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Kendall Jenner Robbery Another Security Guard Bites the Dust

3/18/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner fired her security guard one day after she was robbed blind in her own home.

Our Kardashian sources say the guard was posted outside the house, which raises the question ... why fire him if it was an inside job and the thief was almost certainly a partygoer who made his or her way into Kendall's bedroom and stole $200k in jewelry?

It appears the fam is upset because when Kendall left for an hour around midnight, someone who was not an invited guest got inside the house.

You'll recall, Kim's longtime bodyguard, Pascal, was given his walking papers after the Paris robbery, because he left the apartment with Kourtney and Kendall shortly before the invasion.

We're told there are surveillance cameras in and around the house, and cops are hopeful it will give them a hot lead.

We're also told the items stolen include a Rolex and a Cartier watch.

Kim Kardashian The Moment Robbers Grabbed Her ... 'I Thought, This Is It'

3/17/2017 7:49 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian is recalling, in graphic detail, the moment she saw the robbers take down the concierge ... and grab her out of her bedroom. 

Kim tells the full story of her ordeal on this weekend's 'KUWTK' and says the first thing she noticed was 2 guys dressed like cops taking down another ... the concierge. She immediately realized something was wrong, but didn't know how to dial 911 in France.

It gets scarier from there ... especially when she realized they were coming for her next.

Kardashians Bad Night for the Fam DASH Store Vandalized

3/16/2017 2:30 PM PDT

It was a rough night for the Kardashians Wednesday, because vandals and thieves were out to get them.

Turns out the DASH store on Melrose in L.A. got an unwanted makeover ... something people discovered on the TMZ Celebrity Tour Thursday morning.  

The store is owned by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

Just 2 miles away ... someone stole $200k in jewelry from Kendall Jenner's home. Cops believes that one's an inside job.

Kendall Jenner Jewelry Robber Inside Job

3/16/2017 7:32 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner was not burglarized, despite what she told cops ... it was definitely an inside job, according to law enforcement sources.

TMZ broke the story, Kendall reported the alleged burglary at 1:15 AM Thursday after she realized $200,000 in jewelry went missing.

Our law enforcement sources tell us what really went down. They say Kendall was having a party with a bunch of friends Wednesday night. At some point in the evening she heard an alarm warning that someone opened a door, but she thought nothing of it.

We're told Kendall left at midnight, leaving her friends in the house. When she came back just after 1 AM she discovered her jewelry box was open, and that's when she called the cops.

Our sources say there was absolutely no sign of forced entry and they are certain the thief knew exactly where Kendall kept her bling.

BTW ... if the person who steals stuff inside a home was invited in, it's not a burglary -- it's the crime of theft.

Kendall Jenner Working Hard Before Theft If She Knew Then ...

3/16/2017 9:59 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner left her house Wednesday around noon to shoot 'KUWTK' scenes with her mom ... oblivious to the $200k nightmare she was about to endure.

Kendall and Kris Jenner headed into Whizin Market Square in Agoura Hills around 1:30 PM for lunch with Kourtney Kardashian -- just another casual day at the office.

That all changed about 12 hours later when, as TMZ first reported ... a bunch of her jewelry went missing from her Hollywood Hills home. Police believe it was an inside job.

Nero fiddled ... Kendall probably had a salad.

Kendall Jenner Robbed Blind in Burglary

3/16/2017 4:18 AM PDT

6:10 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us, Kendall called 911 after hearing a noise and believing a burglar might be in her home. When cops arrived they thoroughly searched the house but found no one in the house who didn't belong.Kendall Jenner is the latest Hollywood celebrity hit by burglars ... this time to the tune of $200k.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Kendall left her Hollywood Hills home Wednesday around noon and returned around 8 PM. We're told she was hanging around the house for several hours, and noticed nothing amiss ... that is, until she went into her bedroom just after 1 AM and realized some of her jewelry was missing. She called the cops, who responded quickly.

Our sources say there was no sign of forced entry, and so far no suspects.

TMZ broke a story last August ... an alleged stalker followed Kendall up her driveway shortly after she bought the Hollywood Hills home. 

Law enforcement sources say, although a number of celebs have been burglary victims this year, it's become a much bigger problem citywide.

As for Kendall, cops are on the hunt.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Mushy on Tristan Thompson

3/14/2017 4:23 PM PDT
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Khloe Kardashian's in loooooove ... and professed it to Tristan Thompson in an emotional birthday note to the NBA star. 

"To the happiest of birthdays my love! To the first of many more together! May God continue to bless you in all of your days! And may we forever look at one another like this." 

The 26-year-old has been dating Khloe for roughly 7 months ... 6 months longer than Khloe dated Lamar Odom before they got engaged. 

The Kardashians The Gang's Back Together For Movie Night

3/14/2017 7:12 AM PDT

Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, Kylie, Tyga, Caitlyn and even reclusive Rob all did movie night Monday in the Valley ... the first time they've been all spotted together in public for a while.

Their film of choice --  "The Shack" --  about a man who loses his daughter and then gets an invitation to meet with God.

Kris, Kendall and Khloe weren't there, nor was Scott Disick or Blac Chyna ... but, hey, someone's gotta stay home with the kids.

Kim Kardashian Tearful Blow-by-Blow ... 'They're Gonna Shoot Me in the Back!'

3/13/2017 7:23 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian thought she would be shot in the back if she tried to escape during the Paris robbery -- and she tearfully remembered every detail ... with cameras rolling.

Kim sat down with Khloe and Kourtney to give them the blow-by-blow of the incident, and her trauma is obvious as she describes the moment she realized the robbers were armed.

The full conversation will be on next week's episode of 'KUWTK.'

Kendall Jenner Flower Child

3/12/2017 12:05 PM PDT

Here's Kendall Jenner ... in red lace lingerie ... and a bunch of flowers around that you're not really noticing. 

Kendall did a garden-style photo shoot Sunday in Miami with giant faux tulips in the background ... which don't matter much at all.

Nice landscape. 

Rob Kardashian Shopping for His First Mansion ... Done Renting from Kylie

3/12/2017 1:00 AM PST

Rob Kardashian wants to stop living under Kylie Jenner's roof, and start real estate ballin' like her instead ... which is why he's eyeing a sweet mansion.

We got a shot of Rob walking out of a 7700 sq. ft. crib Friday in Encino, and it's a major step-up for him. Not only does it have 8 beds, 5 baths, an enormous pool and hot tub, but it also has a guest home ... and that alone is an additional 2600 sq. feet!

The Encino pad's listed for $6.9 million, and besides its obvious charms -- we're told Rob's also interested because it's a short drive from Blac Chyna and baby Dream

He's currently renting one of Kylie's many homes, and trying to sell his Calabasas house.

This spread would seriously up Rob's real estate mogul game. Look out, KJ.

Jenni Rivera's Brother Gets Reality Show But ... I'm No Wannabe Kardashian!!!

3/12/2017 12:40 AM PST

Jenni Rivera's brother doesn't wanna go head-to-head with the Kardashians now that he's got a reality show, and it's simple -- HE KNOWS HE CAN'T!!!

Grammy winning singer Lupillo Rivera -- an icon in Mexico and among Latinos around the world -- tells us why he dares not compare himself to the Kardashians ... he says just look at 'em. Really, look at them and then look at him.

Lupillo -- whose album, "El Malo," dropped Friday -- also tells us he's obviously still coping with his sister's death in the plane crash back in 2012.

The reality show -- slated for 15 episodes this fall on Univision -- will also center around his wife's biz and family drama ... because of course.

Kim Kardashian Book Vandal I Don't Hate Kim ... I Hate Her Smut Being Near Kids

3/8/2017 3:56 PM PST

The guy arrested for trashing a Kim Kardashian book display wasn't motivated by Kardashian hatred ... he just thought her book was too pornographic and accessible to kids in the store.

Carl Puia tells us he saw a mother yank away a copy of "Selfish" from her young boy in the Barnes & Noble. He says it was being displayed on an eye level shelf, not far from the children's section.

Puia claims he asked an employee to move the display to higher shelves, but 3 days later he returned and it was in the same spot. That's when he decided to go back and destroy the books with red liquid.

The 74-year-old says he's no holy roller, he just believes kids shouldn't be exposed to smut ... regardless of what celeb is behind it. Puia says he only turned himself in because he got a call from police saying a warrant was out for his arrest.