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Cardi B Fashion World Wants Me More After Nicki Shoe Attack

9/25/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Cardi B's gonna throw shoes on the reg if her still-fresh Nicki Minaj beef keeps paying off for her at Fashion Week ... okurrr? 

Sources close to Cardi tell TMZ the "I Like It" rapper has been on schedule and unfazed for Fashion Week in Milan these past few days ... and, in fact, it seems squaring off with Nicki has only raised her profile. We're told none of her appearances have been canceled, and no designers have pulled invitations that were sent pre-fight.

Cardi attended the Dolce & Gabbana show Sunday as planned, an event she'd been booked for well before her altercation earlier this month with Nicki.

While some might have expected prim and proper fashionistas to keep Cardi at arm's length after her NYFW rumble -- designers seem to be embracing her instead. She was all smiles while sitting front row at the Dolce & Gabbana show. 

Hell, even Cardi's sister, Hennessywalked the runway for the Philipp Plein show in Milan -- a clear sign they were happy to have the MC show up and probably wanted her to, although she did not. 

We're told Cardi wasn't concerned about Nicki's schedule in Milan, or the possibility of running into her at any events. Nicki arrived in Milan 3 days before CB, but they were both there over the weekend. No fireworks.

Cardi's now off to Paris for Fashion Week there, and sources say she's going to 3 major shows.

No word if Nicki's going, but seems the design houses wouldn't mind if she did. Think WWE ... but in stilettos.

Jesse Williams Pulls Emmett Till Nike-Kaep Memes ... After Internet Backlash

9/24/2018 3:27 PM PDT

Jesse Williams drew some major criticism after promoting his new Emmett Till film with memes that incorporated Nike's new campaign with Colin Kaepernick ... and it was so harsh, he pulled the pics.

News broke Monday that Jesse was tapped to direct a new film about Emmett's mother, Mamie Till. The film follows Mamie's fight for justice after her 14-year-old son was murdered in the South for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Jesse promoted the project by posting the pics below ... 

The bunch of photos featured both Emmett, Mamie and others involved in the outcry following his death with Nike's new Kaep-led tagline, "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." He also teased his new flick with "TiLL Coming Soon." 

A lot of people were not amused by Jesse trying to conflate the two subjects, and he was quickly hit with a wave of backlash. Jesse then removed all but one meme he'd posted ... the one of Emmett's uncle pointing out the white men who killed him in court. 

Jesse has been hailed as a modern day civil rights hero and was even given the Humanitarian Award by BET two years ago ... where he delivered a powerful speech about police brutality in America.

Clearly, the message Jesse was trying to bring across was lost in the Instagram shuffle. 

Drake I'm Beating the Flu!!! Returning to Tour with Migos in NOLA

9/24/2018 1:20 PM PDT

Drake has taken care of his health -- and that nasty bout of flu -- and is now ready to be center stage again with Migos ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Drizzy tell us he will be front and center Monday night at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans -- the next stop on his Aubrey & The Three Migos tour. We're told he touched down in NOLA early Monday morning and is set to perform as scheduled -- this on the heels of being sidelined with flu for 2 shows in Miami.

We broke the story ... Drake postponed the concerts that were scheduled for Friday and Saturday. He later addressed the cancellations, citing a mysterious ailment that got him "so ill so fast" like never before in his life.

Our sources say Drake's symptoms included high fever, cold sweats and the shakes. We're told he had doctors and a nurse visiting his Miami hotel, where they administered IVs and other meds that appear to have done the trick ... 'cause now he's recovered enough to perform.

As for the aggressive approach to treatment ... we're told Drake chose to get extra medical care this weekend because there's a lot of money on the line with this tour.

Like we've told you ... the tour was already pushed back once before, and the quartet has had other issues on the road as well. For now, it's full steam ahead.

Kanye West & Nick Cannon Beef Squashed ... Over Kim K Sex Talk

9/24/2018 11:02 AM PDT

Kanye West and Nick Cannon have come to a mutual understanding after going at each other on social media over Kim Kardashian West -- and the consensus is this ... R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Sources tell us that Kanye and Nick squashed their beef this weekend after Nick responded to Ye on Instagram, basically telling him to not try and censor what he can or can't say in interviews. We're told they swapped numbers in their IG DMs ... and eventually, both of them got on the horn to hash things out in a fairly long convo.

They addressed why each of them felt disrespected -- clearly, Kanye was upset by what Nick had said to VladTV regarding Kim's body ... and Nick was pissed that Kanye was coming at him for being candid and truthful.

Long story short, we're told they both agreed to be mindful of one another going forward, and to continue their friendship.

There might even be a potential appearance that comes out of all this too. Sources say Nick and Kanye discussed Ye coming back onto 'Wild 'N Out.'

He's been on several times before, and we're told Ye said he'd try to make something happen soon. 

Common Tiger Beat His Demons ... He's Back!

9/24/2018 8:07 AM PDT

Chicks. DUI. Chicks. Injuries. Chicks. Donald Trump. Chicks. Chicks. Chicks. 

Tiger Woods has had A LOT of drama over the years ... but Common says he's incredibly proud of the guy for fighting through it all and finally WINNING again!

"Tiger, we happy for that brother," Common told us outside Delilah in L.A. 

"It's something when you go through some stuff and we all recognize that and honor that."

In fact, the hip-hop legend seems to think Woods will have even more success in the future -- and says everything he's been through (a whole Hooters, basically) will make him stronger.

The links wasn't the only place Tiger won. He shook hands with Big Boi from Outkast and shocked the entire Internet -- watch below and you'll be amazed too.

Chief Keef Burglars Open Fire 2 Captured, 1 Gets Away

9/24/2018 4:34 AM PDT

Chief Keef is damn lucky cops were in his neighborhood, and caught 3 alleged burglars red-handed -- but not before one of them opened fire ... TMZ has learned.

The suspects hopped a wall and threw bricks to break a window at the San Fernando Valley home Sunday around 11:15 PM ... according to law enforcement sources. We're told at least one of them got into the home, and was making off with some of the rapper's loot.

The bad news for the bad guys is LAPD had plainclothes officers patrolling the area due to the rash of burglaries lately. We're told cops intervened to thwart the burglary, and one suspect fired a shot -- which didn't hit anyone -- and then the chase was on. Officers nabbed 2 of the perps, but one managed to flee in a getaway car.

Keef, btw, was home during all of this. Cops went to the house and spoke to him afterward. We're told he had no idea the suspects had gotten into the home. 

The 2 guys police captured are being booked on burglary and weapons charges. We're told cops recovered 2 guns. 

Kanye West I'll Help You In Chicago!!! ... Says Ex-NBA Star

9/24/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Kanye West just added another big name to the list of people willing to help his social initiatives in Chicago ... ex-NBA star Quentin Richardson, who says he totally down to work with Mr. West.

Richardson is a Chi-Town native ... and lost his brother to gun violence there back in 2005. So, when we saw him at LAX we had to ask if he'd be down to work with Kanye to help turn things around.

"Anybody asking me to come back home and help out ... I'm always down."

West is making a new home in Chicago, and working with Windy City giants like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and GLC to address inner city issues, and QR says West is doing the right thing.

"I think Kanye trying to do something could definitely be something positive and start some change, but it takes a lot more than one person."

Travis Scott Mac, I Love You ... You'll Always Be My Boy

9/23/2018 11:59 AM PDT

Mac Miller might be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten -- especially not by Travis Scott ... who dedicated a touching moment to the fallen MC during his concert this weekend.

La Flame took a moment during his Vegas show Saturday night to freestyle a quick verse dedicated to Mac, who just died earlier this month. Travis raps ... "This is Superstar Boy / Malcolm that's my boy / Mac Miller I love you, always be my boy." 

He dropped a few more bars about Mac, and then transitioned into his song with SZA, "Love Galore." The audience seemed to love the shout-out as they roared in response.

Trav and Mac never rapped on a song together, but they did both drop their newest albums -- "Astroworld" and "Swimming," respectively -- on the same date last month ... August 3. It was Mac's fifth studio album, and Travis' 3rd. 

TMZ broke the story ... Mac Miller was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home, where he's believed to have overdosed. His official cause of death remains a mystery as toxicology tests are pending. 

He was 26. RIP

Drake Serious Illness Triggered Concert Cancellations

9/23/2018 7:43 AM PDT

Drake was seriously ill this week ... something his team didn't want out, but now the man himself is acknowledging it.

Drake canceled 2 Miami concerts Friday and Saturday at the American Airlines Arena. We were told Friday there was an issue with production, but that's clearly not the case.

Drake just went public, saying "I got so ill so fast I had never experienced anything like that in my life." 

It seems Drake was actually hospitalized by what he said ... "Thank you to the two doctors and nurse that helped me with round the clock care." It's possible, of course, he was treated at a hotel, but with 2 doctors and a nurse ... sounds pretty serious.

He then expresses gratitude to the man upstairs, saying, "Thank you God for allowing me to recover and continue."

RZA Defends NFL Over Maroon 5 Pick ... Adam Levine Is Dope!!

9/23/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Here's something you don't hear rappers say a lot lately ... CUT THE NFL A BREAK!!!

RZA -- the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan -- says he doesn't think the NFL deserves all the crap it's been getting for booking Maroon 5 for the Super Bowl halftime show. 

And, the reason? He really digs Adam Levine!!

Remember, the game will be played in Atlanta -- home of stars like Outkast, T.I. and Migos. The guys from Maroon 5 are from L.A., and some people are pissed about that. 

But, not RZA -- who says Adam is everything that's RIGHT about music ... he's talented, progressive and embraces hip-hop. He even points out Adam has a song with Future

In fact, RZA says he wouldn't be surprised if Adam brought out a special guest like Drake

Wanna see Wu-Tang perform at the Super Bowl? 

Well, that's not gonna happen -- but RZA says the guys would definitely be down to perform a halftime show for the NY Jets or the NY Giants -- all they have to do is ask!! 

Wu-Tang's for the children!!!!!! 

NBA Youngboy Goes Nuts and Fights Fan At Concert

9/22/2018 7:20 AM PDT

Rapper NBA Youngboy got so pissed off at a "fan" he beat the crap of him.  

Youngboy had just finished performing Friday night at The National in Richmond, Virginia when he jumped off the stage and beelined it toward a fan.

The fan apparently did something -- we don't know what -- to enrage the rapper. After hopping off stage, Youngboy threw the first punch.

The rapper's friend came in for an assist but that didn't seem necessary, because the fan was getting pummeled.

The crowd seemed shocked but didn't take sides. Security rushed in and broke it up.

Cops were called, but no one was arrested.

Lil Wayne Don't Blame Me 'Cause 'Carter V' Hasn't Dropped!!!

9/21/2018 11:27 AM PDT

Lil Wayne's highly anticipated 'Carter V' album is nowhere to be found on the day TONS of listeners expected to hear it ... and salivating fans have no one to blame but themselves.

A source close to Weezy's camp tells TMZ ... the hype surrounding September 21 as the release date for 'Carter V' was all generated by pure speculation that somehow morphed into conspiracies. Fact is ... all Young Money did was tease the cover and NEVER once mentioned an album release date.

The hype started after Floyd Mayweather posted the album cover on Instagram earlier this month and captioned it "[Goat emoji] #21." That led everyone to believe the album was dropping at midnight on September 21. But when midnight came and went ... fans were left scratching their heads, especially after Floyd deleted the post. James Harden followed suit with "#13" and also deleted it.

Making matters even more confusing -- Michael Vick and Kobe Bryant on Friday posted the same album cover on IG but captioned it "#7" and "#8," respectively. In retrospect, they were just posting the cover along with their jersey numbers. Wayne's daughter, Reginae, also posted the album cover on IG but her caption simply had "#C5."

Point is ... Wayne said zilch about Sept. 21. The wait continues ... 

Drake Postpones Miami Shows with Migos

9/21/2018 10:44 AM PDT

Drake is moments away from postponing his two upcoming shows in Miami ... TMZ has learned. 

The rapper was scheduled to perform Friday and Saturday at American Airlines Arena with Migos ... but our sources say those shows will be moved to another date. We're told there's an issue with production. 

You'll remember, the tour got off to a rough start, with several dates getting pushed back or canceled altogether. A tour bus used for the crew was also towed before opening night in Kansas City.

The tour has had its bright spots, including a guest appearance from Meek Mill where the two squashed their long-running beef

Drakes appearance Saturday night at E11EVEN Miami and Sunday night at LIV have been canceled as well.

We're told the Miami dates will be made up on November 13 and 14.

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