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Trippie Redd Stops Show for Passed Out Fan We Gotta Worry 'Bout Her!

7/22/2018 12:01 PM PDT

Trippie Redd put on his good Samaritan hat this weekend when a fan passed out at his concert, which he abruptly stopped to help the girl out. 

The Ohio rapper was performing in Minneapolis Saturday night when a female in the crowd collapsed. Eyewitnesses tell us Trippie noticed the commotion and quickly cut the music to figure out what had happened ... and soon started demanding someone help her.

It almost sounds like he's chastising concert-goers for standing around -- although, it's unclear from the video who is (or isn't) springing into action on the ground level.

Either way, Trippie did his part. We're told he threw a water bottle out to the girl, which she eventually drank after getting back to her feet ... allowing the show to resume.

Tekashi69 Pistol Whipped, Kidnapped, Robbed and Hospitalized (Update)

7/22/2018 7:41 AM PDT

UPDATE:  9:30 AM PT   Tekashi told a different story to cops. Law enforcement sources tell us, they ended up interviewing 69 and he said the following:  At around 4:25 AM Sunday, he was a passenger in a Chevy Tahoe at a Brooklyn intersection, sitting at a red light, when a car bumped them from behind.  He told cops 2 men with guns jumped out, stole the driver's iPhone and then grabbed Tekashi and dragged him into their car and sped away.

Law enforcement says they drove to Tekashi's home and he called someone inside -- presumably his baby mama -- and asked her to come down with his jewelry ... which she did.  Our sources say Tekashi then told cops he managed to escape and reported the incident to cops, but then became uncooperative.  He checked himself into the hospital.  Our sources say they have no idea how Tekashi was injured.

The 2 stories are obviously different.  As for why ... Tekashi has bragged that people don't mess with him.  The version he told his people make him look harder than the version he told cops.  You be the judge, but it seems pretty easy to figure this one out.

Tekashi69 was kidnapped, pistol whipped and robbed and is now in the hospital ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Tekashi tell us, the rapper was working on a music video in Brooklyn early Sunday morning and at around 4AM he wrapped for the night and drove home.  We're told when he got there another car pulled up and blocked his driveway.

Our sources say that's when 3 hooded gunmen got out of the other car, grabbed Tekashi and pistol whipped him ... knocking him unconscious.

We're told the next thing Tekashi knew, he was in the back seat of the car as the gunmen were driving around, telling him if they didn't get what they wanted from him -- jewelry and money -- they would kill him.

Our sources say a short time later, the gunmen pulled up to Tekashi's home and 2 of them made their way inside as the third guarded 69 inside the vehicle. 

We're told the gunmen took around $750k in jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash.  While all this was happening, Tekashi's baby mama and daughter were inside the house but not hurt.

That wasn't the end of it.  We're told the gunmen then drove away with Tekashi still in the back seat.  At some point 69 was able to open the back door and jumped out.  One of the gunmen began chasing him but got scared and retreated because he was afraid he'd be ID'd.

Our sources say Tekashi jumped in the passenger seat of a stranger's vehicle and pleaded for help.  The stranger called 911 and then asked 69 to get out of the car at an intersection.

An ambulance came and Tekashi was taken to a hospital, where he remains.  Doctors are performing various tests, including a CT scan.

Pusha T's Wedding Pharrell's the Best Man ... Kim and Kanye There, Too!!!

7/21/2018 6:56 PM PDT

It's the big day for Pusha T and his bride, and it turns out ... Pharrell's got a major role, too!

The rapper -- real name Terrence Levarr Thornton -- married his longtime girlfriend, Virginia Joy Williams, Saturday at The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA in front of some other big time celebs ... like his Best Man, Pharrell.

The couple's wedding program -- obtained by TMZ -- features cool art of all the people in Pusha's wedding party ... which was actually pretty small. Oh, and his brother was the officiant.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a couple more of the high-profile guests we know about so far, and of course ... looked stylish as ever.

You'll recall, Ye produced Pusha's hit album "Daytona" which was released in May.

The ceremony's now over, but we imagine the reception -- considering those in attendance -- is still going strong.

Congrats to the bride and groom!


XXXTentacion Murder Ruined Career of Aspiring Rapper

7/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

XXXTentacion's murder has brought a rapper's career to a screeching halt ... so says the rapper himself, who at one point was linked to the murder.

Rapper Soldier Kidd tells TMZ ... his career's been derailed ever since online accusations of his possible involvement in XXX's shooting caught the eye of investigators.

TMZ broke the story ... cops working on the case were homing in on the Florida rapper after he posted a pic of himself with a gun while he was at a fish and chicken joint not far from the crime scene.

A grand jury indicted 4 people in the murder case. 

Kidd -- who btw says he could be the next XXX -- says he couldn't have been happier he's legally in the clear, but he says in the court of public opinion he's still suffering.

'L&HH ATL' Star Karlie Redd Flashing $150k Engagement Ring

7/22/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Karlie Redd's recent engagement is very much the real deal and it was sealed with a $150k ring ... TMZ has learned.

Karlie got engaged last week to her boyfriend, Mo, during her single release party. Sources tell us the ring Mo used to pop the question to the "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta" star was embedded with 18 carats in just diamonds alone.

Lots of people were surprised by the engagement, including Karlie who fell off a couch during the proposal, since not much is known about her fiance. They've only been dating for a few months. 

Karlie's brand manager, KD McNair, tells us Mo is a real estate investor/developer in the ATL area who leads a low-key life, but that's all likely to change on the next season of "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta."

Andre Drummond Reveals NBA's All-Music Team

7/22/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Iman Shumpert and Andre Drummond -- a pretty good starting five on the hardwood, right?!

Well, Drummond says it's also a fivesome he's rollin' to the music studio with -- 'cause they all spit fire on the mic!!

Andre -- better known as Dre Drumm in the rap community -- has serious game when it comes to rhyme and flow ... so, we had to ask -- who's the best musician in the NBA??

Drummond wouldn't reveal an MVP -- but he did give us an all-star team.

"Between myself, Iman Shumpert, Dame Lillard, you know Kevin Durant raps ... Victor Oladipo is another artist that does music in the NBA too!"

Drummond says he's actually looking to make a track with all those dudes ... and even revealed to TMZ Sports the two guys he wants to produce it!

Floyd Mayweather Goes OFF on 50 Cent ... You're a Broke, Jealous Snitch!!!

7/21/2018 3:04 PM PDT

Floyd Mayweather didn't just throw shade at 50 Cent -- he threw EVERYTHING at the rapper ... including a piping hot bag of dirty laundry.

The on-again, off-again beef between the 2 is firmly back on, after Floyd shared a message on social media that began with ... "Curtis 'Confidential Informant' Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you!"

And Mayweather was just getting started.

Curtis “Confidential Informant” Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquees mother doesn’t want to be with you! Your Son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you! You haven't had a hit song on radio in who knows when and you’re definitely not hot enough to even sell records anymore so Interscope dropped you. You are jealous of any rapper, athlete or entertainer that’s hot or got something going on for themselves. You are a certified snitch and we got paperwork to prove it. You talk about Ja-Rule but you stole his whole style and ran with it! You’re the only self proclaimed gangster that’s never put in work! You need to pay homage to the real 50cent for stealing his name and his storyline. Your claim to fame was getting shot numerous times & living to tell it and you think that's Gangster? Where at? You’re currently living in a fucking apartment in Jersey, you are always in somebody else's business just to stay relevant. You should just become a blogger cause it’s obvious you don’t have nothing going on in your life. Are you mad that Kanye West ended your career? The only thing you got going on is Power and everybody watches that because Ghost is a dope ass character on the show. You can leave the show everybody will still watch Power, but out here in the real world I’m The Real Ghost. That’s not a Mansion in Connecticut that you're in debt for, that’s a dump, a money pit an oversized trap house! It was dope when Mike Tyson had it in the late 80’s early 90’s, but you couldn't afford to maintain it. You’re always talking about somebody is broke, but the last time I checked it was Curtis Jackson that filed for bankruptcy not Floyd Mayweather. So quick to gossip like a Bitch, why don't you tell everybody how you got Herpes from DJ. Where's your memes for that, huh? Or better yet, post on how your Coca-Cola deal wasn’t really 300 million you fucking liar and tell how that spinning G-Unit necklace that somebody got robbed for was fake. Just remember, I was with you everyday and your driver Bruce was my driver also. I know where all your bones are buried, so be easy Curtis Jackson! And by the way, don’t ask to borrow no more money from me.

A post shared by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on

Floyd goes on to blast 50 for stealing his style from Ja Rule, gossiping "like a bitch" and filing for bankruptcy .. and accuses him of being a fake gangster and a "certified snitch" (and claims he has proof).

There's more -- a lot more -- so check it out.

It's unclear what exactly sparked this outburst, but there a couple of possibilities. The rapper recently poked fun at the boxer for being illiterate (again) ... and the 2 have had some issues over 50 being sued by Teairra Mari.

Either way, this could get even uglier ... stay tuned.

3:15 PM PT -- That didn't take long -- 50 responded by sharing a photo of Floyd with tears in his eyes ... and bringing up his domestic violence cases.

Offset Targeted Because He's a Rich, Successful and Black Rapper ... Lawyer Claims

7/21/2018 1:36 PM PDT

Offset was unjustly targeted by police because he's successful, wealthy, black and a rapper ... so says his lawyer.

Attorney Drew Findling tells TMZ ... his client broke NO LAWS, and cops used a lane change as a thinly veiled excuse to try and take the rapper down.

Findling, who also reps Gucci Mane, Katt Williams and Trippie Redd, tells us, "It's a common theme. We're talking about a young, African-American man driving a shiny, beautiful luxury car and clad in designer clothes and watches and jewelry."

Findling goes on ... "Unfortunately people in his genre become a target for law enforcement who think that lifestyle is connected to some illegal activity ... and that is a sad statement."

Findling says his client was NOT in possession of any firearm. The attorney says the passenger in Offset's car -- his assistant -- was a licensed gun holder who had firearms in the car for security. Findling notes Offset needs protection because of the large amounts of cash he typically carries and the expensive jewelry he wears.

We broke the story ... Offset was arrested Friday outside of Atlanta after cops say he made an illegal lane change. Police say they found 3 handguns in the car, a small amount of weed and a large amount of cash.

He's been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime -- both felonies -- along with possession of weed and an improper lane change.

Offset bailed out Saturday and returned home to Cardi B after posting $17,000 bail.

Offset Released on Bail in Gun/Drug Case Back Home with Cardi B

7/21/2018 11:21 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Offset is a free man again and back home with Cardi B, after posting $17k bail in his gun/drug case.

Offset was released after going in front of a judge at an Atlanta courthouse Saturday morning, appearing on charges he had 3 guns and pot in his vehicle.

The Migos rapper had issues inside the courtroom ... we're told the lights went out and the hearing was held with flashlights. Nonetheless, he made it out ... and Cardi just posted a shot of the both of them back at home.

TMZ broke the story ... Offset -- who is a felon -- was busted outside Atlanta Friday after cops discovered 3 guns and weed in his car during a traffic stop for an illegal lane change.

Offset has been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime -- both felonies -- as well as possession of weed and improper lane change.

Chris Brown Fainting Kid He's My Idol ... I Passed Out from Excitement!!!

7/21/2018 11:59 AM PDT

The 9-year-old kid who fainted onstage with Chris Brown but was fortunately scooped up by the singer before he fell says ... it all went down because he was starstruck!

Parion McCoy tells TMZ ... it was a stroke of luck he was invited onto the stage with CB while he was performing "Loyal" in the first place, but once the boy got up there and shook Breezy's hand -- it was just too much for him.

The young kid's doing fine now, and tells us it's the first time he's passed out in his life. His mom says he's the biggest Chris Brown fan there is ... and she hopes they can set up a meet-and-greet to thank him for his inspiration.

Better be ready to catch Parion again if it happens ... just in case.

Offset Arrested in Georgia

7/20/2018 2:16 PM PDT

7/21 7:30 AM PT -- Bail was just set at $17k.

7/21 6:47 AM PT -- Police say Offset had 3 handguns in the vehicle and $107,000.

3:46 PM PT -- Offset was hit with 4 charges ... possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime -- both felonies -- and possession of marijuana (one ounce or less), and an improper lane change ... both misdemeanors.

The rapper was apparently pulled over for the lane change, not for tinted windows. 

Offset is behind bars in Georgia after cops pulled him over and allegedly discovered at least one weapon.

Sources tell us the Migos rapper was traveling just outside Atlanta Friday when the vehicle he was in was pulled over for tinted windows. A witness tells us officers then discovered at least one gun in the car ... a big no-no for Offset, who is a convicted felon.

Offset and Cardi B welcomed their daughter, Kulture, into the world earlier this month ... we're told neither Cardi nor the baby were in the vehicle at the time of Offset's arrest.

We're still working to confirm details with law enforcement. 

Story developing ... 

Post Malone Looking Good for 'Queer Eye' ... But I DO Need a Shower

7/21/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Post Malone fans might get what they asked for because the rapper's "Queer Eye" cameo might actually happen, and Post's already got a new look in mind.

We got Posty outside Chin Chin in WeHo and he admitted he was in need of a shower because he's smack in the middle of "a rock star binger."

If ya missed it ... the rapper's fans made a call to action over Twitter, which lead Fab Fiver Karamo Brown to tweet: "Lol why does everyone want @PostMalone to be on the show. Did he request it?" To which Post replied: "no they just think I'm ugly and smell lol."

Post says he's a die-hard fan of the Emmy-nominated reality show, and he'd let them chop his hair too.

Sources close to Post tell us his team is already in talks with "Queer Eye" to make it happen. He says he's already got a look in mind for his makeover ... and it's "groovy, baby!"

Post Malone Logan Paul Better Watch Out ... 'KSI Looks Tough'

7/21/2018 12:05 AM PDT

Post Malone is taking sides in the Logan Paul-KSI boxing match ... and Logan ain't going to like this ...

The "Better Now" rapper says he's got KSI in the super fight ... telling TMZ Sports if he had to be in one boxer's entourage for the August 25 tilt in England, he's siding with the smaller dude.

"KSI looks tough," Post says. "He's tough. He's undefeated!"

Post seems irked by the way Logan and his brother, Jake, came out for the mega-fight's press conference ... saying it all looked a lot like Conor McGregor.

Regardless ... Post says he's trying to attend the fight -- giving more legitimacy to those saying this could be BIGGER than McGregor vs. Mayweather.

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