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'Terminator' Kid Busted for DUI

10/15/2009 10:18 AM PDT
Thomas Dekker -- the guy who played "John Connor" on the Terminator TV show -- was arrested last night on suspicion of DUI after allegedly hitting a bicyclist.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the 21-year-old "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" actor was busted around 9pm Wednesday in the San Fernando Valley.

On his booking sheet, Dekker is listed as being 5'11", 155lbs.

He's currently being held on suspicion of felony DUI and causing bodily harm. His bail is set at $100,000.

Story developing ...

'Terminator' Star's Ex: He Was 'Smoking Cocaine'

9/29/2009 8:40 PM PDT
TMZ just obtained the temporary restraining order filed against former "Terminator" star Eddie Furlong by his estranged wife -- claiming the actor threatened to hire people to beat her with "chains and bats."

In the documents, Rachael Kneeland -- who filed for divorce from Eddie in July -- claims Eddie "grabbed me, bruised me, pushed me, made threats of more violence, left messages saying he would hire people to come and beat me with chains and bats."

Kneeland also claims Furlong "is smoking cocaine and doing other various drugs. He is very unpredictable."

The restraining order was granted -- Furlong has to stay 100 yards away from Kneeland.

We're waiting on a call back from Furlong's rep.

Judgment Day Is Upon Us ...

8/11/2009 11:45 AM PDT
This creepy footage of Toyota's new humanoid running robot is undeniable proof -- it's only a matter of time until Skynet becomes self aware and machines take over the world.

Where are you John Connor?!

Christian Bale -- Rant 'Unfortunate & Inexcusable'

5/18/2009 10:30 AM PDT
Promoting the new "Terminator" flick isn't gonna be easy for Christian Bale -- because it's impossible to talk about the movie without reporters bringing up that now infamous "la da da da" tirade.

He was on "Good Morning America" this morning, where he was asked the million dollar question: Do you have an anger problem?

John Connor's Dad: Bale Rant "Kinda Sad"

3/3/2009 4:00 PM PST
Fighting against Skynet is one thing -- but when it comes to screaming at a DP on set, certain "Terminator" stars don't always have each other's backs.

Michael Biehn, who played John Connor's dad in the original "Terminator," says Christian Bale's "T4" tirade never would have flown with him -- and that Bale's gotta remember he's only playing "f**king John Connor."

What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

3/9/2007 1:32 PM PST
It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)

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