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'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Sorry 'Bout the Szechuan Sauce ... We Had No Idea!

11/14/2017 7:17 AM PST

The guy who co-created Adult Swim's cult hit show, "Rick and Morty," wants to apologize for making McDonald's Szechuan sauce a thing again. Hear him out.

We got Justin Roiland -- who also voices Rick and Morty -- at LAX and asked what he thought about Mickey D's deciding to bring back the infamous dipping sauce, partly due to him writing it into his show. It caused HUGE customer lines ... and Justin's got some regrets, for sure.

For one, he feels badly for McDonald's workers who got raked over the coals by rabid customers. 

Bonus fun: Justin told us how he nailed the perfect level of drunkenness to play the mad scientist on his show. Cheers to that, bud.

KFC I'm #1 Herb, Show Me Them Spice Girls ... Says L.A. City Councilman

10/24/2017 6:59 AM PDT

One of the KFC's now-famous 11 "Herbs and Spices"  is an L.A. City Councilman, who's totally down for an original recipe hookup with the Spice Girls and the other herbs. Make it happen, Colonel!

We got L.A. City Council President Herb J. Wesson Jr. -- 1 of the 6 Herbs KFC follows on Twitter, along with all 5 Spice Girls -- and he says there's nothing fowl about his newfound fame. 

He also made it clear ... he's not afraid to sell out for chicken, as evidenced by his suddenly booming social media.

Herb's not sure which ingredient he is in the secret recipe, but he's already declared himself the #1 Herb -- apologies to music legend, Herb Alpert -- and he has big plans, if Colonel Sanders cares to listen.

We can see it now -- ya can't fry KFC without Wesson!!

Or something like that.

United Airlines 2 Officers Fired In Violent Passenger Removal

10/17/2017 2:07 PM PDT
Breaking News

The officers who violently dragged a passenger off a United Airlines flight have been canned and a third has resigned ... 6 months after the violent incident was caught on video.

The Chicago Dept. of Aviation on Tuesday released a report outlining why it fired an officer, sergeant and suspended 2 others for their role in savagely dragging Dr. David Dao off Flight 3411 at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport back in April.

The incident threw United into a massive PR crisis that was compounded after CEO Oscar Munoz said he fully stood behind the crew's actions. Munoz subsequently apologized.

In the Inspector General's report, the IG said one officer was fired for improperly escalating the incident while a sergeant was 86'd after removing facts from an employee report.

Dao -- who later settled with United for an undisclosed amount -- suffered a concussion, broken nose and lost 2 teeth. Following the news, Dao's attorney, Thomas Demetrio, said "This is not a day of celebration for Dr. Dao, who is neither vindictive nor happy about Mr. Ferguson's findings. There is a lesson to be learned here for police officers at all levels."

Katie Holmes Well Trained

10/14/2017 7:32 AM PDT

Katie Holmes is not above hangin' with the plebs ... she sat scrunched Friday between 2 dudes on a super crowded New York City subway.

Kate was solo in Soho, shopping up up a storm ... and then she took the R train during rush hour up to her swanky pad on the Upper West Side of the Big Apple.

And check this out ... she actually chilled to the point where she caught some ZZZ's during the ride. 

Marry that girl, Jamie.

Ben Affleck 'Groping' Was All On Camera and I Liked It ... Canadian Host Says

10/12/2017 10:09 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ben Affleck did NOTHING wrong by holding and caressing a TV host in 2004, 'cause it was nothing but a gag for cameras ... according to the woman herself.

We spoke to Anne-Marie Losique -- who was aggressively snuggled by Ben in the interview that surfaced amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal -- and she has zero gripes. She's aware many people see it as inappropriate, but stresses all of the heavy flirting ONLY happened on camera.

She says it was a thing she and Ben always did when she interviewed him. Anne-Marie adds ... when the camera was off, Ben was totally professional.

As we reported ... Ben apologized Wednesday to ex-'TRL' host Hilarie Burton for groping her breast in 2003. He's said nothing about the Anne-Marie clip, and based on everything she says ... there's no reason for him to do so.

Marathon Runner Goes Balls Out During Race In Slovakia

10/3/2017 9:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Dontcha just hate it when your dong and balls fall out of your shorts during the end of a marathon?

That's exactly what happened to Jozef Urban right before he crossed the finish line at the Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia last weekend.

Unclear if Urban knew his junk was floppin' around for all to see -- but he certainly didn't seem bothered by it ... and he used all 3 legs to gallop to the end.

Urban finished in 10th place ... but he's a wiener in our book!

[h/t Deadspin]

GameOva Reedy It Blows Not Getting Credit #ForTheD*** Challenge

9/27/2017 12:50 AM PDT

GameOva Reedy loves seeing huge hip-hop celebs doing their own versions of her d**k-inspired freestyle, but thinks she's getting stiffed when it comes to getting credit for the viral craze.

Cardi BErykah Badu and Tiffany Haddish have all hopped on the #ForTheD challenge this week -- listing off things they'd do to get some D. Think Ice Bucket Challenge, but funnier with more penis references.

The hashtag was inspired by Reedy's track "FreeStyle" ... which has more than a million views online. While she's flattered by all the famous D riders, she admitted the anonymity's eating away at her.

Not to worry, she got a lot off her chest. Just like Cardi, Erykah and Tiff ...


'Price is Right' Contestants Make $80k History!!!

9/22/2017 10:40 AM PDT

"The Price is Right" busted an Oprah on 3 contestants -- YOU GET $10K! YOU GET $10K!! ... YOU GET $10K!!! -- all on the way to making history during Friday's insane episode.

In honor of Drew Carey's 10th anniversary of hosting 'TPiR,' any contestant who spun $1 on the wheel this week would get a $10k bonus instead of the usual $1k. What happened next was absolutely bananas.

Three contestants -- Wilbert, Charlotte and Zacharia -- all nailed the $10k, but that was just the start. The tiebreaker spins led to even more money and yet ANOTHER tie.

Charlotte eventually won the whole thing, but everyone got the dough they spun. In total, 'PiR' doled out $80k ... the most ever given away on the wheel. Happy anniversary, Drew ... you broke the bank.

We just know Plinko dude's somewhere losing his s**t.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Stop the Hammering Or I'll Do It For You ... Total Meltdown!!!

9/20/2017 2:47 PM PDT

Keep your damn hammers quiet when MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell is working or he'll have to ... go down to the "goddamned floor" himself and stop it!

O'Donnell hammered that point home when he absolutely melted down while shooting an MSNBC broadcast, reportedly on Aug. 29. The veteran reporter lost it on the floor crew, the control room ... and whoever had the audacity to hammer during his show. He said he was also getting extraneous noise in his earpiece. 

In his defense, the construction noise was blatant, and would reasonably be distracting O'Donnell as he tried to do his job. He added the whole situation was "f**king out of control."

Lawrence apologized about the incident Wednesday evening, tweeting ... "A better anchorman and a better person would've had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I'm sorry."

LO's flip out is good, but for our money -- Bill O'Reilly's still got the crown. 'Cause he did it LIVE!

Earthquake!!! Celebs React to Big(ish) Shake

9/19/2017 8:52 AM PDT

Hollywood was rocked by a relatively minor earthquake Monday night -- but it was still enough to get several celebs shaking in their boots ... hysterically.  

The 3.6 quake hit shortly after 11 PM, and rather than running for cover ... most celebs seemed to grab their phones and post reactions -- the funniest of which came from Kim Kardashian, her panicked friends and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy had a bladder emergency ... then hysterically reached out to hubby, John Legend. 

And Dad of the Year, Josh Gad, had his children's safety in mind ... for a while, anyway. 

Mother Nature ... bringing out the humanity in all of us. 

Hemingway House The Kitties Are OK Irma Spares Key West

9/10/2017 5:20 PM PDT

The cats who call the Hemingway House in Key West home are all safe and accounted for after the bulk of Hurricane Irma spared the island city ... TMZ has learned.

Staff members that work at the Hemingway House tell us all 55 cats -- and the people who stayed behind to care for them -- are a-okay at the property ... which itself is still standing and suffered no major structural damage.

We're told all 10 Hemingway occupants, including manager Jacque Sands, lucked out big time since Irma left significantly less destruction than in the other Keys. Sources tell us while there are a few trees down on the estate, everything else at the house appears to be fine.

The Hemingway House also avoided major flooding. A source at the National Weather Service tells us Key West only saw a water surge of about 3 feet as opposed to the 15-20 feet anticipated throughout the Keys as Irma approached. We're told Key West was in the eye wall -- the strongest part of the hurricane -- for 2 hours. Water has begun to recede as Irma moves north.

As a result, those at the house are not currently inundated by water unlike Miami -- but are staying inside until winds die down.

As for those 6-toed cats ... talk about nine lives, huh? 

Hurricane Irma Miami Quickly Becoming Atlantis ... Streets Flow Like Rivers

9/10/2017 3:03 PM PDT

Miami is starting to look like a city that's underwater due to massive flooding from Hurricane Irma ... and some of the footage of the city is insane.

Streets in downtown Miami are literally becoming rivers, and even shops and storefronts are getting buried in water. This video shows store owners looking at rising currents right outside their own window.

Sources at the National Weather Service tell us the surge of water in Miami has gotten as high as 6 feet.

The city is flooded beyond recognition, and is even starting to cause damage to some structures. A piece of American Airlines Arena has been torn down from the high velocity winds. Two cranes at the top of a high-rise in DT have snapped off as well ... but luckily didn't plunge down below.

And as you might imagine, trees are falling over left and right in Miami and surrounding areas. 

Irma is expected to rip into the rest of Florida through Sunday.

B.o.B. Sex in Disaster Shelters Is OK, If ...

9/8/2017 7:33 AM PDT

When disaster strikes make love, not hate ... that's B.o.B.'s take on sex in shelters.

We got the ATL rapper at LAX Thursday and he weighed in on the viral video of 2 people banging in one of Houston's Hurricane Harvey shelters. They were under the covers, but everyone around knew the deal.

B.o.B. gave it a green light ... however, he did lay down some ground rules.

God forbid you ever end up in a natural disaster -- but if ya do ... now you'll know ...

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