghan Markle has nothing standing in her way if she ever wants to start a beauty line once she joins the royal family.

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Markle was partnering up with Victoria Beckham on a bio-botox line, but we're told they're completely untrue. 

Palace sources tell us Meghan's future royal status won't prevent her from diving into her own business once she's married to Prince Harry. There are no U.K. laws that prohibit a member of the royal family from having a side hustle. All she has to do is follow the same rules as the normies, and she's good to go.

And, we're told, Royal protocol does not prohibit business ventures by someone in Markle's position. The Countess of Wessex, who married Prince Edward, ran a PR company after becoming a royal fam member. 

Meghan had run her own lifestyle blog, The Tig, but shut it down after 3 years.

Viral Royal Photo Taken By Single Mom Already Raking In Thousands

12/28/2017 1:24 PM PST

The Christmas snapshot of the Royal Fab Four seen 'round the world -- taken by a single mother -- has already generated thousands of dollars ... and there's more to come.

TMZ has learned the photo taken by Karen Anvil -- a less-than-amateur photog -- has already raked in about 5,000 pounds in the U.K. from licensing. That's about $6,700 in USD.

We're told that money is just from one of eight territories the photo's being circulated in so far -- the figures for the other territories, which includes the U.S., haven't been fully calculated yet. However, we're told Karen is in for a "very happy New Year."

As for Karen ... she tells us she plans to use part of that dough to pay for her daughter's college tuition -- as well as to pay for a U.S. trip for the kid's 18th birthday.

Her story is fascinating. Karen took the photo of Meghan, Harry, Kate and William using her iPhone SE, and wasn't planning on charging for it 'til she learned she could pick up some extra bones.

Scottie Pippen Obama's Right ... 'I Pick MJ Over LeBron, Too!'

12/28/2017 6:02 AM PST

Scottie Pippen has President Obama's back when it comes to basketball -- saying #44 is absolutely RIGHT picking Michael Jordan over LeBron James

Remember, Obama went with MJ over LBJ during a rapid fire question session with Prince Harry -- saying he "loves" LeBron ... but ultimately he's gotta go with His Airness. 

Pippen agrees ... and referred us back to a recent interview where he told us HE'S better than LeBron too!

"LeBron ain't better than me until he gets 6 titles."


Prince Harry Grills Obama Aretha vs. Tina, LeBron vs. Jordan

12/27/2017 6:15 AM PST

Prince Harry did what American journalists have been itching to do for a year ... interview President Barack Obama post presidency.

Harry was guest hosting the "Today" radio show Wednesday and played his interview with Obama, part of which was a lightning round of pretty funny questions, including ...

-- Boxers or briefs

-- LeBron or Jordan

-- Aretha or Tina

-- Kim or Khloe (this one's interesting)

-- Harry or William

-- "Suits" or "The Good Wife"

-- The Rock or Chris Rock (again, interesting)

The interview was recorded in September during the Invictus Games when the 2 became buds.

Obama also talked about the dangers of a president hopping on social media ... he didn't mention Trump by name, but it was pretty obvious.

Harry also said his fiancee, Meghan Markle, had a great Xmas at Buckingham Palace with a family she never had.  

Gloria Allred Meghan Markle's a Royal Catch With Feminist Firepower

12/24/2017 12:50 AM PST

Add Gloria Allred to the list of people pumped for another Royal Wedding in May ... because she's a huge Meghan Markle fan.

The famed women's rights attorney tells TMZ she's stoked Prince Harry's marrying a feminist, and hopes she'll rub off on him. She says Meghan has a chance to truly change the world in her new role ... far beyond just the normal photo ops.

As for Markle's history of fighting for women's equality ... Gloria refers to a story of an 11-year-old Meghan speaking out against a sexist dish soap commercial in 1993 and writing letters to powerful women -- including Allred -- to make a difference.

And it worked. Yeah ... seems like Harry's found a good one.

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