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Kanye West I Thought Kim Was Leaving Me ... After 'Slavery' Comment

6/25/2018 7:43 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian was ready to pull the plug on her marriage to Kanye West after his "slavery" remark on TMZ Live ... or so, Kanye thought.

Turns out the biggest backlash Kanye faced after saying 400 years of slavery "sound like a choice" ... was at home. He says, "There was a moment where I felt like after TMZ, maybe a week after that, I felt like the energy levels were low."

Ye told The NY Times, he actually called several family members and asked, "Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?"

Obviously, they've worked things out.

BTW, the Times asked Kanye if he wanted to rephrase the statement about "slavery." He refused, saying ... "I never said slavery itself -- like being shackled in chains -- was a choice. That's why I went from slave to 400 years to mental prison to this and that. If you look at the clip you see the way my mind works."

Okay. It's definitely worth another look.

TMZ Live: Peter Fonda Goes After Melania, Hard Over Immigration Policy

6/20/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • XXXTentacion: Riot Breaks Out At Memorial
  • Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: $16 Mil Condo
  • Travis Barker: Terrifying Health Scare 
  • Waffle House Hero: I Want A White House Invite! 

TMZ Live: Tommy Lee's Family Feud Gets Ugly ... Super Personal, Too

6/19/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • XXXTentacion: The Tragic End
  • Paris Hilton: Who The Heck Is Lindsay Lohan?
  • Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna Ruined Father's Day!
  • Beyonce & Jay-Z: Album Beef With Nas?

TMZ Live: Heather Locklear Threatens to Shoot Herself

6/18/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: The NYC Kiss!
  • Tommy Lee Ripped By Son On Father's Day
  • Chris Hardwick Breaks Silence On Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • Meghan Markle's Dad Talks Trump

TMZ Live: Drake I'm Not Dodging Pusha T With New Music Video

6/15/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Blac Chyna's War With Kylie Jenner
  • Kanye West Celebrates North's Birthday 
  • Ariana Grande: Pete Davidson's Ex Drama
  • Meek Mill Parties W/ Super Bowl Champs

TMZ Live 50 Cent's Revenge Porn Case ... Judge's Odd Loophole

6/14/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Jay-Z Sued Over 'Reasonable Doubt' Album 
  • Drake's Dad: Controversial #MeToo Comments 
  • John Cena & Nikki Bella: Somber Date Night 
  • O.T. Genasis: Cops Draw Guns At Bday Party 

TMZ Live: Jamie Foxx Fighting Back Against Penis Slap Allegation

6/13/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Kim Kardashian Meets Alice Marie Johnson
  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Custody War 
  • Kanye West: Naked Yeezy Promotion!
  • Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Happy Couple!

TMZ Live Blac Chyna Not Pregnant But ...

6/12/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • Vince Vaughn: Partying Before The DUI
  • Robert De Niro: Blasted Over 'F Trump' Remark
  • Anthony Bourdain: The U2 Memorial 
  • Meek Mill's War Against His Judge 

TMZ Live Back Off Anthony Bourdain's GF ... Says Rose McGowan

6/11/2018 10:45 AM PDT

  • 21 Savage Pulls Gun At Pool Party
  • Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Back Together
  • Roseanne Reboot: Major Hang-Up
  • Kanye West: Star-Studded Birthday Party

Swizz Beatz & Timbaland Beat Battle Was So Good We're Hitting the Road!!!

6/11/2018 4:02 PM PDT

Swizz Beatz wasn't kidding when he said his beat battle with Timbaland was "to be continued" -- the hip-hop icons are planning a tour.

The mega producers joined us on "TMZ Live" to talk about the stage battle they had Sunday night at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert -- and they revealed it was NOT a one-off. In fact, Swizz said it was so good, turning it into a full-fledged tour -- with superstar guests -- just makes too much sense.

ICYMI ... about a year ago, Timbaland accepted Swizz's challenge to a beat battle and when it finally went down Sunday, the crowd went nuts. Swizz said onstage, "This is to be continued. I ain't finished with the ass-whopping and I guess he ain't [either]." 

Swizz threw down another challenge and Tim accepted. We know this ... the more trash talking they do ... the doper their show will be.

TMZ Live Anthony Bourdain Dead At 61

6/8/2018 10:51 PM PDT

  • Kim Kardashian & Alice Marie Johnson Team Up
  • Maury Povich: Come On My Show, Drake! 
  • Donald Trump: Asks The NFL For Help
  • Love & Hip Hop: Brutal Car Wreck Video

TMZ Live Kate Spade Husband Breaks His Silence

6/7/2018 11:14 AM PDT

  • Donald Trump: Kim Kardashian Backlash 
  • Justin Bieber: Sued Over Street Brawl 
  • Britney Spears: Miami Bikini Break
  • Ronnie From 'Jersey Shore': Vegas Brawl 

TMZ Live: Kate Spade Drinking, Depressed Over Separation

6/6/2018 10:00 AM PDT

  • Kim Kardashian: Helps Free Imprisoned Grandma 
  • Mira Sorvino Slams Harvey Weinstein 
  • Whitney Houston: The $95,000 Bible
  • Pam Anderson: Pardon WikiLeaks' Julian Assange!
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