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Sen. Tammy Duckworth Brings Her Baby to Vote at Work ... Thanks to HER New Rule!

4/19/2018 1:43 PM PDT

Sen. Tammy Duckworth just made history, baby ... by bringing her newborn daughter to Capitol Hill to vote on something, thanks to a new rule she helped push through the Senate.

Duckworth -- who just gave birth earlier this month -- wheeled herself onto the Senate floor Thursday in D.C., where she cast a vote on the confirmation of a new NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine. She ended up voting nay ... but the guy got cleared with 50 GOP yeas.

Still, her presence was felt ... considering up until Wednesday, children of any age were not allowed to be on the Senate floor during votes. However, all 100 senators unanimously passed a resolution this week allowing an exception for newborns. 

Tammy spearheaded the initiative, not wanting to be away from her baby girl, but still seeking to carry out her duty as Illinois' duly elected Senator. Mission accomplished.

Danielle Bregoli Reality Show In The Works

4/17/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, is exploring her TV options again after signing a new deal with a production company for a docuseries about her music career.

Danielle recently inked the deal with the production company, Invent TV, and we're told the plan is to produce and shop the pilot to major cable networks. 

Danielle bailed on a reality show deal with a major production company last year to pursue her music career. That seemed to be the right call since two of her songs have made their way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart and "Hi Bich" went Gold

We're told the TV producers will focus on her music career as Bhad Bhabie and her personal life as Danielle Bregoli. Filming for the pilot began Saturday at her first show on tour, which was sold out in Santa Ana, CA.

There shouldn't be a lack of footage.

Walmart Yodeling Kid Plays Nashville After Coachella ... Lives Out His 'Dream'

4/15/2018 8:40 AM PDT

The Walmart yodeling kid ain't done yodeling yet -- he went straight from Coachella this weekend to play another, and seemingly much more important, gig in Nashville.

Mason Ramsey performed Saturday night at the famous Grand Ole Opry, which has hosted the likes of country legends like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Little Jimmy Dickens, and many, many more. The kid did his thing -- Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues."

Apparently, this was one of Mason's dreams -- as it would be for any aspiring country artist. The Grand Ole Opry is known as "the show that made country music famous," with weekly performances dating back to the 1920s. And if you're wondering ... Mason killed.

Can't say we're surprised by the outpouring of love he's getting right now. He's become a national sensation ever since his OG Walmart yodeling clip went viral ... which ended up getting him a slot at Day 1 of Coachella, and appeared to win over Justin Bieber.

If ever there was a "dream come true" moment worth reporting about ... it had to be this dude. How can you not just sit and sigh, "Oh Lord" over something like this? 

White House Goes OFF on James Comey ... That 'Disgraced Partisan Hack'

4/13/2018 1:10 PM PDT

James Comey is a blatant liar who the American people see right through -- and his book is trash ... according to the White House Press Secretary.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders followed Donald Trump's lead in dealing with the former FBI Director during Friday's press briefing in response to a question about the President's insults of Comey ... by piling on even more.

Sanders slammed Comey's newly released exerpts from his book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership," by calling it a bad PR move to make a quick buck and try to fix his damaged reputation.

Then she went in even harder .... check out the video.

As we reported ... the Prez clearly approves of his press secretary's words, and we're certain he echoes her feelings on Comey's allegations regarding the 'Steele dossier.'

President Trump Comey's a Liar, Slime Ball For 'Golden Showers' Passage in Book

4/13/2018 7:26 AM PDT
Breaking News

President Trump is, predictably, pissed about former FBI Director James Comey spilling the tea on an alleged "golden showers" convo they had.

Trump ripped into Comey Friday morning, calling him an "untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI." The Prez also said it was his "great honor" to fire Comey.

POTUS is on the attack because passages from Comey's new book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership," just came out ... and one includes Comey's claim Trump asked him to disprove the so-called Christopher Steele dossier. Specifically the part of it that claims Trump watched hookers urinate on a mattress.

Trump is now accusing Comey of lying to Congress under oath, as well as blasting him for botching the "Crooked Hillary Clinton case."

Yodeling Walmart Kid 100% In for Coachella

4/13/2018 12:50 AM PDT

The kid who went viral for yodeling at a Walmart is about to take his act to the desert and, if the stars align, he'll be performing at Coachella with Post Malone ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to 11-year-old Mason Ramsey from Golconda, Illinois tell us ... he's set to share the stage with some of music's hottest acts, starting at 2:45 PM Friday with Whethan, an up-and-coming DJ. Funny story -- Whethan actually tweeted about Mason after he went viral.

We're told several other artists have reached out -- including Posty -- wanting to feature Mason's yodeling magic during their Coachella set, but thanks to Ellen DeGeneres ... he's already booked at the Grand Ole Opry for Saturday ... which is when the rapper's scheduled.

Our sources say his team is still trying to make it happen with Post Malone, though ... it will just have to wait until weekend #2 of the festival.

Mason's popularity has soared since a vid of him yodeling Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" at a Harrisburg, IL Walmart blew up. It's led to an appearance on 'Ellen', a follow-up concert at the Walmart and a 69-year-old song being back at the top of the charts.

And it looks like Yodeling Kid's just getting started. Mason posted Friday, "Can't wait to see California again! Hope y'all are ready cause we're bringing the country to @coachella."

'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Mispronounces 'Flamenco' ... Spelled Out & All

4/9/2018 5:36 PM PDT

Pronunciation's fury has struck again in the game show world -- and it cost one guy dearly after he said "flamingo" instead of "flamenco" ... even when it was spelled out.

The contestant -- a dude named Jonny (no 'H') -- had a complete answer filled out on the board Monday night on "Wheel of Fortune" which read "Flamenco Dance Lessons." But instead of saying 'flamenco,' he went with the pink bird ... and producers cried fowl.

Jonny got buzzed for a wrong answer, and another fellow contestant, Ashley, picked up an easy W. Even sadder than the fail ... this poor dude's face realizing his mistake, which cost him $7,100.

This ain't the first time pronouncing an answer wrong has screwed someone on TV. You'll recall ... a man was dinged on "Jeopardy" not too long ago for calling Coolio's song "Gangsta's Paradise" ... "Gangster's Paradise" with a hard R

The lesson ... get on your P's and Q's, everyone. And every other letter for that matter. 

'American Idol' Star Trevor Holmes It's Fine Katy Perry Gave Me the Ax ... The 'Love Triangle' Paid Off!

4/4/2018 12:30 AM PDT

"American Idol" dreamboat Trevor Holmes got sent home by Katy Perry this week -- but he ain't mad at her ... 'cause their viral "flirting" put him and his music on the map. 

We spoke to Trevor a day after his final episode on 'Idol' aired Monday, in which he got eliminated by the judges ... and had the news delivered by none other than Katy.

In case you haven't been following along this season ... Trevor and Katy have sorta had a thang between them since his original audition -- even though he's got a GF, Sierra.

In hindsight, Trevor tells us he has no regrets or resentment about being booted -- although he acknowledges the Katy-Sierra "love triangle" being played up screwed with him a bit.

Still ... he doesn't have a single bad thing to say about Katy or 'Idol,' adding that the exposure kick-started his music career and put him in the public eye. Put more simply ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Rob Gronkowski Surprises Fan Awaiting 2nd Heart Transplant

4/2/2018 11:34 AM PDT
Breaking News

She wished for Gronk ... SHE GOT GRONK!!

Lauren Meizo -- a hardcore Patriots fan waiting for her 2nd heart transplant in 5 years -- got a helluva surprise Monday when Rob Gronkowski and his brother, Gordie, visited her in the hospital! 

27-year-old Meizo had made a YouTube video saying her wish was to meet the Pats tight end and begged her friends to share the message with anyone who knew Gronk. 

Her plan worked ... the video went viral and Gronk answered the call -- rolling up to the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts with his brother Gordie to hang with Lauren! 

"Surprised Lauren Meizo w @gronk," Gordie posted on Instagram ... "It was great you allowed us to have a meet and greet with you! #gronksandwich #meizostrong."

FYI, Meizo has been living in the hospital for the past 3 months awaiting her heart transplant and a kidney transplant. 

Get well soon! 

David Hogg Ingraham's Apology Is Fake ... Just For Advertisers' Sake

3/29/2018 1:40 PM PDT
Breaking News

David Hogg is basically telling Fox News host Laura Ingraham to take her apology and shove it ... or, at the very least, make it more sincere.

The Parkland, FL teen just fired back at Ingraham saying she's sorry for calling Hogg a whiner over his college rejections. Hogg thinks her mea culpa was done merely "to save your advertisers" ... and it's not good enough for him.

Hogg says, "I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight."

The father of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas student who was killed was first to blast Ingraham for her apology, and David co-signed.

As we reported, multiple advertisers on Ingraham's Fox News show -- including TripAdvisor, Nestle and Wayfair -- have pulled their spots after Hogg called for a boycott of her show.

Rich the Kid Crashing USC Was a Real Plug Walk Now, Let's Walk & Plug!

3/29/2018 10:40 AM PDT

Rich the Kid sure knows how to hype up an album with some good ol' fashioned viral marketing -- just ask students at USC ... and our photog, who got a taste of it himself.

We got Rich Thursday at LAX, a day after he was spotted disrupting a USC class that was in session -- where he hopped up on a table, tossed around some papers and played tunes off his new record, "The World Is Yours" ... which officially drops this Friday.

He says the crash course was the real deal, and he didn't even have to answer to any authorities for the stunt. Rich also tells us it was all "for the fans" -- but we know a plug when we see it. 

Especially if you flash it in front of our faces ... just sayin'. 

Parkland Leader David Hogg Calls for Laura Ingraham Boycott ... After Cyberbullying

3/29/2018 7:02 AM PDT
Breaking News

Laura Ingraham picked a fight with the wrong 17-year-old ... her show's now facing David Hogg's wrath ... wrath in the form of a boycott.

The Parkland leader ordered his more than 600,000 followers on Twitter to boycott advertisers who sponsor Ingraham's show on FOX News. The call comes on the heels of Ingraham tweeting Hogg whined about getting rejected by 4 colleges, including UCLA.

Hogg posted a list of 12 companies -- including AT&T, Allstate, Hulu and Trip Advisor -- who advertise on "The Ingraham Angle" and then tweeted at them individually asking why they support cyber bullying.

Truth be told ... TMZ contacted Hogg and asked if he was disappointed about not getting into 4 UC schools despite a 4.2 GPA and spearheading the nationwide March For Our Lives rally. He actually did the OPPOSITE of whining.

Ingraham eventually did apologize in a series of tweets.

Groupon Sorry for Horrific Racial Slur ... 'We are Appalled'

3/28/2018 12:49 PM PDT

Groupon's got a major mishap to deal with after a racial slur appeared on its site for a listing for women's boots ... and it started by issuing an apology.

Screenshots from outraged customers started making the rounds on social media Wednesday, showing a listing for Women's Fringed Suede Moccasin Boots with the color described as "N***er Brown." The color description also showed up on other boot listings on the site.

Shortly afterward, the VP of Global Communications for the company issued a statement, saying "We are appalled that this language was displayed on our site ... this is completely unacceptable and violates our policies -- to say nothing of our values."

He added that Groupon immediately removed the product and the third-party seller who listed it from its marketplace once it was made aware of the racial slur.

Despite the mea culpa ... many people are pissed and some are calling for an online boycott.

Interesting note -- Tiffany Haddish just became a spokesperson for Groupon in January. She's yet to comment on the n-word controversy, but ya gotta think she'll have something a lot to say about it.

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