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Trump Tower Man Scaling Tower with Suction Cups

8/10/2016 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


3:40 PM PT -- NYPD just got the guy ... yanking him through an open window while he tried to fight the cops off.


A man is scaling Trump Tower in Manhattan as a mesmerized crowd watches below.

The guy is using suction cups to scale the south side of the tower ... cops and firefighters are trying to coax him down.

As for why he's doing what he's doing ... so far, it's a mystery. There are reports he's carrying papers with Trump's name on it.

Jim Carrey I'm Super Impressed with My Doppelganger!!!

8/9/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even Jim Carrey is impressed with his Russian look-alike ... but he's not quite ready to turn the tables on the guy.

We got Jim at LAX Monday and asked about his doppelganger, who's caught fire on social media.

Jim's a pro's pro when it comes to imitations ... but playing a Ruski ... that's a tall order. 



Tom Arnold I'll Be Buried In Iowa Football Locker ... For Real.

8/8/2016 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Arnold says he's such a die-hard Iowa Hawkeyes fan ... he's actually going to be buried in one of the football team's old lockers -- which his wife recently purchased for $200. 

The school liquidated a bunch of lockers from the old football team locker room to make room for the new stuff ... and Tom says his wife swooped in. 

0808-iowa-football-locker-side-govdeals"It's a short term investment cause she can use it as my casket ... because caskets are so expensive!" 

He added, "$200 ... that's a good deal!" 


Amy Winehouse Look-alike is Father Approved

8/8/2016 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808-mitch_winehouse_amy_winehouse_LOOKALIKE-akmAmy Winehouse's dad gave his late daughter's look-alike the ultimate blessing ... posing arm-in-arm.

Mitch joined up with Frankie Jordan over the weekend during an event for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Frankie's the star of the tribute show "Dear Amy."

#RIPAmy #WeMissYou


Sasha Obama I Don't Do Windows 'Cause I Can't

8/5/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804_sasha_obama_register_C-Evans--Boston-Herald--PolarisSasha Obama's summer job at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant is going to cramp her style in a big way, thanks to a slew of child labor laws.

We did some checking, and there are a bunch of things Massachusetts prohibits the president's 15-year-old daughter from doing at Nancy's Restaurant. Among them, she can't:

-- cook on an open flame

-- operate pressure cookers, broilers, food slicers, cutters or mixers

-- bake anything ... period

-- operate microwaves that heat above 140 degrees

-- transport grease hotter than 100 degrees

-- work in freezers or meat coolers

-- wash windows higher than 10 feet from ground level

And this is interesting. We've spoken with people who were at Nancy's when Sasha was there, and they say there was no visible evidence of security. We're told no one was searched and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

We know more than 6 agents were guarding her, so there must have been a bunch of potted plants.

'America's Got Talent' Duo So Here's Our Hook

8/4/2016 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker -- the "America's Got Talent" team that had an epic fail when she accidentally shot him -- have a follow-up stunt that will make you jump out of your skin.

The recently-booted contestants were on "TMZ Live" Thursday when Ryan decided to give himself the hook ... but this time, literally.

Check out the full interview on today's "TMZ Live."

Usher Ping-Pong Master on 6th Ave

7/28/2016 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Usher's just the latest celeb to piss off drivers on NYC's 6th Ave ... only this time it was for the sake of ping-pong. 

The R&B superstar obviously needs to work on his serve -- as you can see -- after getting into a quick match with jeweler to the stars Mr. Flawless ... who's made it a habit to block off the busy one-way street for photo shoots right outside his shop. 

Usher proved to be a good sport though -- and apparently this publicity stunt hasn't gotten anybody busted ... at least not yet. 

Check out the vid for yourself ... something tells us it won't be the last time you see Mr. Flawless getting honked at on 6th Ave


Chris Darden Too Bad O.J. Didn't Run Into Fuhrman with that Knife!

7/16/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christopher Darden said something pretty shocking ... it has to do with O.J., former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, and the knife used to kill Ron and Nicole.

Darden appeared on the "Reasonable Doubt" podcast, featuring Adam Carolla and Mark Geragos. Darden joked -- we're guessing it's a joke -- that he wished the detective whose use of the n-word torpedoed the case would have bumped into Simpson sometime around 10 PM on June 12, 1994.

Too soon?

Robert Downey Jr. Cool Juror in Car Crash Case

7/14/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713_robert_downey_jr_outside_court_TMZ_WM-2Robert Downey Jr. has a full week of work ... but he's not going to make his customary $20 - $40 million for the project. He'll make $15 a day ... as a juror.

We've learned Downey is an alternate juror in a car accident case which is being tried in L.A. Downey has been there since Monday, and the jury won't even start deliberating until Friday.

As for how he got selected, one source connected with the case tells us, "Everyone just thought he was a fair guy." He didn't make a big deal he's a movie star. To the contrary, he identified himself only as Robert Downey and said he was in the film industry.

We're told Downey's been super friendly and attentive during the trial. It's not exactly a riveting case. Two biomechanical engineers are testifying, along with both drivers, and 4 eyewitnesses. The injuries were not horrific ... we're told best case scenario the case is worth $50k.

The lawyers asked only a few questions before settling on the actor. He assured them neither he nor anyone in his family was in a car crash that resulted in injury.

One source connected with the case said, "He actually seems happy to be here."

Hey ... it beats "Due Date."

Snapchat Sued Kids Should Not Be Exposed to 'Fingering People'

7/7/2016 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_snapchat_launchupdate_graphic_red_bar1:45 PM PT -- A rep for Snapchat tells us, "We are sorry if people were offended," adding, "Our Discover partners have editorial independence, which is something that we support."update_grey_gray_barA bunch of kids are suing Snapchat for allegedly corrupting them with sexually explicit content.

Famed attorney Mark Geragos has just filed a lawsuit against the social media giant, claiming its new feature, Snapchat Discover -- which curates posts from various media outlets -- has become a haven for raunchy topics.

Geragos gives examples:

-- 10 Things He Thinks When He Can't Make You Orgasm

-- I Got High, Blown, and Robbed When I Was a Pizza Delivery Guy

-- 23 Pictures That Are Too Real If You've Ever Had Sex with a Penis (the Buzzfeed post features Disney characters with pornographic captions)

-- What It Is Really Like to Let People Finger You in Public  

The class action suit, on behalf of the minors, seeks a $50k penalty for each violation of the Communications Decency Act, and an order forcing Snapchat to warn parents and minors of graphic content.

Software Giant John McAfee Mime Changing Careers At 70

7/6/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701-john-mcafee-getty-tmz-01Antivirus software legend John McAfee should be counting his piles of money and settling into retirement, but no -- he says he's looking for face paint and a park to pester people ... as a mime. 

We've seen the hilarious email McAfee fired off to L.A. publicist Domenick Nati -- who's looking to rep McAfee. He says at the age of 70, he's "finally come to terms with the full nature of my ambitions. I have always wanted to become a mime."

McAfee wisely asked Nati if he has experience working with mimes, and adds, "Specifically, have you advanced their careers?"

We reached out to McAfee and, while there was no "LOL" in his original email, he says he was kidding ... he's actually considering becoming a puppeteer.

We're guessing this is a joke since John's already juggling a lot. Besides his alleged mime and puppeteer ambitions ... the multimillionaire inventor of McAfee AntiVirus software has been trying to get the Libertarian presidential nod.

Never hurts to have a plan B or C.

Michelle Rodriguez I Have Monkeys In My Head ... I Have To Do Psychedelics!!!

7/4/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez is a real trip when she talks about her experiences with psychedelics.

The video was deleted from "The Reality of Truth" ... the documentary in which Michelle got deep over Ayahuasca and Paul Walker's death.

We're told the footage didn't make the cut because Michelle just sounds out there.

Maybe the new "Just say no" campaign.

Cavs' Channing Frye Yes, I Made Out With The Trophy ... BUT I CLEANED IT FIRST

7/2/2016 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cavs forward Channing Frye says he made sure the Larry O'Brien Trophy had a clean bill of health before he sucked face with it ... disinfecting the gold trophy prior to the love-fest.

Frye posted a video of him kissing (almost sensually) the trophy to his Instagram, which was both hilarious and disgusting ... when you think about how many guys it has been with.

We got Frye out at LAX and asked him about it ... and he assured our guy the trophy had been properly disinfected BEFORE he made sexy time with it.

Put on some Barry White, and watch Channing get it on with the trophy below.

A video posted by realcfrye (@realcfrye) on

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