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'Dreamgirls' Jennifer Holliday Cancels Inauguration Day Performance ... I'm Sorry To All My Gay Fans

1/14/2017 9:50 AM PST

0114-jennifer-holliday-trump-tmz-twitter"Dreamgirls" star and once confirmed Inauguration Day performer Jennifer Holliday just pulled the plug on her show after taking some serious heat from the LGBT community.

Holliday was set to sing Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial with the likes of Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down at the "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration" ... an event Holliday says she considered to be for the people, not in support of Donald Trump.

However, Holliday did a complete 180 on the performance after she says she read an article about how disappointed her gay fans were in the announced show.

The Broadway star released a statement on the conflict Saturday, saying, "I sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgement, for being uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans."

Desiigner & Blac Youngsta All We Get is 'Whores'

1/14/2017 7:00 AM PST

Desiigner & Blac Youngsta had an intense conversation Friday night, and the only thing we could understand is something about whores.

It's a 1 minute clip.  If you figure out what's goin' on ... please post in comment section.

Thank you.

Soulja Boy I'll K.O. Chris! If I Can Quit Smoking Weed

1/13/2017 2:07 PM PST

Soulja Boy needs to clear the air about boxing Chris Brown -- telling us exactly why he's fighting, how the match will end ... and about his struggle to put down weed beforehand.

Soulja sounded focused and pumped about training when we got him Friday at LAX. He says there will definitely be a knockout ... no matter what Mike Tyson says.

He says last he heard -- from Floyd Mayweather -- the fight's happening in Vegas or L.A. ... but Soulja's just getting back from Hong Kong, and we're guessing he missed the update from Wack 100 that it's moving to Dubai.

Soulja also had one final message for Chris, and it's a little hard to believe.


Blac Chyna Off the Hook in Drug Possession Case

1/13/2017 12:31 PM PST

0113-blac-chyna-arrested-airport-TMZ-01update_graphic_red_bar3:00 PM PT -- Chyna's prosecution was deferred essentially because she's been on her best behavior since the arrest. Prosecutors tell us she completed a "sufficient amount" of classes, and because it was a non-violent offense ... they dismissed the charges. 

They wouldn't say what kind of classes she specifically took, but in cases like this it's typically some sort of substance abuse education or community service.update_grey_gray_barBlac Chyna will avoid going to trial for her ecstasy bust in Texas ... we've learned the case has been dismissed.

According to court docs, prosecutors in Austin filed to drop the third degree felony charge against Chyna and a judge agreed, dismissing the charge Friday. 

We broke the story ... she was arrested about a year ago in Austin International Airport after acting erratically and getting verbally abusive with a bartender. Police said they found 2 pills in her sunglasses case.


Mike Tyson Chris Brown Ain't Like Me ... No 1st Round K.O.

1/13/2017 6:08 AM PST

Soulja Boy is no Glass Joe -- Chris Brown won't be knocking his ass out in the 1st round ... so says Brown's coach Mike Tyson

Tyson gave his fight prediction for the big celebrity clash between Chris and Soulja -- and he gave Soulja A LOT lot more credit than most people are giving him.  

Tyson thinks there will be some real "scrappin" when the two throw down -- and predicts a great fight.

He's no Don King ... but credit to Tyson for hypin' the fight. 

Soulja Boy Landlord Says ... Pay Up or Get Out, You Deadbeat!!!

1/13/2017 12:40 AM PST

0111_soulja-boy_tmzSoulja Boy's not only in the market for some serious boxing lessons, he could soon be looking for a new place to live ... because he's WAY behind on rent.

Soulja leased a pad in the Hollywood Hills 3 months ago for $6k a month. His landlord tells us he's already $6k behind and counting. The landlord says when he demands rent he gets blown off.

Since he moved in, the house has been a target for trouble. Cops arrested him there last month after he violated his probation ... and earlier this week the place was burglarized.

The landlord tells us he's had it with Soulja, and if he doesn't pay up by week's end, the legal guns come out.


'LHHNY' Star Mendeecees I'm No Drug Dealer! More Like a Mule

1/12/2017 4:37 PM PST

0112-mendeecees-tmz-2Mendeecees Harris is making an odd plea for a guy who's currently doing hard time for drug trafficking -- he's insisting he's NOT a drug dealer ... TMZ has learned.

Seems too little, too late, but the 'Love and Hip Hop NY' star -- who got 8 years in prison -- says federal prosecutors gave him the shaft during sentencing because they made it sound like he was dealing cocaine and heroin.

In docs obtained by TMZ ... Harris says he was merely "collecting drugs from one party and handing them to another." He says feds never even accused him of setting prices or having knowledge of the entire drug operation.

Translation: I was a small fry, and they know it.

Harris has been in the pen for one year, and he's fighting to get his sentence reduced.

Rihanna Lock'd Up Hair Don't Care

1/12/2017 3:07 PM PST

0112-rihanna-dreads-akmDon't let Rihanna's casual getup fool you -- chick's rocking $5k worth of gear to go with those super thick locks.

RiRi was leaving her NYC apartment to head to the set of "Ocean's Eight." She's co-starring with Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock -- none of whom will be wearing anything this dope. Her Vetements hoodie, Gucci socks and Louis Vuitton backpack don't come cheap. We're guessing the hairstyle's for her character.

We know what you're thinking -- that's a lot o' leg for a winter day, but temps hit the 60s there Thursday.

Behold ... global warming's silver lining.

Young Thug Arrest Warrant Issued Over Tinted Windows

1/12/2017 11:03 AM PST

0112-young-thug-tmz-3Young Thug is a wanted man after he failed to show up in court -- for the second time -- to face a simple fix-it ticket for tinted windows.

YT was supposed to be in an Atlanta court Thursday, but was a no-show ... so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

If you recall, Thug was picked up by the cops shortly before Christmas while shopping at an ATL mall. A cop spotted the rapper and remembered he had missed court. So much for learning his lesson.

He might want to avoid malls.


Soulja Boy Home Burglarized During War with Chris Brown

1/12/2017 12:40 AM PST

0111_soulja_boy_cops_tmz_wmSoulja Boy's house was burglarized Tuesday ... in the throes of his war with Chris Brown that now has tinges of a gang feud.

Law enforcement sources tell us a man busted into Soulja's Hollywood Hills home early Tuesday morning. After busting the front door down the crook nabbed $10k in cash and $12k in jewelry.

We're told SB wasn't home at the time of the burglary ... but his house is wired with surveillance cameras, one of which captured the suspect's image.

TMZ broke the story ... Soulja and Chris Brown are taking their feud into a boxing ring -- probably in Dubai. Wack 100, who's siding squarely with Soulja, says very clearly the fight is being controlled by West Coast gangs. Chris' team, which includes Mike Tyson, begs to differ.

Cops are investigating the incident ... they were at the house again Wednesday afternoon. We're told so far there's no evidence Chris or his crew were involved.


Ray J 'Celebrity Big Brother' 86'd Me for Bad Teeth!!!

1/12/2017 12:30 AM PST

Ray J has been fired from "Celebrity Big Brother" because the show was super concerned over his dental problems, sources connected with Ray tell TMZ ... but it just doesn't add up.

Our sources say producers contacted Ray's manager, David Weintraub, Wednesday and told him Ray couldn't continue because they felt he needed extensive dental work and significant recovery time.

That's the line they gave, we're told, but that makes no sense because the decision to give him the axe was made BEFORE he even saw a dentist.

We're told the show will pay Ray the balance due ... in the high 6 figures. But Ray was cruising in a very sweet ride Wednesday night and said he's still itching to get back in the house.

Gilbert Arenas Sues Laura Govan Your Lawyer Brought Up Old STD Stuff Again!

1/11/2017 6:05 PM PST

0111_gilbert_arenas_laura_govan_tmzGilbert Arenas is gunning for his ex-wife in court for repeating an STD claim about him that already cost her $110k ... TMZ has learned.

The ex-NBA star filed a defamation lawsuit against Laura Govan, as well as her attorney, Maya Shulman, over a December blog post about the longstanding war between the exes. In the post, Shulman said Laura was "stating a fact" when she accused Gilbert of giving her an STD.

As we reported, Gilbert won a hefty defamation judgement against Laura over that very allegation. In the new suit, he says Laura and her attorney clearly didn't learn their lesson -- and the December comment constitutes another instance of smearing his good name.

He says Shulman dug her own grave when she issued a retraction -- in the comments section of the blog -- admitting she doesn't "know any 'fact' that supports" Laura's STD claims. Gilbert says it proves she knowingly made a false statement.

He adds the retraction didn't come until 2 weeks later, and was NOT prominent on the site. He's suing both women for damages.

We reached out to Shulman, but haven't heard back.

Blac Youngsta Rips 'Grandma Bra' Wearing Strippers

1/11/2017 3:53 PM PST

Blac Youngsta admits leaving the strippers at Ace of Diamonds high and dry in the tip department, but says it's their fault for wearing cheap-ass lingerie and not getting naked.

The Memphis rapper fired back at the AoD ladies ... who've been very vocal about Youngsta and his crew leaving zero dollars for services rendered on the stage Monday night.

He's pissed at the club for paying him "crumbs" for his appearance, but says the bigger issue is strippers with bullet wounds ... who don't strip at all.

Blac Youngsta's rebuttal to the pissed off AoD dancers is brutal ... yet entertaining. 

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