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TMZ Live Kris Jenner: The Brutal Car Wreck

8/4/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Clint Eastwood: Dems Conned The Khans!
  • Amber Heard is Ready to Face Johnny Depp
  • Sasha Obama Has A New Summer Job Serving Fish!
  • Kendrick Lamar is a Stud Athlete

'America's Got Talent' Duo So Here's Our Hook

8/4/2016 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker -- the "America's Got Talent" team that had an epic fail when she accidentally shot him -- have a follow-up stunt that will make you jump out of your skin.

The recently-booted contestants were on "TMZ Live" Thursday when Ryan decided to give himself the hook ... but this time, literally.

Check out the full interview on today's "TMZ Live."

TMZ Live Matt Damon: Blasted Over Gun Control Hypocrisy!

8/3/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Nasty Allegations Against a 'Straight Outta Compton' Star
  • A Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong On 'America's Got Talent'
  • Justin Bieber is the King of Hawaii
  • Caitlyn Jenner's New Bathroom Controversy

TMZ Live Vanilla Ice: Epic Airport Freakout!

8/2/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Justin Bieber Throws Major Shade at Taylor Swift
  • A Major Development in the Kesha/Dr. Luke War
  • A Former LAPD Cop is at War with the Police
  • Donald Trump's Major Fried Chicken Faux Pas

TMZ Live Beyonce: Cops Zero In On Beyhive Amidst Hacking Scandal

8/1/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Malia Obama Rages at Lollapalooza
  • The Miss Teen USA Competiton Comes Under Fire
  • Tyler Posey's Fake Coming Out Announcement
  • Chris Pratt Parties Like a Legend

TMZ Live Justin Bieber: GOP Can Keep Their $5 Million Bucks!

7/29/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Hillary Clinton Drops a Lil Wayne Lyric In Her Speech
  • Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: Inseparable at the DNC
  • Usher Takes Over 6th Ave in NYC!
  • Is Lindsay Lohan Really Pregnant?

'The Preachers' Host John Gray Flight Attendants Profiled My Wife Before Her Meltdown

7/29/2016 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Joel Osteen's associate pastor, John Gray, absolutely thinks the 2 flight attendants who went toe-to-toe with his wife would've handled things differently if she were white.

Rev. Gray -- a host on "The Preachers" -- and Aventer were on "TMZ Live" Friday trying to explain why she was singled out by the American Airlines crew when she attempted to switch seats with her nanny.

Check out the clip ... John stops just short of calling it straight up racism, but he clearly thinks Aventer was treated differently because of what she was wearing, and POSSIBLY because she's black.

We broke the story ... cops were called and Aventer was briefly removed from the flight. She was ultimately allowed back on, and the 2 flight attendants got booted.

TMZ Live Hilary Duff: The Disturbing Marriage Proposal!

7/28/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift...Again!
  • The End of an Era for Oprah Winfrey
  • 'RHOA' Star Phaedra Parks Scary Bomb Threat
  • Kylie's Crazy New Butt Tattoo!

TMZ Live Johnny Depp Finally Gets Amber Nailed Down for Depo

7/27/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Lady Gaga Pulls Off an Epic Surprise
  • Tyrese is Calling on Jay Z to Spark Change
  • Dr. Dre's Old Enemy Comes to His Defense
  • Beyonce's Insane Paris Hotel Suite!

TMZ Live Dr. Dre: Cuffed by Cops!

7/26/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Lindsay Lohan's Dad Comes to Her Defense
  • Justin Timberlake Gets Slapped By A Fan
  • A 'Cosby' Star is Pregnant and Divorcing After 8 Months
  • 50 Cent Absolutely Trashes Diddy

Conrad Murray I Didn't Kill MJ ... Blame His OTHER Docs!

7/26/2016 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray still insists he didn't have a hand in Michael Jackson's death -- despite his guilty conviction and 2 years in jail -- and even believes he wasn't the worst doctor in MJ's life. 

Murray was on "TMZ Live" to talk about the new book he wrote about Michael, who was his patient and friend. But Murray claims Jackson concealed details about other drugs he was on -- besides the Propofol administered by Murray.

Watch the clip ... Murray refused to own up to having any role in Michael's homicide -- instead he backed up the bus over the late Dr. Arnold Klein

By the way, Murray's claims about getting railroaded by the coroner and Propofol not being in Michael's system? Read the report ... he's got it wrong. 

You can see the rest of the interview on Tuesday's "TMZ Live."


TMZ Live Tom Cruise: Caught In The Middle Of Scientology Bomb Threat!

7/25/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Calvin Harris Hangs With Taylor Swift's Enemy Kim Kardashian!
  • Lil' Wayne Abruptly Ends Concert After 10 Minutes
  • Ciara and Future's Legal Battle Continues
  • Katt Williams Arrested For Battery!

TMZ Live Amber Heard: Rebounding With Tesla Tycoon Elon Musk!

7/22/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Donald Trump Big Night at the RNC
  • Dani Mathers Hires Michael Jackson's Attorney
  • Iggy Azalea Gives Up On Love...For Now
  • Calvin Harris is a Workout Warrior

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