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Kourtney Kardashian I Need More Protection Too

10/3/2016 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Kourtney Kardashian touched down in L.A. and was greeted by a tighter security detail than usual, and they immediately went to work ... shielding her from a horde of media.

Kourtney was whisked through LAX with 2 huge guys surrounding her -- while other bodyguards cleared a path to her waiting SUV.

As we reported ... Kim's trusted bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was not with her at the time of the armed robbery -- instead he was with Kourt and Kendall Jenner in a Paris nightclub.

Much like Kim and Kris Jenner Monday morning in NYC -- it's clear the whole family is going to be rolling deep with bodyguards.


Ken Shamrock I Would Have Protected Kim ... If I Was Her Bodyguard

10/3/2016 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MMA legend Ken Shamrock is also a celebrity bodyguard -- and he says if he woulda been on Kim's team, she NEVER would have gotten robbed. 

FYI, Shamrock has been working in personal security for years and protected big stars like 50 Cent, Fergie and Kristin Cavallari. 

So, with Kim getting robbed in Paris this week -- Shamrock says there were a TON of mistakes made that he would have never let happen. 


Kim Kardashian Arrives in NYC ... Presidential Level Security

10/3/2016 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Kim Kardashian is back safely in NYC with Kanye West ... and they arrived with way more security than your average head of state.

There was an insane show of force as Kim, Kanye, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble pulled up outside their residence -- they had a caravan of about 10 vehicles with 15-20 bodyguards watching everything and everyone in the area. NYPD's also on the scene.

The amount of security is exactly like what you see when POTUS makes an appearance.

Interestingly, Pascal Duvier ... Kim's bodyguard was still with them. As we reported ... he was not at the apartment with Kim when the armed robbery went down.

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Big Happy Fam for Baby Shower ... and a Payday

10/3/2016 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1003-blac-chyna-rob-kardashian-baby-shower-tmzRob Kardashian surfaced for his coed baby shower with Blac Chyna -- a strong sign they might be able to salvage a second season of their reality show after all.

We're told Rob planned most of Sunday's Armenian-themed fete which was held at a family friend's home in Woodland Hills, CA. None of his sisters got an invite, but we're told Scott Disick and French Montana showed up, and a bunch of other family members. 

It's a complete 180 from the fight that exploded last week after the sisters attempted to throw separate showers for Chyna and Rob, who had gone back to being a recluse again.

Rob put personal touches on everything from the champagne party favors to the desserts with the expectant parents' faces. Plus, a 7 layer cake, belly dancers and a Louis Vuitton diaper bag for Chyna. The whole thing was taped for their reality show. Rob had not been showing up for shoots recently, so this could mean he's had a change of heart.

Due to the taping, everyone had to turn in their phones -- which is why no one got the news about Kim's holdup in Paris until after the party.

Kim Kardashian Held at Gunpoint Millions Stolen Kanye Cancels Show

10/2/2016 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Armed gunmen broke into Kim Kardashian's Paris apartment, taped her mouth shut and stole more than $10 million in jewelry and the emergency rippled quickly all the way to New York ... where Kanye bolted from the stage mid-concert.

There were 5 gunmen, posing as cops, who threatened the concierge and made him open the door to her room.  

Our sources say at least 2 gunmen bound and gagged Kim with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub. We're told Kim begged them to spare her life, telling them she had babies at home.

The gunmen knew exactly what they were doing ... we're told they beelined it for her jewelry and took a $4.5 million ring and a jewelry box.

After the gunmen left she was able to break out of the restraints and called for help.

We're told Kim was badly shaken but unharmed, calling it "the worst moment in my life." She was interviewed by police and then hurriedly left Paris by private jet.

As for Kanye ... he was performing at the Meadows Festival in Queens, NY -- Yeezy was jamming in the middle of "Heartless" when he cut the music and made the announcement, stunning the crowd.

Hours before the robbery Kim posted video of her showing off outfits and wishing Blac Chyna a happy baby shower. 

She was staying in a luxury apartment complex, in a room similar to this one.



Kendall Jenner Fleeing for Safety

10/3/2016 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1003-kendall-leaving-paris-SPLASH-01Kendall Jenner boarded her own private jet and fled Paris hours after her sister Kim's armed robbery ... and it's obvious there's serious safety concerns for the whole family.

Before she got to the airport ... Kendall snuck out a side door at her Paris hotel, with police and at least one heavily armed guard standing watch. 

1003-kendall-leaving-paris-with-swipe-SPLASH-02As we reported, Kendall was out partying with Kourtney at a Paris nightclub around the time Kim was being robbed.

Kanye West Racing to Kim's Side

10/3/2016 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West beat a hasty retreat out of his NYC pad to rendezvous with Kim Kardashian.

A somber and determined Kanye walked briskly out of the apartment building Monday morning to a waiting vehicle ... on his way to a local airport to pick up Kim ... who fled Paris after the armed robbery. 

Note the numerous bodyguards flanking him during the short walk. You can bet he and Kim will be surrounded by a small army from now on.

Kim Kardashian Bodyguard Nowhere in Sight During Robbery

10/3/2016 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's bodyguard -- who is normally ready to pounce at the first sign of trouble -- may have been protecting 2 other Kardashians instead at the time Kim was robbed.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner hit the town when the 2 gunmen entered Kim's Paris apartment. There are reports ... her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was shadowing the 2 women since Kim had turned in for the night.

1003-kim-kardashian-body-guard-pascal-duvier-INSTAGRAM-01Ironically ... Kim posted a pic of Duvier shadowing her hours before the robbery, joking he was always in her shot.

Duvier was by Kim's side last week when a notorious prankster ran up and kissed her butt. Duvier had no problem taking the guy down.


'Rob & Chyna' Season Two Officially Iffy ... NO Rob Guarantee

10/2/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's TV career together is looking short and NOT sweet -- season 2 of their show is now hanging by a thread. 

Production sources on "Rob & Chyna" tell TMZ ... E! execs haven't ordered a 2nd season yet, and a big part of the problem is they can't get the couple to shoot together. As we've reported, Rob's become a hermit again and we're told that's giving the bosses cold feet. Understandably, they're worried they won't get a full season out of him.  

Obviously, a sophomore season could get huge ratings with so much drama, plus a baby and possibly a wedding around the corner ... if Rob's on board, and we're told that's a BIG if right now. Not to mention the season airing now is doing very well. 

Our sources say honchos think Chyna's TV gold, and would consider working with her solo on a different show -- but if her fiancé remains MIA ... "Rob & Chyna" will die on the vine. 


Kylie Jenner Drops $12 Mill On Another New Crib

10/1/2016 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001-kylie-jenner-gallery-launch-criset-01Kylie Jenner is becoming quite the real estate aficionado ... because she just threw down millions on yet ANOTHER new mansion.

The $12 million, 13k square foot house in Hidden Hills comes equipped with 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a gigantic pool and outdoor living space. 

Kylie's been swooping up properties left and right in the last year ... the latest purchase is her fourth. Our sources say the 19-year-old -- yes, 19 -- has already moved in and plans on making this one her permanent residence.

You'll remember ... Kylie's starter home was a modest $2.7 mil crib when she bought when she was 17. Then she moved on to a $6 mil place near Kim and Kanye before plunking down $4.5 mil on a home used for guests and as a work space for her cosmetics line.  

We reached out to Kylie's agent Tomer Fridman who wasn't available for comment. 

Home, sweet home homes.

Khloe Kardashian Expensive Heels, Meet Plastic Bin

9/30/2016 6:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

khloe_kardashian_lax_launchKhloe Kardashian can stand with common folks ... at airports, anyway.

Khloe was at LAX headed for fashion week in Paris and went through the dreaded TSA security check-in. Check out the pics ... the waiting game's no joke. 

You'd think she'd at least be TSA PreCheck, right?

TMZ tip: TSA PreCheck is just $85.

Kendall Jenner Kitten's Got a Powerful Secret

9/30/2016 6:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930-kendall-jenner-lip-tattoo-illuminati-INSTAGRAM-01Kendall Jenner got lip service in the form of a new tatt inside her mouth -- it says "MEOW" but don't be fooled ... the ink is but a smoke screen. 

Plain as day on the wall behind her is ... the Illuminati eye! So, all those things you suspected about the Jenner-Kardashians must be true, right? Kanye is her bro-in-law, after all!!

Or West 4 Tattoo in NYC just makes bank selling the design to conspiracy theory saps. Carry on.

Blac Chyna Sends Out Rob's Number ... Now No More 'Bitches' Can Text Him

9/29/2016 8:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blac Chyna just pulled the ultimate move to ensure Rob Kardashian won't have any more "bitches" texting him ... blasting out his number to millions of people.

Chyna posted a tweet Thursday night giving the world her soon-to-be hubby/baby daddy's digits -- and by the looks of things -- Rob's in on it. Chyna also posted a video with Rob explaining her move ... saying too many old chicks keep texting Rob, so the best way to get rid of them is to force him to change it.


You'll remember, Rob posted Kylie's number earlier this week after a baby shower planned by his sisters took a nasty turn.

You can hear Rob's phone blowing up with texts in the background of Chyna's video, so it's safe to say he'll be getting it changed VERY quickly. 

Talk about a bold, but effective, strategy. 


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