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Ex 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Sorry, This Farmer ... Ain't Down with

1/26/2016 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0218-chris-soules-bachelor-TMZ-02Just because Chris Soules didn't score a wife on "The Bachelor" ... doesn't mean he's searching for one on -- according to a lawsuit he just filed.

Chris says a TV and web commercial for the site -- where farmers "don't have to be lonely" -- used his "persona" without his permission. The spot claimed Chris needed the site's help in the romance department because "he picked a city girl" while he was on a TV show.

Soules picked Whitney Bischoff on 'Bachelor,' but they famously broke up after a 6 month engagement.

Here's the odd thing ... the FarmersOnly ad never actually shows Chris' face, or says his name -- it's just a silhouette of a cowboy over the Hollywood sign, while a spokesman talks about the cowboy's love problems.

But as Chris says in his lawsuit ... he's "one of the most famous celebrities in the United States" -- so he and his attorneys think he's the lonely cowboy in the FarmersOnly ad.

Chris wants all the money the site made off "his" commercial, plus damages.

'Bachelor' Fave Lauren B. You Can't Boot This Booty!!

1/20/2016 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120-lauren-b-bushnell-splash'Bachelor' contestant Lauren Bushnell still has a ways to go to the final rose, but she's a total winner in a bikini.

Lauren B. hit the beach in Cabo San Lucas with her family.

There are still 17 ladies left in the 'Bachelor' house this season -- and Lauren, a flight attendant, is definitely a frontrunner ... with fans, anyway. There are even rumors she won the whole thing.

Lauren's next one-on-one date with Ben H. better require a bikini! For her, not him.  


Kris Jenner I'm Not Done with Corey Gamble ... And the Fur's Real

1/12/2016 9:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0112-kris-jenner-fur-coatKris Jenner has been out of the dating game so long, the term "single" confounds her. 

Kris was on "Bachelor Live" Monday night with Chris Harrison and Chris Soules and she talked about being single with 4 kids back in the day. Harrison asked her if she's single now, and she said "yes."

But our Jenner sources say she's still solid with Corey Gamble. In fact, the 2 were out together Monday night at Craig's in WeHo.

And speaking of being out at Craig's ... our Jenner sources say the fur is fox ... an '80s vintage Dior.

Cue PETA posting videos on how fur coats are made. 


'Bachelorette' Star Ben Z I'm A Bodybuilder Now

10/13/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012-SUB-ben-z-body-building-TMZ-01'Bachelorette' star Ben Z is more concerned about his rock hard bod than a follow-up run on "The Bachelor." 

Ben surfaced this weekend in San Francisco where he competed in his first bodybuilding competition. He didn't win, but more importantly he didn't finish in last place ... ultimately coming in 8th out of 15. 

1012-ben-z-body-building-FACEBOOK-01Ben tells us he's 210 lbs now ... down 90 lbs from his days as a linebacker playing college football, which is when that "before" pic was taken. He claims he's leaned out naturally with diet and exercise -- sans steroids or testosterone boosters.

Many thought since he was last season's resident hardbodied badass ... he'd be a shoe-in for "The Bachelor." He tells us producers approached him but he didn't get back in time with his answer. 

Spending too much time in the gym, Ben? 


Kris Jenner Parties After Cancelling TV Appearance It's a Miracle!!!

9/2/2015 6:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner was all smiles a day after cancelling a promised appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise" because of what she said was a blown-up lip. 

Kris hit up Nobu in Malibu Tuesday night and there wasn't a trace of lip 911. A day before, she cancelled her Monday night appearance on the show, saying she had a huge, swollen lip from some sort of insect bite and therefore couldn't appear on TV. She compared it to "a tire on my face."

On Tuesday, the tire was flat.

0902-kris-jenner-akmgsiWhat's weird is on Sunday Kris went to the VMAs, and her lip looked completely normal -- so the insect bite must have happened sometime after that.

Big bugs out there in Calabasas. 


'Bachelor in Paradise' Ashley Is Still ... Tightly Gripping Her V-Card

9/2/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor In Paradise" star Ashley Iaconetti did not serve Jared anything with a cherry on top -- not her's anyway, because Monday's episode was just a tease, or at least that's her story.  

TMZ has learned Ashley I.'s telling friends ... producers fed her those lines about possibly losing her famous virginity. If you missed it, Ashley's chastity seemed up for grabs when she drunkenly slurred that she dug Jared enough to give it up to him.

Sources close to Ashley say she knows virginity is the thing that's made her famous, so she'd never blow it on a one-night stand.

We're told she's holding out for Mr. Right -- who, as we all know, rarely pops up on reality shows.


'Bachelor' Star Two-Hour Kim Kardashian Ordeal ... And Still No Selfie (Waaah!)

8/12/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811-ashley-bachelorette-instagramBeing on "The Bachelor" doesn’t have the type of pull you’d think … because it couldn’t even get a contestant to the front of the line to meet Kim Kardashian

Ashley Iaconetti, better known as the show’s hypersensitive virgin, was staying at an L.A. hotel when she heard her idol was doing a meet and greet at a nearby DASH store. She put on heels and a “I’m A Kim” t-shirt – not at all creepy – and spent 2 hours waiting in line like everybody else … to no avail.

Ashley tells us she was still 50 people away when Kim jetted out the back door. 

Might be for the best … Iaconetti has visibly changed her appearance to look like Kim over the years, but swears it’s mostly due to losing weight and adding makeup. Her obsession even earned her the nickname Kardashley on "The Bachelor."  

Don't cry for Kardashley ... she met Kim once before in 2010. No restraining order was filed.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Producers Twisted My Words ... I'm Not A Drug Addict!

8/11/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A contestant on "Bachelor In Paradise" is calling out producers for making him look like a raging drug addict.

Joshua Albers tells TMZ, the story he told on Sunday’s episode about an LA club that sells $30 coconuts filled with Molly is not what it seems. He says he was just relaying what a crew member told him, but says the editing makes it look like the story was all about him.

Albers admits, he’s tried Molly once. He was so taken aback by the way he was portrayed on the show he called his parents, fearing their reaction.

He tells TMZ, "It wasn't too bad because they know the effect of editing. ... Plus, they know that if it was as big a deal as they made it out to be, there would have certainly been footage of JJ (another cast member) running his mouth about it."

Albers continues, saying his parents trust his word over that of the TV show -- "They know their baby boy better than that."

He acknowledges he knew he was signing up for a reality show, but adds, "I don't know how 'Bachelor In Paradise' producers sleep at night."

Juan Pablo I Got Me a New Bachelorette ... At Least for a Night

7/23/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0721-juan-pablo-tmz-01Juan Pablo was up to no good in Vegas -- at least that's the way it seemed --- cavorting with a soon-to-be bride until all hours of the morning.

The most hated bachelor ever on "The Bachelor" was prowling around The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio last Saturday, when he spotted a bachelorette party ... not the show, just random chicks.

Juan was like a heat-seeking missile, zeroing in on the bride, taking her on the dance floor where he got all handsy and grindy.

But Juan wasn't done. He invited the entire party to his table, but they all declined ... except the bride. We're told the 2 of them drank and danced until 4 AM.

In the end, there was no rose ... they went their separate ways.

'Bachelor' Chris Soules Theme Park Appearance Turned Into Cattle Call

5/30/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


'Bachelor' star Chris Soules is suddenly single, and a lot more marketable ... at least to one venue, which is fully taking advantage of his breakup with Whitney Bischoff.

As all of Bachnation knows ... Chris and Whitney ended their engagement Thursday -- and the folks at iPlay America (an indoor theme park in NJ) immediately reacted by relabeling him the "The Ultimate Bachelor" on all its promos.

Soules is the main attraction June 13 at iPlay, and previously the park was simply billing him as a 'Bachelor' star and "Dancing With the Stars" contestant.

Happy hunting ladies -- 'cause we all know Iowa farmers all dream about finding soulmates at indoor theme parks ... in New Jersey.

'DWTS' Star Chris Soules Dance-scaping

4/12/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" star Chris Soules is definitely no 40-year-old virgin ... but he did a damn good impression by getting his chest hair torn out for his next performance on "Dancing With the Stars."

We're told Chris will be channeling Hercules in the dance number, and his partner Witney Carson suggested he clean up that Soules Patch ... of course, she volunteered to wax on, wax off.

We're told he'll wear a skirt to show off his man-gams, and nothing above to showcase his new, smooth chest. We doubt fiancee Whitney Bischoff will complain.

It's painful to watch but it's funny.

'Bachelorette' Alum Josh Murray Chill out BachNation ... Ashley I. Is Still a Virgin!

4/10/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0409-ashley-josh-instagramOne photo had 'Bachelor' fans losing it ... thinking Josh Murray was rebounding from Andi Dorfman by banging famed virgin Ashley Iaconetti -- but we've learned her chastity is fully intact.

Quick backstory ... Josh was engaged to ex 'Bachelorette' Andi, but they split up in January. Ashley was a cast-off from the most recent 'Bachelor' -- best known for flaunting her virginity.

Fast-forward to Monday night ... Josh meets Ashley at a NYC sports bar -- along with a bevy of hot chicks -- then posts an Instagram with her cozying up to him. He was instantly flooded by fans sounding off -- some happy about the hook-up, but others taking it as a diss to Andi.  

Ashley tells TMZ everyone can chill because they're not dating. She says ... yes, Josh reached out to her ... and yes, she thought he was cool, but she viewed it as a group date (she brought 2 GFs for backup). So, hardly romantic and definitely bang-free. 

Andi can take a little solace, since our sources say she thought the pic was a "low blow" from Josh.

As for whether Josh and Ashley have a 2nd date? Based on the proximity of her boobs to his back ... we'd guess there's a good chance.


David Charvet Legal War Over with 'Bachelor' Creator But Dogs Still an Issue

3/6/2015 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


David Charvet's feud with his neighbor, the creator of "The Bachelor," has just made its way through the court, and the neighbor scored a victory ... but we found out the real culprits may be canines. 

TMZ broke the story ... David called the cops last fall on his neighbor Mike Fleiss after Fleiss planted a speaker on his property and directed it at David and wife Brooke Burke's house, blaring sounds of nonstop barking dogs. Fleiss was charged with disturbing the peace.

A little digging on our part has revealed that David and Brooke's two German Shepherds -- Velvet and Thunder -- have had a history of running loose in Malibu's exclusive Serra Retreat.

Last July a neighbor reported to Animal Control that the two dogs were running loose and charged a home owner. Last February, Animal Control received yet another complaint that the dogs were off leash and aggressive toward another neighbor.

One neighbor wrote an email to Animal Control saying, "This SOB Charvet's dogs are a threat to my children." And we're told multiple neighbors have complained the dogs barked incessantly. 

As for Charvet's feud with Fleiss, on Thursday a judge dismissed Charvet's request for a restraining order. Also on Thursday, a judge heard Fleiss' disturbing the peace case and agreed to dismiss it outright in May, provided he stays clear of Charvet until then.

Charvet had no comment ... but sources tell us his restraining order request was dismissed because the D.A. advised him to drop it. We contacted the D.A., who says he never spoke with Charvet about the restraining order. Charvet also claims all of the complaints to animal control came from Fleiss.

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