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Charles Manson Model Inmate Now But He Used to Be a Terror

11/5/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Charles Manson is now a model prisoner ... because wreaking havoc behind bars is apparently a young man's game.

Sources with the California Department of Corrections tell TMZ ... The soon-to-be 83-year-old murderer hasn't violated prison rules since February 29, 2016 when guards found him in possession of a cell phone. A big no-no. 

Prison officials believe Manson's on a 20-month goody two-shoes streak simply because of old age and health complications. 

But Manson has not always been a model prisoner ... far from it. TMZ's obtained Manson's rap sheet in prison ... and he's tested patience for decades. There are over 100 infractions that go back to 1972, including ... 

October 1972 -- Refused to shave

July 1973 -- Assault on staff

January 1975 -- Spitting and threatening staff

June 1977 -- Striking an officer

July 1978  -- Assault on correctional officer

April 1983 -- Possession of marijuana

July 1985 -- Possession of a hacksaw blade

February 1993 -- Assault and battery on non-prisoner 

July 1993 -- Possession of a stabbing instrument

April 1995 -- Trafficking narcotics

Sept. 1995 -- Threatening to kill a police officer

March 1999 -- Battery on an inmate with weapon

December 2003 -- Possession of a deadly weapon

June 2009 -- Possession of a wrist watch

June 2015 -- Refusal to provide urine sample 

Harvey Weinstein Finally Gonna Burn In Giant London Effigy

11/1/2017 2:22 PM PDT

A 36-foot-tall effigy of Harvey Weinstein will go up in smoke, flames ... and then down in ashes as part of a British tradition.

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society unveiled the giant figure Wednesday in preparation for Saturday's annual Bonfire Night celebration in London. It's an yearly tradition for Brits in memory of Guy Fawkes' 1605 failed plot to blow up the Parliament.

So, why fry Harvey? The simple answer is the Society always chooses a well-known figure in pop culture who they believe deserves a good torching. Weinstein's facing a mountain of sexual assault allegations in Britain alone, sooo ... 

Got a match?

Sephora Sued Your Makeup Made Me Break Out ... In Lip Herpes!!!

10/30/2017 12:00 AM PDT

A Sephora cosmetics store in Hollywood cared more about peddling lipstick than the oral health of customers, and now a woman is stuck with a lifelong disease ... according to a new suit.

A California woman claims she visited the store in October 2015 and sampled a lipstick from one of the "common use" tubes on display ... and ended up with herpes on her lip. She says the infection was diagnosed by medical pros and she claims she never had herpes or cold sores before this Sephora visit.

According to the docs ... Sephora failed to clearly warn the woman and other customers of the risk of getting herpes or other diseases from trying on the lipstick samples. She says if she would have known ... she would've avoided them like the plague.

The woman claims other lipstick companies have proven methods of avoiding herpes exposure -- like individual samples or assistance from trained professionals -- but Sephora cared too much about making a quick buck to bother.

She's suing the cosmetics chain for the emotional distress over an "incurable lifelong affliction" she says she now has to deal with as a result of using its lipstick samples.

We reached out to Sephora ... no word back so far.

Charlie Heaton 'Stranger Things' Star Busted with Coke Denied Entry to U.S.

10/27/2017 6:05 PM PDT

Here's something a little strange -- Charlie Heaton got kicked out of the U.S. because he was allegedly caught with cocaine at the airport ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the "Stranger Things" star flew into LAX last Saturday from London, but was denied entry because a random baggage check uncovered trace amounts of cocaine in his bag.

We're told since Heaton didn't have a previous record, he was allowed to withdraw his application to enter the country and get on a plane back to London instead of being arrested.

Our sources say he will be allowed to enter the U.S. again ... but not until he reapplies for admission.

This airport incident is why Heaton was noticeably missing from the Netflix Season 2 premiere party for "Stranger Things" Thursday night in L.A.

Spencer Pratt Devastated Over Bird's Death ... Humming in Heaven Now

10/25/2017 11:17 AM PDT

Spencer Pratt is hurting after suffering a huge loss -- a tiny bird he believes succumbed to the unseasonable heat.

The reality TV star woke up to the horror in his L.A. home Tuesday -- after sleeping in a little late. One of his backyard hummingbirds -- which he'd befriended -- was unresponsive.

Spencer was emotional, but gathered himself to go buy supplies for a proper burial for his beloved "hummer angel." Check out the ceremony. Just beautiful.

He has a message for his fellow hummingbird lovers too -- don't use red dye nectar!!! He thinks it kills them.


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Cameron Diaz Thanks, Honest Homeless Woman You're More Helpful Than a Fancy Restaurant!!!

10/21/2017 1:53 PM PDT

Cameron Diaz owes a big fat debt of gratitude to a very persistent homeless woman who tried to return her wallet but got blown off by a fancy restaurant ... but stayed close by 'til cops arrived.

The actress went to dinner Thursday night in Bev Hills at the super exclusive and insanely expensive Matsuhisa. On her way out, Diaz unwittingly dropped her wallet on the street ... cash, credit cards, I.D., the works.

Enter the homeless lady, who saw the wallet on the ground and made the connection that its owner must have dined at Matsuhisa. So, she walked inside -- wallet in hand -- in search of Cameron.

Law enforcement sources tell us someone who works at the restaurant told the homeless lady Cameron had already left ... and that was that.

The homeless woman left the restaurant, but instead of pocketing the loot and running ... she stuck around.

We're told someone called police and told them some homeless woman had Cameron Diaz's wallet. Cops arrived in short order, found the woman, and she was more than happy to turn the wallet over totally intact.

Reward in order?

Flo from Progressive Won't Catch Me in My Halloween Costume

10/18/2017 7:56 AM PDT

Stephanie Courtney, the woman who plays Flo in those Progressive commercials, doesn't make a penny off the Halloween costume she made famous ... but she's still a fan of you wearing it.

We got Stephanie in Beverly Hills Tuesday and asked what it's like seeing a bunch of Flos roaming the streets around Halloween.

You'd think she has it easy when it comes to figuring out a costume, but Steph has an excellent explanation for why you won't see her rocking the red wig on Oct. 31.

Elvis Presley Take Your Shot at the King's Gun ... If Ya Got $95k!!!

10/17/2017 12:30 AM PDT

One of Elvis Presley's beloved pieces -- a Smith & Wesson -- can be yours, but it's gonna take a king's ransom to get it! See what we did there? 

Elvis' .38 caliber Smith & Wesson Chief Special revolver is now for sale through Moments in Time -- and it's going for a whopping $95,000 ... first come, first served.

The gun was originally purchased by The King himself at a Memphis gun shop in 1971 ... where the paperwork shows he also bought 5 other revolvers the same day. Elvis was a low-key gun nut, who often unloaded on his TVs.   

Elvis had this particular firearm engraved with his T.C.B. lighting bolt logo -- which stood for Taking Care of Business in a flash. 

We're told he eventually gifted the gun to his bodyguard, but it's unclear if Elvis ever used it. Either way, folks ... it's now or never! Yup, we did it again. 

Tapatio Sues Duuuuuuuude ... You Stole Nuestro Famoso Logo!!!

10/17/2017 12:20 AM PDT

9:56 AM -- The owner of Trapatio, Isaac Granados, tells TMZ he reached out to Tapatio about a possible collaboration and insists they were open to the idea. He says, "With the legalization of weed I would have never thought they would come after me. The cannabis community needs products like this. Tapatio needs Trapatio."

Tapatio's turning up the heat and going after a guy who's trying to start a different kind of blaze ... while allegedly ripping off the company's iconic sombrero-wearing mascot.

Tapatio -- arguably the most famous hot sauce in America -- is suing the guy behind the marijuana-infused "Trapatio" hot sauce claiming that product's using an eerily similar logo.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Tapatio says its famous "charro" -- or Mexican cowboy -- logo belongs to them and "Trapatio" is marketing itself with a similar name and an almost identical man in a sombrero, yellow jacket and red tie. Not to mention jacking their font.

Tapatio thinks the similarities will make loyal customers think it's in bed with the pot sauce ... which comes fully loaded with 400 mg of THC. The OG sauce's lawsuit is pretty blunt -- quit duping us, and fork over the profits "Trapatio" has already made.

Vladimir Putin Cute Puppy Pose Fails for the First Time Ever

10/11/2017 4:12 PM PDT

Vladimir Putin has a new bff -- a super adorable puppy, which he'll probably turn into a vicious killer in no time flat. 

The Russian Prez got the lil' pooch as a belated birthday gift Wednesday from the president of Turkmenistan -- and you gotta see the video of the hand off. Full "Lion King" style.

The Central Asian shepherd pup's name is Verny -- Russian for "loyal" -- and even though we're normally suckers for anyone snuggling with cute puppies ... still not enough to overlook alleged human rights atrocities on Putin's watch.

Nothing personal, Verny -- but keep your head on a swivel, dawg!

YouTuber Jake Paul Sued for Car Horn Prank ... You Hurt My Freakin' Ears, Dude!

10/10/2017 4:46 PM PDT

YouTube celeb Jake Paul is known for comedic pranks, but there's nothing funny about destroying people's hearing ... according to a new lawsuit.

A California man is going after the YouTuber and his team of pranksters for driving around L.A. with a super loud car horn and blaring it near unsuspecting pedestrians. The point of the prank? Capturing the looks on their scared faces ... far as we can tell.

According to the suit, Paul and crew rolled up on the guy as he was leaving a store in WeHo and the obnoxiously loud horn ended up damaging his hearing. He says his encounter with Jake's crew is included in a video posted on Paul's YouTube channel.

The man's suing Jake Paul and his company for damages for the injury and emotional distress.

Hey Kids Santa Claus Is Dead Real Grave Found (Maybe)

10/4/2017 2:54 PM PDT

'Twas 3 months before Christmas and way down in Turkey ... 

Archaeologists claim they found where the REAL Santa Claus has been lurky.

They say St. Nick's bones are under a church ... 

And they found them in a very high-tech, electronic search

The real St. Nick died in 343

Despite the fact he's always hanging at malls, near that big Xmas tree. 

For the record, experts still have to confirm that it really is him. 

The chances they're wrong? It's really quite slim.

So many questions have risen -- is he all by himself?

Did they bury him next to his favorite elf?

And one more question gives us pregnant pause ...

Where in the holy hell is dear Mrs. Claus?

The end?

Boomer Esiason Signs On for 'Kitten Bowl V' ... Meow

10/4/2017 9:33 AM PDT
Breaking News

Good news, America ... Boomer Esiason is coming back for another Kitten Bowl

The Hallmark Channel announced the former Cincinnati Bengals QB will return to call the play-by-play on Feb. 4 as several rescued cats vie for the "national championship of feline football."

Beth Stern -- Howard Stern's wife -- will host the show with correspondents Dean Cain and Alison Sweeney

In all seriousness, organizers say the 2018 Kitten Bowl "features countless displaced kittens rescued from the country’s most recent natural disasters" ... and will help them find homes. 

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