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Kim Kardashian I First Called Ivanka Trump To Free Alice Marie Johnson

6/14/2018 7:56 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian says the first person she called to start the process of freeing Alice Johnson was none other than Ivanka Trump ... who apparently got things in motion.

Kim and Alice sat down with "TODAY" host Hoda Kotb and explained how Alice came to be released from prison last week while serving a life sentence. Kim says she called Ivanka, who was completely sympathetic to Alice's situation. The rest is history.

A few other interesting tidbits from the interview -- Alice says she had no idea who Kim was before getting a ton of help from her. Also ... Kim says she cracked a joke about Khloe to President Trump to break the ice during the Oval Office meeting

One last thing ... Kim says the Prez himself had immediate compassion toward Alice, and felt granting her clemency was the right thing to do. Well ... that much is obvious.

Mira Sorvino Just Plead Guilty, Weinstein!!! You're Wasting Our Money

6/6/2018 8:38 AM PDT

Mira Sorvino says Harvey Weinstein's wasting precious time and money -- taxpayers' money -- with his "not guilty" plea ... because he's guilty as sin and everyone knows it. 

We got Mira in NYC Wednesday outside NBC, and asked what she thought of his arraignment this week. Remember, Mira says Weinstein sexually harassed her multiple times while she was acting in his films back in the '90s.

Mira's said she won't feel at peace until Weinstein's convicted, and it's clear in this clip ... she wants a quicker path to that end -- so, his not guilty plea ain't sitting well with her.

We know this ... Mira's dad, Paul Sorvino, might be the only person who wants Weinstein to pay more than her.  

Paul told us he'd like to "kill" the movie mogul for allegedly harassing and blackballing his daughter. He tried to soften his comment, but you can tell Dad is pissed.

Bill Clinton I Don't Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

6/4/2018 7:07 AM PDT

Bill Clinton is revealing -- 20 years after their affair rocked the White House -- he hasn't spoken to Monica Lewinsky, and he's adamant he does NOT owe her an apology. 

The former President got kinda testy while talking to NBC -- with author James Patterson to promote a book they co-authored. Clinton was asked about Monica and the #MeToo movement, and said he'd already apologized to the former White House intern, but never in person.

Watch, it starts around the 3-minute mark.

Clinton straight-up said he wouldn't have done anything differently in how he approached the Lewinsky scandal had the #MeToo movement existed back then. He also referred to "gaping facts" missing from the story -- including being $16 million in debt when he left office.

Clinton defended his decision to remain in office and took a jab at Trump. What's more ... Clinton tried to justify the manner in which he apologized.

Nikki Bella Blows Off John Cena's 'Today' Show Plea

5/14/2018 1:18 PM PDT
Breaking News

Sorry, John Cena ... your pouring-your-heart-out move on the "Today" show to win back Nikki Bella didn't work. 

In fact, the WWE star looked downright unimpressed when "Extra" asked her about Cena's emotional segment with Hoda and Kathie Lee ... when he admitted he desperately wants her back.

“Wow," Bella said enthusiastically ... "I'm speechless. That's crazy."

Not exactly the reaction Cena was hoping for when he professed his undying love for Bella on national TV and talked about how sad his life has become without her. 

Still, Nikki kinda left the door open for a reconciliation ... 

"I have hope ... I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me."

She also said the TV cameras from their reality show put major pressure on her and she needed a break. 

"I just want John and I both to live happily ever after whether it's together or separate and I just don't want us to go down the road in life and have regrets of like 'I did this for you' or 'you did this for me,' so I think it's okay in relationships to take that moment."

John said he's also changed his mind and would consider having kids with Nikki if it would save their relationship ... but she didn't comment on that. 

John Cena Trying to Get Nikki Bella Back 'I Want to Be the Father Of Her Children'

5/14/2018 9:27 AM PDT
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John Cena says his life's been a wreck ever since his fiancee, Nikki Bella, dumped him before their wedding ... and says he'll do whatever it takes to get her back -- including having children. 

"I had my heart broken out of nowhere," Cena said to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the "Today" show ... "I still love Nicole."

Cena says he was blindsided by the breakup -- and blames it on an "unfortunate set of circumstances" ... though he wouldn't elaborate on the specifics. 

Cena says he's been depressed -- and he's been reflecting a lot ... and has decided to change his stance on fundamental things in order to make the relationship work. 

"I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work."

Cena has been pretty vocal about the fact he didn't want kids -- but says he's a changed man now. 

The good news for Cena ... the WWE star says he's still talking to Nikki ... so, maybe some hope?

Matt Lauer vs. Ann Curry War Reignited

4/27/2018 6:52 AM PDT

The bad blood between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry is boiling again ... after Curry accused Lauer of physically harassing an NBC female staffer.

Curry claimed she told NBC execs back in 2012 Lauer was actually physically aggressive toward women and claims the honchos did nothing. Lauer just fired back, acknowledging he had crossed the line while anchoring "Today" but adding, "I want to make it perfectly clear that any allegations or reports of coercive, aggressive or abusive actions on my part, at any time, are absolutely false."

Lauer made his comments to The Washington Post, the same day Curry told the post about her allegations.

The animosity between Curry and Lauer goes back years. As TMZ previously reported, Lauer thought Curry was a lightweight and was bringing down the show when she was his co-anchor. Curry believed Lauer was responsible for her getting fired from the gig, and even shunned him her last day on the show.

Stormy Daniels' Attorney We're Gonna Prove Trump's Camp Issued Threat

3/26/2018 7:03 AM PDT
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Stormy Daniels is certain Donald Trump, or someone connected to him, had a henchman threaten her life ... and she's going to prove it.

Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, says he doesn't know for sure yet who's behind the 2011 incident in Las Vegas, but Monday on the "Today" show he said there are only 2 logical options -- Trump or his attorney, Michael Cohen. If you missed it ... Stormy claims a man threatened her with physical harm if she didn't back off Trump.

At the same time Avenatti was vowing to put the heat on Trump's camp, Cohen was vowing to empty Stormy's bank account.

His lawyer, David Schwartz, went on 'GMA' to insist Stormy has no credibility ... and also that she's in clear violation of the "hush" agreement she signed.

Late Sunday night, after her "60 Minutes" interview aired, another lawyer for Cohen fired off a cease and desist letter to Stormy and her attorney, who don't seem concerned ... based on how much they're talking.

Kathie Lee Gifford Jesus, Oprah ... Look for the Signs!!!

3/1/2018 12:40 AM PST

Kathie Lee Gifford is all for divine intervention guiding Oprah's decision on whether she should run for President.

We got KLG leaving lunch Wednesday at Michael's, and our guy dropped the best question of the day: What signs should Oprah be looking for from her colleague, God? 

Of course, Kathie had some answers -- while she prayed for the big guy to bring her car around. 

As you may have heard, Oprah re-opened the door Wednesday to running for Prez when she said she's all in ... if God tells her to do it.

Shaun White Sorry For Sexual Harassment Case Comments

2/14/2018 7:02 AM PST
Breaking News

Shaun White says he's "truly sorry" for referring to his sexual harassment case as "gossip" -- saying, "It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today."

The snowboarding legend appeared on the "Today" show early Wednesday to address the comments he made during Tuesday night's post-Olympic media conference ... where he was asked about the graphic sexual harassment suit filed against him in 2016. 

TMZ Sports broke the story back in August 2016 ... White was sued by his female bandmember, Lena Zawaideh, who claimed White would text her penis pics, sex videos involving fecal matter and forced her to style her hair in a way that appeased him during her 7-year run with the group.

White denied the allegations -- but ultimately settled the case with Zawaideh in May 2017, the terms of which were not disclosed. 

But Tuesday night in South Korea -- right after White won gold in the men's halfpipe -- he was asked by an ABC reporter to address the allegations. White said he was there to talk about the Olympics, not "gossip."

A second reporter wanted to ask follow-up questions about the case, but was shut down by the moderator.

There didn't seem to be a lot of mainstream media interest in the case back in 2016 and 2017 -- interesting why not.

Nicole Eggert I Lied About Scott's Alleged Sexual Abuse ... Out of Shame

1/30/2018 7:08 AM PST

Nicole Eggert just went on Megyn Kelly's show to chronicle what she claims was years of sexual assault at the hands of Scott Baio, and explained why she lied and why her timeline was off.

Nicole and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, recounted abuse during the filming of "Charles in Charge," claiming Baio fingered her when she was 14 and ultimately had sex with her at 17. Baio strongly denies her allegations and says they had sex only after she turned 18.

Kelly asked Eggert about discrepancies in her stories and comments she made where she sang Baio praises. She says it's all about feeling shame. 

And Baio has blasted Eggert, saying if she really believes her allegations she should file a police report and not try to destroy him on social media. Eggert responded on the show, "Be careful what you wish for."

Matt Lauer & Wife Annette Hitch Their Horses Together ... Amid Rumor He Got Booted

1/22/2018 12:15 PM PST

Matt Lauer sure doesn't look like a guy who just got kicked out of the house by his wife -- 'cause they're still showing up to the same places ... albeit separately.

Matt and his wife of 20 years, Annette Roque, both arrived Monday to a horse farm in Sag Harbor, Long Island -- this after a rumor went out this week that she'd kicked him out of their Hamptons home.

They did not arrive together, but did appear right around the same time at 11 AM ET. Annette has not filed for divorce or signaled any formal separation from her fired hubby, who was accused of sexual misconduct while at NBC's 'Today' morning show.

Hard to tell if they're still on good terms after Matt's alleged misdeeds at work. Guess we'll have to wait 'til we hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

Kathie Lee Gifford Kris Jenner Won't Co-Host 'Today' ... Tomorrow, Or the Next Day

1/18/2018 6:47 AM PST

Kathie Lee Gifford is shutting down rumors Kris Jenner will replace Hoda Kotb as her co-host on 'Today' ... even though she says she'd make a great one.

We got Kathie Wednesday leaving Michael's New York and asked if a Hollywood rumor going around that Kris was interested and "campaigning hard" for the co-host gig was true -- after Hoda permanently replaced Matt Lauer from 7 to 9 AM.

Kathie assures us Hoda's sticking around in the 4th hour -- apparently, she's under a long-term contract. 

What's interesting ... Kathie kinda seems to leave the door open for a hypothetical Jenner run -- keyword, hypothetical.

Ann Curry Verbal Sexual Harassment 'Pervasive' at NBC

1/17/2018 5:59 AM PST

Ann Curry makes it clear ... the conduct that got Matt Lauer fired from anchoring "Today" was no surprise to her ... because she says that was the culture at NBC.

Curry appeared on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday to talk about her experiences with Lauer and others.  She clearly knew the anchors were going to zero in on her former co-host yet seemed reluctant to open up ... though she did.

Curry left the show in 2012 after a tumultuous run as Lauer's co-anchor. It was rumored the 2 had an intense dislike for each other and many thought Lauer was behind Curry's ousting.

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