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Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Prez Careful What Ya Take Credit For, Donny!

1/3/2018 3:46 PM PST

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has no problem with President Trump gloating about the safest year in commercial aviation happening on his watch, but there's a BIG but attached.

The Senator had just flown into D.C.'s Reagan National Airport Wednesday when we got her take on Trump bragging there were zero aviation deaths last year on commercial flights. Trump's nemesis has never been shy about firing back at him, but this time she played it cool.

But like ... the kinda cool that feels like a setup. What she eventually said plays more like a warning to Trump than praise for him.

As for Meryl Streep calling out Melania and Ivanka Trump for keeping silent on the President's alleged sexual misconduct -- Warren sounds like she's team Meryl. No shocker.

DJ Paul Newsweek Needs to Fire Idiot Behind MLK Casket Pic

1/3/2018 6:55 AM PST

DJ Paul is joining Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter in calling out Newsweek for posting a pic of MLK in his casket ... but he wants more than a simple apology.

We got the Memphis native at LAX, and asked him about Newsweek's controversial tweet -- the photo was attached to an op-ed story about MLK. Paul believes the magazine is guilty of what might be the worst-timed clickbait ever -- with the MLK holiday coming next week, and the 50th anniversary of his assassination approaching in April.

While Newsweek has apologized to the King family for what it admits was an "egregious error" ... DJ Paul says it should go one step further, and fire whoever greenlit use of the image.

He also told us how his city will mark this year's anniversary, and gave a pretty strong opinion of his ranking among Memphis legends. Hint: He placed himself at #3 ... check out the top 2.

Andy Dalton's Charity Bills Fans Donating Big Money ... After Playoff Heroics

1/2/2018 7:49 AM PST
Breaking News

10:10 AM PT -- Andy Dalton posted a video update Tuesday morning, saying they've raised OVER $100K ... and are gunning for $150K now.

Think Andy Dalton's popular in Bills Country??

Since his miracle TD pass that punched Buffalo's ticket to the postseason, Bills Mafia has given OVER $57K to his charity -- in just 24 hours since the 1st donation!

FYI, Dalton's 49-yard toss completed a shocking upset over the Ravens on Sunday ... and effectively ended Buffalo's 17-YEAR playoff drought.

Pretty soon after the game, donations to the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation -- which supports sick and physically challenged kids across Cincy -- came pouring in.

"To all the Bills fans that are donating to my foundation, thank you ... we can't thank y'all enough," Dalton tweeted.


Aaron Paul Blasts Logan Paul 'Go Rot In Hell'

1/2/2018 5:57 AM PST
Breaking News

The celebrity backlash against Logan Paul has begun ... with "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul unloading on the YouTuber as "pure trash" over his dead body video. 

FYI, Aaron is not related to Logan -- but if they were, you can bet he would have disowned him by now. 

"Dear Logan Paul, How dare you! You disgust me."

"I can't believe that so many young people look up to you. So sad. Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Plain and simple. Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell."

Piers Morgan is also slamming Logan ... saying, "You’re a sick, twisted, heartless little prick."

Logan tried to smooth things over after shooting and posting a dead body he found in Japan by writing an open letter ... but so far, it seems it's being rejected harshly. 


12/26/2017 9:28 AM PST

1:44 PM PT -- Lewis has apologized for his comment, saying he meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone. He says he realizes it's wrong to marginalize or stereotype anyone, and asks for forgiveness in his lapse of judgment.

Lewis Hamilton is in some serious hot water after posting a video in which he seems to shame a grade school-aged male family member for wearing a princess dress.

The video -- which has since been deleted from his social media -- shows Hamilton admonishing the kid, asking him if he asked for the dress for Christmas, then finally shouting at him.


The kid seems gleeful about his outfit, but Lewis is visibly disappointed and tells the camera (and his millions of social media followers) all about it.

Since posting the vid, Hamilton has been getting absolutely DESTROYED on Twitter (where the clip is still being circulated) with people accusing him of bullying and humiliating his nephew in front of the world.

We've reached out to Hamilton's reps for a response, so far nothing back.

Khloe Kardashian Happy New Year ... I'll Be 6 Mo. Preggo Next Week!!!

12/26/2017 6:54 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian's New Year's resolution apparently includes more transparency ... 'cause she just announced she'll be six months pregnant on the 1st of January.

Khloe tweeted the news on Christmas Day, saying it simply -- "I'll be 6 months next week" ... which, if you take that literally, means she'll be 6 months on New Year's Day.

Khloe's confirmation matches up just about perfectly with our own reporting, when TMZ broke the story that she was 3 months pregnant in September

She also recently posted her first public photo of her baby bump, with BF/baby daddy Tristan Thompson's hands wrapped around her growing belly.

Happy New Year .. see ya in April, kid.

CVS to Sarah Hyland Check with Us for Pharmacy Hours ... BEFORE Trashing Us!

12/20/2017 2:01 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Sarah Hyland put CVS on blast for leaving her hanging on crucial meds she needed, but the pharmacy is firing back, saying the mix-up was her own damn fault.

Sarah tore into CVS earlier this week after she said a Studio City location never notified her to pick up her medication before closing time ... as she claims they promised they would.

She also called them out for allegedly posting the wrong hours on the Internet. Based on her post, it appears she pulled the hours from a maps app.

And therein lies the problem, as they say. We're told CVS learned Sarah did use a 3rd party search engine to find those hours -- but did NOT check the actual CVS website. That site displays the correct pharmacy closing time ... 9 PM.

Still, CVS apologized to Sarah -- a rep for the company tells us someone from their Cali pharmacy management team contacted her to resolve her issue.

Sen. Ted Cruz to Mark Hamill May the Facts Be with You In Our Internet Feud!!!

12/20/2017 12:30 AM PST

Sen. Ted Cruz is channeling his inner Yoda to force Luke Skywalker to hear him out in one of the most awesome celeb beefs in the galaxy.

Cruz was on Capitol Hill Tuesday when he went off on Mark Hamill. The Jedi and the Texas guy have been feuding on Twitter about net neutrality. If ya missed the fireworks, Hamill slammed the FCC Chairman last week after net neutrality was repealed, but Cruz came to his defense and "smarm-splained" the situation ... which didn't sit well with Mr. Skywalker.

Ted clapped back, and tells us he simply countered the Jedi's insults with the full force ... of facts.

As for Cruz's review of 'The Last Jedi' ... sounds like we'll have to wait 'til after Christmas. Until then ... may the Twitter Wars continue.

Colin Kaepernick I Want to Buy the Carolina Panthers

12/18/2017 7:44 AM PST
Breaking News

If you can't beat 'em, join em?! 

Colin Kaepernick is now throwing his hat in the ring to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers! 

The embattled QB was seemingly inspired by Diddy's efforts to buy the team from alleged terrible person Jerry Richardson ... and tweeted at the rap mogul moments ago. 

"I want in on the ownership group! Let’s make it happen!"

Diddy has been on a media blitz -- explaining why he'd make the perfect NFL owner. He also said he wants to sign Colin.

Some experts believe the team could sell for more than $2 BILLION.

Hope you guys saved up! 

Coolio Trump Disses Could Get Eminem Killed

12/18/2017 12:30 AM PST

Eminem's bringing current events -- namely, dissing President Trump -- back to the forefront of hip-hop ... but Coolio says Em might wanna watch his back.

We got the "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper at LAX Friday where he commended Eminem for going where most of the new generation of rappers won't ... tackling politics. He even suggests it could start a new trend in hip-hop.

But, Coolio does have a stern warning. He says it's all fine to be critical of the Prez, but his record shows he'll eventually retaliate. Exactly how is unclear ... although Coolio has a dark thought.

We really can't tell if he's joking. Damn mirrored shades.

Chris Reid #MeToo or #NotMe ... Either Way, Let's Get the Truth!!!

12/15/2017 7:09 AM PST

Salma Hayek and Russell Simmons have every right to stand up and fight, but ultimately the truth will set everyone free ... so says Kid from Kid 'n Play.

We got Chris Reid at LAX Thursday and got his opinion on Simmons launching a #NotMe campaign in response to sexual assault allegations. TMZ broke the story ... Russell's lawyers say the music mogul took a lie detector test and passed.

Salma recently detailed years of alleged sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein ... who is at the heart of the #MeToo campaign.

Kid says he's all for BOTH campaigns because he thinks everyone has the same goal -- finding the truth.

Warren Sapp Big Hole In Vibrator Story

12/14/2017 9:33 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Warren Sapp's got another problem in his sexual misconduct case ... because his version about why he handed out vibrators to women at the NFL Network ain't exactly adding up.

Sapp went on the radio and claimed he has a friend who makes novelty vibrators that look like lipstick -- and when he shared pictures of the devices with the makeup team, they asked him to bring some in ... and he obliged. 

Sapp went to social media Wednesday and posted a photo of the vibrator in question -- called the Womanizer 2Go ... made by a company called Womanizer. 

Problem is ... we're told Womanizer has no relationship with Sapp and never has. One source says the company is confused as to why Sapp would make those claims. 

Anderson Cooper Blame My Assistant ... For Anti-Trump Tweet

12/13/2017 1:43 PM PST

CNN says it's gotten to the bottom of Anderson Cooper's Trump-bashing tweet ... and all signs point to a forgetful assistant.

The mystery was cleared up Wednesday when the network said the message was sent from Cooper's assistant in NYC, while Anderson was in D.C.

CNN says the assistant, who's been on the job for 10 years, left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym, and someone grabbed it and fired off the tweet. He's apparently the only other person besides Anderson with access to the account.

As we reported ... Anderson's verified Twitter account replied to Trump early Wednesday morning -- calling 45 a "tool!" and a "Pathetic loser."

Ted Cruz can relate ... those damn staffers do screw up sometimes

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