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Anthony Anderson Under Criminal Investigation for Assault ... Denies Allegation

7/20/2018 5:28 PM PDT

Anthony Anderson is under criminal investigation for allegedly attacking a woman ... a claim he strongly denies.

A woman filed a police report with LAPD claiming the "Black-ish" actor assaulted her months ago.  We've confirmed Anderson is listed as the suspect on the police report.

A rep for Anderson tells TMZ, "It's unfortunate that anyone can file a police report whether it is true or false," adding, "The authorities have not contacted Anthony or any of his representatives about this matter.  Anthony unequivocally disputes the claim." 

Farrah Abraham Shocked Bristol's Doing 'Teen Mom' ... Show's Not Trump-Friendly

7/20/2018 2:14 PM PDT

Farrah Abraham thinks Bristol Palin's in for a huge shock on "Teen Mom OG" because her conservative views will not be welcome around producers.

The 'Teen Mom' alum tells us she's not surprised Bristol wanted to come on board the popular MTV series -- but, she is shocked the show's producers sought her out. Farrah referred to the showrunners as the "Trump Hate Cult."

Farrah tells us she's concerned for the safety of Bristol and her family because of politics, and she's not even convinced it will make for good TV. In fact, she's not impressed at all with Bristol's story or what she'll bring to the table.

She does have a better option than Bristol in mind, though -- someone who already has experience.

Roseanne ABC Fired Me Over My Trump Support ... Also, 'F*** Racism!'

7/20/2018 12:28 PM PDT
Breaking News

Roseanne's taking direct aim at ABC, saying the network canned her less than an hour after calling her ... and she believes it's because voting for Donald Trump is a major no-no in Hollywood.

Roseanne ripped ABC for immediately labeling her a racist and canceling her show without giving her a chance to publicly apologize. She's going on the attack with several new video clips.

TMZ broke the story ... Roseanne and her son, Jake Pentland, are creating new content for a still unnamed project. In another clip, she seems to be responding to being called racist for the infamous Valerie Jarrett tweet. 

In front of her son and a couple members of her team, she says ... "F**k racism, f**k racism, f**k racism, f**k racism."

Jake captioned the vid, "The media narrative is mom is having a meltdown.... she’s more clear than ever. DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA"

As we reported, Jake's plan is to continue releasing the content on YouTube to provide an unfiltered and unedited version of his mom.

Roseanne Barr I've Got My Own Content on the Way

7/20/2018 8:11 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr is hard at work, creating her own content where she gets to call all the shots, and that "I thought the bitch was white" rant is a sneak peek of what's to come ... TMZ has learned.

Barr's been holed up in her son Jake Pentland's Full Moon & High Tide studio all week shooting interviews with friends and family members. Jake tells us guests include himself, Barr's boyfriend, former "Roseanne" crew member Allan Stephan and her former campaign manager Thomas Muhammad -- who is black and Muslim.

Jake says the plan is to release the content on Roseanne's YouTube channel without any big networks getting involved. He says that's the only way to get a truly unfiltered and unedited version of his mom.

As for that bombastic clip of Roseanne revisiting her Valerie Jarrett tweet -- Jake tells us that was 100% genuine and the result of a lot of hours spent in the studio.

They don't have a name for the show yet, or a release date.

George Clooney Back On Set Lifting Props ... 10 Days After Accident

7/20/2018 8:55 AM PDT

George Clooney's looking as good as new on set in Italy, and it's nothing short of a miracle ... considering his head-on scooter collision from less than 2 weeks ago.

George is filming "Catch-22" -- he's directing and acting in the miniseries -- and Friday he was moving quickly on set ... so quickly, it didn't even seem like there was a limp in his step from the accident. He was also lifting props without a problem.

TMZ broke the story ... George slammed into a car going 60 mph in Sardinia. He went flying, nearly 20 ft into the air, before slamming down to the ground. Still, he walked away from the accident with bruises and zero broken bones. 

He looked a little banged up getting onto his private jet a few days later, but looks like he's made a 100% recovery.

Roseanne on Valerie Jarrett 'I Thought the Bitch was White!!!'

7/20/2018 3:40 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr let out a primal scream with one of her many explanations for the racist tweet targeted at Valerie Jarrett ... "I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE!!!!!"

Roseanne was being interviewed about her comment, comparing former Obama White House staffer Valerie Jarrett to an ape. ABC quickly fired her, cancelled her show and then re-rebooted it as "The Connors."

The interviewer, Roseanne's 40-year-old-son Jake, is asking her about a prior video in which it sounds like Roseanne had worn multiple outfits. Roseanne listened to Jake as she manically puffed away on a cig, clearly agitated.

That's when she lets out the primal scream ... twice.

Up to now, she's tried apologizing to both Jarrett -- who is African-American -- and America for her comment, saying it was a stupid comment made while on Ambien and accepting the blame.

Roseanne posted the video on her YouTube page.

Judge Jeanine Pirro I Got Treated 'Less Than Human' By Whoopi and 'The View' Crew

7/19/2018 6:50 PM PDT

Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn't say she regrets going on "The View" -- even though it ended in a shouting match -- but it doesn't seem like she's in a hurry to go back either.

We got the Fox News star in NYC Thursday and asked about her highly contentious appearance on the talk show earlier in the day, which got especially heated with Whoopi Goldberg.

Jeanine tells us she can handle debating people with opposing views -- even if she's outnumbered ... but says she's got a big problem with getting an invite to talk and then being treated like garbage. 

As for Whoopi, the judge doesn't have much more to say other than what was said during their showdown and, as she points out ... it probably wouldn't resolve much anyway.

Now get out of the way ... Jeanine's got places to be.

Rep. Matt Gaetz My Teleprompter Stance Saved Me From Sacha Baron Shame

7/19/2018 3:42 PM PDT

Congressman Matt Gaetz didn't fall for Sacha Baron Cohen's trap to promote putting guns in the hands of toddlers, but admits he was clueless about who he was talking to.

We got the Florida Representative Thursday at Reagan National Airport, and asked how he managed to avoid being duped like several of his Republican peers ... who shockingly read a fake PSA calling for school children to be armed.

Gaetz says he'll never let a teleprompter do him in.

Gaetz tells us he's still disappointed in himself for not recognizing Cohen in makeup, because he missed a chance to whip out his own Borat impressions to the man himself.

He also has some advice for folks, like Sarah Palin, who are complaining about getting played.

The Congressman didn't elaborate on his anxiety about teleprompters, but since he loves Borat, we're gonna guess he's also seen Ron Burgundy's work.

'Wendy Williams Show,' CBS Sued Sherri Shepherd Called Me Racist And You Aired It!!!

7/18/2018 3:25 PM PDT

4:36 PM PT -- Reyes just filed an additional complaint -- this time naming Sherri as a defendant -- for the incident.Sherri Shepherd's rant about being racially profiled got a Staples store employee fired, according to the employee, who's now suing media outlets that covered the story ... but not Sherri.

Instead, Janice Reyes is suing "The Wendy Williams Show" and CBS Television after they aired the video Sherri posted back in February -- she slammed Reyes as a racist for refusing to let her and a friend use the Hollywood store's restroom.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Reyes says she got canned 5 days after Sherri's post. Reyes says her supervisor told her the bathrooms were getting fixed, and instructed her to keep customers away. She says that's the only reason she stopped Sherri.

Reyes claims Shepherd and her friend confronted her while ringing them up ... calling her a liar and accusing her of racism. Reyes admits she said, "I'm not taking this s***" and walked away.

Reyes says she was told she was getting fired for swearing, but she thinks the real reason was Sherri accusing her of racism.

She's suing for loss of wages and other damages. She's suing CBS because it aired "Inside Edition" ... which also covered the story.

We've reached out to CBS and the Wendy Williams Show.

'Big Brother' JC Drops N-Word and F-Word ... Black Houseguest Pissed!!!

7/18/2018 9:31 AM PDT

"Big Brother" houseguest JC Mounduix hurled a couple of nasty epithets Tuesday night -- in front of a black houseguest -- while trying to explain how NOT to offend people. No joke.

JC, who stands 4'8" tall, was trying to explain the difference between the words "midget" and "dwarf" ... and told Bayleigh Dayton, who's black, it's like "gay and f***ot or ni**er and black."

The lesson did NOT go over well with Bayleigh, who quickly reacted in anger.

This isn't the first time a 'BB' houseguest has gone there. Kaitlyn Herman dropped the n-word earlier this month while singing a Drake lyric, and that was AFTER producers had warned them about offensive language. Oh, and there were the two women who said their tans made 'em "look ghetto."

Good times.

'Rugrats' Actor Cheryl Chase Angelica Pickles is Coming Back!!! Looks Like I Will Be Too

7/18/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Nickelodeon is rebooting "Rugrats" for a new generation of kids, and it sounds like the woman who played Angelica Pickles for years is coming back as well. 

We spoke with voice actor Cheryl Chase -- who voiced Angelica for over 9 seasons -- not long after Nick announced the baby gang was being brought back for a new 26-episode season as well as a CGI movie.

Cheryl says she's obviously down to reprise her role and, appropriately ... Nickelodeon has already reached out to her to say they'll be in touch very soon. The show is reportedly still in the early stages of development, and a cast has yet to be confirmed.   

She doesn't say for sure she's got the job locked -- but, c'mon ... she's got it locked. No pressure, but we better hear EG Daily's voice too when the reboot drops. 

David Arquette Secret Tijuana Wrestling Match ... Crazy Flying Moves!

7/17/2018 2:25 PM PDT

Before David Arquette squared off against RJ City in California ... he went to Tijuana, Mexico to train with luchadores -- and the high-flying moves he pulls off are insane!!!

Check out this footage TMZ Sports got of Arquette -- in the purple mask with matching tights -- going HAM on a bunch of local wrestlers during a match earlier this month. 

The 46-year-old flies off the top rope and then busts out the HURRACARRANA ... a crazy acrobatic move where Arquette jumps and uses his legs to FLIP his opponent! 

Arquette never revealed his true identity during the match -- which essentially served as a warm-up bout for RJ City -- but the crowd loved it! 

Of course, Arquette went on to lose against City on Sunday ... but, judging by the video, we ain't seen the last of Dave in the squared circle. 

Luis Severino I Learned English From 'Friends'

7/17/2018 7:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Aaron Boone owes Matt LeBlanc some tickets ... 'cause the "Friends" star is the reason the Yankees manager can now speak to his ace pitcher without an English-speaking translator.

And, we're dead serious.

NY stud Luis Severino went on "The Jim Rome Show" Monday and revealed the sitcom -- and his favorite character, Joey -- is where he picked up most of his English after he came to the U.S. to play baseball.

"I love watching 'Friends,'" Severino says. "I think I learned a lot of English from watching 'Friends.'"

Luis moved to the States from the Dominican Republic about 5 years ago ... and admits it was all tough -- especially the language barrier -- until Ross, Chandler and the gang taught him the lingo.

There's more ... Luis says FaceTiming with his mom is the reason he can cook now as well ... so, we guess Boone owes some Apple employees tix for that too.

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