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Amber Heard vs. Paula Patton Who'd You Rather? (Pilgrim Edition)

11/23/2015 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Amber Heard (left) and Paula Patton (right) are kicking off Thanksgiving week primped as pilgrims.

We’re giving thanks to both leading ladies who proved that even pioneers can be sexy.

 The question is ...

Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey Who'd You Rather?

11/13/2015 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Holly Holm (34) and Ronda Rousey (28) are going face to face in the octagon and the UFC MMA championship is on the line.

Both are total knockouts.

the question is ...

Battle of the Bonds Who'd You Rather?

11/6/2015 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Pierce Brosnan (62) vs. Daniel Craig (47).

With the newest James Bond installment Spectre hitting theaters this weekend we can’t help but get nostalgic about our Bond boys.

It’s a true toss up between the sexy secret agents.

So we gotta ask…

Andrew Luck's Beard vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick's Beard Who'd You Rather?!

9/21/2015 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_Andrew_Luck_Ryan_Fitzpatrick_beards_Rather_launchIt's a battle of the beards!

Two elite quarterbacks Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts (left) and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets (right) are having a fuzzy face-off for tonight's big Monday Night Football game.


The question is... 

Kendall vs. Gigi vs. Bella WHO'D YOU RATHER?

9/17/2015 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916-FIX-kendall-jenner-gigi-bella-hadid-rather-3It's a battle of the baes!

Here's Kendall Jenner (19) putting her best pout forward while sharing the camera with the new it sisters Gigi (20) and Bella Hadid (18) at the Harper's Bazaar party in New York Wednesday night.

The question is ... 

‘Southpaw’ Jake vs. Em vs. 50 Cent Who’d You Rather?

7/21/2015 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0721-50-cent-jake-eminem-gettyPaws up.

Here’s a photo of dap kings Jake Gyllenhaal, Eminem and 50 Cent at the NYC premiere of the boxing film, “Southpaw." A quick look at their stats ... 

- Jake, 34 ... 1 Oscar nom 
- Eminem, 42 ... 15 Grammys, 1 Oscar
- 50 Cent, 40 ... 1 Grammy, bankrupt

The Moon vs. Pluto WHO'D YOU RATHER?

7/14/2015 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which one's gonna rock your universe?

Here's a well lit picture of the Earth's closest friend the Moon (4.5 billion-years-old) orbiting through our solar system (left) -- and the most recent NASA image of Pluto, "The Dwarf Planet" (age unknown) shot over 3 billion miles from Earth by the New Horizon space craft (right).

The question is...

John Legend vs. Justin Bieber WHO'D YOU RATHER? (REARVIEW EDITION)

7/8/2015 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_bieber_legend_butts_rather_launchIt's a battle of the buns.

Here's Chrissy Teigen's glute-gloat of her 36-year-old husband John Legend (left) ... and the Bora Bora bubble 21-year-old Justin Bieber blasted out on Instagram earlier this week (right).

Put an end to the debate.

The question is...


Lindsey Vonn vs. Elin Nordegren Who'd You Rather?

4/21/2015 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421-lindsay-vonn-elin-nordegren-getty-splashHere's Lindsey Vonn, Olympic gold medal skier and girlfriend of Tiger Woods, appearing Monday on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" -- and Tiger's ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, seen a few years back strolling on Miami Beach.

The question is ...

Who Wore it Better? Jaden Smith vs. Paris

4/18/2015 8:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-jaden-smith-paris-hilton-pcn-akm-01 Jaden Smith and Paris Hilton got all gussied up Friday at Coachella.

Jaden's choice seems ... a little on the frumpy side, while Paris is going for the swank.

So we gotta ask ...

Patriots vs. Seahawks CHEERLEADERS Who'd You Rather?!

2/1/2015 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
01230_cheerleaders_wwyr_launchThe Super Bowl ain't just about the matchup on the field, you should probably pay attention to the sidelines too! 

It's the She-hawks VS. the Patri-ettes in a battle for the hottest cheerleaders at Super Bowl XLIX. 

Check out the gallery and vote for you faves!!!  


Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian Who'd You Rather? (Rearview Edition)

1/20/2015 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Amber Rose Kim Kardashian AssOn the left we have Amber Rose, jet-skiing earlier this week in Miami ... while on the right we have Kim Kardashian, putting her ample backside to good use while vacationing in Thailand last year.

The question is ...

Jeff Beacher vs. Justin Bieber WHO'D YOU RATHER?

1/14/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Jeff Beacher Justin Bieber Calvin Klein AdJustin Bieber used lawyers to prove his Calvin Klein pics were the real deal ... and famous showman Jeff Beacher didn't touch up his spoof either -- not that you need a lawyer to know that.

Beacher got fake tatts to match Justin's and slipped into industrial strength tighty whities to show off his natural physique ... and to prove you don't need Photoshop to look sexy. But a hot chick always helps!

Beacher's taken on other famous posers ... like Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Miley Cyrus -- and always emerged victorious.

So, question is ...


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