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UFC's Kevin Lee: Didn't Know About Poop In Octagon ... Until After My Fight

6/27/2017 3:21 PM PDT

UFC rising star Kevin Lee had no idea someone had pooped in the Octagon before his match with Michael Chiesa on Sunday until AFTER the fight ... and jokes, "There shoulda been a disclaimer!" 

Lee (along with guest co-host Tyron Woodley) joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show and talked about Justine Kish soiling the mat in the fight before the main event.

The Octagon appeared to be cleaned by the time Lee and Chiesa squared off -- but that didn't stop Woodley from giving Lee crap about fighting in the brown'd-out Octagon anyway! 

Cyborg Justino Pleads Not Guilty In UFC Retreat Fight

6/26/2017 10:36 AM PDT

UFC face-breaker Cyborg Justino is digging in for a fight in her battery case -- pleading not guilty to a misdemeanor charge for allegedly attacking another UFC fighter at an athlete retreat back in May. 

Justino was cited for battery for allegedly punching Angela Magana in the face at the UFC center in Vegas on May 21 after she confronted Magana about comments on social media. 

Video surfaced of the confrontation between the two -- and while you don't exactly see Cyborg connect with the punch, you can definitely hear it. 

If convicted, Cyborg faces up to 6 months behind bars if the judge really wanted to throw the book at her. She's due back in court in August. 

But she may have other problems. Magana told TMZ Sports she plans on suing the UFC star and has already met with a lawyer. 

UFC's Felice Herrig Calls For Poop Mercy ... On Justine Kish

6/26/2017 10:05 AM PDT

UFC fighter Felice Herrig is taking the high road in her now infamous fight with Justine Kish -- saying she refuses to "talk s**t" about her opponent ... despite what happened in the Octagon. 

Herrig tells TMZ Sports she actually really likes Kish a lot and feels bad that she's blowing up in the media because of Sunday night's poo incident on live TV. 

She actually calls for MMA fans to lay off Kish -- saying she's a really cool girl who doesn't deserve to be dragged through the mud. 

The good news for Herrig ... she's already focused on her next fight and says she wants to avenge the only UFC loss on her record to one of the biggest stars in the sport. 

UFC's Justine Kish Craps Pants During Big Fight 'S**t Happens'

6/26/2017 5:56 AM PDT

A UFC fighter got the literal crap beat out of her Sunday night -- and left the proof INSIDE THE OCTAGON!!

The fighter is Justine Kish -- who was trying to wriggle her way out of a killer rear naked choke courtesy of Felice Herrig during "UFC Fight Night" in Oklahoma last night ... when her bowels betrayed her. 

Kish lost the fight ... and the contents of her colon.

Afterward, Kish joked about the situation -- saying, "I am a warrior, and I will never quit #ShitHappens haha be back soon."

UFC's Michael Chiesa Time To Shut Up 'Dork' Kevin Lee ... Mama Said Knock You Out!

6/25/2017 12:15 AM PDT

Michael Chiesa can't wait to shut up loudmouth Kevin Lee ... telling TMZ Sports he's gonna finish the designer label "dork" in Sunday's UFC main event.

Chiesa and Lee were the stars of a wild media event last month -- where Chiesa ran up on Lee for mentioning his mom... and got socked in the face. 

MC's over the mama-drama, but told us he's PUMPED cause, "this time I get to ram my fist in his mouth and shut him up."

Chiesa knows a W moves him one step closer to Conor McGregor's lightweight belt ... AND wins his friends who bet on him a "butt-load of money" since Lee's the favorite.

BTW, Mama Chiesa will be in the building for the fight ... and told Mike to kick some ass!

UFC's Kevin Lee Stop Ducking Me, Khabib! ... We've Got a Date

6/23/2017 9:08 AM PDT

UFC rising star Kevin Lee says Khabib Nurmagomedov is running scared ... and he's ready to expose the so-called #1 contender for Conor McGregor's lightweight belt. 

Lee told TMZ Sports he's been gunning for Khabib forever ... but "the man just won't sign to fight."

Of course, Khabib's had his own issues -- he was hospitalized for a botched weight cut right before he was set to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 209. He was pulled from the fight and has been laying low ever since. 

So, what's Lee's master plan? Beat Michael Chiesa -- who he's fighting this weekend at UFC Fight Night 112 -- so badly that Nurmagomedov has no choice but to throw down with him.

Lee's even got a deadline for Khabib ... but has serious doubts about him making the date.

"If he can't show up with six months notice then, God damn, I don't know what to do."

Lee knows he's got to handle Chiesa first, though ... and he's got a violent strategy. 

Nate Diaz Sued By Former Agent You Screwed Us Out of McGregor Cash!

6/21/2017 10:04 AM PDT

Nate Diaz's former agents claim they busted their ass to negotiate a sick multi-million dollar deal for him to fight Conor McGregor at UFC 202 only to get fired a month before the fight ... and now they're suing. 

The Ballengee Group filed a lawsuit in District Court in Dallas claiming they had worked with Nate since 2014 and hammered out deals on several big fights including Rafael Dos Anjos, Michael Johnson and the first McGregor fight at UFC 196. 

But Ballengee claims things got icy between the two sides in July 2016 -- right after sealing the deal for Nate to fight Conor at UFC 202 in August. 

Ballengee claims Nate "unexpectedly" fired them -- and never paid them their cut for the UFC 202 fight, which was reportedly the biggest UFC pay-per-view ever at the time. 

According to the suit, filed by attorney Jason Friedman, Ballengee is demanding more than $1 MILLION in damages. 

We reached out to Nate for comment. So far, no word back. 

Sugar Ray Leonard Advice for McGregor: 'Duck!'

6/20/2017 6:24 AM PDT

"Sugar" Ray Leonard thinks Conor McGregor is a very tough dude -- but when it comes to his fight with Floyd Mayweather he has one piece of advice ... "DUCK!"

The boxing legend -- who beat Floyd's dad in 1978 -- was at LAX when he told us why he believes the Irish superstar is in for a beating when they face off on August 26. 

Leonard says he's impressed by the paychecks both fighters will pull in -- but he'll be even more impressed if Conor can go the distance with The Best Ever. 

Ice Cube Shades Mayweather vs. McGregor 'That Still Happening?'

6/20/2017 6:10 AM PDT

Here's some nice, cool SHAAADE ... courtesy of Ice Cube

As we previously reported, Cube's BIG3 basketball league is in a standoff with Mayweather, McGregor over the T-Mobile Arena for August 26.

BIG3 says it booked the venue first and won't budge (unless the price is right) -- while the boxing promoters aren't backing down either.

So, we asked Cube about the big fight when we saw him at LAX on Monday -- his response?

"Oh, that fight is uh happening?"


Mayweather vs. McGregor Venue Standoff With Big3

6/17/2017 12:50 AM PDT

There's a fight of the century over the fight of the century ... with two major sporting events vying for the T-Mobile Arena on August 26th. 

In one corner ... Mayweather vs. McGregor. When the fight was announced, Dana White and Floyd Mayweather stated it will take place at the Vegas venue.

Problem is ... Ice Cube's BIG3 basketball league already booked the location for the league championship game on the same night. 

Our BIG3 sources tell us they have no plans to move -- they still have the venue booked and expect to play there on August 26th. The league even tweeted about it on Friday evening and T-Mobile has game tickets for sale on its site.

Sources connected to May-Mac tell us there are plans in motion to move BIG3 to the nearby MGM Grand Garden Arena ... it's just a matter of time before that becomes official. 

For now, both sides have dug in ... it's a standoff. 

UFC's Dominick Cruz Conor Needs Quick KO ... Or He's Dead

6/16/2017 2:30 PM PDT

If Conor McGregor doesn't put Mayweather on his ass in the first SIX rounds, he's dead in the water ... so says Dominick Cruz.

The UFC star/analyst says he's been racking his brain over the fight -- and says Conor has a real shot ... but he better act fast. The clock is his enemy.

No matter the outcome, Cruz says McGregor is doing MMA (and its fighters) a big favor.

"Him fighting Mayweather like this -- win, lose or draw -- is only going to bring mixed martial arts to a new forefront, and every single one of us is going to get something from this."

UFC's Matt Hughes Injured In Car Crash ... Truck Hit By Train

6/16/2017 11:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was badly injured in a car accident in Illinois on Friday when a truck he was in collided with a moving train, law enforcement tells TMZ Sports

We're told the accident occurred at 10:39 AM. Law enforcement says 1 person was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. Dana White says that injured person is in fact Hughes. 

Investigators are at the crash site trying to figure out what went wrong.

White says Hughes suffered head trauma and his family is on their way out to be with him.

Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer -- a 2-time welterweight champion who beat stars like GSP, BJ Penn and Royce Gracie. He last fought in the UFC in 2011.

Earlier this year, he mulled a comeback. 

Story developing ... 

Nate Diaz Don't Count On Conor-Diaz Rematch ... After Floyd Fight

6/15/2017 9:18 AM PDT
Exclusive 360 Video

Nate Diaz says he's not waiting around to fight Conor McGregor for a 3rd time -- but he's not exactly closing the door on it either. 

With McGregor tied up with Floyd for the next two months, many are wondering if the Irish superstar will ever return to MMA ... and who he'll fight if he gets back in the Octagon. 

So, when we saw Nate out in L.A. Wednesday night, we had to ask if he's down to complete their trilogy. 

"We'll see," Diaz told us ... "I've got a lot of stuff going on."

Obviously, a McGregor vs. Diaz rematch would be huge -- the first two fights were epic. Plus, Nate would undoubtedly get a massive paycheck.

Dana White has said he's reached out to both Nate and his brother Nick to book fights -- and neither guy will sign a contract. White says he's not sure either guy will ever fight in the UFC again. 

But if the price is right ....

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