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Danielle Bregoli Legally Fatherless ... See Ya Never, Alligator!!!

2/28/2018 12:40 AM PST

Danielle Bregoli doesn't have a father anymore ... legally speaking.

Danielle's mother, Barbara Bregoli, filed docs -- obtained by TMZ -- to formally remove her dad's name, Ira Peskowitz, from her birth certificate. A judge has signed off on it to make it official. 

As we've reported ... Danielle -- aka Bhad Bhabie -- has had bad blood with Ira ... claiming he was an absentee father who only now wanted to be in her life because she's making bank. Ira also begged the court to let him off the hook on child support.

We're told Barbara and Ira struck a deal, whereby he surrendered all parental rights, including custody and child support. We don't know if Barbara paid Ira to go away. 

We're told Danielle wants her legal last name to be Bregoli, and since the judge agreed, she now wants Ira entirely removed from her life. 

Chinese Wiz Kid Pisses on Elevator Buttons ... Gets Instant Karma

2/26/2018 11:17 AM PST

A kid who started peeing all over an elevator seriously pissed off the powers that be ... 'cause he got stuck in the elevator.

The video is hilarious -- the boy, who was alone in the lift, decided to empty his bladder. Wizzin' in the corner wasn't good enough for him either. Instead, he sprayed down the wall of the elevator, including the buttons ... which caused a short circuit.

If you've ever wondered what instant karma looks like ... here it is. The lights flickered and the 'vator shut down. It's unclear how long he was left stranded ... soaking in his own urine.

U.S. Curling Team Denied a Delta Flight Upgrade After Winning Olympic Gold

2/25/2018 12:36 PM PST

John Shuster and the U.S. curling team are probably flying back home on something less than first class after winning gold at the Olympics ... all 'cause Delta denied 'em an upgrade.

The official U.S. Curling handle hit up Delta on Twitter Saturday asking if there was a way to get upgraded on the flight home from PyeongChang after taking 1st in men's curling.

Unfortunately, Delta said it had nothing for them upgrade-wise ... but at least if offered a congratulations and a warm welcome to the flight.

The curlers were gracious in their response, thanking Delta for looking into it and hoping for a smooth ride home. John and co. won the USA its first gold medal in the winter sport ever ... beating out Sweden for top honors. 

Looks like an historic achievement only gets you so far in the world these days.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat Tweet Might've Cost Snap $1.3B!!!

2/22/2018 10:27 AM PST

Kylie Jenner's bitching about Snapchat might've inadvertently inflicted some pain ... in Snapchat's pockets.

The reality star tweeted Wednesday, saying she doesn't use the social media app at all or as much as she did before. And less than 24 hours after that tweet, Snapchat's shares tanked by as much as 7.2% ... equaling a whopping $1.3 BILLION loss. Coincidence?

No one can say for sure that her tweet caused the domino effect ... but Kylie does have a massive influence (she has a combined 128.5M followers on Twitter and Instagram) on Snapchat's coveted demographic -- 18 to 34 year olds. But analysts point to Snapchat's recent app redesign for SC's decline in active users, who HATE the redesign and forced SC to rethink things.

For what it's worth ... Kylie tweeted 11 minutes later professing her love for Snapchat. Too little, too late?    

Wendy Williams Nobody's Replacing Me on My Show!!!

2/21/2018 2:56 PM PST

There's only one person capable of hosting "The Wendy Williams Show," even if she's sidelined due to illness ... and God help you, if you suggest otherwise!

We got Wendy Williams Tuesday afternoon outside her NYC studio right after she announced she's been diagnosed with Graves' diseases and needs to take time off. She had a nice farewell message for her fans, but her tone changed dramatically when we raised the possibility of a ... guest host?

Remember, doctors recommended Wendy take 3 weeks of vacation, stat -- so it seemed like a reasonable question.

Let's just say Wendy did NOT see things the way our photog did!

She handed him a very clear lesson, which is ... NO. ONE. REPLACES. WENDY. WILLIAMS. Ya got that?

OKC Thunder's Steven Adams Twitter Girl Still Wants a Date Better Late Than Never!

2/20/2018 10:43 AM PST

The chick who missed her shot at Steven Adams on Twitter 3 YEARS AGO says she's pumped the NBA star finally got back to her ... and she's still VERY down to go on a date!! 

Social media has been blowing up after Adams went DEEP into his Twitter history to respond to a 2015 tweet from Lauren Myers -- who asked him to be her date to her law school prom.

On Monday, February 19, 2018 ... Adams wrote back, "Absolutely."

Better late than never right?! Well, that's how Myers feels. 

In fact, the 28-year-old lawyer (she's since graduated law school and passed the bar) tells TMZ Sports she's down for a basketball game, dinner, bowling ... "anything would be fun!" 

Myers says she initially hit Adams up because he was a young, unknown player at the time and she thought there was a good chance she'd get a response. She never imagined hearing back now!

Steven ... HIT THIS GIRL UP!!!

Female Viral Streetball Star I'm Looking For My Next Victim ... And He Might Be A Globetrotter!!!

2/19/2018 12:25 AM PST

The Internet sensation who ended a young man's basketball career with a devastating move this week says she's looking for her next victim -- and the guy might just be Harlem Globetrotter Mani Love.

We spoke with Jazmine, the woman who went viral this week after a ridiculous, sensational, almost sinister move destroyed a guy at her local gym, and she wants to embarrass more men.

"Some guys they don't know and they don't play up on me and I'm like, play defense, 'cause I want the credit, so when I cross you, you can't even say I wasn't playing defense on you."

It's not just regular guys who can get it from Jazmine --  the Internet fame has brought celebrities into her DMs, including one Harlem Globetrotter with a basketball death wish. 

"You know Mani Love? Me and him are playing in the summer. We have a bet."

Careful Jazmine, Mani is known for breakin' ankles himself. Actually, both of you guys should prolly wear braces.

Ted Cruz Pelosi Shoulda Done This ... Before Marathon House Speech

2/8/2018 11:52 AM PST

Nancy Pelosi's record-setting speech in the House of Representatives probably would've gone longer if she'd consulted with the modern-day king of filibusters ... Ted Cruz.

We got the Senator Thursday at the D.C. Prayer Breakfast, where we asked what the hardest part was about giving a marathon speech in Congress. He would know ... he's up there with a 21-hour diatribe against Obamacare, when he famously read "Green Eggs and Ham."

Ted says Rand Paul -- who's also experienced in long speeches -- gave him some great advice that might've served Pelosi well for her own relatively meager record address.

Here's a hint ... comfort below the belt is KEY.

Steve Aoki First Rave in Zero Gravity!!!

2/8/2018 7:27 AM PST

Steve Aoki and Elon Musk's Starman have something in common ... they're both breaking records in zero gravity, but Aoki's doing it to the tune of his own music.

Steve became the first DJ Thursday to spin a set in zero gravity. He did it on planet Earth though, aboard a special converted A310 aircraft which took off from Frankfurt, Germany.

Aoki's flight lasted 90 minutes, and he and 20 other lucky partygoers experienced a total of about 25 minutes of weightlessness, which judging by the footage Aoki shared on Instagram looked way more fun than clubbing with two feet on a dance floor.

Logan Paul Get That Dead Rat Crap Off YouTube! ... Demands PETA

2/8/2018 12:30 AM PST

Logan Paul is teaching millions of his young followers to be cruel to animals with his dead rat taser video -- this according to PETA, which now wants the clip yanked.

Lisa Lange -- PETA's Senior Vice President -- tells TMZ that the video posted this week showing Logan repeatedly firing a taser at a dead rat is repulsive, adding that it's clear he hasn't learned his lesson from the suicide forest debacle.

Lange says PETA is also calling on YouTube to take Logan's clip down entirely, explaining ... "This sort of content has no place on YouTube or anywhere else, as it could desensitize young people to cruelty to animals." She adds ... "PETA is calling on the platform to remove it." 

As you'll recall ... Logan's catching a new wave of backlash for his latest stunt. He tases the dead rat, lifts it from the string, and tases it again once it's in the trash. Safe to say, people are pissed.

Ball's in your court, YouTube. Ya know how PETA feels about it.

Logan Paul Fires Taser on Dead Rat

2/7/2018 9:30 AM PST

Logan Paul is dealing in death again -- this time it's a video of himself and a dead rat ... and a taser.

In the video, posted earlier this week on his YouTube channel, Paul and a couple of friends are getting rid of a dead rat they found on an outside deck -- and he decided it would be cool to shoot the carcass with a taser.

He later zaps the rat again after they toss it in a garbage bin.

Paul's still dealing with immense backlash for posting that video of a suicide victim in Japan -- and just last week he claimed to have remorse for that stunt.

So, does this new video jibe with that?

Prez Trump This Blows!!! Hair Takes Loss in Wind

2/7/2018 6:40 AM PST

Mother Nature - 1
President Trump's hair - 0

A video of the Prez boarding Air Force One is, pardon the phrase, blowing up on the Internet and it's exposed a bizarre UFO situation.

Watch and try to explain what the hell is flying on top of Trump's head. There's always been a buzz about combovers in the front of his 'do -- but this video, shot earlier this month, proves there's more action 'round back.

Trump has long insisted he does NOT wear a wig, or any hairpiece, but the stiff breeze seemed to temporarily remove ALL the hair from the back of his head. 

And the wind cries ... WTF??!! 

Logan Paul Millions Telling Me to go Kill Myself

2/1/2018 6:51 AM PST

Logan Paul thinks it's ironic people are telling him to kill himself ... one month after posting horrific footage of a suicide victim.

The YouTube star told Michael Strahan on 'GMA' that millions of people are telling him to go die in a fire. Remember ... Logan caught heat after he was forced to apologize twice for posting video of a dead body in a forest in Japan.

Logan was visibly shaken and almost tearful when asked about Google Preferred (the top 5% of most-viewed YouTube content) dropping him ... which he says he doesn't agree with.

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