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Johnny Depp's Ex-Wife He Isn't A Woman Beater

5/28/2016 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-johnny-depp-lori-anne-allison-TMZ-REXUSA-01Johnny Depp would never lay a hand on a woman and isn't capable of hurting anyone ... so says Johnny's first wife, Lori Anne Allison.

Lori, who was married to Johnny from 1983 to 1985, tells friends she doesn't believe Amber Heard's claim that Johnny brutalized her multiple times during their short marriage.

Lori's saying Johnny never got physical with her during their relationship ... he never even screamed.

She calls him a "soft person" who is even kind to animals. Lori and Johnny had a dog during their marriage and he was more loving with the pooch than most parents are to their kids. 

Lori and Johnny are still friends and spoke as recently as last week when she called to offer her condolences over his mother's death.

TMZ broke the story ... Amber claims Johnny went on a violent tirade while high and drunk last weekend and smashed an iPhone on her face.

Mark Salling Indicted for Child Porn

5/27/2016 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527-mark-salling-tmzMark Salling has been indicted for possessing child pornography.

A federal grand jury indicted the "Glee" star on 2 counts of child porn. Salling's laptop was seized last year, and allegedly contained thousands of images and videos of child porn. One count involves a flash drive which allegedly contained images involving a prepubescent minor and a minor under 12.

U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker says, "Young victims are harmed every time an image is generated, every time it is distributed and every time it is viewed."

If convicted of receiving child porn, Salling faces a minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years in prison. On the charge of possessing child porn, he could receive 20 years.

Crime Watch Daily first reported the indictment was being prepared.


Apolo Ohno Jared Fogle Scandal Was 'Rough' ... For Subway Brand

3/13/2016 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Olympic champion -- and Subway spokesperson -- Apolo Ohno says Jared Fogle's child pornography scandal definitely rocked the company to its core ... and made it tough for the athletes.

Ohno was at LAX when we asked about the whole terrible ordeal ... and what it was like being down with the company when its face was in the middle of such a disgusting story.

Subway employs a ton of athletes as spokespeople ... and Apolo kept it all the way real about what the scandal did to them ... saying it was definitely a 'tough time' for the company.

Check out the clip.

Roy Halladay I NEVER Cheated ... Roger Clemens Can't Say That

1/7/2016 12:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_Roy-Halladay_Roger-Clemens-blue-jays-gettRoy Halladay is firing back at his hero-turned-nemesis, Roger Clemens ... telling TMZ Sports he wasn't a cheater, and Clemens is just trying to deflect.

The former Blue Jays teammates started warring because Halladay tweeted "No Clemens no Bonds" -- due to their alleged steroid use -- the night before the latest Hall of Fame inductees were announced.

Clemens responded by accusing Halladay of "using amphetamines" when they were in Toronto. Roy flatly denies it, and points out Roger is the only person to ever accuse him of using illegal drugs. 

“I grew up a huge Clemens fan. Getting to play with him, he became a role model. When I heard that he had cheated, it was like finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real all over again to me.”

As for Clemens attacking him, Halladay says, "I let my reputation and the truth speak for itself. It’s the greatest feeling to say you did it the right way.”

Tyga Relentlessly Texted 14-Yr-Old ... Gloria Allred Claims

1/4/2016 1:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred says her 14-year-old client has been forced to reveal her identity after Tyga repeatedly contacted her, and then OK! ran a story about it, claiming Kylie Jenner busted him.

Allred held a news conference in NYC with the teenager, a model named Molly O'Malia ... who claims Tyga initiated the convo with her, and not the other way around.

Allred launched an attack against OK! because she says the magazine poorly pixelated Molly's image. She says people figured out it was Molly, and have been hounding her about allegedly coming between Kylie and Tyga.

Molly, who's also an aspiring singer, claims Tyga reached out to her ... first through Instagram ... and she only responded because she thought it was about her music. She says she got skeeved out though when he allegedly asked to FaceTime. 

Allred says the magazine's claim the two were "hooking up" is not true and what's more, portrays Molly "in a completely false light" -- and exploited a minor. Despite that ... there was no talk of a lawsuit.

Tyga's reps didn't have a comment.


Gavin Rossdale 'Suspicious' Over Gwen/Blake Relationship

11/7/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gavin Rossdale is "suspicious" over estranged wife Gwen Stefani's story that she just became an item with Blake Shelton ... our sources say he just doesn't buy it.

Sources close to Gavin tell us he smelled something was up between Gwen and Blake before their marriage blew up. We're told he does not believe the timing of his divorce with Gwen and Blake's divorce with Miranda Lambert is coincidental. 

We're told Gavin believes Gwen was painting him as a bad guy for cover ... he thinks she was worried he'd take her to the cleaners if he found out she had already hooked up with Blake.

1107-gavin-rossdale-ffn-01And our sources say Gavin's gripes go beyond Blake. He can't believe she's calling him a control freak, because she demanded he NOT go on tour out of paranoia he'd cheat on her. He says she browbeat him into staying home, which greatly impeded his ability to make money. As one source said, "She just didn't let him work." 

And finally, we're told he's indignant she recorded a "woe is me" song, "Used to Love You," in which she cries, "Nobody taught you how to love." We're told Gavin's scoffing at the lyrics, saying he was good enough for her for a long time.  

0807_gaving_gwen_split_footer Sued Where the Real Chicks At?

11/2/2015 12:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1030-ashley-madison-lawsuit-fun-art-02 was selling horny guys on extramarital affairs with phantom women ... so claims a disgruntled guy in a new lawsuit.

David Poyet claims he was lured to the site partly because it boasted a female roster 5.5 million strong ... a full 30% of its users.

But Poyet says the hacking scandal in July unearthed a shocking revelation ... women only populated 15% of the site. 

It gets worse ... the suit alleges there may have only been 12,000 real women on the site ... so the site was just a bunch of dudes trying to hook up with an impossibly small group of chicks.

The man wants to make it a class action lawsuit for unfair and fraudulent business practices and wants more than $5 million. Good luck getting other guys to sign up.

Terrence Williams I NEVER Bought Sex At Louisville ... 'Cause I Didn't Need To

10/12/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1008-terrence-williams-getty-01Ex-NBA player Terrence Williams is calling BS on allegations he had ANY involvement in the Louisville sex scandal ... saying he never had to pay for lovin' in college ... 'cause he was the biggest star there.

Williams -- who now plays overseas -- was at Louisville from '05-'09 and tells TMZ Sports he's furious his name was mentioned in the book "Breaking Cardinal Rules."

The book alleges Terrence ... then a star for the Cardinals ... paid $500 dollars for a sexual escapade with two women -- an assertion which Williams AGGRESSIVELY denies.

"I am not a part of that. To Louisville I am f**king Elvis Presley. So why would I pay anybody for anything?"

"Motherf**kers pay me for pictures and handshakes. And that's not being cocky, 'cause I don't play around with my blessing. I'm very honored to be in that position in Louisville. Louisville is the greatest city, the fans are great, Rick Pitino is great."

He's not finished ... Williams says Katina Powell -- the woman behind the book -- is nothing more than a thirsty, money hungry liar looking for a pay day.

"Nobody's gonna pay attention to a b*tch searching for money. So you make up stuff, and you put out all these allegations. If my name's on anything, provide proof."

"At the end of the day when the smoke clears, she's going to go to jail. You need to be put under the f**king jail. You need to be put in a black f**king hole in Langley."

Terrence says he's got a team of lawyers evaluating his legal options -- and says he's also furious that his former coach Rick Pitino and his close friend Andre McGee are being dragged through the mud

"Andre's the most kind hearted person ever. And Rick Pitino, he's Rick Pitino! A Hall of Famer, a legend ... he don't need to buy any kid p*ssy to get him to commit to the University of Louisville. It's a privilege to play there."

Columbus Short's New GF He Doesn't Scare Me ... I Am His Queen!

10/17/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Columbus Short New Girlfriend
Columbus Short has a new lady in his life who says she doesn't give a damn about his violent past -- and she's not scared because with her ... he's totally submissive.

Columbus's new GF Rashida Russel says they met while he was in Barbados, and the romance continued once they got back to the States (where he was wanted, by the way).

Short is still not divorced from the estranged wife he allegedly threatened to kill -- but his new lady says he's never been abusive, and adds ... "He treats me like a queen!"

He even moved her from NY to ATL where he now lives.

Russell says she's helping to keep Columbus focused while he works on recording music ... by remembering all of his calendar appointments and appearances. Sounds more like an assistant, but hey ... whatever works. 


Columbus Short Throwing 'Scandal' Premiere Party Come Watch Me Die

9/25/2014 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Columbus Short's got balls -- gotta give him that -- after being publicly AXED from "Scandal" because of his legal troubles -- he's throwing a big party Thursday night to celebrate the show's season premiere.

Short's hosting the bash at an Atlanta club ... where he also plans to debut the single from his self-titled album ... and get this -- the song's called "Gladiator."

Remember ... at the end of last season Short's character, Harrison had a gun pointed to his head and a gunshot was heard. Fade to black.

Then -- a few days later -- Short pretty much wrote his own ending after he was arrested for domestic violence ... and he was 86'd from the show.  

We're told ... Columbus and "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes are still tight -- even though she fired him -- and he still wants to support the show ... which is why he's hosting the shindig.

Consider it handled.

Kerry Washington Hiding in Plain Sight With Baby & Husband

9/24/2014 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kerry Washington was spotted out in NYC with her new baby, which would have been shocking enough, but then -- a true unicorn! Her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha was also there ... WITH her ... IN PUBLIC!!

Now, if we could just figure out why he was totally incognito. Smells like President Fitz is in the middle of this mystery ... is what every "Scandal" fanatic is thinking. 

Kerry Washington Rare Appearance with Baby ... And Ex-NFL Star Hubby

9/24/2014 9:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's something you never see ... Kerry Washington -- out in public -- WITH HER HUSBAND (her real-life husband, not Tony Goldwyn). 

Kerry and former NFL superstar Nnamdi Asomugha were spotted leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel in NYC last night -- right after a nanny rushed their baby Isabelle into a waiting SUV. 

The couple made sure to keep the baby's face covered -- just as they have since she was born back in April. 

So far, one of the few people to reportedly have seen the baby's face is The President (the real-life president, not Tony Goldwyn).

Columbus Short Sorry Judge, But Skipping Court for Barbados Was The Best!!

9/18/2014 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the mind of Columbus Short, blowing off a court date in his domestic violence case for a trip to Barbados is "the best thing" he's ever done -- though his bar might be set pretty low. 

As TMZ first reported, Short was arrested last month after he royally pissed off the judge in his domestic violence case by skipping a hearing to hang out in the Caribbean instead.

Stupid, right? Not to Columbus -- watch him justify the trip, and brazenly claim he STILL deserves a break in the case. 

Is there a word for chutzpah in Barbados?

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