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The Kardashians Khristmas Kard Kancelled

12/25/2016 1:00 AM PST

1222-kardashian-xmas-card-tmz-getty-02The Kardashians have scaled a lot of things back this year -- and one especially long-standing, tradition got the ax -- the Kardashian Xmas card.

Sources close to the family say with everything that's gone on this year -- Kim's robbery, Khloe's finalized divorce, Kanye's breakdown, the issues with Rob and Chyna -- the holiday photo just wasn't in the cards.

We're told even without the drama, everyone's schedule has been crazy this holiday season, and finding time to get the entire family together would have proved to be next to impossible.  

We asked Khloe about the card situation at LAX ... but she didn't want to talk about it.

Bah Humbug!


Kim, Kanye, North We're Having a Nutcrackin' Christmas!!!

12/24/2016 10:36 AM PST

1224-north-kim-kanye-kardashian-west-tmz-01Kim, Kanye, and North West put some culture in their Christmas Friday, with a real nutcracker.

The West crew made a stealth entrance at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center ... slinking into their seats just before the curtain opened for the XMAS classic, "The Nutcracker."

Kourtney and Penelope joined them in the back row.

This is interesting ... there was no entourage or visible security detail.  Kim wore no jewelry and little makeup.

They had a good time for sure.  North bounced on Kim's lap and danced along to the music.  

Spoiler: The Mouse King dies.


Rob & Blac Chyna Breakup Fight Was The Real Deal ... No Cams Rolling

12/24/2016 1:00 AM PST

1223_rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-tmz-2Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's massive fight ending with Chyna storming out of the house with Dream wasn't drummed up for their show ... in fact, we've learned cameras weren't even rolling when it went down.

Production sources say film crews weren't at Rob's place last Saturday morning when Chyna allegedly got physical with her baby daddy. We're told things were so bad, Corey Gamble had to rip Chyna off of Rob and even called Rob's sisters over ... but Chyna took off before they arrived.

Our sources say reaction interviews were filmed shortly after the fight, but the brawl itself was the real deal.

For what it's worth, we're told the two got back together just a few days after Chyna left and are co-parenting Dream.

Mason Disick One False Move, Paparazzi ...

12/23/2016 6:54 AM PST

1223-scott-disick-mason-fame-01Scott Disick's son looks like someday he'll go on a hunting trip with Donald Trump Jr., but now Mason's targeting urban prey.

Scott seemed unfazed as his 7-year-old took aim at the paparazzi who captured the pair leaving a department store in Bev Hills.

Warning taken.

Kylie Jenner That's Not My Ass In Alleged Sex Tape

12/22/2016 1:35 PM PST

1222-tyga-kylie-tmz-instagramStand down, Internet -- that video of Kylie Jenner supposedly banging Tyga in a bathroom, is NOT Kylie or Tyga. Everyone, calm down.

Sources close to Kylie tell us she and her camp have seen the alleged sex tape that surfaced on a website Thursday, and their only reaction is ... it's 100% not Kylie doing the deed.

1222-kylie-jenner-alleged-sex-tape-01We're told she's scoffing, particularly because the blurry woman with blonde braids doesn't even look like her. Kylie was rocking that 'do and similar clothing a couple months ago on Snapchat. Whoever "leaked" the tape attached her Snap videos to make it seem like the whole thing was real.

But we're told the hair is the only thing the impostor nailed. Real Kylie didn't nail anyone ... on camera.


Kylie Jenner You Look Bigger ... A Lot Bigger

12/21/2016 8:40 AM PST

1221-kylie-jenner-instagram-02Kylie Jenner is either pulling a Pamela Anderson, or the camera that took this shot adds a few pounds ... to her chest.

Kylie posted the shot on the left on Tuesday, and if you compare it to one she took at Halloween -- in her Christina Aguilera costume -- it sure seems like there's been some kind of enhancement. 

Could be padding, the angle or even surgery -- but there's no getting around 'em ... those puppies are larger and in charger.


Rob & Blac Chyna Back Together-ish But ... Kardashian Sisters Are Done with Them

12/20/2016 8:10 AM PST
Exclusive Details

1220-kardashians-against-rob-and-blac-chyna-tmz-5Rob and Blac Chyna are a thing again -- but Rob's sisters are tired of the back and forth -- and want nothing to do with the couple anymore.

Sources close to the situation tell us squabbles like the one this past weekend are standard for Rob and BC. We're told this fight escalated beyond the norm because Chyna allegedly got physical with Rob right as Corey Gamble showed up to their house ... and Corey had to literally rip her off Rob.

We're told Corey called a couple of the sisters after he'd broken up the fight, and they went over to play peacemakers, but Chyna left before they got there.

Our sources say the two are talking once again, but aren't living under the same roof ... a constant theme. 

Our sources say Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are tired of Rob and Chyna's constant off-and on-cycle ... and Saturday's blowup was too much to forget. We're told they're not taking sides either ... they think both are to blame.

Rob Kardashian I'm an Emotional Wreck! But I'm Getting Help

12/19/2016 12:36 PM PST
Breaking News

1219-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian says he's on the verge of a breakdown over his split with Blac Chyna, and he's seeking treatment to cope.

Rob says he was in an "emotional bad place" this weekend and apologized for embarrassing his family. He also posted an apology to Chyna ... saying she's a great mother and he loves her.

Many doubted the couple's breakup was legit, and many still do. If it is fake, Rob's sticking to the script.

He added that baby Dream is his motivation to get right.


Blac Chyna I Might Be Single ... But I'm Still Makin' Money

12/18/2016 9:53 AM PST


Blac Chyna's split with Rob Kardashian definitely won't stop her from making money like she's still a part of the famous family.

Sources in Vegas tell us BC just booked her first post-baby club appearance ... and it's at 1OAK, the same spot the Kardashian family pretty much calls home when they're in Sin City. 

You'll remember, Kourtney and Khloe celebrated Scott's birthday there this year, and even momager Kris Jenner played host for her big 5-9. 

It's worth noting, Chyna's using her own name for the appearance because there's still that nasty battle going on for the trademark of the Kardashian name. 

As we reported Saturday, Chyna left Rob high and dry, taking their one-month-old baby with her. 


Kim Kardashian Roves in L.A.

12/18/2016 7:19 AM PST

1218-kim-kardashian-first-sighting-gallery-launch-X17-01Kim Kardashian is venturing out again, though very tentatively.

Kim's pretty much been MIA since her robbery in October, but she got behind the wheel Saturday night after leaving sister Kourtney's house with North, Saint and best pal Brittny Gastineau.  

She looks good, but super pensive.


Blac Chyna Hacker Exposes Private Messages About Kardashian Name Trademark Battle

12/17/2016 4:31 PM PST

Blac Chyna has a serious hacker problem on her hands ... and if some exposed messages ring true, she's not going down in her trademark battle with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney without a fight.

Chyna posted a video Saturday claiming her Instagram page had been hacked. The page posted numerous private text conversations allegedly between Chyna and her attorney discussing the trademark battle.

One message -- allegedly sent from Chyna last week -- reads, "When I get married 7-17-17, I will just trademark it then ... But f*** it ... I'm not going to ask Kris ... Is it easier when I'm married?"

The hack doesn't end there ... there's also a thread of messages supposedly between Chyna and Young Thug that get flirty and a thread with Chyna and Jayden Smith that mentions Kylie and Tyga.

However -- there's no date stamp on those messages -- so it's unclear if the alleged texts were sent while Chyna was with Rob.

BC has since created another Instagram account, but as of now the hacked one remains active.  

Kim Kardashian Spreads Xmas Cheer at Holiday Party

12/15/2016 6:35 AM PST

1215-kim-kardashian-forum-tmz-01Kim Kardashian made an appearance of sorts at an Xmas party Thursday ... her first public outing since Kanye was hospitalized.

The shindig went down at The Forum for a holiday party, and Kim tried making a stealth exit.

Even her hairline is famous.


Lamar Odom Memory of Dead Son Triggers Rehab

12/14/2016 12:50 AM PST

1213-lamar-odom-tmzLamar Odom checked himself into rehab out of fear he'd go on a major bender as his deceased son's birthday approached ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Lamar's son, Jayden, was born Dec 15, 2005, but died the following June from SIDS. We're told his son's death was the primary reason he started doing hardcore drugs ... and he was keenly aware the birthday might push him over the edge again.

As we reported, our Lamar sources say he went to a San Diego area facility late last week.

We're told Lamar's also struggling with the fact his divorce from Khloe will be final on Saturday, and he didn't want to be tempted to use.

Lamar is shooting for a 60 day rehab stint. He bailed after 3 weeks when he attempted rehab in 2012.


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