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Tamika Catchings WNBA Backs Other Causes ... Why Not 'Black Lives Matter??'

7/24/2016 10:44 AM PDT

WNBA superstar Tamika Catchings is severely disappointed in her league for its reaction to players supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and thinks something needs to change quickly.

We got the Indiana Fever star at LAX, and she didn't hold back her feelings about the league fining players from several teams for wearing 'BLM' t-shirts during warm-ups. In Tamika's eyes, there's a double standard, since she says the league gets on board with lots of other movements.

She believes this one is especially important because the vast majority of WNBA players are African-American.  As it turns out ... the WNBA dropped the fines a few hours after we shot this video, and says it plans to work with the players to come up with a solution.

Catchings is President of the WNBA Players Association ... so she'll likely be in on those talks. Check out her perspective. 

Team USA Hoops Star I'M NOT AFRAID OF ZIKA ... I'm Getting That Gold Medal!

6/29/2016 2:35 PM PDT

Good news, America -- one of the best basketball players in the country says she's NOT SCARED of Zika -- and will absolutely travel to Rio to lock up that gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. 

We spoke with WNBA superstar Angel McCoughtry -- 4-time All-Star, 2-time scoring champ -- who tells us she believes the Zika situation is being blown WAY out of proportion. 

"There's always something that comes out every year," Angel said. 

"Last year it was Ebola. Before that it was swine flu. It was something before that ... guess what 00 we ain't worried about that Zika Virus!"

In fact, Angel says she already has plans for that gold medal Team USA is gonna lock up -- check out the clip. 

Brittney Griner I'M SINGLE AGAIN ... Divorce Finalized

6/27/2016 1:42 PM PDT

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner is officially out of one of the WORST marriages ever -- because a judge just finalized her divorce from Glory Johnson ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Griner and Johnson -- both WNBA players -- got married back in May 2015 ... right after they were both arrested for domestic violence for attacking each other in their Arizona home.

The marriage lasted only 28 days before Brittney pulled the plug ... while Johnson was pregnant with twins! Griner claimed Johnson was cheating on her with an ex-boyfriend. 

Johnson had claimed they both agreed to parent the children -- and demanded financial support. 

A judge saw it Glory's way and ordered Griner to fork over $2,516 per month PER KID in child support ... PLUS another $2,835 per month to pay for daycare services. 

Griner will NOT have to pay spousal support. 

So, that's it ... it's over. 

Meantime, Johnson has reportedly already rebounded ... with a guy. 

WNBA's Candace Parker WATCH ME DUNK ... We Don't Need Lower Rims!

4/1/2016 11:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

Candace Parker just issued a statement on the whole "should the WNBA lower the rims" controversy ... and it goes a little something like, "BOOOOM!"

The WNBA star just posted a video of her dunking on a regulation size rim ... and then tells the camera, "8 feet, 10 feet ... it don't matter."

This comes on the heels of WNBA star Elena Delle Donne suggesting the league lower the rims to make the game more exciting ... you know, with crazier dunks and alley-oops.  

But Parker ain't buyin' it ... adding a caption to  the video that included some strong hashtags: 

"People WANA know how I feel about the "rim discussion" .... Here's my ANSWER. #Dunk #WhyIsntThereABallDiscussion #SinceWeMakingThingsTheSameWhyCantWeMakeMenPlayWitCramps #BarefootAndPreggoInTheKitchen #Equality #10Feet8FeetDontMatter #Controversy #SpartanWoman #BEASTMom #Mama."

FYI -- The ball discussion refers to the fact the women already play with a smaller ball than the men. Clearly, Parker doesn't like that either.  

Michael Cooper We Want Kobe's Daughters In WNBA!

3/4/2016 11:38 AM PST

Kobe Bryant's daughters to the WNBA??? 

It could happen ... because Lakers great and WNBA coach Michael Cooper says he can't wait to sign 'em if they're anything like their dad on the court! 

The 5-time NBA champ -- who now coaches the ATL Dream in the WNBA -- was at LAX when we asked if he had any advice to Kobe in retirement. 

That's when he brought up Kobe's daughters -- 9-year-old Gianna and 13-year-old Natalie -- and said, "I hope one of them turns out to be like Kobe-ish ... 'cause I'm still looking for that player!" 

For the record, Kobe DID brag that Gianna is starting to shoot like him ... 


WNBA's Brittney Griner SCREW GILBERT ARENAS ... I'll Never Forgive You

12/22/2015 5:59 AM PST

Will Brittney Griner ever consider forgiving Gilbert Arenas for the stupid sexist comments he made about the WNBA??

"Hell no."

Griner says EVERYONE in the league knows what Gilbert said -- and personally, she doesn't ever want to see him at a WNBA game ever again. 

Check out the clip ... she's pissed -- and quite frankly, can't really blame her. 

MTV Star Stop Hating On Gilbert Arenas ... You Hypocrites!!!

12/19/2015 12:45 AM PST

MTV2 "Guy Code" star Andrew Schulz is clapping back at Gilbert Arenas haters ... saying his controversial statements about the WNBA wouldn't matter ... if the people who are mad actually went to the games. 

Andrew -- who's currently starring in the IFC channel show "Benders" -- was out in NYC when we asked his thoughts on Arenas' explosive statements about female basketball players.

In case you missed it ... Gilbert pissed off most of the known world by criticizing the WNBA for not having hot enough players to capture the male audience.

Check out the clip -- Andrew doesn't hold back ... saying that he thinks some of the outrage is totally hypocritical ... and coming from people who don't support the league they're sticking up for.

We're just gonna stay out of this one ...

Gilbert Arenas I Won't Apologize to Ugly Women ... 'I'm Not Sorry'

12/17/2015 2:34 PM PST

Gilbert Arenas is not backing down ... saying he refuses to apologize for the comments he made about the WNBA -- because he's NOT SORRY for saying the league is packed with ugly women. 

Arenas joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" show on FS1 -- and said he firmly believes the only way to save the WNBA is by appealing to horny men.  

We asked what he would say to his daughter if she wanted to play in the WNBA without having to wear a sexually suggestive uniform ... and his answer was pretty shocking.  

There's A LOT more -- you can see the whole interview tonight on "TMZ Sports" on FS1 at 9 PM PT, 12 AM ET. 

Basketball Thong Model Gilbert Arenas Ain't Wrong ... WNBA Needs a Makeover

12/17/2015 12:12 PM PST

One of the hot basketball playing thong models in the video Gilbert Arenas used to bash the WNBA says Gilbert is NOT entirely wrong ... the league needs to sex it up if it hopes to survive. 

And get this ... the model is a former college basketball player who says she knows firsthand the challenges female athletes have when it comes to getting respect. 

Her name is Melody Rae --who played at the U of Tennessee at Martin -- and she tells TMZ Sports, "I'm all about empowering women ...and if wearing sexy attire helps to promote the game in any way I'm all for it."

Gilbert posted a video of Melody and another model, Tamra, hoopin' around in their undies ... a video that was a behind the scenes moment for a calendar shoot for 

Arenas said all WNBA players should look like them -- and the ugly players should get the ax

Melody says Gilbert's approach wasn't exactly ideal -- but she agrees with his message. 

"Look at our video for instance. We were doing a calendar shoot and this fun video gets released and goes viral. The only reason people are paying attention to it is because of what we are wearing."

At the end of the day, Melody says she just wants more people to watch women's basketball. 

"The women in the WNBA are prominent athletes that should have their arenas filled. I'm glad our video shed light on a league that deserves it and I support them whole heartedly."

John Salley There Are NO BEANPIES In the WNBA

12/17/2015 6:22 AM PST

John Salley says Gilbert Arenas is CRAZY for claiming the WNBA is packed with ugly women -- 'cause he's NEVER seen an unattractive woman on the court! 

"There's not an ugly woman in the WNBA," Salley said ... "Not one."

Check out the clip ... Salley DOES give Gilbert props for staying relevant -- but says when it comes to calling out female ballers, Arenas has his head up his butt. 

WNBA's Mistie Bass Rips Gilbert's Sexist Rant ... 'I'm Not Ugly'

12/16/2015 4:01 PM PST

"I think what he said was sexist and I'm not ugly. I know that and I don't need him to tell me I'm not." -- WNBA champ Mistie Bass on Gilbert Arenas

This video is awesome ... the Phoenix Mercury star joined "TMZ Sports" (tonight on FS1 at 9:30 PM PT, 12:30 AM ET) ... and sounded off about Gilbert's "sexist" tirade about female basketball players. 

Bass is great -- and spells out her issues with the ex-NBA star ... telling him he should RESPECT female athletes instead of objectifying them

BTW -- Mistie is the daughter of Chubby Checker -- how cool is that!? 

Gilbert Arenas Slammed By WNBA 'Utterly Disrespectful & Wrong'

12/16/2015 2:30 PM PST

The WNBA is coming out swingin' at Gilbert Arenas -- saying his comments about WNBA players are "repugnant, utterly disrespectful and flat-out wrong."  

A league spokesperson issued a statement on behalf of the WNBA and the NBA condemning Gilbert's suggestion that the league get rid of ugly players ... and force the hot ones to play in more revealing uniforms. 

"WNBA players are strong, talented and determined individuals who give it their all on the court and serve as inspiring role models to millions around the world. They should be celebrated for their accomplishments, not disparaged with ignorant insults."

WNBA Star Fires Back at Gilbert Arenas ... Don't Objectify Us!

12/16/2015 11:35 AM PST
Breaking News

WNBA champ Swin Cash has declared WAR on Gilbert Arenas -- and people like him -- saying she needs to save strong female athletes from sexists who are trying to shame them on social media. 

Cash was clearly upset after Gilbert blasted the WNBA -- saying the league needs to ditch the ugly players and make the hot ones play in less clothing.  

"[Gilbert] obviously needs a hug & attention so y'all give it to him," said Cash ... a 4-time WNBA All Star and 3-time WNBA champ.

"To all my smart, beautiful young female ballers... No one ever asked NBA guys to hoop in a speedo so laugh at haters & Dab on dem folk."

She added, "We are at war trying to save our young girls from a lot of social media shaming & I am not here for it!"

Meanwhile, Arenas has doubled down on his comments -- writing, "MEN DON'T WANNA WATCH WOMEN ACT LIKE MEN ... NOW GIVE US WHAT WE WANT and unveil them bodies."

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