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2/23/2014 12:55 AM PST
When Hulk Hogan makes his long awaited return the WWE, his entire family will be there to support him ... with one big, blonde exception ... so says Hulks son.

After we broke the story that Hulk inked a deal to come back to the McMahon family business for Wrestlemania XXX ... TMZ Sports spoke with Hulk's son Nick who tells us he's pumped!

"The energy of him coming back is just insane!"

Nick says he'll be ringside to support his dad ... so will his sister Brooke -- but as for his mom Linda ... it's clear Hulk shouldn't reserve an extra seat for his ex.

Still, Nick -- who's blowin' up on the EDM scene -- tells us he's so excited for his pop, he's gonna work on a remix for the Hulkster's legendary intro music.

"Fight for what's right, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE"!

Linda Hogan Paul Walker Wanted To Help My Son Prevent Street Racing

12/10/2013 12:30 AM PST

Paul Walker knew damn well how dangerous it is to race high-performance cars on the road  ... because he was about to join the fight to stop illegal street racing ... this according to Hulk Hogan's ex-wife.

Linda Hogan was in Thousand Oaks, CA last week when she told us Paul and her son, Nick Hogan, bonded over their love of race cars ... and says they had big plans.

After Nick's infamous street racing accident in 2007, he started a charity called "Keep it On the Track" -- and Linda says Paul was going to team up with Nick to spread the word about keeping high-performance race cars ON designated race tracks, and OFF streets.

Paul and Nick also had something fun in the works -- watch the clip, Linda says it was all about "their toys."

Brooke Hogan Calls Off Engagement With NFL Boyfriend

11/22/2013 12:30 AM PST
Eat your vitamins and say your prayers brothers ... 'cause TMZ has learned Brooke Hogan is officially single again.

Sources close to Brooke tell us Hulk's daughter ended her engagement to Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa a few weeks ago ... after he proposed in Vegas back in June. 

We're told Brooke realized things had moved way too fast, too soon ... so she decided to call it quits and focus on her music -- before making things official forever.

Our sources say Hogan recently moved back to L.A. to put the finishing touches on her new album ... and she wanted to be closer to Momma Hogan.

Brooke posted this ringless photo a few days ago.

Looks like she won't have much trouble finding a rebound dude.

Hulk Hogan MAN THONGIN' In Miley Cyrus Spoof Video

10/4/2013 8:00 AM PDT

Whatcha' gonna do, brother -- when Hulk Hogan puts his 60-year old ass into a THONG and rides a wrecking ball around like Miley Cyrus?!!

You're probably gonna watch the video. We did.

Now for the back story: Hulk's a partner in a new web hosting company called Hostamania (which is trying to compete with Go Daddy) ... and he wanted to do something big to draw attention to the biz.

Naturally, the wrestler decided the only logical move was to strip down to a G string and wiggle around his evenly-tanned butt cheeks on video.

Your move, Ultimate Warrior ...

Hulk Hogan ANOTHER Bloody Boating Accident

9/16/2013 6:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Hulk Hogan should probably consider a land hobby ... 'cause the wrestling legend says he was involved in another freak boating accident this weekend that left him covered in blood.

Hogan tweeted about the incident last night, writing, "How come everytime we go out on the boat someone ends up bleeding?"

He then explained, "Today both me and Dr. Crespo ended up covered in blood, the windshield on my boat exploded because of the wind and speed on the water, crazy."

Hogan says he wasn't even using his fastest boat at the time of the accident.

So far, Hogan hasn't posted any of the boat damage or any physical damage sustained in the accident -- but he's tweeting, so it can't be too bad.

Of course, it ain't the first time Hulk's been involved in a nasty boating accident -- he burned the living crap out of his hand earlier this year when the radiator on one of his boats exploded.

Linda Hogan Okay, I Drove Drunk On Champagne

8/18/2013 12:48 AM PDT

Linda Hogan has changed her drunk-driving tune -- pleading GUILTY to DUI after downing some bubbly and getting behind the wheel ... and will spend 3 months in booze class thinking about her crime.

As TMZ previously reported Linda was popped for DUI in Malibu back in 2012 and slapped with two misdemeanor charges ... after cops say she was joyriding with a BAC of .084.

Linda originally plead not guilty -- and argued she only had ONE glass of champagne (on an empty stomach) and took antibiotics which heightened the effects of booze.

She finally copped to driving with a .08 or higher -- and in exchange the 2nd DUI charge was dropped. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and 3 months of alcohol education classes -- which she's already started.



Linda Hogan Family Heirlooms JACKED and Now They're On eBay

7/9/2013 12:20 AM PDT

Hulk Hogan's ex-wife lost her treasured family keepsakes, but they just resurfaced ... on eBay -- and now she's on a mission to get them back ... TMZ has learned.

Linda Hogan tells us a bunch of stuff from her L.A. storage unit just hit the auction site -- including pictures of Nick Hogan's christening, a CD of Brooke Hogan's first single and a weird cake statue of the whole family.

The eBay seller claims he found the stash at a local thrift store -- and Linda says it must have been taken mistakenly 2 months ago when she hired guys to move some of her stuff from storage to Goodwill.

"No family photos were ever given to anyone," Linda tells us. "I would never give away baby pictures of my kids!!!"

Linda's hoping the seller will give the items back to her, free of charge -- but says she will NOT make a bid because she "doesn't know how to use eBay."

Guess she's not that attached.

Hulk Hogan I Won't Miss TNA Event Because of Burned Hand

6/1/2013 4:40 AM PDT
Hulk Hogan is refusing to let his charred-up hand run wild on his wrestling plans -- TMZ has learned the Hulkster has CONFIRMED he'll appear at TNA wrestling's big pay-per-view event in Boston this weekend.

It's kind of a shock ... considering Hogan's been undergoing daily medical procedures on his hand ever since he burned the holy hell out of it during a boating accident last weekend.

But TNA president Dixie Carter tells us she talked with Hulk ... and the wrestling legend reassured her that he will not only attend Slammiversary XI -- but he's planning on taking part in a fan interaction event the day before ... signing autographs.

Luckily the 59-year old wrestler writes with his right hand ... the one without the disgusting burn marks.

Eat your vitamins and say your prayers.

Hulk Hogan Hand Burning Accident Was 'Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done'

5/28/2013 4:35 PM PDT

Forget "Mr. Nanny" ... or "Suburban Commando" ... Hulk Hogan tells us, burning his hand last weekend was by far the dumbest thing he's ever done in his life.

We posted the gnarly photos over the weekend showing Hulk's injuries -- but the wrestling legend has never explained what happened ... until now.

Hulk called in to "TMZ Live" today, telling us the accident occurred Sunday when his speedboat overheated. Hulk says he tried to be a badass and tried to hit the radiator release valve with his bare hands, and the radiator cap popped off ... burning the bejesus out of his hand.

In the words of Hulk, "It was the dumbest thing I've ever done."

You gotta listen ... it's hilarious.

Hulk Hogan I'm WIPING My Sex Tape From the Internet

5/10/2013 4:50 AM PDT

Hulk Hogan
is committing Internet genocide on his sex tape ... systematically seeking out and removing ALL copies of the XXX footage from the web, TMZ has learned.

Hulk recently obtained a temporary restraining order against Gawker Media, banning the website from displaying excerpts from his infamous sex tape with Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-wife.

Gawker agreed to remove the video -- at least for the time being -- and now, we've learned Hulk is trying use the restraining order to force every other website on the planet to remove the footage too.

To prove Hulk means business, we've obtained one of the letters sent by Hogan's attorney to -- which posted screenshots of the sex footage several times last year -- and it's pretty aggressive.

If The Dirty doesn't remove the images ASAP, Hulk's lawyer says he'll take drastic legal action to make sure the website complies. FYI, The Dirty hasn't done squat yet.

And Hulk might be fighting a losing battle -- because once something's on the Internet, it's pretty much there to stay. Forever.

Hulk Hogan Willing to Fight Fallon Fox 'I'll Crush Him/Her'

3/24/2013 9:30 AM PDT

While the UFC is not too keen on letting Fallon Fox duke it out in the Octagon anytime soon, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan says the MMA transgender fighter is welcome in HIS ring any day ... even if the idea confuses him a little.

Hulk was at LAX Saturday when our photog asked the wrestling god all about the Fox controversy: she wants to fight chicks in the UFC, but a TON of MMA peeps (including her opponents, Dana White and Joe Rogan) say it's not fair ... since she was born a man.

But Hulk is an equal opportunity destroyer and told our cameraman not only will he take on Fox, he'll "crush him." Then he gets confused and says "her" ... then "him" again.  You should just watch it.

Props to Hulk anyways ... even though this in no way solves the problem at hand. 

Linda Hogan I Was NOT Driving Drunk Before Bubbly Arrest

2/28/2013 10:53 AM PST

Linda Hogan
insists ... downing ONE glass of champagne before getting behind the wheel isn't enough to put her in the DUI category -- pleading not guilty today to driving under the influence after her October arrest.

TMZ broke the story ... Linda was popped for DUI in Malibu after cops say she was speeding around town with a blood alcohol level of .084 ... just over the legal limit in CA.

At the time, a rep for Linda said Linda drank one glass of champagne at a jewelry event that night ... on an empty stomach ... but she also had taken antibiotics, which exacerbated the effects of the alcohol.

Nevertheless, Linda was subsequently charged with two counts of DUI. She pled not guilty today.

If convicted, she could face up to 18 months in jail ... though it's unlikely she'll spend any time behind bars since she has no prior DUI convictions.

Linda is due back in court March 21.

Hulk Hogan Check Out My Daughter's HOT LEGS

1/28/2013 1:15 PM PST

File this under things Hulk Hogan probably shouldn't have done -- publicly brag about his own daughter's sexy legs ... complete with the photographic evidence to back up his creepy opinion.

Hulk posted the photo of 24-year-old Brooke Hogan for his nearly 500,000 Twitter followers yesterday -- along with the caption, "Brooke's legs" -- which is kinda weird ... since ... you know ... HE'S HER DAD.

Still not as bad as that time he oiled her ass up though.
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