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Dez Bryant Blasts Troll 'Shut The F**k Up' You Don't Know What I've Been Through

3/8/2017 10:27 AM PST
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Dez Bryant unleashed the fury all over a Twitter troll Wednesday -- saying haters "have no clue" what he's been dealing with off the field over the past 2 years and should "shut the f**k up."

It all started when Cowboys reporter Jon Machota posted a list of WRs with the most receiving yards since 2012 which showed Dez ranked 8th ... below Calvin Johnson, T.Y. Hilton and Brandon Marshall.

Dez explained that he's finally getting his first healthy off-season training in 2 years and suggested he'll bounce back strong in 2017.

Not everyone's buying it -- including one guy who tweeted at Dez, "Injury prone. If your not on the field, talent means nothing! If you miss more than 5 games in 17' you'll be cut 2018!UNDERSTAND."

Dez didn't like that and fired back ...

"Bro shut the f**k up.. the game of football is more than training and playing.. you have no clue what I was dealing with these pass 2 years."

We know SOME of what he's dealt with off the field ... he's been sued for allegedly trashing a mansion and blasted by animal groups over a pet monkey  ... but it seems like Dez is hinting at bigger issues. 

Aaron Rodgers Arian Foster Could DEFINITELY Take Wolf

3/8/2017 6:01 AM PST

Aaron Rodgers has taken a side in the whole Arian Foster vs. Wolf debate ... and it's man over beast.

Foster got EVERYONE talking this week when he tweeted out reasons why he truly believes he could take a wild wolf in a 1-on-1 fight.

He even laid out his arguments as to why he thinks he has a legit advantage ... including thumbs and ability to strategize. 

Well, outside Catch in L.A. ... Rodgers told us he sees it Foster's way.

Hillary Clinton Email Stories Don't Bother Me ... If They're Pence's Emails!

3/3/2017 3:24 PM PST
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Hillary Clinton must have been laughing her ass off -- on the inside -- when she boarded a flight and opened a newspaper to see it was Mike Pence's emails making headlines now.

The pic shows HRC flying commercial, and reading the USA Today cover story about the VP using his personal email for state biz, and getting hacked, back when he was Governor of Indiana.

Finally, an email story she can read without crying.

Arnold Schwarzenegger I Won't Be Back to 'Celeb Apprentice' Trump Ruined It!!

3/3/2017 11:32 AM PST
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling it a one-and-done with "The Celebrity Apprentice" -- he won't be returning to host another season ... and says President Trump's to blame.

Arnold says he had a great time being the face of 'Celebrity Apprentice' and thinks the show was fantastic, but it can't escape the stigma attached to it ... Trump being an executive producer.

"When people found out that Trump was still involved ... and was still receiving money from the show, then half the people [started] boycotting it" ... Arnold said in an interview with Empire.

Rumors began swirling that the show was not going to be renewed due to low ratings and sponsors leaving, so it seems Schwarzenegger decided to bail from the sinking ship. He says even if he was asked to return ... he'd decline.

Arnold said ... "With Trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don't want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor or in any other way support the show."

Your (Twitter) move, Mr. President.

Tom Hanks to WH Press Corps Here's a New Espresso Machine To Stay Up On The Truth!

3/2/2017 9:15 AM PST

Tom Hanks doesn't want the White House press corps sleeping on Donald Trump, so he took precautions to prevent just that ... with espresso.

ABC White House correspondent Karen Travers thanked Hanks Thursday for the brand new espresso machine he sent for her colleagues in the West Wing.

Tom attached a note, telling the press corps to "keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially for the Truth part."

We know what it looks like, but ... Tom also did this during Dubya and Obama's administrations.

Stay woke!

The Oscars Fire the PWC Accountants Behind Best Pic Fail

3/1/2017 1:25 PM PST
Exclusive Details

The PricewaterhouseCoopers employees who were responsible for the biggest Academy Awards flub of all time won't make the mistake again ... because they've been booted from working future Oscars.

The film academy president says Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz have been permanently relieved of their duties of handing out the award envelopes. As we reported ... Brian was the guy who handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope for Best Picture, possibly because he was distracted while tweeting like crazy.

Sources close to PWC tell us ... Brian and Martha are still keeping their jobs with the firm, and won't face any further punishment. We're told Brian and Martha are devastated over the screwup, but call it an "honest mistake."

Our sources also say Brian's use of social media was approved and actually encouraged by the Academy.

Saints' Mark Ingram I Was Denied from London Nightclub ... 'Too Urban'

2/28/2017 6:15 AM PST
Breaking News

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram says he and some of his NFL teammates were TURNED AWAY from a nightclub in London Monday night because they were "too urban."

Ingram says he rolled up to Cirque le Soir along with Sterling MooreVonn BellB.W. Webb and others and expected to get in ... since they had RESERVATIONS!!!

But when they got to the door, Ingram says, "They told us they were '6 big guys' that are too 'Urban' but nobody taller than 5'11!!"

Ingram posted a pic of his group on Twitter (see above) with the caption, "Is this what 6 big 'too urban' guys look like?!"

Despite the incident, Ingram says he's still got love for the U.K. -- saying, "Everyone in England has been amazing so far!!!"

Pricewaterhouse Employee Accountant is Oscar Envelope Culprit

2/27/2017 12:28 PM PST
Exclusive Details

This is the guy who we're told is responsible for the biggest screwup in Oscar history ... the guy who handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.

His name -- Brian Cullinan -- an accountant at Pricewaterhouse. He's a veteran ... 30 years at the accounting firm.

Here's the thing ... Brian was supposed to discard the spare Best Actress envelope and hand Warren Best Picture.

As for why ... we know this. Brian was tweeting like crazy during the ceremony, posting photos ... so he may have been distracted. Brian has since deleted the tweets, but one was a pic of Emma Stone with her Oscar. If it was tweeted right after her win, that's exactly when Brian should've been prepping for the next category ... Best Picture.

No word on whether discipline is in store.

We're told the firm is issuing an apology to all concerned.

Shaq Physically Threatens JaVale McGee 'I'll Smack The S*** Outta You'

2/24/2017 7:26 AM PST

Shaq's playful beef with NBA player JaVale McGee just went NUCLEAR ... with the two men vowing to fight each other ON SIGHT after a series of menacing and threatening tweets.

McGee's been a target of Shaq's 'Shaqtin' A Fool' segment on "Inside The NBA" for years, and apparently had enough when the broadcast devoted a whole segment to his on court screw-ups Thursday night.

JaVale took to Twitter and blasted O'Neal, asking Shaq to kindly get his umm, peanut emojis out of his mouth ... you get the meaning, right?

Shaq wasted no time firing back ... leveling a direct physical threat at the Warriors big man that had ZERO of O'Neal's trademark levity.

"@JaValeMcGee34 don't be acting like u a g I'll smack the s**t out yo bum ass u da one that be looking stupid with your dumb ass #bumass."

Aaron Carter I Wasn't Racist During Attack ... Ask Mis Amigos Mexican

2/20/2017 7:03 AM PST

Aaron Carter's got a message for the guy who attacked him and accused him of being racist -- Me encanta los Mexicanos!

Aaron flaunted his Mexican credentials, saying he has a "100% Mexican manager and she is basically my adopted mom. And my ex girlfriend Myra 3rd generation Mexican."

His rant continued, "I also learned Spanish so I could speak with her parents who weren't fluent in English." He also says his attacker used the n-word on Twitter a couple years ago. As Aaron put it ... "And I'm the racist?"

TMZ broke the story ... as security removed the attacker, who is Latino, Aaron yelled, "Bye Felipe!" Aaron insists he was just doing the male version of "Bye Felicia!"

Mark Cuban Trump's Not Gonna Last in D.C. ... His Tweets Ain't Cutting It

2/8/2017 9:47 AM PST

Mark Cuban's buying some of what President Trump's selling so far, but still thinks he won't last in the White House.

Mark was in NYC Wednesday morning and told us he's all-in for a lot of what the prez has done -- mostly with finance and business. On the other hand ... he skewered Trump for his handling of the immigration ban, and declared, "I don't think he'll last 4 years."

The Mavericks owner also implored POTUS to quit jumping on Twitter with his every thought. Watch, he tells Trump where to go. On social media.

Kanye West Deletes All Trump Tweets I'm Not with Him Anymore

2/6/2017 9:51 AM PST

Kanye West has scrubbed his Twitter account of all things Trump, and it's because he's super unhappy with the president's performance over his first 2 weeks in office.

Kanye had tweeted about Trump in a positive light after the election. In December, the day he met with Trump in NYC, he wrote, "I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change." 

Kanye also wrote about issues on which he felt he could influence Trump, writing, "These issues include bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago."

Kanye's decision to remove the tweets was all his. The "Muslim ban" and other actions were the catalyst for his decision. 

Donald Trump Continues Schwarzenegger Attack He Also Failed as Governor

2/3/2017 6:13 AM PST

Donald Trump has doubled down on Arnold Schwarzenegger, not only trashing his performance on 'Celebrity Apprentice' but ripping him over his tenure as Governor of California.

Trump tweeted, "Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice ... but at least he tried hard!"

Trump's tweet follows the President's attack at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he told the group the movie star was failing as his TV successor, saying he was praying for the Gov.

Schwarzenegger followed up with an offer to trade places, so the country would not be riddled with anxiety.

It's unclear why Trump is on the attack. He gets a big cut of the profits if the show does well. True enough, Arnold ended up not supporting Trump in the election, but he followed a long list of Hollywood stars.

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