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'OITNB' Star Dascha Polanco Trump on Puerto Rico Deaths ... Very Telling, But I'm Not Surprised

9/16/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Dascha Polanco believes Donald Trump's claim the death toll in Puerto Rico was inflated to make him look bad, only proves one thing -- he's all about diversions.

The "Orange Is the New Black" star was at LAX Friday when she called out the Prez for denying thousands died after hurricanes Maria and Irma. She can't understand how he's disputing hard numbers from multiple studies.

But, Dascha tells us that's not even the point -- the big picture is the situation in Puerto Rico shows we need to unite to help people in need ... and she says it's simply common sense.

As for Trump's claim Democrats are just trying to use the death toll as a political weapon against him -- she doesn't exactly deny it's possible, and definitely doesn't think it's the worst idea ever.

Kendall Jenner Great Day for a Run ... Nude Beach Pics Going Viral!!!

9/11/2018 7:19 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:49 PM PT -- Sources connected to the shoot tell us the images of Kendall were stolen from James and released without permission. 

Kendall Jenner's completely in the buff, sprinting on the beach in a newly released portrait ... and the Internet is already having a field day.

Kendall's no stranger to nudity, but this photo -- along with several more reportedly from a series from photographer Russell James for his upcoming book "Angels" -- is Kendall like you've never seen her before ... and folks on social media seem to be in shock.

James' "Angels" collection was celebrated last week in NYC at a bash co-hosted by Cindy Crawford and Candice Swanepoel.

The book's expected to feature a whole lot more of completely naked Kendall -- including her climbing a tree, lounging in a pool and riding a horse bareback -- but when it comes to generating buzz ... the beach pic is the frontrunner.

Drake Kanye's Welcome at my Show ... Beef Squashed

9/9/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Drake's been taking some not-so-subtle jabs at Kanye West recently -- but if Ye follows through on his word to see a Drake show -- Drizzy won't turn him away.

Kanye went on Twitter earlier this week to apologize to Drake for leaving him off "Lift Yourself" ... adamantly denying he spilled the beans about Drake's secret son to Pusha T. Kanye's olive branch -- a promise to attend a Drake concert. Ye praised Drake, saying, "the images (from the show) look incredible online."

Our sources say Drake won't stop Kanye from attending and has made it clear to security ... Ye is not to be banned.

Our sources say Kanye hasn't reached out for tix -- and there's a very good chance he'll just buy his own -- but you gotta imagine, it'll be no secret if Ye is in the building. 

As for the fans ... don't bank on any onstage Yeezy guest spots during the show. 

Mac Miller Athletes Pay Tribute

9/7/2018 2:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

4:07 PM PT -- Karl-Anthony Towns -- Mac's close friend -- just showed up at Miller's home. He stayed for a few minutes before leaving.

Towns -- who said he broke down when he heard the news -- tweeted ... "Not only were you my favorite artist, you was one of my closest friends. The love we had was genuine and the moments we shared were filled with nothing but positivity and laughter. I love you man and I’m sure as hell gonna miss you."

The death of Mac Miller has hit the sports world hard -- with several notable athletes who were fans of his music paying tribute to the rapper Friday.

Steelers superstar Le'Veon Bell -- who had a strong connection with the Pittsburgh native -- tweeted, "NOOO! I do not wanna believe my brother is dead! I cannot take this anymore, life is too short...I just know you’re now in a better place now than this place we call Earth @MacMiller ...I love you bro, and will miss youu 😭"

Another Pennsylvania product -- legendary corner Darrelle Revis -- shared a heartfelt message underneath an old photo of the two, saying, "My heart just dropped when I heard the news about my brother Mac Miller. Our last conversation we had I told you I would come to one of your shows but I never mentioned which one because it was going to be a surprise."

"9 years ago I saw a young man with a gift that would change the world with his voice. I saw a young man who was talented as anybody in the rap game and he was 17 years of age at the time. I remember rushing back home in the off-season to spend time in the studio to be around a creative genius."

"You inspired so many people across the world as an MC from the 412 and one thing I can say is I was here to watch you become a Legend from the very start of your career. To the rap game and to PITTSBURGH we lost a real one but his music will live on forever!!! #kids #longlivemacmiller"

NBA stud Jabari Parker also reflected on how Mac Miller impacted his life with an old photo of the two in L.A., saying, "DAMN MAC. I’m hurt. And the crazy thing is, I don’t even take pictures with my hero’s because the memory is more important than the canvas."

"But this particular day I had to. This day I wasn’t even suppose to be there. But as soon as my boy told me your whereabouts, I rushed over to holla at you. 'Huge fan MAC'. Always will be your fan. RIP brother, one of the greatest to do it!"

Cardinals rookie Christian Kirk gave his thoughts on Twitter, writing, "another talent gone way too soon" and Cowboys WR Cole Beasley -- who also raps -- said, "Mac Miller being gone is hurtin me right now."

Even UFC boss Dana White paid tribute to the musician, posting a photo of Mac Miller and writing, "WOW!!!! Very sad..... RIP."

Mac Miller was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home. He was 26.

Mac Miller Celebs React to Shocking Death

9/7/2018 2:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

The tragic news of rapper Mac Miller's fatal OD on Friday afternoon has shocked the world, and celebrities' tweets of grief and prayers have been pouring in. See some of the their reactions below.

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RIP @macmiller 😥😔💔🙏🏽

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Damn bro! This shocked the shit out of me REST IN PEACE MAC! 💔

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'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones Banned by Twitter!!

9/6/2018 3:10 PM PDT
Breaking News

Alex Jones won't be spewing his conspiracy theories on Twitter, which is now the first social media platform to permanently ban the "InfoWars" host. 

Twitter announced Thursday it's suspending two accounts -- @realalexjones and @infowars. The ban also extends to Periscope. A spokesperson said videos and tweets Jones recently posted violated Twitter's abusive behavior policy ... plus, there had been previous violations.

The final straw appears to stem from a tense confrontation Jones had Wednesday on Capitol Hill, where CEO Jack Dorsey and other tech execs were testifying to congress. In addition to his face-off with Sen. Marco Rubio ... Jones got in the face of CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, and likened him to "the Hitler Youth." Jones livestreamed the confrontation on InfoWars.

Jones had already been heavily censored on other platforms such as Facebook, Apple, Spotify and YouTube. In case you're unfamiliar, Jones has been pushing outlandish conspiracy theories for years -- most notably, perhaps, that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax staged with actors.

Kanye West Apologizes to Drake ... Over Pusha T Beef

9/5/2018 6:15 AM PDT

Kanye West has taken the high road in the raging feud between him and Drake, apologizing and at the same time explaining he never gave Pusha T intel about Drake's secret son.

Ye posted a series of tweets early Wednesday AM, all directed at Drizzy ... saying, "Sending good energy and love to Drake and family and crew. I haven’t seen the show in person but the images look incredible online I understand where the confusion started." 

Kanye goes on to apologize for releasing his throwaway track, "Lift Yourself" -- where he rapped nonsense like "poopity scoop" -- without featuring Drake even though he said he would.

Finally, Ye sets the record straight over the Pusha T beef that blew up their relationship ... saying he should have intervened after Push's initial diss ... but Kanye insists he never gave his labelmate info on Drake's baby son, Adonis, like lots of people thought when Pusha's 2nd diss song dropped.

Mr. West ends by saying he's got love for both Pusha and Drake, and promises to be at one of Drake's upcoming shows within the week. This, of course, comes after Kim Kardashian West herself had to squash rumors that Drake might've slept with her. 

All's well that ends well ... we think.

Zach Smith 'I Didn't Beat My Wife' And I'm Suing Brett McMurphy

8/29/2018 11:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-Ohio State football coach Zach Smith is furious -- claiming allegations he beat his wife are wrong and he's threatening to sue the reporter who broke open the story, Brett McMurphy

"Silence = over," Smith tweeted Wednesday ... the beginning of an angry rant directed at reporters and his ex-wife, Courtney Smith. 

Smith claims McMurphy's reports about him are not only wrong -- but claims some of the images he's posted or reported on have been photoshopped.

"I am waiting for one thing that is accurate beyond a name change or photoshop session. I will see you in court you clown."

Smith also lays out his version of the "facts" -- saying:

"1. My kids are suffering because of all of this (most important)
2. I never beat my wife
3. OSU botched the investigation and worse off the 'punishment.'
4. They forced [Urban Meyer] into his statement, I hope at least... because he knows what’s real and would have never apologized.
5. President Drake is either the cause of the joke of an 'investigation' or 'punishment' or he allowed it."

Smith added, "It is very hard to be silent when falsehoods & half-truths are said about you and there is no way to defend yourself.  I’ve made mistakes in my life but being a domestic abuser is not one of them! I’ll answer every question in court and under oath when the time comes & cant WAIT!"

Smith also posted a photo of his two young kids claiming they're the ones hurting the most from the scandal. 

As we've previously reported, Smith was fired in July after allegedly violating a restraining order requiring him to stay away from his ex-wife. 

It has since come out that Courtney called police on Zach several times over the years alleging domestic violence but he was never formally charged with a crime. 

Zach has previously denied abusing Courtney, but acknowledged that things had gotten physical during heated disputes. 

In his Twitter rant, Smith also not-so-subtly accuses his former OSU coaching partner Tom Herman of being McMurphy's source ... something Herman has denied on the record. 

Conor McGregor Rips Floyd's Peace Offering 'F*ck the Mayweathers!!'

8/28/2018 8:09 PM PDT
Breaking News

Conor McGregor told Floyd Mayweather he can take that olive branch he offered and shove it ... saying, "There is no peace here, kid."

Remember ... Floyd gushed over McGregor to TMZ Sports on Monday, calling the Irish fighter a "warrior" and even inviting him to train for the Khabib fight at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Vegas.

But Conor clearly wants no part of that ... declining Floyd's offer on Tuesday with a fat middle finger.

"F*ck the Mayweathers, except Senior and Roger," Conor said.

"There is no peace here, kid. Step up or step down."

Floyd responded to Conor's tweet later Tuesday night by posting a pic from the fight ... saying "Easiest 9 figures I ever made!"

Obviously ... there's still bad blood on Conor's end from when the two fought in the boxing ring last August. McGregor lost ... and then had to deal with Floyd's trash talk over their Forbes List rankings (Floyd #1, Conor #4) a few months later.

Seems like there's really only one way to settle this for good ... REMATCH!!!

Ex-Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Defends Serena Williams

8/28/2018 11:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

Serena Williams has an unlikely ally in her catsuit controversy -- the former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

French Open officials recently told Williams she could not wear a custom-made Nike catsuit during the tournament -- despite the fact it was designed to increase blood circulation in the wake of her health issues surrounding blood clots. 

Well, the issue isn't sitting well with the Ahmadinejad -- who took a page from Donald Trump's playbook and lashed out at the French Open on his official Twitter account. 

"Why is the #FrenchOpen disrespecting @serenawilliams? Unfortunately some people in all Countries including my Country, haven't realized the true meaning of freedom."

For her part, Serena isn't too bothered by the controversy, telling reporters earlier this week, "Everything's fine, guys."

Kanye West Slides Aren't Small ... They're Just Japanese!!!

8/28/2018 8:40 AM PDT

Kanye West says he was taking a page from the Land of the Rising Sun with his waaaay too small Yeezy slides. 

Ye is firing back at everyone who mocked his choice of footwear earlier this month at 2 Chainz' wedding, saying his feet ARE acceptable ... in JAPAN!!!

Take us to school, Kanye. Or, should we say, sensei?

You'll recall ... Kanye made the Internet go absolutely crazy when he showed up at the ceremony, with Kim Kardashian West, rocking those infamously small sandals.

Look, we'll admit ... on first sight, we gave Ye some grief over his style choice. Apologies to Japan, must've been lost in translation. 

Don't forget, the slides will set ya back $150 ... so, they better be acceptable somewhere!!!

Goldberg Calls Secret Service Over Trump Death Threats ... 'I'm Taking Hackers Down'

8/22/2018 2:40 PM PDT
Exclusive Details


We just shot the WWE legend in Atlanta and he WENT OFF about the hacking situation ... telling us he's working with the Secret Service because he wants the hacker punished to the fullest extent of the law.

"I'm sick and flippin' tired of people trying to steal people's identity because it's happened to me a number of times. These people are bullies and I'm sick and tired of it."

"This time when I got hacked, I called the Secret Service on my own and I'm taking them down."

10:56 AM PT -- Goldberg's rep tells us the wrestling legend has already been in touch with the Secret Service regarding the tweets from his account threatening President Trump. 

As we reported, Goldberg claims he was hacked -- and now, we're told Goldberg and his team have offered to do whatever they can to help authorities catch whoever's responsible. 

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg insists he did NOT call President Trump a "spatastic sh*t head" in a series of violent tweets directed at the POTUS ... claiming he was hacked. 

Goldberg's official Twitter account started going off about Trump on Wednesday. The first tweet read: 

"Why have you been threating me and my wife you dick head just because you're the president doesn't mean you can make threats using your new found power we should go into the ring together no secret service just you and me."

A follow-up tweet to Trump said, "I challange you to a fist fight you spatastic sh*t head ill f**king kill you."

We reached out to Goldberg to see what the beef was about -- and his rep, "Uncle Louie" Gregory, told us he was the victim of social media hackers. 

"The Official Goldberg twitter continues to be a target for opportunistic hackers with bad intentions who are seeking notoriety and revenue. Team Goldberg will continue to address this issue while Goldberg is in ATL with Tu Lam working on his show 'Knife or Death' for the History channel."

Goldberg was once friends with Trump and appeared on 'Celebrity Apprentice' back in the day. But the two had a falling out and are no longer friends. 

Originally Published -- 8/22/2018 10:35 AM PDT

Kevin Hart Rips Trump, NFL ... At MTV VMAs

8/21/2018 6:13 AM PDT

Kevin Hart came out strong against Donald Trump at the MTV VMAs on Monday -- telling the President straight-up, "Suck it."

Hart was presenting the first award of the night with Tiffany Haddish -- and set the tone early, saying, "You never know what's gonna happen at the VMAs. Beefs pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets. It’s basically like a typical day in the White House."

Then he dropped the hammer -- "In your face Trump, suck it!"

It didn't stop there -- he then put the NFL in the crosshairs.

"We are live coast to coast right now," Hart said ... "I'm looking at this like it's game day people. But do not worry, cause at this game you guys are allowed to kneel! You can do whatever the hell you want, 'cause there's no old white man that can stop you. Do it!"

The crowd in attendance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City met the jokes with cheers.

Hart is friends with a lot of big-time athletes -- including LeBron James, who's been publicly beefing with Trump since he took office.

In fact, LeBron recently went on CNN and said he believes Trump is using sports to divide America. Trump fired back on Twitter, calling LeBron James a dumb person.

Trump's supporters weren't laughing at Hart's jokes Monday night -- they came after the comic right away on Twitter.

"We won't be watching Kevin Hart's TKO any longer. He was racist at a awards show & so disrespectful to the President & ALL white men. I bet 'white men' have hired him for movies & CBS TV show? Hateful language will go down the toilet with his TV show."

Another viewer wrote, "@KevinHart4real I was a fan now you make me sick."

The most hilarious attack we found -- "Dear Kevin Hart, please punch yourself in the nuts repeatedly, and then climb your wife giant and cry into her meat pillows. Louder does not equal funnier. Quit trying to force your jokes through with volume. I did like you in the leprechaun movies though."

There were more anti-Trump statements at the VMAs -- rapper Logic brought a bunch of young immigrants up onstage during his performance of "One Day" while wearing a shirt that read, "F*ck the wall."

Ryan Tedder, who performed the song with Logic, grabbed the mic and told the audience, "Bring us your tired, your poor, and any immigrant who seeks refuge. Together, we can build not just a better country, but a world that is destined to be united."

As for Trump himself, so far no reaction from POTUS -- but stay tuned and watch his Twitter feed. We're sure it's just a matter of time. 

Other big moments at the VMAs included Colombian singer Maluma kissing his female backup dancer at the end of his performance ... despite the fact he's supposedly dating a Guess model! 

Maluma has been famously dating Natalia Barulich for several months. They last posted a photo together on July 25. Didn't seem like they had broken up until Maluma open-mouth kissed his backup dancer live onstage during the finale of his performance! 

We spoke with Natalia after the show (she was in L.A.) and she told us the kiss is NOT a deal-breaker. In fact, she claims she encouraged Maluma to kiss the other woman because they thought it would help make an "unforgettable performance." 

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