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'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Jax and Brittany Get a Spin-off ... But There's a Hitch

1/23/2017 12:20 AM PST

"Vanderpump Rules" stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are getting their own reality TV spin-off ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Bravo -- which will air the series -- tell us they started filming a new show for Jax and GF Brittany a few months ago in Kentucky ... where her family lives.

We're told the focus of the show will be Brittany's family pressuring her to get hitched to the 'Vanderpump' bad boy ... but he's just not into sealing the deal.

Jax is a notorious player on 'Vanderpump,' and a commitment-phobe ... unclear if he's sold on the idea of marriage.

Bravo has one big fear ... that they won't be together by the time this thing airs in the summer.

'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Files for Divorce

11/30/2016 2:42 PM PST

Scheana Shay is officially going for the big D ... pulling the plug on her marriage to Michael Shay.

The "Vanderpump Rules" stars have been married for 2 years -- Scheana says she filed divorce docs Wednesday in L.A. She tells TMZ, "We might have failed at our marriage, but we are committed to succeeding as friends and will continue to support each other's personal happiness and professional success."

Everyone saw this coming. We broke the story ... earlier this month, Michael went MIA after she claimed he cleaned out their bank account. He's battled addiction in the past, but claims he's been sober since January. We're told Scheana fears he fell off the wagon.  

'Vanderpump Rules' DON'T MISS IT! Drama is a SUR Thing Tonight

11/14/2016 9:00 AM PST

"Vanderpump Rules" star Jax Taylor's got some serious girl trouble -- as in, his gf might have cheated on him ... with a girl. 

Brittany Cartwright insists the girl-on-girl action never went down, but Jax ain't buying it just yet ... which has the couple on the verge of an all-out war in season 5.

The showdown has all the ear markings of becoming the latest in a long line of OMG moments on the show. Here's a few to jog your memory:

- Jax inking himself up with his gf Stassi's name ... which was sweet, until he moved on to Carmen. Yeah, he got her name tatted too.
- Scheana and Shay finally making it to the altar! BTW, who else gets married in a bejeweled crop top? 
- Tom Schwartz making good on the infamous promise "ring on a string" and proposing to Katie.
- New chick LaLa's classy choice to go topless in Hawaii ... instantly pissing off Katie. 

With this crew, no one EVER checks their drama at the door.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Her Weed Parties Are Killing Me ... Neighbor Sues

4/19/2016 4:41 PM PDT

A rep for Scheana tells TMZ the star has never received any complaints from neighbors or management about weed ... as for the cat, we're told Scheana's cat isn't allowed outside and the one in the lawsuit is another neighbors."Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay's weed puffing parties are out of control, just like her black cat ... according to one pissed off neighbor.  

Scheana lives in a fancy L.A. high rise apartment, and a guy who shares a wall with her says his unit's been inundated by marijuana clouds drifting from her crib. He ain't happy about the contact high.

According to his lawsuit ... his spouse and young kids are getting nauseous from the smoke, and he's fed up with the noise that goes down when Scheana turns up. He even calls out Scheana's black cat.

He says she leaves it outdoors with its food ... which attracts ants that constantly scout his kitchen, bedroom, closet and bathrooms for more grub.

The guy's suing Shay and building management for a discount on his rent and damages.

Jax Taylor I Said I'm Sorry 'To the City of Hawaii'

2/26/2016 7:15 AM PST

Jax Taylor must have been drinking Mai Tais during his geography class ... because apologizing to the "city of Hawaii" for his shoplifting antics just doesn't cut it. 

The "Vanderpump Rules" star was leaving Villa Blanca in Bev Hills Thursday when our photog asked him about the photo we got of him drinking a daiquiri in Waikiki, just before he copped a plea in his felony sunglasses case.

Jax was caught on surveillance video stealing the sunglasses. He was sentenced to 1 year probation.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Agent Demands Cut of Raise and Wins

2/17/2016 12:40 AM PST

"Vanderpump Rules" star Tom Sandoval got a sweet bump in salary, but tried to cut his old agent out of the equation ... according to docs filed by the agent.  

Peter Young, the owner of STG talent agency, says he helped Tom land a 5 year contract with "Vanderpump Rules" -- but he was hardly breaking the bank. Young says Sandoval got just under $38k for the first 2 seasons. Young was supposed to get 10 percent, but says he got a paltry $1,300.

Before season 3, Tom renegotiated his 'Vanderpump' deal without using Young and said, "I just don't want to pay you anymore" ... according to the docs.  

Young says he's heard Tom is making $15k per episode now -- though he doesn't know the exact amount, but since he made the original deal ... Young griped to the state labor commission that he still deserves his 10 percent. 

The labor commission agreed and ordered Tom to pay up, but he's appealing the decision.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star James Kennedy Watch Me Suck Random Face

1/19/2016 10:31 AM PST

James Kennedy from "Vanderpump Rules" is a real charmer ... and he shows us his mac powers in full glory.

James pretty clearly had a few cocktails at Argyle in Hollywood Monday night, when he tried to impress our photog with his romantic prowess.

Truth be told ... the woman doesn't seem offended at all.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Sues Teeth Whitening Company They're a Bunch of Jax Offs!

10/6/2015 9:56 AM PDT

"Vanderpump Rules" star Jax Taylor is looking to wipe the smile right off of a teeth whitening company's corporate face ... claiming his pearly whites have been jaxed. 

Taylor filed legal docs claiming he had a deal in 2009 with Lumibrite to pose for ads for its teeth whitening product. He says the deal ended a long time ago, but the company's kept using his mug.

This is Jax's second lawsuit in a month ...  he sued a shoe company in September for another endorsement deal gone wrong. 

We reached out to Lumibrite for comment ... so far, no word back.

'Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Blabs About Hawaiian Sunglasses Arrest

8/1/2015 12:30 AM PDT

Jax Taylor from "Vanderpump Rules" should exercise his right to remain silent, because he's a little too loose lipped for his own good following his arrest in Hawaii.

Our photog spotted the reality star with co-star Kristen Doute, who tried to get him to shut up, to no avail. Jax suggests he did not steal from the sunglasses store last month, but the surveillance video seems to tell a very different story.

Jax was arrested for felony theft ... expensive shades.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Had to Go ... She Called Lisa V. the O-Word!

5/14/2015 8:15 AM PDT

"Vanderpump Rules" had to jettison Stassi Schroeder from the show because she made one FATAL mistake -- calling Lisa Vanderpump ... OLD.

That rationale comes courtesy of co-star Peter Madrigal, who took the opportunity Wednesday to absolutely trash his now former co-star.  

Check it out ... Madrigal is downright angry about Stassi going after the boss lady, and straight up excited she's gone. His attempt to give her a friendly-ish kiss off is cute and transparent as hell.

As TMZ first reported, Stassi's attitude is what did her in ... and she's not only off the show, she's out at all of Lisa's restaurants too.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi She's Finished ... Due to Excessive B.A.

5/13/2015 12:30 AM PDT

"Vanderpump Rules" star Stassi Schroeder was a blast during the first 2 seasons, but the Queen V herself says the party's over for Stassi because her bad attitude through Season 3 was just too much. 

Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ Stassi is moving on to less catty pastures, and both sides agreed it was the right time for her to go. 

LV says Stassi is not only off the show -- she's also off the clock, OFF camera at Sur ... and the rest of Lisa's restaurants.

Earlier this week, Stassi hinted she might be absent this season -- she must have seen the writing on the wall when she wasn't included in Bravo's promotional events in NYC. 

'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Violent TV Catfight Was REAL

1/29/2014 10:03 AM PST

The bitchfight on this week's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" was not just reality TV BS ...  we've learned one of the stars ran to the cops afterward ... fingering her castmate.

Stassi Schroeder
accuses Kristen Doute of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend ... calling her a "dirty f**king whore" ... then hauling off and smacking Kristen in the face. She also douses Kristen with a drink -- while the rest of the cast looks on.

The fight was not scripted ... and Kristen was so enraged she was gunning to get Stassi prosecuted and filed a police report.

But we found out the criminal case hit a dead end ... cops needed a follow-up interview but Kristen was uncooperative.

Lisa Vanderpump -- who employs both Stassi and Kristen at her restaurant -- tells TMZ the women have since made up telling us, "I know that Stassi was very sorry and regretted it. I made Stassi apologize to Kristen and hope that they could move forward."

Now everyone can be their bitchy selves again.

Lisa Vanderpump's Husband I Was Attacked with a Concrete Chipper And Then Extorted

10/9/2013 12:08 PM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump
's rich husband Ken Todd says he has a concrete reason to file a fat lawsuit ... claiming a construction worker attacked him with a cement chipper, then tried to extort him for $50,000.

Todd filed the lawsuit against Kevin and David Cazaref, claiming the two brothers had been hired to do construction work on Ken's P.U.M.P. Lounge in West Hollywood.

Ken says he observed Kevin (a man twice his size) using a concrete chipper unsafely last week, so Ken confronted him and attempted to show Kevin how to use it properly.

Kevin must have taken offense ... because Ken says the worker then "became enraged, grabbed and violently hurled the heavy concrete chipper" at him ... hurting his hip, leg, and knee.

According to Ken's lawsuit, Kevin's brother David approached threateningly in Kevin's defense -- at which point nearby police officers became involved.

No arrests were made, but Ken says the brothers later contacted him in an attempt to shake him down for $50,000 in exchange for keeping quiet about the altercation.

Ken's now demanding unspecified damages from the brothers, suing them for assault, battery, extortion, and more. We reached out to the brothers for comment, so far no word back.