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Mariah Carey In Your Face, Packer With My Backup Dancer!!!

10/28/2016 5:54 AM PDT

Mariah Carey showed James Packer who's boss Thursday night by chowing down with the guy who made her ex-fiance crazy.

Mariah sushied out at Nobu in Malibu with Bryan Tanaka, the backup dancer who got super flirty with her ... so much so Packer had it out with him in Mariah's dressing room and then got Tanaka banned from Caesar's Palace, where MC performs.

As we reported ... Mariah and James had a nuclear breakup ... she claims after he did something terrible to her assistant last month on a yacht in Greece.

Rob Kardashian Suspect in Criminal Threat Investigation

10/27/2016 11:04 AM PDT

1:36 PM PT -- Blac just went off on Pilot, saying the photo in question was taken over 2 years ago. Blac's adamant she never slept with Pilot and adds that the entire ordeal is a ploy to drum up hype for his new track.Rob Kardashian is under criminal investigation for allegedly threatening a man with some pretty close ties to Blac Chyna.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Rob allegedly physically threatened Pilot Jones, who's been hanging with Blac Chyna. We're told Rob threatened to do Pilot harm.

The allegations come on the heels of photos that surfaced showing Blac and Pilot making out. 

We're told Pilot is scared, partly because of a string of text messages, which include Rob telling Pilot, "Leave my wife alone. I'm not playing with you."

Our law enforcement sources say, there are other texts in which Rob generally threatens Pilot with physical harm if he doesn't stay away from Blac Chyna, although as one source says, the threat is "a little murky and general."

We've learned LAPD's Threat Management Unit is investigating. 

Rick Pitino NCAA Charges Coach In Prostitution Scandal ... Could Face Suspension

10/20/2016 7:23 AM PDT
Breaking News

The NCAA is dropping the hammer over the Louisville basketball prostitution scandal -- charging head coach Rick Pitino with failing to monitor his program ... and he could face suspension.

The NCAA launched an investigation into allegations made last year by self-proclaimed madam Katina Powell -- who said U of L staffers paid thousands of dollars for dancing and sex services from her stable of women. 

The NCAA determined Powell was telling the truth -- and claim former director of basketball operations Andre McGee paid more than $5,400 for adult entertainment and sex acts for at least 17 UL players and recruits from 2010 to 2014. 

McGee was hit with 2 charges -- including arranging the entertainment and failing to cooperate with the NCAA investigation, both considered "severe" breaches of conduct. 

As for Pitino -- he was charged with failure to frequently spot-check the program -- including looking for red flags and asking pointed questions ... basically failing to monitor the program. 

Pitino's alleged violation is also considered "severe" and could result in a suspension. 

A 3rd basketball staffer was also charged with failure to cooperate. 

The University is backing Pitino -- claiming it believes McGee acted alone and no other school official had knowledge of his actions. 

Monica Lewinsky Not Part of the Donald Trump Convo

10/14/2016 8:20 AM PDT

Donald Trump dragged her into the current presidential campaign, but Monica Lewinsky is NOT happy about being back in the political spotlight.

Monica was at LAX Friday morning, and with Trump fighting off sexual misconduct allegations -- and also raising old Bill Clinton allegations -- she's suddenly relevant again.

The photog asked the ex-White House intern if she thinks Trump is "fit to be President?"

Watch how she reacts, and think about this: Who WOULD you vote for, if you were Monica Lewinsky?? 

Anyway, she had more important concerns this morning. Monica tweeted she was upset about not having makeup on when the pap spotted her.

Billy Bush NBC Bosses Had No Problem with 'Guy Talk' ... 'Til Friday

10/12/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Billy Bush has been all but fired by NBC for his part in the "Access Hollywood" Donald Trump outtakes, but his bosses had no problem with Billy's offhanded remarks about women ... for years.

Sources connected to "Access Hollywood" tell us, Billy and others would talk openly in the newsroom about women ... and some of it's even on tape. We're told some of the comments -- "Man, you look hot today," "Look at her legs," and "Man, she looks hot today!"

Billy was particularly impressed with Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift's legs. He also, somewhat infamously, asked J Lo point-blank about her butt ... although that comment was at least on camera.

The point is ... we're told no one complained, and Billy wasn't the only one making those kinds of remarks.

What's more ... we're told a number of people knew about the Trump/Bush conversation when it went down in 2005, and again ... no one complained.

We're told Bush is upset because he feels like a scapegoat ... no one at NBC had a problem with him until the footage leaked, and when NBC had a PR problem they just cut him loose.

Donald Trump Gloria Allred Demands MGM Release 'Apprentice' Tapes

10/11/2016 3:44 PM PDT
Breaking News

Gloria Allred is on a mission to get MGM TV Pres. Mark Burnett to release "The Apprentice" tapes -- which purportedly show more offensive comments from Donald Trump -- and she took her demands right to MGM's front door.

Allred and several other feminist leaders read their demands to Burnett Tuesday afternoon outside the studio's Bev Hills offices. She says she's been inundated with calls from women who claim they witnessed way more "locker room talk" on 'Apprentice' sets than what came out on the "Access Hollywood" tape with Billy Bush.

As we first reported ... MGM has said it can't legally release the footage due to confidentiality agreements -- but Allred says she wants to meet with MGM's attorneys face-to-face to discuss the legal restrictions.

Allred and co.'s argument is this -- whatever Trump said while shooting "The Apprentice" is relevant to whether he's fit to lead the nation.

Donald Trump 'Access' Staffer Wanted Tape Out Before Debate

10/11/2016 3:03 PM PDT

"Access Hollywood" was locked and loaded to run the now-famous Donald Trump/Billy Bush outtakes last Friday ... but show honchos made a decision to delay it because of Hurricane Matthew, which pissed off a staffer who leaked the tape to The Washington Post ... sources connected with NBC tell TMZ. 

We're told the bosses at 'Access' decided the Trump story could get buried if it ran Friday, when the hurricane seemed most ominous. But members of the staff were upset because they wanted the piece to run before Sunday's debate, and Monday was too late for them. 

After the decision was made to wait, someone leaked it to The Washington Post.


Russell Peters Billy Bush Got Screwed Over Trump Video

10/11/2016 7:06 AM PDT

Comedian Russell Peters thinks Billy Bush is getting a raw deal over the "Access Hollywood" fiasco.

Peters was leaving Catch in WeHo Monday night when he made his case for Billy, who has all but been fired from "Today." 

Peters thinks Bush was just doing his job.

Chris Brown Accuser Stripped of Beauty Queen Crown Over Nude Photos

8/31/2016 6:28 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

The woman who got Chris Brown arrested Tuesday got stripped of her beauty pageant crown in part because of nude photos that surfaced, and pageant officials say she lied and said it wasn't her.

Baylee Curran, the woman claiming Chris pulled a gun on her, was crowned Miss California Regional 2016, but 2 months later pageant officials were fed up with her and dethroned her.

An official tells TMZ, shortly after she won the title someone sent nude photos to the pageant director, who confronted Baylee, saying, "This is not what the pageant stands for." We're told Baylee insisted it was not her in the photos.

The director told her she'd give her another chance, but we're told Baylee repeatedly screwed up and deceived them. She would fail to show for community functions ... while photographers were tagging photos of her frolicking on a boat. She was also MIA for events ... choosing various photo shoots instead.

The director had enough 2 months into her reign, and told Baylee she was stripping her of her crown, but Baylee shot back, "You're the director. You can make or bend the rules. I'm keeping the crown and we can move on."

She still hasn't returned the crown. 

Larry, Shawn King Cheating Rumors ... Just Rumors

8/25/2016 2:30 PM PDT

Larry and Shawn King just shot a segment for Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" and they sat side by side -- at times even touching -- and scoffed at reports she cheated on him.

Larry and Shawn sat down with Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos and didn't exactly shoot down the stories, but still labeled them as "rumors."

Then they got in bed together.

The show airs Friday at 10 AM ET.

Usain Bolt Gold Medal Grinding ... But That Ain't Your GF!

8/22/2016 7:46 AM PDT

Usain Bolt might have some 'splainin' to do ... 'cause the Jamaican track god was grinding all over some chick at a Brazilian nightclub this weekend ... a chick who ain't his GF.  

Bolt hit up the All In nightclub in Rio to celebrate his 30th birthday -- and went full crotch to ass with his female dance partner in front of a packed crowd ... while Rihanna's "Work" played in the background. 

As we previously reported, Bolt's been dating Jamaican fashionista Kasi Bennett -- but she was nowhere to be seen at the club. 

We've reached out to Usain's camp for comment -- stay tuned. 

U.S. Olympic Committee All 4 Swimmers LIED to Us

8/19/2016 7:37 AM PDT

Ryan Lochte was not the only swimmer who lied to the U.S. Olympic Committee about the so-called "robbery." TMZ has learned all 4 of them told the same false tale.

An official from the USOC tells us the Committee interviewed Lochte as well as Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger Sunday and all 4 told the exact same lie -- that  they were in a cab when robbers posing as armed cops stopped their cab and demanded cash.

We're also told the 4 swimmers were interviewed individually, so they had clearly gone over their story beforehand.

TMZ reported Sunday ... an IOC official told us when they issued the initial denial of the incident occurred they were relying on the USOC, but the USOC official says they did indeed interview the 4 swimmers Sunday and they all told the story Lochte ended up telling on TV.

The USOC official says they are reviewing all the facts and will then determine what, if anything, to impose. 

Ryan Lochte I'm Sorry

8/19/2016 7:12 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ryan Lochte is finally doing a mea culpa for the lie he told on NBC that's become an international incident ... but he kind of doubled down on the version of events he told cops.

Lochte just posted ... "I want to apologize for my behavior last weekend -- for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the Olympics. I waited to share these thoughts until it was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates would be arriving home safely."

Lochte continues ... "It's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country - with a language barrier - and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave, but regardless of the behavior of anyone else that night, I should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself and for that I am sorry to my teammates, my fans, my fellow competitors, my sponsors, and the hosts of this great event." 

He goes on to say he's proud to rep the USA in Olympic competition and this was a situation that could and should have been avoided.

He adds, "I accept responsibility for my role in this happening and have learned some valuable lessons. I am grateful for my USA Swimming teammates and the USOC, and appreciate all of the efforts of the IOC, the Rio '16 Host Committee, and the people of Brazil who welcomed us to Rio and worked so hard to make sure that these Olympic Games provided a lifetime of great new memories."

"There has already been too much said and too many valuable resources dedicated to what happened last weekend, so I hope we spend our time celebrating the great stories and performances of these Games and look ahead to celebrating future successes."

The statement is clearly crafted to thwart police efforts to have Lochte prosecuted. The biggest problem the swimmer faces ... going on TV, trashing the city by claiming armed men posed as cops robbed him as he was innocently taking a cab back to the Village. 

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