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Pauly D to Khloe: Give Tristan a 2nd Chance!

4/11/2018 6:08 AM PDT

Pauly D is calling for MERCY for Tristan Thompson ... saying Khloe Kardashian should give the dude a second chance after getting caught cheating on her during her pregnancy. 

"OHHHHH," Pauly told us while outside 1 OAK in Hollywood ... "He got caught up there!" 

He certainly did ... footage of Tristan motorboating, kissing and messin' around with other women (not named Khloe) surfaced this week as Khloe is getting ready to give birth to their kid. 

Still, Pauly says he hopes Tristan gets another shot to be the faithful baby daddy Khloe wants. 

Yeah, don't hold your breath ... 

Tony Rock 'Everybody Cheats on Kardashians' 'Smash & Get Out'

4/11/2018 7:13 AM PDT

The Kardashians are more rest stop than destination ... so says Tony Rock who says NO ONE should be surprised Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe

"Everybody cheats on the Kardashians," Tony told us outside the Laugh Factory ... "You just smash a couple times and you get out!" 

Guessing Tony's referring to past K-squad dudes like Lamar Odom and Scott Disick. Kim Kardashian famously told Jennifer Lawrence she was cheated on, too, but didn't call out the cheater by name. 

"Who's been loyal to a Kardashain?" Rock added ... "Like for real?" 

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Tristan Thompson Back to the Hotel With Woman from Nightclub

4/10/2018 3:42 PM PDT

Tristan Thompson had a female companion with him when he went back to an NYC hotel Sunday morning ... while Khloe Kardashian was home in Cleveland very close to giving birth to their first child together.

TMZ obtained this video of the Cavaliers star, rocking a white hoodie, with the woman strolling behind him into the Four Seasons early Sunday, around 5 AM. The unidentified woman was also seen hanging all over Tristan at an NYC nightclub earlier in the evening.

Tristan was staying at the hotel with the rest of his team while they were in town for a game. 

The woman eventually left with a Louis Vuitton overnight bag ... seeming to indicate she'd been at the hotel for some time with Tristan.

Khloe Kardashian Producing True-Crime TV Series ... About 'Twisted Sisters'

4/9/2018 6:50 PM PDT
Breaking News

Khloe Kardashian is taking another stab at television -- but she's doing it behind the cameras, and focusing on family with a sick twist ... sisters who kill.

The soon-to-be mother announced Monday she's partnering with the Investigation Discovery network to develop a new true-crime TV show called "Twisted Sisters." Khloe will executive produce the 6-part series, which for now is set to debut sometime in 2019.

In a statement to TMZ, Khloe says, "I am so excited to be bringing you ‘Twisted Sisters.’ As a self-proclaimed ‘true-crime addict’ there is no better way to tell these tales about the bonds that sisters possess and how they can go so terribly wrong." 

The show is said to be about sisters who either kill each other, or team up to kill other people. ID exec Henry Schleiff said the company is happy to be working with Khloe, and looks forward to her unique perspective on the extended sister saga. 

Yeah, she'd know a thing or two about that. 

Khloe Kardashian Looks Like Baby May Be Coming

4/9/2018 7:07 AM PDT

10:40 AM PT -- We've confirmed the hospital Dr. Aliabadi posted from is, in fact, just outside of Cleveland ... guess it's almost baby time.

It looks like Khloe Kardashian may be having her baby ... at least that's the way it appears when you connect the dots.

Khloe is in Cleveland waiting to have her daughter with Tristan Thompson. Now here's what we know. We've been getting tips Monday morning that she's in labor. That said, you can't just rely on tips.

But there's more ... Khloe just posted this ... "We are ready whenever you are little mama." 

We are ready whenever you are little mama 🦋

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

And then there's this. Kylie's OB/GYN, Dr. Thais Aliabadi, posted a photo over the weekend with the caption, "I have the best job in the world.... #mysaturdaynight #lovemypatients #allbymyself #doctorswhotravel." The doc is from L.A. so she's flown somewhere. As for where ... the pic she posted is in a hospital but she blurred out the name.

On the other hand, we're told she's due in the third week in April.

Stand by.

Blac Chyna to Rob Don't Even Think About ... Messing With Custody

4/9/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's ready to fight Rob Kardashian to keep things status quo when it comes to custody of Dream ... Six Flags stroller scuffle be damned.

Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, tells TMZ ... BC and Rob still have a valid custody agreement in place, and Chyna protecting her daughter shouldn't affect it in any way. We're told any attempts by Rob to alter custody stipulations will be defended "by any means necessary" ... legally speaking.

Our Chyna sources say she stands by her claim she was simply doing what she had to do to protect her kids -- both Dream and King Cairo -- in the Six Flags incident ... and doesn't think her stroller swinging should be held against her.

We broke the story ... Rob's livid Chyna put Dream in harm's way and plans to take her back to family court. We're told he's also concerned about her bringing new men -- like current 18-year-old bf YBN Almighty Jay -- into her home when their child is there ... and wants restrictions put in place.

We're told BC's not down with that either.

Travis Scott Stormi's Party Needs Flowers ... I Got This, Mom!!!

4/7/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Travis Scott's mom is throwing her grandbaby, Stormi, a welcome party -- for his side of the family -- and the rapper's making sure the floral arrangements are on point ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the storm-themed shindig tell us Travis picked up the bill for 6 floral sculptures and stands, which display lightning bolts going through clouds of roses, orchids and hydrangeas. The raindrops are Swarovski crystals!

We're told Travis dropped $7,145 on the whole thing.

Our sources say Kylie will be there for Stormi's first meeting with the Webster fam -- and the celebration's going down at the Missouri City, TX house Travis bought his mom for Christmas.

It's unclear if any other members of the Kardashian/Jenner crew will be there, but with Khloe expecting to give birth any day now ... we can probably rule her out.

Blac Chyna Six Flags Stroller Fight Ain't Cramping My Headphone Biz!!!

4/6/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's tuning out the drama following her stroller clash at Six Flags ... with help from the audio company that still solidly has her back.

TUNES Audio will 100% continue working with BC, according to TUNES exec John Chase, and the reason is simple -- she's been a total professional in the workplace since promoting the product over the last year. 

This, of course, is welcome news amid the fallout from her stroller fight.

TMZ broke the story ... the baby stroller company Momiie pulled the plug on its deal with Chyna just days after her skirmish at Six Flags. The fallout also triggered legal drama with Rob Kardashian.

Chyna ain't sweating it, though ... and maybe this is why -- Chase tells us TUNE Audio's business with BC's been so good they're working on a kids' TUNES headphone line.

No doubt ... music to her ears.

Blac Chyna Kardashians Got Me LOL with Reaction To My Stroller Fight!!!

4/5/2018 9:10 AM PDT

Blac Chyna ain't sweating her Six Flags fight or any potential custody issues with Rob and the rest of the Kardashians ... in fact, it's all a laughing matter to her.

BC was out Wednesday night in Bev Hills and, of course, was asked about Rob setting up a showdown in family court. TMZ broke the story, he wants the judge to school Chyna on how to take care of their 1-year-old daughter, Dream. It was a reaction to seeing her slinging a baby stroller Sunday at the amusement park.

It also got Chyna dumped as brand ambassador to a baby stroller company. 

Suffice to say, it's been a rough week, but she puts on a great face here. Chyna's reaction to all the drama ... was comical. 

Step2 to Blac Chyna Thanks For Proving We Make Durable Buggies!!!

4/5/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Blac Chyna inadvertently helped a buggy stroller company prove its product is a durable blast on wheels ... but there's ZERO chance BC's getting a deal outta this.

We spoke to a rep at Step2 -- the company that makes the exact buggy Blac Chyna swung as a weapon during a clash at Six Flags -- and they tell us while the stroller-throwing fight didn't cause a spike in sales for the Whisper Ride 2 Buggy, it did hammer home one of their main selling points ... the buggies are strong as hell.

As we reported ... BC's outburst included her grabbing the buggy's handle and violently swinging it at the woman who set her off. Chyna also had a little tug-of-war and dragged the buggy. At one point, you see the buggy's purple hood snap off before someone in BC's crew easily snaps it back in place. See, durable.

The rep lets it be known they do NOT condone BC's behavior -- and neither did Momiie, which dropped her ass. Goes without saying ... Step2's got no plans to work with Blac Chyna.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Settle Tupac Tees Lawsuit

4/4/2018 1:56 PM PDT

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are putting their legal battle with a Tupac photographer behind them -- the suit's been dismissed, and it appears they've reached a settlement.

According to docs, the photog, Michael Miller, agreed to drop his suit against the Jenner sisters. You'll recall ... he filed last year after Kylie and Kendall rolled out a line of tees featuring their faces superimposed over famous pics of Tupac.

Both sides have agreed to cover their own legal fees, but it's unclear if any money changed hands in a settlement. The t-shirt sales didn't last long. The sisters got hit with a similar suit for using Notorious B.I.G. pics on shirts.

They quickly pulled all the merchandise off their websites, and sources familiar tell us Kylie and Kendall's companies weren't printing the shirts ... they'd merely licensed their images to a third party company.

The Biggie lawsuit is ongoing. One down, one to go.

Kardashians Blac Chyna Can't Sue Over Smack Talk

4/4/2018 9:58 AM PDT

The Kardashians have fired back at Blac Chyna, saying they're legally allowed to call her all sorts of names without getting sued for defamation.

The family wants a judge to toss Chyna's claim she's been defamed because the sisters said, among other things,"The show [Rob & Chyna] is giving this toxic woman money and exposure she lives and breathes for and by continuing it ... [s]he will proceed with using and physically abusing my brother."

The family also said Chyna was "tarnishing" their brand, "damaging to [their] family and a threat to Rob's safety."

According to legal docs, these statements are clearly subjective opinions and too vague to be provably false.

The docs note there have been court decisions protecting comments such as calling plaintiffs a "loser," "a big skank" and "a top-ranking dumb ass."

Blac Chyna Dropped by Stroller Co. ... You Can't Roll with Us No Mo'!!!

4/4/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Blac Chyna pushed a stroller company too far, and now she's lost a deal that could have landed her a big payday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in the deal with the stroller co., Momiie, tell us ... it's pulled the plug on its collab with Chyna in wake of her stroller-swinging skirmish Sunday at Six Flags.

We're told the incident was not the sole reason for Momiie's decision. Honchos had already grown uneasy with Chyna's behavioral issues -- not to mention a leaked sex tape -- and the impact it might have on their brand. The fight video was definitely the final nail in the coffin.

A rep for Momiie adds Chyna's latest actions made it impossible to move forward with their business relationship, telling us ... "[We] cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children.”

We broke the story ... BC signed up to be a brand ambassador for the new baby strollers, with the goal of launching her own line with Momiie if all went well. It didn't.

Instead, Chyna might be in store for a legal war with Rob Kardashian, who's livid she put 1-year-old Dream in harm's way ... though Chyna claims she was actually defending their daughter.

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