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Jon Stewart

Mad Props From WWE Legends

... Best Celeb Cameo EVER!!

10/4/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget Ben Stiller or Andy Warhol (yes, seriously) ... the greatest WWE celebrity cameo EVER was executed (painfully) by Jon Stewart ... so says WWE legend Scott Hall

Stewart was famously SLAMMED to the mat by John Cena during "Monday Night Raw" back in August -- earning him TONS of respect from the wrestling faithful. 

And when we saw Hall out in NYC ... along with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts ... they all seemed to agree the former 'Daily Show' host became a WWE legend himself that day. 


Alek Skarlatos

'Dancing With The Stars' Saved Me

...From Campus Shooting

10/2/2015 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Train hero Alek Skarlatos would've been on the Oregon college campus where a gunman killed 10 ... if not for his stint on "Dancing With The Stars."

Sources close to Skarlatos tell us he'd already enrolled at Umpqua Community College before accepting the 'DWTS' gig. We're told he had scheduled his classes for Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester, so he's certain he would have been on campus when the shooting happened.

We broke the story, Skarlatos bolted out of rehearsal Thursday when news broke about the shooting, and he flew home to Oregon almost immediately. We're told ABC paid for the flight.

Miley Cyrus

Topless Fans Wait

While Miley Pigs Out

10/2/2015 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus fans have the same gimmick as the singer herself ... a gimmick they believe will stop her in her tracks.

A few loyal fans were waiting outside the 'Tonight Show' Thursday, while Miley jawboned with Jimmy about her pet pig ... a pig that is vegan and apparently grossly overweight.

Miley isn't afraid to judge the relative virtues between dog and pig poop.


Julie Bowen

Hell Yeah, I Talk Birds & Bees

... With 'Mod Fam' Kids

9/30/2015 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it ... TV parents can absolutely teach real-life parents a thing or two -- which Julie Bowen proved by dropping serious relationship knowledge. 

The "Modern Family" hot mom was bolting out of BOA Steakhouse on Sunset and we asked if she has, y'know ... "the talk" with her TV kids. After all, 2 of 'em are at that age -- Nolan Gould is 16, and Ariel Winter is 17.

Sarah Hyland is 24, but what 20-something couldn't use some sex advice, right?

Julie's answer is funny, simple, and awesome. In a nutshell ... keep it clean, kids.

Michael Sam

Hangin' With 'Empire' Stars

... New Friendship With Jussie Smollett

9/29/2015 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0929-michael-sam-terrence-howard-INSTAGRAM-02Being unemployed has its benefits ... if you're Michael Sam ... 'cause the outta-work football player has some new friends in high places ... hanging with the cast of the hit Fox show "Empire."

Sam posted a set pic to Instagram with stars Terrence Howard and Jussie Smollett moments ago ... along with a message thanking the two for allowing him to visit and watch the magic happen.

Sam and Smollett have been really chummy lately ... in fact, this is the THIRD picture Michael has posted of the two guys hanging out within the last five days.


We know what you're thinking ... but we made some calls and it doesn't seem there's anything more then a friendship between the two guys ... for now.

"Focusing on football" never looked so fun.


Whoopi Goldberg

There Was NO 'View' Meltdown!!

But Someone IS Trying to 'Do My Job'

9/29/2015 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg isn't denying she's pissed at someone at "The View" -- in fact, she sounds angry in this video -- but she's refusing to call it a "meltdown."

Whoopi allegedly went off recently on 'View' execs -- according to the The Daily Mail she dropped the 'n' word and called herself a slave doing the bidding of her ABC masters. The report claims it was because she'd been cut out of an editorial meeting.

Outside the ABC studio today, our photog referred to the incident as a "meltdown," and then Whoopi took him to school. But watch ... she also strongly hints someone's stepping on her toes behind the scenes.

Unclear if the 'n' word or slave comments are true (unfortunately, our guy didn't ask) -- but Whoopi's definitely heated.

Tony Danza

Danny Pintauro Is An Incredible Kid

9/28/2015 7:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Danza says his former "Who's The Boss" co-star Danny Pintauro is making the world a better place by coming out as HIV positive.

Our photog caught Danza leaving the Jerry Weintraub memorial after-party at Craig's Sunday night ... the day after Pintauro, who played Jonathan on Danza's '80s sitcom, told Oprah he's been living with the virus for the past 12 years.

Danza sings Pintauro's praises.

'Gotham' Star Morena Baccarin

I'm Marrying My Co-Star Ben McKenzie

9/28/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0925_MORENA_BACCARIN_BEN_MCKENZIE_TMZ"Gotham" star Morena Baccarin -- who is pregnant with co-star Ben McKenzie's baby -- plans to marry him ... TMZ has learned.

Baccarin is in the middle of a nasty divorce with director Austin Chick. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Baccarin says she got pregnant with Ben's baby in June, which she claims was after she separated with Chick. The estranged husband begs to differ and says she got pregnant while they were still together.

Chick filed for divorce, and Morena has already planned her next move. In her legal docs, obtained by TMZ, she says, "Today, I am in a new committed relationship. I am planning to re-marry. Also, I am 3 1/2 months pregnant."

Morena's divorce is bitter. As we reported, Chick says he came to their house in June, only to find Ben freshly showered and playing with their 1-year-old son.

And Morena included texts in her docs to show how bad the situation is ... she texted to Chick, "I'd like to be there alone with Julius [their son]. Please Friday all day and night through Sunday morning."

He responded, "I'd like to run Fox Studios and remake The Sound of Music w an entirely black cast of hip hop artist."

She tells the judge, "This entire situation is not funny to me."

David Spade

Sued by Krista Allen

He Stole My Show!!!

9/25/2015 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0925-david-spade-krista-allen-tmz-getty-01David Spade has always been a ladies man, but he just lost one for good ... comedian Krista Allen, who's suing Spade for allegedly screwing her out of a TV show.

According to Krista's lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- last year, she came up with the idea for a show called "Frauditions," a fake talent show in which participants are conned into participating in front of actors posing as judges.

Krista says she pitched her idea to David and he loved it, and they agreed to an even split of profits. But she says things went majorly south when the show went into development and David's lawyer tried to change the split from 50/50 to 70/30. In the end, she rejected the proposal.

Come to find out ... David produced and hosted a show called "Fameless," which Krista says is a ripoff of "Frauditions." "Fameless" is airing on truTV.

Krista -- who's appeared in "Liar Liar", "Anger Management" and "Spin City," was rumored to have dated David in 2001.

She wants more than a million bucks.

We reached out to Spade ... so far no word back.

'Black-ish' Star Anthony Anderson

Wife Files for Divorce

9/25/2015 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0925-anthony-anderson-tmz-01Anthony Anderson is about to be married only on television ... because the "Black-ish" star's wife has filed for divorce. 

Anderson's wife Alvina filed the document, citing irreconcilable differences.  

The couple was married in 1995 (they were high school sweethearts), and have two children together, ages 19 and 15. She's asking for joint legal custody of the minor and primary physical custody, with Anthony getting "reasonable visitation."

Alvina is asking for spousal support.   

This is a little odd ... Alvina lists the date of separation as April 1, 2014 ... that's before "Black-ish" even premiered. It's unclear if she'll lay claim to Anthony's "Black-ish" money.

In addition to the hit ABC show, Anderson also hosts a show on the Food Network, "Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson."



Columbus Short

No Jail for Knockout Assault

... But Looong Probation

9/24/2015 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Columbus Short is now on the Lindsay Lohan plan ... as in, he just dodged a jail sentence for a serious crime, but he's gonna have to keep his nose clean for a long time.

Short pled no contest on Thursday to felony assault for knocking out a guy at a West L.A. restaurant in March 2014. As we previously reported ... Short broke the victim's nose, leaving him bloodied and unconscious.

0924-sub-columbus-short-victim-tmz-01The ex "Scandal" star was immediately sentenced to 3 years probation, 60 days community labor, and 26 anger management classes. He will also have to pay restitution to the victim.

As LiLo and Chris Brown would tell Columbus -- best to stay out of trouble for the next 36 months.

Bravo's Miss Lawrence

I Nailed Cookie

... To Get on 'Empire'

9/24/2015 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cookie Lyon was damn near upstaged on the season premiere of "Empire" by Bravo star Miss Lawrence ... who, coincidentally, got the gig because of his spot-on Cookie impression.

Lawrence tells us, he got the role of a lifetime while goofing off with co-star Bevy Smith on the "Fashion Queens" set. Bevy recorded Lawrence doing an homage to Taraji P. Henson's character, and sent the vid to her pal Lee Daniels ... with the message, "Hire him!"

Lee responded, "Done!" ... and a few weeks later, Lawrence got to audition. He picked Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" for the big moment, and obviously slayed it. 

Major bonus ... when Daniels called Miss Lawrence to say the gig was his, Lenny Kravitz was there. Lawrence says Lenny got on the phone to give him props and told him to pursue a music career. 

Cop From Village People to E!

You Can Hang Out With All the Boys ... In Court

9/24/2015 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Young man ... Village People are pissed

I said, young man ... Victor feels really dissed

I said young man, E! has taken our song

And they did us so ve-ry wrong

Boom boom boom boom boom

It's fun to send them a cease and desist

It's fun to send them a cease and desis-i-ist.

They can crap in their pants, they can shake in their boots

And we'll stick it to all the suits!!!

In case you didn't follow ... Victor Willis, the former cop/frontman in Village People, is demanding that E! pull the plug on the "Y.M.C.A." performance from the Macy's fashion show.

The show aired Wednesday and is scheduled to replay tonight. But sources close to Willis -- who wrote the song back in the day -- say Willis gave permission to use "Macho Man," but Macy's did a switcheroo at the last minute.

Willis fired off a cease and desist and says he'll sue the network if the show is re-aired.

Apparently ... there is a need to be unhappy.

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