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Enrique & Anna Meet Our Twins!!! Answer Key Not Included

1/16/2018 10:07 AM PST

Enrique Iglesias is giving the world a first glance at one of the twins he and Anna Kournikova kept totally undercover during her pregnancy.

There's still some secrecy -- Enrique captioned the pic, "My Sunshine" ... so, it's unclear if the kid in the pic is Nicholas or Lucy. TMZ broke the story ... Anna and Enrique became first-time parents when she gave birth back in December. 

Judging by the baby's clothing ... we're gonna guess this is Nicholas. Hell, we've got a 50-50 shot!

10:55 AM PT -- Ok, now we're more confused. Anna just posted her own shot with one of the twins, and also captioned it, "My Sunshine."

Now, we're guessing Anna's holding the boy, Nicholas -- while Enrique's got the girl, Lucy. We're sure of it! Or, at least 50-50. 

Tennis Star Victoria Azarenka Scores Huge Win In Nasty Custody War

1/15/2018 4:41 PM PST

Tennis superstar Victoria Azarenka is one step closer to resuming her pro career -- after getting a huge win in her custody case that should clear the path for her to travel with her baby again. 

As we previously reported, Azarenka -- who's a citizen of Belarus -- went to war with her baby daddy Billy McKeague in 2017 after he filed paternity papers in L.A., where Azarenka trains.

The filing resulted in the judge forbidding either parent to take the child out of California until an agreement was reached. 

The problem ... Azarenka (the former #1 ranked player) competes all over the world -- but she refused to leave her 1-year-old child behind. As a result, she pulled out of the US Open, the Australian Open and the ASB Classic in Auckland. 

Azarenka argued the case belongs in Belarus -- where she was previously awarded primary custody by a Belarusian court. 

Now, TMZ Sports has learned the California judge has ruled in Azarenka's favor -- agreeing the case doesn't belong in CA or anywhere in the U.S. 

But she's not out of the woods yet ... McKeague has 3 weeks to appeal the ruling. We're told Azarenka's camp is confident they will win that battle as well, based on the judge's strongly-worded 65-page opinion. 

We're told Azarenka's plan is to move back to Belarus with their son as soon as she can -- but she wants McKeague to be in the kid's life and hopes to have an amicable co-parenting relationship with him moving forward. 

Serena Williams Ass Shakin' and Servin' Aces ... in Front of Private Jet

1/10/2018 8:25 AM PST
Breaking News

If you didn't already love N.E.R.D. and Rihanna's song, "Lemon" ... Serena Williams will change your mind in the next minute and 30 seconds.

The tennis superstar turned a Palm Beach International airport runway into her own private dance party for a photo shoot with Vogue ... and we're so, so happy she did.

Not only does the new mommy show she can still twerk like no other, she even serves up some lemons at (probably) over 100 miles per hour.

Just goes to show Serena is BACK ... but it's not like she ever left.

Serena Williams Withdraws from Australian Open 'Not Where I Personally Want to Be'

1/4/2018 4:40 PM PST
Breaking News

Serena Williams has withdrawn from the Australian Open ... saying she's not quite ready to compete on a tournament level after recently giving birth.

Serena posted the message to her Snapchat Thursday, saying ... "After performing in my first match after giving birth I realized that although I am super close I'm not where I personally want to be." 

She adds ... "My coach and team always said 'Only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way.'" Serena defeated her sister, Venus, in the Australian Open last year.

The new mom competed in a tennis match just last month -- her first since giving birth to a baby girl in September. It was an exhibition match against Latvian player Jelena Ostapenko at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi.

As for the Australian Open ... she says she looks forward to coming back and competing another time. 

Venus Williams Deposition 'All I Saw Was A Green Light' ... But She Told Cops Light Was 'Turning'

12/21/2017 12:50 AM PST

Venus Williams insisted to lawyers the traffic light was "always" green as she drove across the intersection where she had the fatal car accident -- but that doesn't match up with what she told police on the scene.

TMZ Sports obtained a portion of Venus' recorded deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against her by Jerome Barson's family. During the depo, taken Nov. 9, Venus repeatedly says she only saw a green light. If true ... it would mean the Barsons, traveling perpendicular to Venus, had run a red light when they t-boned Venus.

The potential problem for Venus is that's not how witnesses remember it, and it's not even how Venus remembered it while talking to Palm Beach Gardens PD. Body cam footage shows her saying, "As I was going to start again, I saw that the light was turning red." The exchange begins at 40 seconds.

If Venus saw the light turning red, that would mean the Barsons did have a green light as they proceeded through the intersection. In fact, according to the police investigation, witnesses said the Barsons DID have a green.

As we reported, the police cleared Venus of any criminal wrongdoing in the accident -- saying neither party was to blame.

Meanwhile, the wrongful death suit is moving forward and likely headed for court where a jury will have to decide if Venus was negligent as she crossed the intersection. 

Venus Williams Won't Be Charged in Fatal Accident

12/20/2017 3:21 PM PST
Breaking News

Venus Williams is not at fault for her fatal car accident, but neither is the driver of the other vehicle ... according to the police investigation.

Palm Beach Gardens PD released their findings on Wednesday and said no charges will be filed in the case. Cops say neither Venus nor the Barsons -- the couple in the car that t-boned Venus -- violated the other's right of way.

TMZ Sports got the video which shows exactly what went down in the June 9 car wreck.

Venus told police on the scene she was "caught in the middle" of the intersection because a 3rd vehicle had turned in front of her as the light was turning. You can see that car at about 17 seconds in our video ... the police say it was a Nissan Altima and they spoke to the driver. 

They concluded the Altima driver DID violate Venus' right of way. However, police also aren't blaming the Altima driver for the wreck. 

The Barsons drove through the intersection when the light turned green and smashed into Venus. Jerome Barson later died from his injuries.

Kate Upton Smokin' Aces!!!

12/19/2017 7:52 AM PST

Kate Upton in a one-piece swimsuit bouncing cross-court and getting her sweat on is really all the setup you need for this video.

The supermodel suited up for day 19 of LOVE Magazine's Advent calendar ... and we have to say ... B-R-A-V-O. Kate outdoes herself in this #StayStrong campaign -- showing off her athletic skills while rocking heels, and a fancy Burberry scarf.

Two somewhat obvious points: 1. The lady's got range, and ... 2. Justin Verlander's going to have a very merry Christmas.

Jimmy Connors Montecito Home Threatened By Fires 'Hopefully Things Work Out'

12/18/2017 4:38 PM PST

Tennis legend Jimmy Connors is pretty cool and calm ... considering there's a raging fire threatening his mansion in Montecito, CA. 

The 65-year-old (who looks great, btw) was out with his family at Madeo when he told us the Thomas Fire, raging in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, is too close to his home for comfort. 

"I'm trying to avoid the fires up in Montecito ... so, hopefully that works out and everybody's safe out there for the holidays."

Connors reportedly owns an 8,000 square foot mansion in the area, where he's lived since 2001. 

Meanwhile, the fire has already burned through 270,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,300 structures. 

Serena Williams & Hubby Honeymoonin' On Private Island ... $35k Per Week

11/28/2017 7:07 AM PST
Breaking News

Here they are ... newlyweds Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian chillaxin' on an insanely expensive private island in the Bahamas during their honeymoon -- that they booked on 

We're told the villa runs $35k per week -- and you can only get to it if you have an aircraft or a boat. 

The photos of S & A at the villa were taken by a drone but we're told the couple willingly participated in the shoot in connection with ... so, it wasn't a crazy rogue paparazzo invading their privacy. 

Serena also posted on Instagram about the villa -- "A week in paradise. Thanks @bookingcom for helping us find the perfect honeymoon villa. #BookingYeah."

All signs point to Serena getting either paid or a huge discount for the endorsement -- despite the fact both she and her Reddit co-founder husband are LOADED! 


Common Serena Got Married? Didn't Know, But Congrats!

11/21/2017 8:24 AM PST

Here's Common saying he had NO IDEA his ex-girlfriend, Serena Williams, tied the knot last week ... but he's congratulating her anyway in one of the most interesting clips of the day.

Common and Serena were one of Hollywood's "It" couples earlier this decade -- so when we got him out at Equinox gym in L.A. we asked him what he thought of his old flame tying the knot.

"Nah, I didn't see it ... but God bless her. That's the queen! She's the queen! Congratulations to them!"

Serena's wedding was a massive celebrity-filled mega-event -- with stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Ciara in attendance.

One last thing ... Common follows both Serena and Vogue on Instagram (Vogue posted a ton of Serena's wedding pics) -- so, we gotta ask ...

Serena Williams Awesome Wedding Video Venus Shakes to 'Back That Ass Up'

11/17/2017 9:44 AM PST

Here it is ... the first footage from INSIDE Serena Williams' awesome New Orleans wedding -- with incredible dresses, the Cupid Shuffle ... and Venus Williams gettin' down to "Back That Ass Up!"

The party looked like a blast -- guests drinking and dancing while the DJ turned the party up!

Serena looked beautiful -- sporting a short princess style cocktail dress with white sparkly Nike shoes so she could dance comfortably.

Venus also looked smokin' hot in a tight fitting lace cocktail dress of her own.

We're told everyone had a GREAT time -- and the food was an absolute hit!!  

One partygoer tells us there was a Cajun section, seafood section, a "Tour of Italy" section with all sorts of pasta ... a steak section with different cuts of meat and a traditional American section.

Who's hungry now!?!?

Venus Williams Expensive Purses Targeted ... In $400k Burglary

11/17/2017 7:27 AM PST
Exclusive Details

The scumbags who broke into Venus Williams' Florida home made off with 16 very expensive designer purses valued around $400,000 ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, Williams told police her house was hit between Sept. 1 and Sept. 5 -- while she was in NY competing in the U.S. Open. 

We're told at least some of the bags were Hermes -- the company that makes the Birkin bags which can cost a fortune

One source tells us Williams is also reported missing nearly 200 photos and some jewelry after the heist -- though the exact details are still unclear. 

The good news for Venus ... she's roughly earned $40 mil in tennis prize money over the years -- and that doesn't include the massive haul she's likely raked in from endorsements. 

Look, it sucks to be burglarized ... but she's gonna be okay. 

Kim Kardashian Touches Down for Serena's Wedding

11/16/2017 3:18 PM PST
Breaking News

Toldja it was an A-List affair!!!

Kim Kardashian has arrived in New Orleans for the Serena Williams wedding extravaganza -- and she's already got one outfit change under her belt. 

Kim slipped into a tight black dress after her plane landed Thursday afternoon -- we're guessing she was heading straight from the airport to the ceremony. 

We're told Kanye didn't make the trip. Unclear why. 

The wedding is set to begin in the next few hours -- and we're told there will be a bunch of HUGE stars in attendance when Serena trades I Dos with Alexis Ohanian


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