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Richard Sherman

Plays Second Fiddle ...

To Insane Street Violinist

3/6/2015 7:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman was stopped dead in his tracks in Vegas this week ... all thanks to a crazy talented street violinist in Vegas. 

Sherman and ex-teammate Brandon Browner were strollin' down the Vegas strip when they came across Tony B ... a 23-year-old pro violinist who was jammin' out in the middle of the day to make some extra cash. 

The NFL stars were so impressed, they stopped and hung out for a while ... with Sherman even recording some of the sidewalk show to share on Instagram.

Vegas baby.  

Marshawn Lynch --

My Movie Sucks

... I Want It Changed

2/25/2015 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marshawn Lynch thinks the biopic about his life growing up in Oakland is TERRIBLE and is demanding wholesale changes to the project before it can be released ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

A four-minute-plus "promo" for "Family First the Marshawn Lynch Story" -- which stars Lynch as himself -- was released Tuesday and we're told Marshawn went Beast Mode when he saw it ... in a bad way.

"It was the quality, It doesn't look like some sh*t nobody would want their name attached to" ... one source close to Marshawn tells us.

We're told Marshawn thought the film (which was his idea) was going to look like a big budget Hollywood affair ... but, in his cinematic opinion, ultimately felt the sound, editing, and lighting were "not good at all." 

The news came as a shock to the film's director Mario Bobino -- who says he was blindsided by Marshawn's less-than-encouraging take on the project. 

"I've known Marshawn his whole life. All of the sudden he's mad at me and now doesn't want the film to see the light of day. I'm upset by this because he fully committed to see the project through and now he wants out," Bobino tells us. 

Mario says he met with some of Lynch's reps Wednesday and temporarily agreed to remove the clip from the Internet while he makes some changes ... but insists the movie is coming out "no matter what."

He also claims the mega rich NFL superstar's actions are hurting the other actors who appear in the movie ... including family members.

"I'm just upset and disappointed in Marshawn. Why are you afraid for the world to know who you really are? By blocking the film, it screws his mom and brother. Get out of that shell dude!"

Marshawn Lynch

Surprise Visit To Middle School

... Kids Go Crazy

2/23/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Beast Mode went Surprise Mode on a bunch of middle school kids ... when he quietly rolled up to campus to kick it with the football team -- and the students went crazy! 

It all went down at Brentwood School in L.A. -- where Marshawn Lynch's former Seattle Seahawks teammate Mike Williams is the coach for the middle school football squad. 

Mike tells us he's still tight with Lynch -- and since Marshawn happened to be in L.A., he invited the RB to come hang with the kids ... and Lynch obliged.  

"He came to campus for an hour and took pics with kids and staff and signed autographs," Williams tells us ... "That's who he is though, a guy who enjoys bringing joy to kids, and he's not fake with it."

And how'd the kids react?

"He was like a rock star to them." 


Pete Carroll

Armed and Dangerous

... In Hawaii

2/20/2015 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0220-pete-carroll-instagramTurns out ... Pete Carroll's pretty jacked. 

The Seattle Seahawks coach was flexin' the guns during an island getaway in Hawaii ... and let's get serious, the dude's physique is pretty impressive.

Especially since he's 63-years-old.

#nosuperbowljokes #thistime

[H/T Busted Coverage]

Marshawn Lynch

Powerful Speech In Oakland

Let's Stop Killing Each Other

2/20/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021915_marshawn_lynch_launch_v2He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's powerful ... so when Marshawn Lynch took the stage at a rap show in Oakland last year, he had a strong message for the crowd -- STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. 

TMZ Sports obtained footage of an emotional Lynch addressing the crowd at The New Parish in his hometown of Oakland, CA in the summer of 2014. 

Beast Mode tells the crowd he's extremely proud to "represent where I'm from on the national mother f**king stage" ... but says, "I've been losing too many of ya'll."

Marshawn is obviously referring to the fact that Oakland is consistently ranked among the most dangerous cities in the country ... and had the 2nd highest rate of violent crime in 2014. 

"We need to be here for each other," Lynch said ... who also explained why it's IMPERATIVE that the young people hear his message.   

Check out the clip -- it's a side of Lynch most people don't get to see ... but should.  

Marshawn Lynch

Chillin' with Pimpin' Silky

... Snoop's Favorite Pimp

2/19/2015 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021915_pimpin_marshawn_launchMarshawn Lynch may not like the cameras ... but his pal Pimpin' Silky can't get enough of 'em. 

Beast Mode and his posse were out in Hollywood Wednesday night -- where they took in a movie at the famous TCL Chinese Theater ... and though he didn't say a word, Silky couldn't wait to talk. 

So, who's Pimpin' Silky? He's all over Snoop's Instagram ... where he's always talkin' about pimpin' hoes and things of that sort.  

But Thursday, he broke character when we asked if Marshawn thought there was any credibility to Mike Epps' theory that Pete Carroll and the Seahawks didn't hand the ball off at the end of the Super Bowl because they didn't want Marshawn to be the MVP

Check out the clip -- and remember ... always keep it silky. 


Golden Tate

Russell Wilson Shoulda Stopped Wife-Bangin' Rumors

'It's a Bunch of Bulls**t'

2/19/2015 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Golden Tate is pissed that Russell Wilson didn't IMMEDIATELY put a stop to the rumors that he banged his former QB's wife -- telling TMZ Sports, "It's sad that he's letting it go on."

The ex-Seattle Seahawks WR (who now plays for the Lions) was out in Bev Hills Wednesday night with some friends -- and made it clear the wife-bangin' rumors are "a bunch of bulls**t." 

But it's obvious Tate holds Wilson partly responsible for letting the rumors spiral out of control in the first place. 

Of course, after the rumors began last year, the Seahawks got rid of Tate ... and Wilson and his wife announced they were breaking up

We asked Golden if he thinks Russell actually believes the rumors -- to which Golden replied, "I don't know what he believes."

Tate says the two still talk -- "we're still alright" -- and adds that he wishes the best for Wilson. 

But get this ... we also asked Golden, who had one helluva year in Detroit, if HE would've made the catch that Ricardo Lockett couldn't at the end of the Super Bowl ... guess what Tate says.

Mike Epps

Pete Carroll Screwed Marshawn Lynch

2/18/2015 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Pete Carroll deliberately called a pass play at the end of the Super Bowl to stick it to Marshawn Lynch for being a thorn in the NFL's side ... this according to Mike Epps

The comic is dead serious ... telling "Larry King Now" he believes the Seattle Seahawks organization wanted to take the ball away from Lynch at the end of the game because they didn't want him to get the glory.

"They didn't want Lynch to get the MVP. They wanted Russell Wilson to get it."

Epps also says the team didn't want to glorify Marshawn's behavior and what he represents -- "the hood."

King pushed back and questioned Mike's logic -- but Epps stood firm ... and ultimately put the blame on Pete Carroll. 

Ex-Super Bowl MVP

Calls Out Diddy

You Won't Smoke Me In Footrace!

2/18/2015 7:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021815_malcolm_smith_launchHe already burned one NFL star in a sprint, but now Diddy's being called out by an ex-Super Bowl MVP ... who says there's NO DOUBT he's faster than the rap mogul -- and he's willing to bet on it!

The man with the confidence is Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith -- who famously picked off Peyton Manning for a TD in Seattle's rout of the Denver Broncos last year. 

We told Smith about Diddy's recent victory over Tampa Bay Bucs safety Dashon Goldson in an uphill sprint ... and Malcolm told us there's ZERO CHANCE he'd be able to go 2-0. 

"I'll beat Diddy. I'm willing to bet on that," Smith says ... "I'll bet Diddy everything."

Your move, Mr. Combs. 


Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans

Super Bowl Wager ...

'Best Bet I Ever Lost'

2/17/2015 6:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021715_chris_pratt_launchChoking to the New England Patriots wasn't so bad after all ... so says Seahawks mega-fan Chris Pratt who says his Super Bowl wager with Chris Evans was the "best bet I ever lost."

Of course, Pratt agreed to visit the kids at Evans' Boston-based charity after the defeat ... dressed as Star-Lord ... while the "Captain America" actor taunted him with a Tom Brady jersey. 

The kids loved it -- and clearly, so did Chris, who told us the whole experience was "beautiful."

The clip's pretty great ... especially the part where Pratt's famous friend (an actor who's been in a bunch of stuff) jockeys for camera time on the way into a bar ... hilarious stuff. 


Russell Wilson

Yeah, I Saw 'Fifty Shades'

It Doesn't Make Me a Heathen

2/13/2015 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Russell Wilson is on the defense -- claiming he's NOT a godless infidel ... just because he saw "Fifty Shades of Grey."

The outspokenly religious Seattle Seahawks QB has been under attack on social media Friday morning ... ever since he revealed that he went to a screening of the sexually charged S&M flick on Thursday. 

Some of the comments directed at Wilson were harsh: 

-- "I'm more than a little confused, Russell. I thought you professed to be a Christian. 
-- "Really? I'm honestly not sure how you can quote bible verses all the time and then say this is a good movie..."
-- "Don't say you represent Christ, and the publicly endorse a moved filled with immorality and sexual violence."

Well, Russell heard the critics loud and clear ... and decided to respond with the following statement: 

"Saw a movie filmed in the town I call home. Provocative/disturbing no doubt but that does not make me less Faithful. Have a blessed day!" 

Then, Wilson doubled down ... saying his favorite movie of all time is "Scarface" ... the cocaine-centric gangster classic. 

"Say goodnight to the bad guy ... " 

Chris Pratt


Hey Kids, It's Star-Lord!

2/6/2015 8:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206-chris-pratt-chris-evans-facebookChris Pratt is like a Lannister ... he always pays his debts -- and today, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star dressed up as Star-Lord to make good on his Super Bowl wager with Chris Evans

You already know the bet ... Star-Lord (Seahawks fan) and Captain America (Pats fan) agreed to visit the other actor's charity in costume if their team lost the big game. 

Well, today it happened ... with Pratt -- in character -- hangin' with kids from Christopher's Haven in Boston ... an organization that helps provide housing for families with children fighting pediatric cancer.

Don't worry, Evans was there the whole time to follow Pratt around with a Tom Brady jersey. 

And the story gets better ... because Evans says he'll be visiting Pratt's charity too -- a Seattle Children's Hospital. 


Pete Carroll

I Cried Over Loss

I Thought Pass Would Work

2/5/2015 6:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Pete Carroll says he actually cried over his Super Bowl fail ... but he's still defending his decision to PASS on that infamous play from the goal line.

The Seattle Seahawks coach sat down with NBC's Matt Lauer for the "Today" show -- and spilled his guts about the play that's been hailed as the worst call in Super Bowl history. 

"I never make a call thinking it's gonna go bad," Carroll said ... "This was properly planned. It just didn't turn out well."

As for the tears, Carroll says he was hit with a wave of emotion around 4:05 AM the next day ... and just let the waterworks go.   

When Lauer asked if the play was the worst call ever ... Carroll replied, "It was the worst result of a call ever. The call woulda been a great one if we caught it."

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